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For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

Authors note. Thanks for the support, and helping me find a great editor for this story.

And a huge thanks to my editor RF-FAST for his work fixing all my errors.

To be familiar with the characters, it would help to read my first two chapters of Maid In Boston or you might miss out on some of the references in this part.

Maid in Boston — Chapter 3

I walked into the clinic, picked up an admissions form and sat quietly weeping as I struggled to fill out the form through tear-filled eyes. I had to do this for Ryan. I could not have a baby and keep my job, all while cleaning house for Ray.

“Mom, where are you, Ray is trying to get out of bed and won’t tell me where you are.” Ryan texted, stopping me from writing.

I sat thinking so long the nurse at reception desk was starting to lose patience with me.

“Send David to the May street clinic to pick me up in an hour. Tell Ray to get back in bed, I am on my way.” I texted back, hoping he still wanted it to be my home.

It was a long walk up the stairs to Ray’s room, but my door code still worked, which was a good sign. When I turned the corner into the hall, I could hear the two boys talking, so I pushed the big door open.

“I am only going to ask for one thing then I will pack my bags and go, I am begging you to keep Ryan’s scholarship in place. I will go and leave all the clothes and stuff you have given me, and you will never have to see me again. I am so sorry about this. I never meant to hurt you like this Ray, getting myself pregnant was a huge mistake.” I said, standing at the doorway sobbing.

“Is the baby alright?” Ray responded, looking worried and a bit angry. He had every right to be mad though I could not blame him.

“I couldn’t do it, I have wanted this for too long. It’s not the baby’s fault how it came to be.” I said, looking at Ryan, who had not spoken to this point. I could clearly tell he was in shock, I could see his body shaking.

“You don’t have to worry about college, I have to look after this baby. I am getting a job, and we will work out the rest later. Get your clothes, and we will find a hotel for tonight.” Ryan said, snapping out of his trance and moving to action.

“You are not leaving college!” Ray and I said together.

Ray started to rise from his bed, and this drew me quickly to his side, as he was shaking very badly attempting to stand. Then he dropped down in front of me while I tried to hold him up by his good arm.

“Ryan, in the top drawer of the dresser over there is a wooden box. Bring it to me. Please.” Ray said, looking at Ryan then looking back at me.

Ryan Opened the top, drawer and took out an old engraved box and gave it to Ray, who opened it. After shuffling through papers obviously searching for something. Finally, he picked it out and handed the box back to Ryan.

“Abby, I will raise the baby as my own. No one will ever question the child’s existence, and Ryan will not have to waste his talents on washing plates in some greasy spoon somewhere. He should be making million-dollar deals in my company. Abby, I have been in love with you from the first few days when you called me on my bullshit attitude. Please stay and be my wife.” he said, as I realized he was on one knee at my feet, holding my hand, offering me a ring from the box.

“Wait, you know about Mom and me, and you still want to marry her and raise our child?” Ryan said, his voice raised to a point somewhere between surprised and mad.

“Ryan, you know I have cameras in the main rooms of the house, I saw recorded footage of you lifting your Mom from the kitchen wrapped around your body and taking her to your room, then a few weeks later she is pregnant. I consider myself a smart man but even a dumb one would figure that one out. I loved my Mom too, and I’m not trying to come between you and your Mom, but I hope she has enough love for us both.” Ray answered, thankfully skirting around the challenge that got Ryan his scholarship.

“I am a little embarrassed, but I am not jealous of you, I have seen Mom falling for you over the past few months she has been working here.” Ryan said, looking back at me to hear my answer.

“I know the ring is an old one. It was my Mother’s, and Dad’s grandmothers before that. The gold in it has been blessed by priests many times over the last two hundred years and altered for each generation. I also have my Mom’s grandmother’s ring for Ryan to use if he ever finds the right lady to accept it. I will have it remodeled for you in any fashion you like as long as the gold from it is reused, and the emerald is kept. Please, Abby, will you do me the great honor of being my wife? I promise to love you and your children for the rest of my life.” Ray asked again, offering me the beautiful ring with a large emerald surrounded by diamonds, it looked like something that Lady Diana would have pulled from the royal collection.

“Please kırşehir escort come up here off the floor Ray., You are shaking so much I am frightened you will fall.” I said, pulling him up to face me. “You are offering me the world, every girl’s dream. Like a white knight in shining armor on horseback to rescue this poor maiden, and I have nothing to provide you but my love. You don’t have to part with your Mother’s ring, a simple gold band will do.”

“Yes Ray, I will marry you. But understand it is not to cover this baby’s beginning, but to build a family where he or she will grow and flourish.” I answered, kissing a now smiling Ray.

“You will wear this ring. My Mother would have been ecstatic to see it on your hand in a family portrait beside me. She was getting very worried I would never find the right woman to wear it. Now I know why I was waiting so long. It was to find you.” Ray said, slipping the ring on my finger.

Ryan moved in and put his arms around us both. He then put his hand on my belly. I looked down and watched as both men fell silent.

“I will protect him or her with my life, Mom.” Ryan said, looking back up to my eyes.

“Me too.” Ray said, placing his hand over Ryan’s.

The wedding was arranged quickly with Ryan to give me away and just a priest and two witnesses to sign the paperwork, David and Dr. Lee. Both thought Ray had knocked me up but realized the marriage wasn’t a sham as they had both seen our bonding while Ray was coming through surgery. It was a simple ceremony, and Ryan seemed a little sad like he was losing me somehow.

The wedding night was spent at our home. I had suggested a hotel, but Ray was adamant we should be in our bedroom for the wedding night. We hadn’t yet made love, but Ray had enjoyed all sorts of fun while his rehab continued. I was still pretty sure he would have to be on the bottom for our first real sex as he wasn’t strong enough yet to hold himself up over me for any length of time.

After dinner and drinks, David and Dr. Lee left, and Ryan graciously left us to go to his bedroom for the night. I didn’t get carried over the threshold of our room, but Ray did undress me and push me down on the bed like he was going to take me. It was beautiful while it lasted, he licked my pussy and kissed my breasts, but soon started to shake as his strength, no matter how willing, left his body.

“Roll over and let me have my way with you.” I said, as I helped Ray off with the last of his clothes.

“I can already see how this marriage will go. I am never going to be in charge!” Ray said, laughing at his own joke.

“Just lay back and enjoy it.” I said, as I rolled him on his back and took his cock in my mouth.

Ray didn’t make any more complaints after that; he just placed his hands gently on either side of my face and pulled me up to his lips to kiss me. I straddled his hips and reached between my thighs, pointed his cock to my opening, and sat back and took him into my depths.

“I love you, my wife.” Ray said, as he looked into my eyes longingly, and brushed my hair behind my ear.

“I love you too my Husband.” I said, and started moving up and down on his cock.

Ray was breathing heavily as I started to pick up the pace. I was worried about wearing him out but my need to cum after all the sexual buildup in my mind over the last few days pushed me faster.

“Stop Abby. I need to stop for a minute.” Ray said, and I sank down on Ray’s cock panting.

“It’s alright I can finish this myself.” I said, trying to lift myself off Ray’s cock reluctantly.

“Just hold still for a sec,” Ray said, holding me down by my hips. “Ryan, I need a hand here.”

I looked to the door to see a naked Ryan coming through the door with his hard pre-lubed cock leading the way, he climbed on the bed and got behind me positioning his cock against my ass.

“Do you need a hand getting off, Mom?” Ryan said, as he nudged his cockhead pressing firmly up against my asshole.

“Oh, Baby, Mom, needs it bad.” I said, panting with need, giving in now after realizing I had been set up.

Ryan pushed in slowly, and then I stopped him with my hand. “Stay still, you two.” I said, taking charge of the action, pushing back and forth in their cocks.

I had Ryan in my ass a few times, but both of them simultaneously were a much tighter fit than even Ryan with the glass dildo in my ass. I rocked back and forth, taking a little more of the two cocks with each stroke. I was gradually making fuller strokes, going a little deeper each time until I had both cocks firmly embedded in my body to the hilt.

“Fuck Me! That’s a lot of cocks!” I said, as I again started rocking my hips.

“Oh, that is deliciously tight.” Ryan said, and started to pump into me.

“Let me do it Baby and set the pace.” I said, as I began to thrust back on the two cocks.

I gradually slid forward until only their cockheads were still in my body. Then I pulled back, kocaeli escort so they were embedded in me again. I repeated this until I could feel Ryan’s cock start to pulse in my ass. Ryan could hold back no longer before he grabbed my hips and started to fuck my ass furiously while Ray bucked up into my pussy from below. Ryan bellowed out as his orgasm hit, and I felt his cum pumping my ass full as he continued to fuck me.I twisted toward Ryan so we could kiss while I sat on Ray’s cock. I felt Ray twitch inside me, so I kept up the passionate tongue kiss for longer to encourage him further.

“I believe my husband likes to see a mother and son loving each other.” I said, starting to bounce on his cock again.

Ryan left to go to bed, and I took both Ray’s hands and placed them on my breasts, holding them there while I bounced on his cock. Ray played with my nipples and bucked up into my pussy as I started to cum. Our bodies were slapping together as my orgasm rushed over me. I could feel Ray begin to pulse inside me. He grunted and humped up into me as my pussy contracted around his cock. Finally, after we both stopped spasming, I gently lay forward onto Ray’s chest.

“You two set me up.” I whispered into Ray’s ear.

“We did, but I didn’t realize how hot it was going to be watching you two from underneath.” Ray said, kissing my neck.

“It was hot, having both of the men I love at the same time.”

“It certainly was the right way to join our family together.” Ray said, sounding like he was almost asleep. It had been a long day.


Ryan had been back at school for a few weeks and was due to finish the fall semester this Friday. He would start at Ray’s firm the week after. Ray had phoned Mark, the head of accounting to let him know that Ryan was coming and to show him around not just stick him in a corner with a heap of bank rec’s to do. He didn’t let on that he just married Ryan’s Mother. He would let the kid find his way around and earn his stripes on his own.

I continued with Ray’s rehab with my own unique incentives built in. I got Ray up in the morning after Ryan left for his new work. Standing in the shower with Ray I helped support him and managed to wash his cock and keep him motivated to follow me around for as long as his strength would let him. I promised to forget to wear clothes as long as Ray would stay on his feet, and if he managed until eleven AM without sitting down, I would give him a special treat, ‘staying naked until five.’

“Where do you get all this fucking energy from?” Ray asked gasping for breath while leaning against the door frame as I quickly straightened Ryan’s room.

“I have done twelve-hour shifts at a hospital. Now that I have this place clean, it’s easier to keep it clean.” I answered, wiggling my bottom in Ray’s face and keeping his mind on the prize.

Ray moved forward and hugged me from behind, cupping my boobs and kissing my neck. I turned and kissed him, stroked his cock, and kept him hard and left to walk the top of the stairs. When Ray made it to the top of the stairs on his own, I held his arm and slowly made our way down to the kitchen. I left him standing next to the counter, cleaned the kitchen, and packed the dishwasher. Naturally I ensured my pussy was in full view while I did it.

“You look a bit wobbly there, big guy, are you sure you have another fifteen minutes in you?” I asked, while stroking Ray’s cock.

“If I go down, it’s because I fainted, not before.” Ray said, his jaw set in determination.

“That’s why I love you.” I said, and hugged him close to support him a little for the last few minutes. I was almost dripping and wanted to get the reward as much as Ray did.

We moved over to the couch, and after the big clock started to strike eleven times, I sat Ray down and made him comfortable and kissed him while I was curled up in his lap. It was impossible to get the smile off his face.

“Watching you move around the house naked in person, is a thousand times better than watching it on a monitor.” Ray said, sliding his hands over my body.

“I can see that you like it, and I can feel you throbbing under my bottom.” I said, climbing off Ray’s lap to start making lunch.

When I brought Ray back his healthy lunch, at last not delivered through a tube; we ate on the couch with my legs spread facing Ray. This way he got a good look at my pussy and kept his cock hard for the afternoon activities. When we finished, I cleaned the lunch dishes away and straightened up the kitchen. With pride I held Ray’s arm as we made our way back to the bedroom to do his physical therapy stretches.

I folded his arm over his body, stretched it out, then moved around to his bad arm and gently did the same, watching Ray’s face wince in pain. I knew he was not hurting too badly since I could feel his good hand fondle my nipple while I held his arm over his chest. I moved to his legs and pushed konya escort his leg up as far as it would go. His cock pressed into my thigh, begging to be played with, but I resisted for the moment, moving to the other leg.

I was finishing his last stretch when I moved my body over his head and lowered my pussy onto his mouth. I didn’t get any complaints. I just felt him start to lick up and down each side of my pussy. I lent down and took his cockhead in my mouth and slowly sucked him. Ray was working hard to make me cum too quickly, so I spun around, planted myself on his cock and lowered myself down and began bouncing on his cock. I could feel my pussy start contracting around Ray’s cock as he started to pump his seed into my belly.

“I guess we were both a bit worked up.” I said with a huge grin. I climbed off Ray and dressed because Ryan would be home soon, and I wanted to hear about his first day.

“I was never going to last long with that beautiful body on display.” Ray responded, as he watched me dress.

Ryan came through the door with all the excitement that a young man can bring to a room. Ray and he talked feverishly about his experience and the job. The talking continued right through dinner, and when we went to bed, Ray looked worn out, but happy.

“Go to him, Abby, burn off some of that excitement for him, I will only sleep. Come back to me in the morning with a pussy full of sperm for me to slide into when I wake up.” Ray said, waving me to the door. What a wonderful loving man.

I did as I was promised, taking two orgasms full of sperm in my pussy before letting Ray fuck me and adding his load in record time. He did love the idea of a son fucking his Mother, there was no doubt. I wonder if he ever did anything with his mother or was it even considered?

The next few weeks went much like this with Ray getting stronger, and Ryan seemed to do well at Ray’s company.

After a few weeks, Ryan’s body language changed and not in a good way. Ray also noticed and tried to ask, but Ryan brushed it off.

“What’s going on Ryan, I thought this was what you wanted?” I asked, as I finally had him by himself for the first time in a week.

“It is but I think something is wrong at the company and I don’t think I want to work there anymore. I just don’t know how to tell Ray, as he has been so good to me.” Ryan answered, looking lost for the first time since he found out he was going to be a father.

“You can only tell him the truth, it will never hurt either of you more than a lie.” I said. It was my only advice, knowing Ray had high hopes for Ryan.

That night at dinner, I was going to bring the subject up and push Ryan to open up. As we sat down to dinner as a family, I waited until we had finished the meal and then started the conversation in that direction.

“I know you have given Ryan a lot of help, but maybe being this close to you in a company might be hard on your relationship.” I said, starting the conversation and waiting for Ray to return fire.

“Yes, it could be difficult at times, and I understand if you would like to intern at another firm. Before you decide to leave, I would like to know what happened, and I don’t want you to hold back. It’s important for me to get an accurate inside view of my company.” Ray said, being very calm about the whole thing.

“Something is wrong with the books, and I don’t want to be involved with something outside the law.” Ryan said, flooring Ray and me too. Ray and I looked at each other scraping our jaws off the table.

Turning back Ray said, “I would never do anything outside the law, ever.” his voice raised a little in frustration but not directed at Ryan.

“I’m sorry, I already know you are too smart to be mistaken, but some of the top men in the company worked for my father previously.” Ray said, the disappointment showing clearly in his face.

“I know it’s a risky business, and you expect some level of failure, but I found the deposits for a company already in the system, so I checked, and there had been an investment in the company a year ago for 4.4 million. It lost all the money with no return at all. Then this one was another 3.8 million. That in itself was strange, but then I found out that they had a previous investment of 5.1 million 4 years ago. The odds of a second one would be almost impossible. But you would never invest in a company that already failed two times before.” Ryan said, his face showing how worrying this was to him.

“No, you wouldn’t, in fact, I can never remember doing it twice, but I have heard of fools doing it. What did you find out about the company?” Ray asked, looking Ryan in the eyes, letting him know he was serious.

“How do you know I looked into that?” Ryan asked back.

“I have an idea you think a lot like I did back when I started, and I would have wanted to know.” Ray said, smiling at Ryan.

“The company is offshore, but I had some papers dropped in front of me by Mr. Pulson, the GM.He wanted me to sign them on the spot. I started to read them, but he pushed me to get it done quickly. I did see a form on the bottom of the stack when Mr. Pulson looked away, and it was my name on the company’s owner’s list. I think they are going to try and make me the scapegoat.” Ryan said, by this time his hands were shaking.

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