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Sloan hurried through the hallway, pressed for time, hating the fact that her 3rd and 4th periods were on opposite ends of the school. With only three minutes between classes she barely had enough time to stop at her locker. With two tardies already this year, she couldn’t afford to be late again. Three tardies meant detention after school, which would cause her to miss cheerleader practice. That was not an option. As a senior, Sloan was Captain of the cheerleading squad and the other girls depended on her presence.

“Shit!” Sloan cursed as she reached her locker. The handle was jammed shut again. She pulled and tugged and hit her locker door, to no avail. This had happened before, just a week before on Sloan’s eighteenth birthday. “That worthless janitor was supposed to have fixed this!”

No longer caring that she would be late, Sloan gave up on her locker and stormed down the hall towards the custodial area. Several boys noticed her stalking by in her short skirt and high white socks. The boys always noticed her tan legs, toned from cheerleading, but Sloan was too angry to notice.

“Mr. Anderson?” Sloan called in an annoyed tone, looking around a garage-like area the custodial staff used as a shop. She grimaced at the grease and dirt, making a mental note not to touch anything which would soil her favorite white blouse. “Mr. Anderson, are you here? My damned locker is jammed again and I’m late for English!”

Hearing something from one of the back offices, Sloan marched that way and pushed open the door. Her surprise was complete at the sight that assaulted her. Mr. Anderson was sitting in his grimy office, pants around his ankles, and jerking off to one of those girly calendars mechanics always seemed to have.

“Oh my god! What the fuck are you doing?” Sloan asked, revolted.

“Jesus Christ, don’t you kids ever knock?” Mr. Anderson said, more annoyed than embarrassed.

Sloan stood in the doorway and stared at Mr. Anderson’s appearance. She guessed he was in his fifties, with balding and stringy hair. His filth-stained hand gripped a sizable cock, and she noted he had fat bloated balls filled with curly pubes that resembled steel wool. “That’s totally gross! My locker is jammed shut again and you’re in here beating your meat?!”

Mr. Anderson offered a toothy grin, “Maybe you want to lend a hand? The sooner I finish the sooner I can fix your locker.” He had always fancied Sloan, the way she always wore those prissy skirts and tight tops. Mr. Anderson had long thought she was the hottest girl at the school.

“Are you kidding me? I’m going to the principal, you fucking pervert.”

“I’ll give you fifty bucks for a hand job.” Mr. Anderson countered.

A light went off in Sloan’s head. Fifty bucks would go a long way towards a new pair of shoes. She looked at his greasy cock again and considered. It’s not like she hadn’t given a hand job before. As a virgin, it was an easy way to satisfy all the horny boys when they wanted to get into Sloan’s panties. It was a necessary chore, she had always thought, to maintain the boy’s interest. Sure Mr. Anderson was old and dirty, but could it be so bad?

“Make it a hundred.” Sloan suddenly said, “And you fix my locker right after!”

Digging in his wallet, Mr. Anderson pulled out a C-note and put it on his desk. “For a hundred, I want to see your tits while you do it.”

Sloan let out a disgusted sigh, “Fine.” She opened the buttons of her tight white blouse and opened it up, unclasping her bra to reveal a pair of smallish teenage breasts. Sloan was barely a B-cup, but she had perky little pink nipples that were perfect little female decorations. “But no touching! If you touch me I’ll get you fired and charged with rape.”

Sloan grimaced as she knelt down on the grimy floor between the janitor’s legs. She leaned over his crotch and spit out some saliva onto the head of his erection, brushing a few strands of her blonde hair behind the ear before gripping him in her hand.

Mr. Anderson let out a throaty groan as Sloan started with the head of his cock and smeared her spit all along his hard shaft. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” she said.

With a chuckle, Mr. Anderson said “I can’t believe it either. Avrupalı porno You’re such a hot little slut. Stroke my cock, slut, jerk me off.”

Sloan circled her fingers, careful not to damage her false nails, and began slowly pumping her fist up and down Mr. Anderson’s dick. She did feel like a slut, handling this dirty old man, and it kind of turned Sloan on despite herself She didn’t mind his dirty talk. Perhaps more would help speed this along.

“You’re a dirty old man, Mr. Anderson, paying for a hand job from a sexy little slut like me. Do you like my hot little titties?”

Mr. Anderson moaned and nodded, staring at Sloan’s pretty little breasts. They were white and perfect, surrounded by tan lines from Sloan’s bikini. The small office was filled with the sounds of Sloan’s attentions, the slick noise of her masturbating hand, and the animalistic grunts of the horny janitor.

“Look at your greasy balls, all puffy with your filthy cum.” Sloan said as she took his sac into her free hand and squeezed them, teasing Mr. Anderson with tickling scrapes of her painted nails. “I bet you want to shoot it all over my tits, don’t you?”

Continuing, Sloan circled and rubbed her palm around Mr. Anderson’s shaft, flicking her thumb on the soft underside cleft of his cock head. “You’re a naughty old man, Mr. Anderson. Show me how naughty you are and shoot your hot cum out onto my tits.”

“You got a magic hand, you filthy little whore.” Mr. Anderson rasped before his hips started bucking.

“Do it!” Sloan urged, “Shoot your cum all over my young body.”

Mr. Anderson’s cock inflated in Sloan’s hand, then began pulsing in orgasm. A blast of thick hot sperm landed with a splat onto her chest, then another which landed right on her breast. The rest leaked out in several gurgling dollops onto Sloan’s hand and wrist.

“Oh god, you got it all over me. Jesus Mr. Anderson, I didn’t know an old guy could have such a big load!”

Sloan could smell the sex, the scent of Mr. Anderson’s sperm filling the air. It was strangely exhilarating and intoxicating. She felt thrilled with the power of making this old man orgasm, and it wasn’t so bad – certainly the easiest hundred bucks she ever made.

Mr. Anderson handed her a dirty rag and the hundred dollar bill. “Best hand job I ever got, girl. We should do this again. I got a lot of friends, I think they’d like you too.”

Wiping the slimy substance from her chest, Sloan did her best to clean herself up. “Yeah? You think they’d pay a hundred bucks too?”

“Fuck yeah.” Mr. Anderson said, pulling up his pants and zipping up. “If you give me a cut, I’ll line them up for that magic hand of yours.”

Sloan stood up, buttoning up her blouse. “Yeah right. Like I’m going to whore myself out with a janitor as a pimp. Forget it Mr. Anderson.”

“Are you sure?” he countered. “We could make a lot of money at a hundred bucks a pop.”

Sloan considered. She hated her job at the mall, serving orange slushies to rude customers for minimum wage. “How many perverts like you do you know?” she wondered.

Mr. Anderson grinned. “Lots.”

After getting her locker opened and armed with a note from Mr. Anderson to get out of a tardy, Sloan went to her English class. She had a hard time paying attention to anything the teacher said, her mind filled with the thoughts of Mr. Anderson’s cock spitting out all that sperm onto her. Sure he was kind of gross, and way too old, but Sloan couldn’t deny the damp spot in her panties. During her lunch break she stopped into the girl’s room and rubbed her itchy little clit to a quick orgasm while thinking about all that filthy sperm on her body. She could still smell it on herself. Sloan couldn’t help it, the aroma turned her on.

The rest of her classes that day went the same way, with Sloan having difficulty concentrating. She wondered how many old pervs Mr. Anderson could conjure up for her to jerk off. Would they all pay a hundred bucks? If they did, she could quit that awful job at the mall and afford a new purse.

It was those capitalistic thoughts that led Sloan back to the custodial offices after her last class. She passed by two other janitors who were Video porno now loafing around, ignoring their lurid glances, and went right into Mr. Anderson’s office and shut the door.

“Okay, how would this work?” Sloan asked right away.

Mr. Anderson smirked knowingly, but wanted to hear Sloan say the words. “How would what work?”

“You want to pimp out my hand jobs to your pervy friends and I want to make some cash. Where would we do it and how much of a cut do you want?”

Leaning back in his chair, Mr. Anderson said “We could do it at my place. I could probably find a half dozen or more guys for you to do in one night. I want twenty for every hundred you make.”

Sloan thought over the offer for a few silent moments, purses and shoes swirling in her mind.

Then Mr. Anderson added, “And I get a free one each time, for my efforts.”

Sloan scowled, “Forget it. You pay just like anyone else.”

Mr. Anderson shrugged, “I should get a free one for hosting. Otherwise we can do it at your parents house? Or maybe you want to spring for a hotel room, but that will dig into your profits.”

“Fine.” Sloan agreed, exasperated. “One free one. But only if you find at least five guys, and only at your house. If you think I’m coming back to this grungy old office to jerk you off anymore, you have another thing coming. And my locker better stay fixed!”

“Are you sure, little girly? I can make us a couple hundred bucks right now?”

Sloan folded skinny arms across her chest. “Oh yeah? How?”

Mr. Anderson rose from his squeaking chair and went to the door, opening it. “Hey Jerry! Bobby! Come in here for a second.”

“Ew! You mean I have to jerk off two more janitors?”

Jerry entered the office first, he was as old as Mr. Anderson and Sloan thought he was even more ugly. Bobby was a younger guy, not much older than Sloan. She figured he was probably a recent high school drop out – a total loser.

“What’s up?” Jerry asked.

Mr. Anderson gestured at Sloan, “This here girl has got a magic hand. For a hundred bucks, she’ll give you the sweetest hand job you ever got. What do you say?”

“You serious?” Jerry asked, eyeing Sloan.

Bobby’s eyes about popped out of his head.

Seeing dollar bills, Sloan held up her hands and wriggled dainty little manicured fingers, confirming “Yep. Just give Mr. Anderson here the cash and pull out those dicks. Can I do you both at once? I have a lot of studying to do.”

Both Jerry and Bobby looked at Mr. Anderson, who only nodded with a smug grin. Both men quickly pulled out their wallets and paid in twenties. This time, Sloan took her blouse and bra off as she didn’t want them to get stained, laying the garments on Mr. Anderson’s desk.

All three men stared at Sloan’s bare torso, toned from three years of cheerleading. Her small breasts were perky and settled perfectly atop her slightly visible ribcage. They were outlined by tan lines and she had a pierced naval.

They couldn’t get their pants undone quickly enough!

The two men stood side by side while Sloan knelt down in front of them. The older one, Jerry, had a gross looking cock similar to Mr. Anderson’s; a bit stubbier but fat and thick. Bobby had a long skinny noodle. Both men were already semi-erect from looking at Sloan’s hot young frame.

She spit on Bobby’s cock first, using her left hand to coat it with the makeshift lubrication. Sloan had to spit twice on Jerry, her saliva hanging out of her pretty lips for a moment, just to get his larger cock good and slick in her right hand.

“No touching.” Sloan remarked. “You can cum on me, but keep your grubby hands off the goods.”

Both of her hands started working at the same time, pumping the janitors shafts in unison. Bobby was easy, his skinny penis wasn’t hard to get a hold of. Jerry’s was slightly harder, as his cock was so thick that Sloan had a hard time getting her small fist around the blunt thing.

While both men started moaning from Sloan’s hands, Mr. Anderson sat down in his chair behind the action. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. He was hard from watching the scene before him and wanted to jerk off. He saw a tramp stamp tatoo on the small of Sloan’s back, just above the waistline of her skirt, and started masturbating to the fantasy of fucking this hot little girl from behind.

“Does that feel good, guys?” Sloan said, interrupting the wet sounds of three cocks being masturbated. “Does it feel good to be jerked off by a sweet little slut like me? Look at my tits, guys, don’t you want to cum on them? Don’t you want to shoot your nasty loads all over me?”

The dirty talk was too much for the younger Bobby to handle. He had never received a hand job from a girl before, and he cried out with the loss of control. Sloan was unprepared for his pre-maturity and hadn’t anticipated him ejaculating so soon. She had expected to aim his load onto her chest, but Bobby’s sperm flew out of his cock in spasms to land all over her face and into Sloan’s beautiful blond hair.

“Oh god!” Sloan squeaked as the wet fluid sprayed her face. It started dripping down her cheeks and over her lips. It was watery and slick and she had to close her eyes to avoid being blinded.

Jerry was groaning in pleasure as he watched his buddy decorate Sloan’s face. “Fuckin-A, Bobby. You shot that slut real good.”

Sloan took a moment to wipe some the cum away from her eye, then abandoned a blushing Bobby to take Jerry’s fat cock into both her hands. “Did you like that, you naughty old pervert? I bet it turns you on to watch your buddy shoot his mess all over me, huh?”

“Fuck yeah, you’re a nasty little whore, aren’t you?”

That scent of sex hit Sloan again. With a fat cock in her hand, cum all over face, and the grunting sounds of Mr. Anderson masturbating behind her all combined to arouse Sloan in a way she didn’t understand. She doubled her efforts on Jerry’s shaft, pumping with one hand and groping at his hairy balls with the other.

“I am. I’m a dirty hand job slut. Cum for me, Jerry. Cum all over me and make a mess of me with your filthy spunk. I fucking need it.”

“Oh fuck yeah. Jerk me off, slut. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fucking cum.”

Jerry’s semen was thicker and darker than Bobby’s, shooting out in roping globs. Sloan was ready for it this time, aiming it at her chest so that the hot stuff landed on her breasts. “Oh yeah, shoot it all over me, oh god…”

Suddenly Sloan heard Mr. Anderson cry out her name. She turned to him out of reflex and was greeted with another load as he came as well, masturbating his sperm all over Sloan’s already soiled face.

“Ew! Mr. Anderson! God you’re so disgusting, you pervert!” Sloan chastised. The fresh load of cum mixed with the previous two, coating the young teenager. Thick streams of it hung off her face and dripped off her nipples.

Mr. Anderson smirked and slumped into his chair, “I told you fellas. Magic hands on this girl.”

The other two janitors nodded, suddenly shy from their orgasms. They quickly zipped up and left the office, leaving Sloan and Mr. Anderson alone.

Offering her the same cum-stained rag as earlier that day, Mr. Anderson zipped up also. “Well, I guess that’s a hundred and sixty for you, and forty for me.”

Sloan took the rag and attempted to wipe some of the semen off her face. “Uh-uh. Thirty for you. I’m charging you ten for jerking off onto me. You’re such a perv, Mr. Anderson.”

Laughing, Mr. Anderson agreed. “All right, it was worth it. So when should I line up some guys to meet you at my place?”

Sloan cleaned up her breasts next, then dropped the cum-rag into the trash before reaching for her clothes. “Friday night. I want to go to the mall on Saturday. Write down your address and I’ll be there at seven.”

“Don’t forget those magic hands.”

“Oh, I won’t.” Sloan said. She finished buttoning up her crisp white blouse, and with a toss of her hair she trotted out of the custodial garage with as much dignity as she could muster.

The school was mostly empty by now and Sloan ducked into a bathroom. She needed to scratch the horny itch between her tight thighs. As she sat on the toilet, panties and skirt stretched between her ankles, she breathed in deeply. Sloan could still smell the dirty sex of the men on her body, the aroma of their cum sending her mind swirling.

“…I’m such a slut…” she whispered to herself, rubbing her little clitty. “…I’m such a naughty whore…”

The anticipation of several horny cocks to jerk off on Friday night brought Sloan to a shuddering orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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