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I was really surprised to see Malathi again in my office as she had resigned on her own brushing aside all my sincere efforts to convince her in staying back. I still remember to have spoken to her for more than an hour explaining that marriage should not be cited as a reason for discarding a lucrative job. She remained adamant till the end, repeatedly saying that her would-be husband was rich and did not want her continue the job once the marriage was over. I finally had to accept her resignation and my heart was weighing very heavy after forwarding to the Personnel Manager. I did attend her marriage and somehow was not impressed with her husband in the first look. In the past, most of my intuitions have become realities and as I got out of the marriage hall, I feared that Malathi’s life was going to the docks. I was dead right. Here is Malathi, waiting outside my chambers seeking to be employed again.

Malathi had always remained a well known employee in the premises because she was the slimmest of all the staff. She wore a glass which looked larger than her oval shaped face and if I can guess had a pair of tits nothing more than the size of lemons. She always looked somewhat funny with her loosely stitched blouse which only exaggerated her slimness and it was a surprise to many when she finally got engaged. Looking through the glass, I couldn’t find much difference between the Malathi we used to see and the one who was waiting outside. I somehow realized that she might be desperately looking for a job and knew that I could help her. After disposing a few urgent correspondences, I let her come in.

She looked pale as if in grief and I could see her eyes soaked with moisture. I would never proclaim that I am kind hearted but always felt bad to see someone in tears. After the customary enquires, I got to the point straight away.

“I am told that you want to come again,” I told her in an authoritative voice. “You have always been a good worker and there shouldn’t be any problem in reinstating your services.”

I could see her relax after hearing what I said as she smiled briefly.

“You know whatever I told you when you had put up your papers,” I said softly as she kept listening to me with eyes wide opened.

“You didn’t care about whatever I said. I don’t want that to happen again if ever the Management decides to take you back.” I told her in a stern voice unable to forget the disappointment she had caused to me by refusing my previous advices outright.

Malathi, after a momentary silence, started speaking in a very low voice.

“You have always been kind to me,” She spoke as I could see further drops of tears glowing in her eyes. “I was helpless. I was forced to quit the job because it was a precondition for my marriage. But, the marriage itself is rocking. I have been abandoned by my man and our formal separation is very much on the cards. I now need a job to support myself, more than ever before.”

She paused for a moment to let the drop of tears roll down her cheeks. She took off her hanky to wipe her clean before looking at me again.

“I am convinced that this time around, I may have to continue here till my retirement,” I could feel the element of assurance in her tone. I genuinely felt sad about the premature end to her married life as I believed that she deserved to be better. I had some responsibilities as the Chief Executive of the company and needed assurances in no uncertain terms. I sighed in relief that I will have an efficient staff back in the office although the circumstances leading to her comeback were not pleasant enough. I offered her a hot cup of coffee which she politely refused. After almost half an hour, Malathi left my office apparently with immense relief on my assurance that she would be absorbed soon. I had excellent rapport with the top management and it wasn’t difficult for me to convince them about employing Malathi again. It took just over a week to rush through the formalities before her appointment order was mailed to her. Most of the Samsun Escort staff were excited about Malathi’s coming back although everybody felt bad about her troubled married life.

Our office works just half a day on Saturdays. It was one such Saturday when everyone seemed to be winding up their work as the day was coming to a close. My mobile phone rang and as I picked it up, the incoming number was an unfamiliar one. It was Malathi on the other side, whose voice was choked with emotion and excitement as she spoke.

“Thank you very much Sir! I am really searching for words for what you have done.” Malathi continued to speak showering me with praise which made me somewhat uneasy. She sounded so stupid at times to my surprise. As I was about to curtail the conversation, she sprung the final surprise.

“I want to give a fitting treat to you,” She was speaking in an unusually excited tone. “Would you mind visiting my house today evening?”

Now, that was quite extraordinary. Not many of our staff have ever invited me to their house for these treats, least the female staff. Although ours was a reputed multi national company, we were operating in a town which was known for being very conventional where females always maintained a fair distance from their male counterparts. As I kept wondering about this strange invitation from Malathi, she repeated her request again, this time around with a better punch.

“I really look forward to your visit this evening. It would be fun!” I almost jumped out of my seat as I heard these words from Malathi. Although I wasn’t sure what exactly she meant by the word ‘fun’, I had to finally yield in accepting her invitation to visit her. I started taking down her address, exact location and the nearby landmarks etc., so that I don’t need to waste any time in searching for her house. I had nothing to do in the evening and did not mind visiting Malathi anyway.

After my usual evening shower, I got into my favorite casual wear and was soon driving towards Malathi’s house. It wasn’t difficult to locate her house and as I pressed the door bell, it opened within a few seconds. Malathi stood at the door with an unusually broad smile to let me in and close the doors behind immediately. She was visibly excited about my visit and made no secret of it by speaking in a voice bubbling with enthusiasm. She kept running between the drawing room and the kitchen filling up the table before me with a variety of snacks. But, when she brought a bottle of Royal Challenge whisky I was taken aback as I have never been served with alcohol by any female yet.

“What is this?” I asked her rather amazed. She giggled at me without replying and started pouring the whisky into one of the glasses.

“I never expected this,” I was still recovering from the gentle shock as she meticulously did the pouring, started missing distilled water and finally let a few ice cubes float on the golden liquid. I couldn’t believe my eyes although I was in no mood to refuse my favorite whisky being served. She poured another glass with coke and after helping with some ice cubes, she took the cup in her left hand while her right hand held the cup with whisky for me. As the whisky changed hands, I could feel her fingers gently touching me.

Am I dreaming or something? I asked myself as Malathi sat near me on the same sofa, smiling and sipping her cup of coke. I was getting another intuition; I am going to have a nice evening today.

“You are full of surprises, Malathi,” I told her as she kept smiling at me.

“Yes. I am,” She admitted and laughed funnily. “But, much more surprises in store for you.”

I was becoming very curious wondering what could be the next surprise. Am I going to watch some strip dance or something?

“Well, I don’t think I can take any more surprises,” I replied letting out a laugh.

“You can’t? Are you sure?” Malathi spoke in a voice that sounded as if she was whispering to me. It struck to me that Malathi in the sort of mood that she Samsun Escort Bayan was in, could spring up more surprises than I could comprehend. It was only after a couple of sips of the good whisky that I noticed Malathi who was sitting very close to me, wasn’t bearing any bra. As she crossed her legs with somewhat a short nightie on, I could get a clean view of her long legs as well as a couple of inches above her knees. As my eyes trailed further, I almost swooned to realize that she wasn’t wearing panties either. My cock immediately responded to my view by bulging inside my jeans to press hard against my inner. Suddenly, Malathi looked around to see me staring at her and smiled again.

“So. Did you make out the remaining surprises?” Malathi asked me with mischief written all over her eyes.

“Err…Yess..Somewhat,” I stumbled for words. Her smile looked wry like never before. She moved closer to me on the sofa and began lifting her nighties above. I sat like a statue as she effortlessly pulled off her nighties and throw it behind the sofa. Unbelievable, Malathi was sitting absolutely nude besides me. I could see her bare tiny tits hanging out close to my face.

“You love watching these small things?” she queried in a sexy voice. She let her right hand hold her tits in alternate and closed her eyes as I could see her squeezing her tits to pleasure herself.

“What are you doing?” I spoke although I wasn’t sure if she ever heard what I said.

“You must be going after bigger ones than mine. Just as big as the ones your secretary has. Am I right?” she asked, as she started arching her body like a bow making my dick to harden instantly. ‘Is this the fun that she mentioned to me over phone?’

“Am I looking that bad? You think I am not even worth touching once?” she asked. I took a long breath watching her tiny globes. She was right, I thought. Her small tits which never used to induce any interest when covered under her blouses, looked amazingly erotic in nudity. My hands itched to get hold of them one after another but I thought it too early.

Malathi looked at me tilting her head and her hands soon rested on my bulge to squeeze them gently. I closed my eyes to feel her thin hands on my hard dick as her palm started rubbing my erection all over. I leaned back on the sofa as she leaned closer and throwing all caution to the wind clutched her breasts and started stroking one nipple after another. Malathi let her right hand behind my head to push me tightly against her tits allowing my mouth to press against her hardening nipples. My lips felt as if being pressed against a bag full of rose petals and immediately my mouth opened enough to take the little boobs inside. Immediately my tongue took over her nipples to go around the perky nipples to induce them get straighten up further. Malathi slowly slid sideways onto the sofa and taking the clue from her, I leaned on her body to let my lips resume from where they left. It was exciting to feel Malathi’s thin naked body beneath me as she began to moan. My gentle licking of her boobs became fiercer and soon I was sucking her tits and nipples like mad. Malathi was squirming in my grip as my hands trailed towards her waist and further below. She moaned heavily as my palm landed on her swollen silky mound. My fingers started sliding along the moist folds of her pussy forcing Malathi to let a long hiss escape her lips. I had already abandoned my whisky getting more involved playing with Malathi’s tiny body. I realized that my whisky could wait and hurriedly started unbuttoning my shirt, then unzipped my trousers and finally relieving my hard dick out of my inner.

Malathi looked stunned seeing my throbbing cock which had grown into unimaginable length. She sighed as she placed her hands on my manhood which further induced its vigor. With very little effort, I started spreading her legs and gripping her waist, I planted my mouth on her soaking clit. My tongue slowly started flicking all over her lips eventually to let Escort Samsun my fingers take over teasing her soaked cunt. Malathi was by now whimpering, arching her hips letting my mouth press harder against her clit. My tongue never fell short of pace as I kept licking her pussy without sparing even a millimeter of her sexy hole. She started convulsing faster as she approached her orgasm and her moans became louder and louder. I firmly planted my mouth on her pussy continuing to suck her clit to taste her dripping cum. Her body stiffened soon after her orgasm exploded letting her almost scream in joy. I was still holding her waist firmly to allow her recoup after the burst of orgasm so that my waiting dick could get its due from her.

“That was wonderful,” Malathi said in admiration. “I need to reciprocate.”

Malathi pushed me gently to get up from the sofa and sat straight. She took my dick with her hands and started letting it inside her mouth. Her hands cupped my balls to caress them gently as she took the entire length of my dick inside her mouth. Feeling my dick inside her mouth was an exciting experience as her tongue was gently brushing my thick rod.

“You are unbelievable,” I told her in amazement while my hands got behind her head to draw her still closer. I picked up the glass of whisky with one hand and started sipping the remaining liquor while Malathi continued sucking my cock. I felt like being at the top of the world, sipping some whisky while being sucked by an obedient subordinate. She kept swaying her head to let my dick feel her entire mouth inside while her lips continued to give a wet massage. My right hand was holding her head firmly as she gradually increased the tempo of her sucking. It looked like she wouldn’t mind sucking my dick till Sunday before I realized that my semen was rushing to jump out of my dick. Her hands were holding my waist firm enough to let me stay in her grip as her sucking got into a frenzy pace. I finally exploded into her mouth sending thick spills of cum which soon descended into her throat. As if not satisfied with my unloaded cum, she licked the last drop of my cum tingling my dick again towards another erection.

We lay on the sofa hugging each other for a few seconds before Malathi kissed me and asked, “So, how is your weekend going so far?”

“Splendid,” I replied in an excited voice as we were about to begin another lap of erotic adventure. My hands reached out to her small ass cheeks and squeezed them. I took my dick and began rubbing it against her slogged clit. She pulled me against her naked body again beginning to moan again. My hands grabbed her lemon boobs yet again to squeeze them. She climbed on me bringing her tiny tits to press against my face while her moist pussy was feeling for my dick which had hardened yet again. After motioning her body a few times to adjust her position, she pushed her pussy against my erect dick and her body weight gave the required impetus to let my dick pierce into her clit with amazing ease. We both moaned simultaneously, excited with the feel of my manhood inside her pussy. Her hands gripped the sofa railings firmly and after taking a deep breath, she started jumping on my dick slowly. My hands held her waist to let her hit the target all the time while my mouth never failed to take her tits in whenever she fell over. I flexed my thighs and started pumping upwards while she kept jumping on my dick. She was getting more vociferous with her moans while I was letting a few groans occasionally. The room was filled up with the sound of our thighs dashing against each others and our movements were getting perfectly synchronized as we kept fucking like rabbits. I felt my dick would burst anytime inside her pussy like a volcano sending loads of lava. She swung her head backwards as she was jumping like mad on my dick. Within a few seconds, my dick impatiently exploded inside her pussy thrusting out another few loads of cum inside. She stayed still for a second before falling over me, hugging me to let me feel her frozen body.

I broke the brief silence which engulfed the room by saying, “That was terrific, Malathy.”

Malathy moved back to let me see her smiling face and asked “Was that enough to say my thanks?”

“Somewhat,” I said with a smile. “Wait till next weekend!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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