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This really happened to me many years ago, before the concept of fuck-buddies or Friends With Benefits ever came up; before you had to wear a condom or die; when the things some people did were the things “people just didn’t do.”

Darden was her last name. Her first was Danella, which I thought was hokey, so I called her Darden. She was cool with that. I met her at work; found out we were neighbors; offered her dinner “some time.” Like that.

You have to understand that while most guys would have found her a little too heavy and little less attractive than they wanted from a girl, I found her incredibly sexy. Yes, she was a bit hefty but very curvy. She was only in her early twenties so heavy or not, she was firm and sort of fit (I could see that when she wore sleeveless tops) and her legs were shapely. She was average height, 5’5″, maybe 5’6″, dark shoulder-length hair. Plain looking. But she seemed smart and very together as a person and, for what I thought was good reason, I would have fucked her if she offered.

First off, she had amazing tits and a smallish waist, for me a lethal combination on an essentially zaftig chick. I would see her almost daily and those tits would offer a thrill every time. She didn’t really show them off. They just seemed to say, Born To Be Squeezed.

As I said, she had shapely legs, too. She did show those off, though: she always wore black high-heeled pumps, tightish skirts that always hit her at just the right spot (for me) above the knee. And stockings instead of the dreaded pantyhose. How did I know, you ask? Because in more than one meeting, I had the chance to catch a glance of some very appealing thigh above the tops. So while I didn’t pursue her, like I said, I would have fucked her if she offered.


She actually offered.

Over the course of nearly a year we had worked together, joked around, got friendly. She turned out to be smart, helpful and professional. She had teased me a couple of times about the dinner offer and finally I set a date. No. Not a date date. Come to my place and I’ll make my special Single Guy’s Homemade Sloppy Joe. This Friday unless some guy asks you out. Sure thing … Can I bring wine? Whatever.

And so Friday came (and so did we, but I’m getting ahead of myself). Darden came straight from the office and arrived with wine. We killed the bottle with dinner, so we were lit but not looped.

You don’t need to know about the whole after-dinner blahblah. Bullshit small talk. Let me take you straight to the kiss.

I had bought some new music and a great set of headphones and I said “You have to hear this” so she put on the headphones and listened for a minute or two (I had it pretty well cranked) and turned to me with a joyous smile. As if she knew something delightful.

And she kissed me. Out of the blue, she cupped my face with her hands and kissed me, lips slightly parted, no tongue, and held it for … a while. And I was moved to go for more. I parted her lips with my tongue and she came back at me, big time.

I was astounded by the intensity of it and how we had moved from friendly banter to the edge of hotness. I helped. I kissed back just as urgently and experienced an instant total hard-on. We came up for air and she hugged me tightly to her. I rubbed my hands up and down her back, stopping just at the top of her shapely round ass.

She raised her lips to me again, her tongue even quicker in my mouth and I felt her grind her crotch hard against mine. She pulled away, gasped for breath and smiled at me. “I made your cock hard,” she laughed, teasing me, and resumed the kiss.

Permission to board ship having been granted, I slid my palms down and grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pushed them even further inward on my groin. I lifted my right hand to cup and squeeze a breast through her thin sweater and bra. She made a little, mewling noise. As we kissed she ran her palm up and down the length of my chino covered dick, pulled her face back and broke into a big smile.

I’m not kidding — I was flattered. I just looked at her like an idiot, my hands playing on the curve of her hips and the sides of her waist. We were both a little breathless.

Finally, I said, “What’s happening here?”

“We’re going to be grownup about this and fuck each other, but not so fast, speedy. I like to play around first, make it last longer. That’s okay, isn’t it?” “Ya, ya ya, absolutely,” Samsun Escort said Mr. Smooth. What the fuck is “Ya”?

“Do you have a robe or something” she asked, almost matter-of-factly.

“On the hook behind the bathroom door.”

She walked to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. In a nanosecond I was down to my skivvies, which had several spots from the pre-cum that had seeped out in just those brief moments. I never took my eyes off the bathroom door.

It opened in next to no time. Darden turned out the light and walked toward me, wearing my white terry robe. The lights in the living room were still full, and I could see that her skin was flushed. She was as hot as I was. She stopped maybe ten feet from me. “I want you to know something,” she said. She paused for a moment. “I love to do this. I mean, I really love to do this.”

I didn’t know what the hell to say. This plain young woman had taken on a whole new persona. My cock was throbbing and she was gorgeous.

She started toward me again, undoing the belt and letting the robe fall slightly open. She had taken off her sweater, her bra and her skirt. Her breasts were everything I had imagined –magnificent; high and full, her nipples already darkened with blood, her areola flushed and large, the perfect size for their ample background of plump flesh. Her panties were blue silk, with thin side straps that swooped high up over her hips, extending her leg line. The patch between her legs pulled low and tight against her pussy, exuding mystery, inviting exploration. She was still wearing the black, opaque stockings and high heels. Her legs looked long enough for a six-footer. Her solid thighs above the black tops of her stockings begged to be worshipped.

She came to me and put her arms up around my neck. “You like?” she asked with a suggestive smile. I just nodded back and looked down between us as she closed that space with her body. “You can look all you want. I like to be looked at.” She lowered her arms and with her fingers hooked my waistband and pulled my skivvies down, kneeling as she did, and when they were around my ankles, I stepped out of them as she used her right hand to remove them completely and her left to hold and gently stroke my cock. “I like,” she said.

“My god, look at you!” was all I could offer. She stood and let go of me to shrug off the robe. She stepped back to twirl like a model and paused with her back to me. “It’s fantastic,” I said, It was. The heels brought out the smoothly tapering muscles in her calves and thighs, her back gracefully narrowed inward to her waist and her opulent ass flared out ever so invitingly, barely covered by a small patch of taut fabric. Bigger than a lot of girls. But better. Perfectly formed. My eyes were bulging, maybe as much as my dick.

She moved to the couch and sat, pulling me toward her. God knows there were things I wanted to do to her, but I followed her lead, first because I’m very courteous (ladies first) and second, because she was circling the end of my dick with her tongue, the same one that I had been passionately battling with only moments before.

She drew my cock into her mouth and slid her lips tightly, tantalizingly about halfway down. She withdrew, smacking her lips together, looking up at me. “That’s about as far as I can go,” she said.

“Me, too” I said, without a trace of irony, yet she chuckled with satisfaction. She got the joke.

Then she reached under my balls and gently lifted them into her mouth, sucking on them and searching for the testicles inside the sac. Her hand reached underneath and with one finger she stroked my skin from the base of my balls back to my asshole, circling it but not fingering it. Instead, she took the finger and rubbed hard at the underside of the base of my cock.

That was my launch button. I almost doubled over in ecstasy and the desire to completely unload on her. She looked up at me, letting my balls exit, expecting me to come.

But I didn’t. I have no idea how I didn’t. But I didn’t, thereby gaining the favor of a totally unexpected piece of ass that lives fondly and erotically in my memory to this very day.

“You have great control. That’s good,” she said.

“How did you know about that spot?”

She gave me an evilly delicious smile. “Learned it in Bangkok in the sixties,” she said, still smiling.

“Who the fuck ARE you?”

“Someone Samsun Escort Bayan you’re getting to know. Someone who’s getting to know you, and I think we’re birds of a feather,” she said. Her eyes held on mine as she went back to sucking and licking my joyously throbbing cock.

I reached down for her breasts and squeezed them again with steadily increasing firmness. I needed to touch her cunt, (I actually needed to fuck her immediately, I was so ready to cum) and as I reached down between her legs she spread them further apart for me. I shivered as I felt the firm white flesh at the top of her thighs. I pressed two fingers against the damp, silky fabric covering her pussy. She moaned, closing and opening her legs on my hand, squeezing it tightly with her thighs.

I could hear her make passionate humming sounds as her lips slid up and down on my dick, her tongue licking at me. My cock was so forcefully throbbing with desire that I had to stop her. I wanted to scream. I think she did, too.

I pulled her up and led her to the bedroom. She fell on her back onto the bed and kicked off her heels. Then she pulled me on top of her, her tits pressing hard into my chest, her tongue probing ever more deeply into my mouth.

We grabbed at each other manically, squeezing balls, feeling and fingering asses, sucking tits, stroking dicks, balls and pussies, it was a wonderful madness! Just sliding my hand from her waist out to her hips seemed like the sexiest journey in the world. Like me, she was crazed with passion, and ready to come herself, but I didn’t know the half of it yet.

She abandoned my lips and took a long, deep breath, exhaled, almost, and said in a low, urgent, demanding voice, “I want to spread my legs for you! I want you to fuck my cunt with your tongue! God damn it, you lit my pussy on fire! ”

I lifted her legs and put her calves on my shoulders; I rubbed her pussy hard through her panties and then pulled on them as she lifted her ass to help me be rid of them. I pushed her thighs outward, her legs spreading wide open, exposing her moist, ready pussy. The tops of her stockings came only a few inches from it, and I kissed her there, licking the skin on both sides as if it were chocolate. I even bit into the firm flesh a bit, nipping, and she squirmed with delight. I licked at her labia and she began to hump my tongue, reaching down with her hand to run her fingers in my hair.

She instructed me: “Don’t bother with my clit. Tongue my cunt! That’s where I cum. That’s where all my nerves are — in my cunt! My clit can make it better some times, but my cunt –please!!”

I spread her lips with my thumbs and pushed my tongue into her fleshy opening. I could feel her react, even with only a bit of penetration. Her breath caught and her thigh muscles tightened. I tried to go deeper, but with only a little success. Thank god my dick is longer than my tongue. I probed as much and as hard as I could. I was so focused on pleasing her that I no longer felt that I could come on a dime. Maybe a quarter, though.

She pushed her groin up at me as if to swallow my tongue, the lips of her cunt pressing against my face. She was moaning constantly and it turned me back up and on again. “I want to slam my cock into you NOW!” I said, as I pulled away and sat up. “You need to be fucked! You need to cum!!” I put my dick against the opening and rubbed it up and down, ready.

I heard her ask me, in a small voice, “Will you have to cum right away?”

“What? How should I know?” I said, clearly annoyed.

“Try not to”, she said.

Was I getting to the bad part? Was all this too perfect? Was I headed for the worst case of blue balls since the dawn of man?

I needed to get the passion back. I leaned forward and kissed her, gently offering my tongue, and she took it. I lay down on top of her and put my arms around her and kissed her harder. She returned it.

The ardor returned as well. We continued to delight ourselves and each other with exploration, manipulation, sucking, licking, teasing. And enough.

I sat up on my knees. She spread even wider. I put the head of my dick at the entrance to her cunt and I slowly slid it in, all the way in, and it was fucking amazing.

She sucked in her breath and then exhaled it with the longest “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh” I’ve ever heard to this day, a sound so clearly expressive of her joyous fulfillment Escort Samsun that I got even hotter just hearing it. I could feel her soft and welcoming cunt being gently forced open as I entered, spreading for me, welcoming me, closing and clenching me, soft little ridges of vaginal flesh massaging me.

I stroked and she made the same sound; her eyes closed, her lips pursed. As I pushed in and out she pushed back, somewhere in another world of ecstasy and joy. I pushed myself up on my hands so I could see us; my cock never looked so big, jammed deep into her; her cunt, framed by strong, black-clad thighs, was filled to its brim and I could feel it pulsing.

Then she screamed “Here I CUM!!” and nearly bucked me off, her body arched and unbending, then thrusting back into my cock, wringing every ounce of pleasure from her quivering body. As she finally relaxed, her legs began to twitch and she began to gasp for air, “Oh,oh,oh,oh, oh” escaping quietly from her lips.

She lay back, and said, “Oh baby, oh baby Jake! Stay with me a little more. I can come so many times more.”

She was asking me not to cum yet! “Darden, how much can I take!?”

“I want you to understand. I’m multi-orgasmic. Weirdly so. I mean, they’re not all like that one — they’re smaller, but they’re heavenly, and I can have two, maybe three, every minute or so. And other big ones … maybe … ”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. Everything is inside me, in my cunt. Just about every nerve ending I have is in there. Come when you want to, but if you can stay inside me, it’ll be such a ride!”

“Ya think?”

“Stop it. I’m serious, Jake. I never did this until I was a junior, and then I wondered why I hadn’t started fucking in godamn high school!. I loved it so much! How can you NOT do something that feels so good?”

My boner, which I had forgotten a bit I’ll admit, came back to mind. I looked down along her body, and she was smart enough to raise her leg at the knee and bend it back, exposing her pussy, inviting me back in.

I spread both her legs wide and buried my cock deep inside her cunt once again, to the same music of her long sigh of satisfaction. She immediately began to move her hips, fucking my cock for me. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me, and when it ended and I looked in her eyes, I could see that she was already transported into a more quiet bliss.

The fact that my dick could work this kind of magic on her was amazingly hot. I started to pump back at her, feeling the pillowy walls of her cunt squeezing me as I slid to and fro, her fleshy tunnel parting and closing as I split the center of her sex. I pumped and pumped for god knows how long, the pressure of her tunnel sweet, the little moans peppering her response. I came close to the edge and backed off, not wanting to end the sweet misery of this wondrous, frenzied state.

I lifted my head to see her. Her head was back, her eyes were closed. Her breasts rose and fell with her rhythmic breathing. I brought my hand to one, squeezing the flesh, feeling my cock impossibly growing even harder inside her. She opened her eyes and I saw they were unfocused; her lips were parted. I said her name, “Darden,” and her eyes moved to mine, trance-like, filled with inexpressible ecstasy. “Are you cumming?” I asked.

She just nodded. “I haven’t stopped,” she whispered.

Then she reached under her leg and squeezed my balls, and I fucking exploded into her. Somewhere between my ass and my nuts a fiery bolt of lightning hit and sent wave after wave of hot seminal fluid shooting through my cock, and slamming into the walls of Darden’s cunt. I felt my muscles contracting in my thighs, my stomach and my ass. She milked me, squeezing my balls, clenching her own muscles, humping up into me, cumming yet again but now, cumming with me.

No, we didn’t move in together. We didn’t even date. We met two or three times a week, at her place or mine, and did brilliant, unspeakably dirty things to each other.

One evening she told me she had met a guy, that it looked like it might be serious, that continuing with our relationship didn’t “seem appropriate anymore.”


So who used who? And why use the word “used”? Darden was a unique woman in more ways than one. She had an exceptional gift from nature — the ability to enjoy her sexuality with unusual ease and frequency. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy that as much as possible, and thus be a bit selfish in doing so?

And I was a horn dog who cared about her, but not really for her. Who wouldn’t want to get off on a great piece of ass like that?

Bottom line — anything you can still whack off to thirty years later is a win-win.

Done. .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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