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Ariana Marie

Hey readers, I’m officially on hiatus for a while, real-life getting in the way, unfortunately. I hope to come back to writing again someday, we’ll see.

A lot of people criticised this story for not having a rampant sex scene in it. I didn’t think it needed it. It was a story of trauma, fear and redemption. I felt that tacking on some wanking material would just cheapen it.

I should have known better I suppose!

So here is a chapter that is pretty much all sex. If you have blue balls after reading this then I can’t help you!

Thanks to no1Uno for editing this one, he’ll get a break for a while now too.

All characters over 18.



Teddy was deep in dreamless sleep when he became aware of a moist, gentle heat on his neck. He could hear his name echoing, quiet in the distance. A feeling of tingling warmth on his earlobe brought him to groggy wakefulness.

“Teddy. Baby, wake up,” his aunt Eloise whispered in his ear. Each word punctuated by a languorous lick from her dextrous tongue.

Teddy was sandwiched between his mother and aunt. Eloise was behind him, her heavy breasts mashed against his back, her pubic fuzz tickling his bum. His mother was snoring gently as he spooned in behind her. His right palm was stuffed full of her delicious breast meat. The plump flesh spilled over between his fingers.

“There you are, you naughty boy. For a moment I thought we’d tired you out for good. That was amazing baby! The most fun I’ve ever had, but I’m going to go. It’s time for you to show your mom how much you love her. We’ve done the raunchy, sexy stuff to take the edge off but it’s time for you to make her yours. You need to be gentle but firm with her. Keep in constant contact, touch and kiss every part of her. Worship every inch, all the bits she worries and frets about; her bottom, her belly, her arms. Show her how much you care. Make her yours. Cum inside her pussy. Over and over, no matter what she says or tries to do – you need to always finish deep inside her. You know what mommies need. They need to feel their boys’ steaming spunk squirting up inside their secret places. That’s what wins their hearts forever.

“Call me later, tomorrow is fine even. We all need to have a good long talk about the future. I love you and want you but I understand that she is your priority. I know it’s also what my little sis wants more than anything. Don’t fear, don’t doubt, this is what she needs; your kisses and your cock. Oh, I’m so jealous!”

Eloise pulled his face around towards her and kissed him deeply on the mouth. Her tongue writhed against his as she bade him farewell. Finally, she slipped away, gliding gracefully off the bed like a big cat.

Teddy blew her a kiss as she picked up her clothes and tiptoed out of the bedroom. When she closed the door behind her he turned his attention back to his mother.

His ludicrous, adolescent plan had actually sort of worked! Well, in all honesty, it had backfired disastrously before Eloise had saved it. But now he had actually been lodged between his mother’s thighs, he’d been inside her body!

But it had all happened so fast, everything had been so frantic. He knew it had happened; she was truly here in his arms but he had no real memory of it. He just recalled snippets. Noises and smells. Vivid snapshots which he could not piece together into a coherent whole. Now however, he had time to rectify that. They could make some memories that would last them both a lifetime.

He took stock of the situation. His mom was snoring softly as they lay spooned together, his face was buried in her blonde hair. His left arm was under her head, acting as a makeshift pillow and his right hand gripped her left breast firmly. Her right breast oozed down over his wrist, jealously seeking his attention. Her nipples were slack now but he knew from one of those mental snapshots that they would grow. Big and proud and firm, they would react to his touch, yearning for his lips and tongue.

Further down, his soft penis was tucked neatly between their bodies. The warm cleft of his mother’s buttocks cradled him gently.

Teddy inhaled deeply, mesmerised by the clean, flowery scent of her shampoo. There were undercurrents of sweat and a seedier, sexier musk too. It truly was an idyllic situation. A boy; no, a man now, inextricably entwined with the woman he loved, his mother. His reproductive juices were still dribbling out slowly from deep within her body. At the same time, his own loins were busy producing more. It was what he had been made for, what they both had been made for.

Teddy was loath to break up the halcyon moment but he couldn’t wait any longer. His prick was stiffening and it was time for it to return home.

He squeezed his mother’s nipple, whilst at the same time whispering in her ear as Eloise had just done with rize escort him.

“Hey beautiful, it’s time to wake up. Come on sleepyhead, it’s been nearly an hour since I’ve been inside you and I can’t wait any longer to get back in there.”

His words were met with a delightful moan as his mom woke, giving a small start. There was a moment of tension in her body, an instant of panic almost before she relaxed. Hilary giggled at the wonderful insanity of the situation that she found herself in.

Teddy’s nose and lips were nuzzling at her ear, before moving around to the curve of her jaw as she spoke,

“You’re still here, I thought you would have had enough of me by now,” she murmured quietly. Reaching back she pulled his hardening member between her thighs. The randy mother began grinding her hips so that his length glided along between her soft pussy lips. Her burgeoning juices lubricated its passage. Back and forth she moved, moaning with pleasure as his cock’s slippery movement. They both groaned as he rocked back and forth between her quivering thighs.

“Never! You’ll be lucky if you ever get us out of this bed again! I was watching you sleep, just marvelling at how beautiful you look. Part of me wanted to let you sleep, it was so lovely, but a bigger part of me wanted to kiss you – sorry!”

“Oh, that’s ok. That sounds like a great reason to be woken up. Where’s Eloise?” Hilary asked.

“She left. She thanked us for a wonderful time and wants to come back for a proper talk soon. I agreed but she really wanted me to make love to you properly, just the two of us,” Teddy replied. He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her lips hungrily. His right hand released her breast and slid lower, revelling in the contact with her soft belly. He squeezed and rubbed her there, but Hilary’s hand immediately landed atop his, trying to hold him still. She said,

“No baby, I’m so fat, don’t touch me there. I want to be sexy for you, not like this.”

Teddy replied softly,

“No, you’re not fat. You’re perfect, just the way a sexy mommy should be. Every little boy wants a mommy with big, soft boobs and a tummy he can play with. I can’t wait to get my head between your silky thighs too — and don’t get me started on that fine ass! No more nonsense about your body. It’s the body I want, the body I’ve dreamed about all my life. Just relax and let me love you.”

“At least let me shower. I’m all sweaty and there’s other stuff all over me. Let me freshen up for you baby,” Hilary pleaded.

“Not yet momma,” Teddy said, “you smell sexy. You’re sweaty because of all the kinky fun we had earlier and the other stuff? That’s all just part of the sexy, spicy games we just played. It all came from you and me, from our love. We’ll shower later, I’ll scrub every part of you clean, but for now, we’re stayin’ right here.”

He lifted himself up, rolling her towards him onto her back.

Hilary responded immediately, moaning and gasping. She clasped her arms behind his head, returning his passion in spades. Their breath huffed and puffed as their tongues and lips wrestled relentlessly. Their bodies moved as one, Hilary ending up on top of her boy. The mature beauty manoeuvred his hard cock back between her thighs. It was applying more delicious friction as it glided between her labia. sometimes it even bumped over her clitoris, eliciting a sexy squeak.

Teddy tried to keep every part of his body in contact with hers. He pulled her close and grabbed and nipped lightly at every piece of soft, yielding flesh he could get his hands on. He had meant it; her body was the ideal, the exemplar for him. Younger girls were so obsessed with being skinny. As a result, they missed out on revealing the true beauty of their forms. Skin and bones weren’t his thing, it was the smooth, healthy covering of soft, yielding flesh that he so adored. He wished he had ten hands, there was just so much of her to enjoy. At that moment his hands were full of her creamy ass cheeks. He remembered watching her plump, jiggly bottom by the pool that morning. He’d been so horny for her then and now he had those delicious mounds in his hands — he never wanted to let go.

Hilary was humping his cock now, clearly trying to slip it inside her. Her keening wail told Teddy that she was getting revved up too quickly. He reluctantly broke the kiss and said,

“Hey pretty lady, slow down, chill out a little. We have the rest of our lives for orgasms but I need to explore your beautiful body now. I’ve kissed these lips enough; I need to kiss some other places too. I want to get to know all your little secrets. I’ve looked at your body from far away for too long, it’s time I got up close and personal with it.”

Hilary shivered, a sparkling, sexual frisson running through her body. No man had ever made her such an offer before. How did he have the self-control to stop mid-stream like this? Why did he want to? sakarya escort Her pussy was desperate for his cock. Every man she’d ever known would have been pounding into her by now. Her Teddy was different; he loved her. Almost as much as she loved him!

“I’m yours my darling. Every blotch and blemish. I’m sorry I’m not Playboy material anymore; I’m a mommy with all the lumps and bumps to prove it. But if you get to explore, so do I!” Hilary giggled at this. She spun around, grasping for his feet, aiming for what she knew were his ticklish soles.

Teddy grabbed her ankles and did the same, quickly moving from tickling to loving. He brushed his fingers along her shapely calves. He kissed her toes, sucking and nibbling on the painted nubs of flesh. There was no taste, but he could still smell the coconut aroma of her lotion. It was a true mommy smell; one he’d always associated with warm loving days spent by the pool. Now those warm loving days would be spent here, in her bed. That transition had been a momentous one. It had transpired in an absolutely painless, miraculous way, however. Well, painless apart from his naked run to the park of course. He almost laughed, remembering the trauma of that moment. But it had all turned out to be worth it, hadn’t it?

His mom was tickling his feet now, they were both laughing, him in tortured anguish and her in delighted glee. He pulled away and spun around, beginning a slow journey back to her waiting mouth and lips. He kissed and licked the backs of her knees, her inner thighs. Moving slowly he licked the cleft of her ass, kissing the dimples he found there. All the while his hands and fingers roamed across her body. They stopped here and there to investigate and caress the previously forbidden secrets of his mother’s flesh. Hilary stretched her back, shivering with the pleasure his attention was bringing her.

“Keep doing that darling, it’s very sexy,” she purred, running a hand through his hair.

“Believe me I intend to,” Teddy replied, “I feel like a pilgrim exploring the New World. It’s lush and beautiful; full of surprises; definitely worth the anguish of getting here. Now shush, there’s a little forest here that I want to explore!”

He rolled her on to her back and buried his face in her pubic hair. She was waxed clean everywhere other than her neatly trimmed bush – Teddy loved it! Soon he was moving again. He lay beside her and kissed her hands and sucked on her fingers. He caressed her arms and shoulders, kissing her ticklish spots, delighting in her soft giggles of protest.

She was lying on her tummy now, Teddy squirming on top of her. He licked at the nape of her neck, laying a line of butterfly kisses down the sides of her throat. Hilary groaned as he found one of her secret ‘hot zones’ and he redoubled his efforts there.

Finally, he released her and let her roll on to her back. He kneeled above her, drinking in her elegant beauty. He murmured,

“That was a hell of a trip, I missed you,” before kissing her extravagantly again.

As they necked Teddy entwined one hand in her long silky hair. With the other, he caressed his mother’s belly. She flinched, still a little self-conscious about the few extra pounds she carried. Teddy revelled in the contact, however. As he moved his fingers towards Hilary’s left breast he nipped its underside gently. A delighted squeal erupted from his mom which was followed by an even more fervent kiss. She devoured his mouth, sucking feverishly on his tongue.

As he had expected Teddy found Hilary’s nipples had risen to attention. The big stubby paps were begging for his mouth. Like him, they were desperate for the return of the suction he had applied so many years ago. Teddy was happy to oblige. He curled his tongue around each teat before his lips closed on one and he sucked with all his might.

Hilary screamed in ecstasy; nothing made her feel more like a mother than this. A nasty, perverted mother to be sure, but the feeling of Teddy sucking at her breasts was absolutely indescribable. Her baby was seeking life-giving nourishment from her body. Her maternal instincts were all mixed up with her sexual emotions now. That created a confusing maelstrom of overpowering feelings centred on her throbbing womb. She’d never felt anything like it but it was so intoxicating. Addictive too she secretly knew, delighting in that revelation. Addicted to her boy she thought, realising that she had better work hard to get him addicted to her too!

Teddy was nibbling on one distended nipple now as he stretched the other one away from his mother’s body. He gripped it lightly between thumb and forefinger. Slowly he tightened his hold, stretching it away from her chest.

“Yes, baby!” Hilary cried as a huge orgasm washed over. “Suck me, squeeze me, harder please! Bite them, chew them. Oh make me cum, never stop making me cum my beautiful boy!”

She was babbling now, lost in an intoxicating fog of samsun escort rapturous joy. Teddy had slipped his hand back across her tummy, squeezing and caressing lovingly as he went. But there was only ever one target for his inquisitive fingers now. They slipped through her soft, manicured pubes. His fingers played and tugged at them until he reluctantly slid his hand further down her body. Suddenly his fingertips met raw, slippery flesh!

Teddy froze! Yes, he’d had sex with her earlier, filled her with his penis, but this was truly a moment to cherish. His fingers were touching his mother’s bare pussy. A pussy that was leaking wet, slippery fluids for him, in anticipation of all the nasty things he would do to her. Of all the stuff that he had thought about or imagined throughout his life, this was the one. This was the greatest prize of all.

It had been there throughout his life. Tucked safely away below her skirts and pantsuits. Protected from his lustful gaze by all sorts of panties, bikinis and silky hose. His mother had always been careful with her modesty around him. Despite endless attempts by the randy teenager to see this storied place, he never had. But now was the time, she had surrendered it to him, opened it to his questing digits.

She squealed once more as he gently tended to her clit. There was so much moisture leaking from within her! His fingers slid easily back and forth over her distended love button. Every touch, every brush and graze raised Hilary’s excitement level further. She was wetter than she could ever remember. Her vagina spasmed endlessly in time with Teddy’s loving caresses.

He grudgingly released her nipples from his mouth and fingers. Much as he loved them, there was a greater treasure awaiting him. He kissed his way across her belly. He was greeted with a captivating giggle from his mom as his tongue delved down into her belly button. His lips and teeth nipped at the nest of curls he found below that, tugging on the silky soft hairs with his teeth.

And then he was home, his mouth clamped on to his mother’s delicious folds. His tongue swirled around her tiny, swollen clit. He sucked hard and her exquisite juice splashed out across his lips and nose. Her jiggling thighs parted wide to allow him unfettered access. They tightened back up against his ears as her excitement grew.

Hilary was squirming and moaning constantly now. Her arousal was growing beyond anything she’d ever imagined. She’d managed to twist herself around to finally get face to face with Teddy’s magnificent prick. The salty, musky manliness of it was overpowering. Her nostrils flared as she kissed the purple tip. Slowly she parted her lips and finally her son’s cock was in her mouth! She wanted more. She needed more. She sucked hard and was rewarded with a stream of his heavenly pre-cum. She shivered at the exquisite taste and continued to nurse upon him, desperate for more.

This was appalling and euphoric at the same time she thought! The sounds, the sensations, the smells! She’d released him from between her lips and moved her face down until her nose was buried in his ball sack. She smooched the crinkly skin, covering the delicate orbs with tiny kisses. Sweaty and greasy from all the nasty things they’d done earlier, it was glorious. Her man’s smell. The place where his sperm was made, where their babies would come from.

WHAT?!! Where had that thought come from?

Hilary spluttered as she momentarily released her grip on Teddy’s backside. As the shock of her unexpected baby fantasy faded, she realised it was exactly what she wanted. Teddy’s baby, growing in her belly.

Hilary watched her boy’s pre-cum streaming from the tiny slit on the end of his dick. She’d always just accepted it as a useful lubricant before, but now this was Teddy’s and he was making it for her. She had to make sure his balls would pump out all their sperm when he came. She had to make sure it would all end up in her womb. Where she knew it belonged.

Hilary fondled his balls delicately. She began to stroke his cock with one hand as she tickled the furry orbs with the other. She was fascinated by them. They were so powerful that they could create new life. At the same time, they seemed so delicate and vulnerable, exposed here to her rapt attention.

She moved her mouth back to nibble on his penis. The sultry temptress used her experienced lips and tongue to maximise her son’s pleasure. She continued to move her fist up and down along his length, marvelling at its throbbing hardness. She sometimes withdrew and used her tongue to trace the pulsing veins along its sides. It was never for too long though, as she was always keen to slip him back inside her hot, wet mouth again.

Teddy closed his eyes and froze for a second as pleasure exploded from his groin. His MOM was doing amazing things down there! His mother! Holy fuck! She was so gentle, not like the aggressive pornstars of his wet dreams, but this felt so much better. Teddy tried to emulate her, licking and kissing her slowly. He tried to elicit different reactions, focusing on the things that made her moan and squirm. He massaged her bottom with his strong hands. He spread and squeezed her luscious cheeks as he feasted on her delicious core.

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