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High Heels

What just happened down stairs? Was she serious? I just can’t believe she said that, I never imagined she could be this forward or for that matter this bold, and the fact that she is my younger cousin makes it more difficult to assimilate; maybe she is drunk or stoned and probably won’t remember the incident in the morning.

Tossing and turning in my bed I can’t get her out of mind, it almost five in the morning and my thoughts keep wandering back to her. I keep picturing Lucia’s beautiful face and her perfect body laying next to me, wondering how it would feel like to touch her naked skin and to inhale her aroma; to make love to her and let her make love to me the way only experienced lovers do. My dick is so hard by now that it hurts, it hurts with desire, it aches, it aches to be touched, to be touched but not by me but to be touched by Lucia.

Its morning now, I don’t know at what time I finally felt asleep. I wonder if everything was just a dream, if it was just my imagination; part of me hopes it was just that, but part of me wishes it were really truth. I realize now that I need to find out, but how can I do that? If I just imagined it and act on it things can get pretty messed up between us. I’ll just let it go and never think about it again, yes that is what I will do.

Lucia is been avoiding me all day, then it really happened, I didn’t dreamt it or imagined it. But why is she avoiding me? Since the day she arrived, she has spent every possible minute with me. She is much easier to get along with than she was a few years ago, besides she turned into a very hot young woman; maybe having just turned eighteen has something to do with it, hormones or something like that may have her mind a bit confused, besides if she really meant it there is nothing I can do, she is my cousin and it is wrong for us to be with each other that way; isn’t it?

I can’t think strait, watching her walk around the house wearing only her pajamas in not helping at all. Why am I wishing I could hold her in my arms and kiss her pretty lips? why is it that I hope I can run my hands down her back an gently touch her butt under the pajamas and squeeze it? Damn, my dick is getting hard again and I can’t stand up now and go to my room to relieve all this tension, I’ll have to wait until it softens again.

Everybody is leaving now including Lucia, they are going to visit some other relatives who live an hour away from us and spend the night there. I feel relieved, with her gone I won’t have to deal with the fact that she asked me last night to make love to her, to take her virginity. Also with the fact that she said she has been in love with me for the past few years and that she has been saving herself just for me. That’s what she told me last night and I can’t fully understand what I did, for her to feel this way towards me; well, at least she is gone for now and I can use this time alone to make sense of out of this puzzle.

There is someone in the house and I can hear him. No one is supposed to be here, I saw all of them leave.

As I walk down the aisle I clearly hear more noises coming from my sister room, I open the door really slow so I can see whom it is. There she is, Lucia who is supposed to be on her way to our uncle’s house is sitting on the bed right in front of me. I ask her what she is doing here.

She is trying to explain why she didn’t go with the rest of the family. Apparently she pretended to be sick and knowing my mother and my aunt, they fell for it and thought it best if she didn’t make the trip and stay home so she wouldn’t infect everybody else and ruin the trip; but the truth was that she wanted to stay with me.

I feel flatter but scared at the same time, I know what she wants and I am still not sure if I am the right person for it. Not giving her a chance to do or say anything I leave the room and head strait out of the house, I get into my car and drive away not sure where I am going, but certain that I need to be as far away from her as possible. I drive for hours until I decide to go home and try to explain to her why it can never happen even thou I know I want her and I that I want to be with her in the worst possible way.

Is two o’clock now and the sun is shining in all it’s glory, it’s a very hot day and all I want to do before I sit Lucia down for a much awaited talk, is to go into the pool and cool off for a while. The first thing I notice is Lucia laying on her back on a lounge chair next to the pool and for the first time I realize what a great body she has. Her white bathing suit barely covers her, the contrast of the white fabric with her raven black hair and tanned body is mesmerizing. Her legs seem longer in that suit than they usually do, and her breast look as sisli escort if they are going to tear the fabric apart; looking down at her body I realize she must shave her pussy because I can clearly she the outline of her lips pressed into the crotch of her bathing suit. It is now that all my concerns about her being my cousin disappear, she is the most amazing and gorgeous girl I have ever laid my eyes on.

I say hello and she lifts herself up on the chair resting herself on her elbows, her green eyes are staring at me and they feel like two daggers piercing me, she is angry at me and she is letting me know with out uttering a word. I sit on the chair beside hers and grab her hand, gently I kiss it and start to apologize for leaving her earlier; she still doesn’t say a word. I go on trying to explain my earlier behavior and my reservations about what she has asked from me to do but still nothing from her, suddenly she has turned into ice.

A few minutes have passed and all my attempts to mend things have failed, finally I give up, let her hand go and stand up to leave. As soon as I take the first step she ask me to stay, I turn to look at her once again and I notice a tear running down her cheek; I slowly bend down and kiss the tear away from her skin, then I begin kissing her face, her eyes, her chin and finally I tenderly kiss her lips. She accepts my kiss by kissing me back, it’s the most wonderful kiss I have ever experienced; the kind of kiss you wish never ends.

Pushing my face away from hers she asks me if I am ok with what just happened, looking deeply into her eyes I tell her that I am not only ok with it but that in fact my feelings towards her have changed in the past few hours. Still holding each other I continue explaining what my feelings are now, that not only I love her but that I also long for her and want us to be together forever. I take her in my arms and kiss her again, this time with more passion than before. I am cooking dinner and Lucia is upstairs dressing up for what we both wish is the most romantic night of our lives. After setting everything up for dinner I am going up stairs to get ready. I shower and shave and dress in a pair of beige linen slacks and a white linen shirt and head downstairs to wait for her whom now has become the only thing on my mind and in my heart.

I hear footsteps walking down the stairs and I turn my head to watch as Lucia appears before my eyes, if I still had any doubts they are quickly dismissed by the sight of beauty that now stands before me.

Dressed in a white silk dress that clings to her body as if it was painted on, accentuating every curve and leaving little to my imagination she gives me the warmest smile and wonders if I am pleased by the way she look. All I can say is that I have never been in the presence of perfection as I am now, the way she blushes lets me know she is pleased with the compliment. Lucia tells me that I have never looked more handsome as I do tonight and walks towards me and gives me a little kiss on the lips.

Dinner was great and we had a great time, talking about everything and nothing at the same time, enjoying each other’s company to the fullest. She tells me she wants to dance with me and then goes to put on some music, walk back to where I am, takes my hand and we start dancing.

Holding her close to me as we dance to the music, I feel the warmth of her body melting into my own. Her breast feel soft and firm pressed against my chest and the texture of the skin on her bare back is intoxicating, smooth as silk and as I caress it small goose bumps appear. I look down at her and slowly our lips come together, tenderly at first and gradually growing in intensity; letting our lips savor one another and ultimately letting our tongues touch and play inside our mouths.

The kiss is not broken and I can feel her hands caressing my back as are mine on hers, our passion is growing stronger every second and my hands travel down to the small of her back. Small moans come out of her the second I lightly rub her butt and she responds by pulling me closer to her, I can feel the heat between us warming my cock as it is trapped between her navel and me. The moment she feels it she squirms and puts more intensity in the kiss. I cannot take it any more, I have never felt as aroused as I feel at this moment; I want to make love to her, no, I need to make love to this incredible woman who is my arms but I also know I want her to enjoy it as much as she can and that I need to take things slow. At least for now.

Twenty minutes have passed and we are still dancing in each other’s arms, locking our mouths, grinding our bodies together and letting our hands explore. I stop dancing and silently take her hand şişli esc to lead her inside the house, not a word is said as we walk up stairs to my parent’s room. The expression on her face tells me she likes what she sees, only candles light the room and the soft glow they emanate is like watching a sunset. She turns to face and after thanking me for this wonderful surprise she kisses me again.

We walk holding hands to where the foot of the bed, I give her hug as I ask if she stills wants this to happen. I have never desired anything more in my life, is her answer. We kiss again and I let my mouth drop from hers and star giving little kisses to her neck, throat, behind her ears. Biting softly her earlobes and letting my tongue taste her skin, inhaling her sweet scent.

Now I remove the straps of her dress from her shoulders and let them fall, next I slowly and deliberately pull the zipper down until it can’t go lower. Lucia takes a step back and I watch amazed as her dress falls to the floor around her ankles, her beauty is breath taking, she is wearing a matching set of white lace bra which makes her breast look perfect and panties which are high cut so her legs seem longer. Slowly she turns around so I can admire her, and I do, her butt is round and firm as I expected it to be and she has a little dimple on her left cheek, which makes it sexier.

Button by button she is working on my shirt until it is gone, now her small hand are fumbling with the buckle on my belt; I try to help her but she wants to do it herself. Finally she slides it of my waist and throws it on the floor, my pants are next and in a flash we are standing in the middle of the room, she in her bra and panties and I only in my boxer shorts.

Without saying a word we climb on the bed and lay side by side, admiring each other from head to toe. I touch her left breast for the first time causing her to let out a sigh, kissing her neck I unhook the clasp of her bra an let her breast fall free at last. I never thought they were as beautiful as they are, milky white with small pink areolas and the hardest nipples. I kiss one and play with it with my tongue, sucking on it, nibbling, gently blowing cool air over it, which makes Lucia shiver.

The same goes for her other breast as she continuously caresses my back and moves her hands under my shorts and squishes my butt. By now my left hand is roaming over her body trying to memorize very curve, her nipples seem harder than before because of all the attention they have been getting. I can’t get enough of them they are incredible.

Now I am moving my hand closer to her panties but without even touching them I go down to her tights, she moans in disappointment as she expected I touched her pussy but knows I will get there soon. Moving my hand up her legs she opens them a little giving me access to her now moist pussy. I rub the back of my hand over the crotch of her panties causing her to let out a small scream, I can feel the heat and the moistness that emanates from her most precious treasure. My hand finds it way to the top of her lacy garment and slides easily down the front feeling a small patch of very soft hair at the top of her slit, I was right before, her pussy is shaved except for that little patch.

My fingers gently run down her pussy until I feel her swollen lips, she pulls me closer and plants little kisses on my neck; no girl I have ever been with has been as wet as Lucia is now. Juices are running down to her ass and the scent is invigorating, I need to taste her. With one swift movement I slide the panties of her while she lifts her hips to make it easier, now she is completely nude and looking like a goddess I could worship forever.

I slide down her body until I reach her pussy. Taking a minute to admire it I finally touch it with the tip of my tongue, which cause Lucia to jump like she was just given an electric shock. I let her know that if she doesn’t want me to continue I can stop, she tells me not to stop, to go on which I do. The slide of my tongue over her lips is as slow as I can manage, I don’t want to touch her clit just jet.

I keep teasing her with long strokes, from the top of her pussy down just millimeters away from her ass hole. From one side to the other, biting her slit softly and blowing on it. By now she is trashing on the bed lifting her hips so I can touch her clit, moaning like crazy, pleading with me to touch her where she knows will send her into nirvana. I do it and at the same time she screams at the top of her lungs and calls my name while she grabs my head and pushes it closer to her pussy as if she wants to devour me. I keep playing with her clit and begin pushing one finger inside her, she is so wet but so tight that escort sisli I take it slow, I don’t want to hurt her. She is still having small spasms as her orgasm continues until slowly she calms down. She tells me to move up so she can kiss me, she does and then tells me that was the most incredible thing she has ever felt, that she felt she was going to pass out from the pleasure.

Lucia want to give me as much pleasure as I gave her so she takes off my boxers and just stares at my cock, she tells me she never imagined it to be so beautiful, that she was glad I was going to be the first man to make love to her and hoped that I was the only one. The look on her face is like the look of a child when he opens his Christmas presents, total amazement and enchantment. She touches it with the tip of her tongue and then she swirls it around the head, taking a few centimeters into her mouth she suck on it and causes me to moan. Again she just licks the tip and moves to run her tongue over the underside of my cock until she reaches my balls, she gives each one a kiss and makes her way back to the top. Again she takes some of it in her mouth and starts bobbing up and down taking in a little more every time she goes down, after a few more strokes she finally takes the whole shaft in her and I can feel the back of her throat. I can’t describe the things she is making me feel while she twirls her tongue around it, the feeling is so intense I have to grab the headboard to prevent me from shaking like I was having a seizure.

I have to stop her because I don’t want to cum in her mouth. I pull her up and thank her for the most incredible blowjob in my life and ask her if she is ready for what is about to happen. She moves to rest on her back and opens her legs for me, she is ready.

I position myself between her legs and let my body come to rest on top of hers; I kiss her tenderly and tell her to put it in whenever she is ready. Reaching between our bodies she grabs my cock and slides it up and down her slit, teasing me and herself until she points it straight at the entrance if her pussy. She guides me in until just the tip is touching her and then releases her grip and lets me take over, slowly I try to push the head in and I fell the warmth of her pussy directly over my cock. Little bit further, she is so tight; a little more and she moans like crazy as I take her virginity. Much to my surprise there is no pain reflected on her face, instead she has an expression on her face that can only be described as joy. I withdraw a bit and then I push back in, sinking deeper into her this time and I do it again and again until she can take all of me.

Picking up a rhythm we begin moving as one, it is like we have been doing this together all our lives. I watch her face as she moans and lets little screams come out of her mouth; I kiss her at the same time a caress one of her breasts. She bucks under me trying to get more of my cock inside her; she locks her legs around my back and pushes me further in with them. Her pussy grips me tightly and I can feel everything inside her, she is so hot, so tight, so wet I can stay like this forever. She calls my name repeatedly and tells me how much she loves me; between gasps I tell her I love her too.

Still sliding into her I grind my pubic bone over her clit, she screams that she is about to cum and I feel her pussy contracting and griping my cock even tighter than before, I almost there. Her orgasm starts and she screams like she is being killed and convulses under me almost throwing me off her, I keep pumping like crazy now because I want to cum at the same time she does. Now I can’t wait much longer and a soon as I feel her cumming I release all my sperm into her.

Four, five, six spurts I have sent inside her pussy and she is still experiencing her own orgasm, screaming and moaning, trashing around the bed with just me on top of her to prevent her from falling down to the floor. I can still feel her pussy contracting around my cock as if milking it for all it has. Finally her orgasm subsides and she falls flat on the bed trying to catch her breath, I lay on top of her with my cock shrinking cock still inside and I give her the most intense kiss I can.

She releases her legs from around my back and lets me take my cock out of her now drenched pussy, some sperm dribbles down her pussy to her ass when my cock pulls out. I fall on my back right beside her and she cuddles up to me and puts her head on my chest as she plays with the hairs on my chest. Amazing, that is how she describes it, just amazing.

Lucia tells me she never imagined it to be so incredibly amazing, to which I respond by saying that what made it so amazing, was the fact that we made it out of love. She kisses me and thanks me for being so gentle and so loving with her, she kisses me again and then she puts her head down on my chest again. I watch her and I can she is glowing with delight.

To be continued…

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