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My senior year in college I went with my buddy Steve to New York City to see our school play basketball against St. John’s in Madison Square Gardens. On our way out after the game we ran into Margie and a girlfriend ( I don’t remember her name). Margie is a secretary in New York and also our best friend Rich’s girl. In fact they had been a thing most of the year, and from the way Rich talked this was the “real thing.” Rich was at school because he had a major paper due on Monday, but Margie had decided to attend the game anyway to root for our team.

The girls were in no hurry so we decided to grab a quick bite and go to a nearby dancing club. Everyone had too much to drink (except me – designated driver), but Margie’s girlfriend really overdid it. Steve had been all over her in hopes of an easy score while Margie and I danced until we were drenched with sweat (actually I was drenched – she just glistened). Steve was climbing all over the girlfriend when we came back to the booth. The strong musty smell of pussy told me his fingers had done some intimate exploring inside her panties.

When we left about 1am Margie’s girlfriend could hardly walk. She was in no shape to take train home and started crying, saying her mother would kill her. I offered to drive her even though she lived all the way out on Long Island. Steve and I had already paid for a hotel room in the city so it was at least a 90 minute round trip. Margie, who lived the opposite direction, called home and told her mom she was staying with a girlfriend. She asked if she could crash in our room for the night.

In the car Steve resumed his quest for a score. I’m not sure Margie’s girlfriend had any idea what was happening to her, but soon the car reeked with the smell of pussy, and in the rearview mirror I could see Steve’s face buried in her crotch while she looked passed out leaning against the door. Margie and I made small talk, but she smiled shyly when I made a remark about Steve and her girlfriend getting along quite well.

I almost laughed out loud as I looked into the rearview mirror and saw Steve maneuver the limp body of his playmate until she was straddling him as he sat up on the seat. He was trying to get his cock into her, moving her against him by grabbing the cheeks of her ass. I’m not sure if he was successful, but at some point she stirred to life and said she was going to be sick. I quickly pulled over to the side of the road and Margie’s girlfriend heaved her guts. Then she passed out on the back seat with her head in Steve’s lap. He kept trying to put his cock in her mouth, but she didn’t stir. We got her home, slapped her awake and helped her stagger to the front door. I have no idea what happened after she got inside, but we bolted quickly.

Steve fell asleep in the back seat and Margie slept with her head on my shoulder on the trip back. Once in the room Steve immediately crashed across one of the beds from all the liquor and was out cold. Margie asked if she could borrow one of my shirts, then disappeared into the bathroom. When she came out she was wearing the buttoned up shirt over her panties which the shirt barely covered. I could see her nipples poking through the shirt confirming that she was braless. Margie walked over and gave me a hug, then kissed me on the cheek telling me that she had a really fun night and I had been a true gentleman to drive her friend home.

Margie looked down at Steve sprawled across the one bed and said we shouldn’t disturb him, gesturing that it would be okay if I shared the other bed with her. She turned off the bedside lamp and lay down. The light from the street illuminated her sexy profile as she lay there on her back with a hand resting on her stomach and one leg bent at the knee. I quickly stripped down to my boxers and slid between the sheets.

I should tell you that Margie is a petite brunette about 5’2″ or 5’3″ with big brown eyes, small but perky tits and perfect legs for a miniskirt with an ass which fills out a pair of jeans nicely. She has one of these bubbly flirtatious personalities that makes her fun to be around. Those of us who know her have never questioned her loyalty to Rich. I assumed her invitation to bed was innocent, but it definitely pushed the limits of comfort where I was concerned. After all, I was one of Rich’s best friends. On the other hand, the thought of laying in bed next to a skimpily clad sexy piece of heaven was not at all an unpleasant thought.

As I crawled between the sheets, Margie snuggled up next to me draping her arm across my chest. Her thigh pressed against mine and I felt like it was burning my skin. Once again she thanked me for helping her friend and told me how kind she thought I was. Then she kissed my neck and pulled her body tighter against me until I felt the heat of her pussy emanating through her panties against my thigh. Unsure of her intentions, I lay there without moving a muscle. Except one that is – my cock was quickly getting hard.

“Goodnight, kind sir,” she said, pulling Avrupalı porno away and rolling over with her back to me.

I was half tempted to go into the bathroom and quickly relieve the tension that was growing in my balls, but wishful thinking kept me hopeful that things still might get interesting. As Margie pulled her legs up into a sleeping position, she managed to press her shapely ass lightly against my thigh. My cock was poking up through the boxers, and I felt as though I might blow a load right there without even being touched.

Margie shifted slightly, causing her ass to rub more firmly against me. I could feel the two cheeks of her ass separated by the cleft between them through the thin material of her panties. It was now or never. I rolled towards her draping my arm loosely across her waist. I let my hardness brush lightly against her soft cheeks waiting for a signal. She cupped the back of my hand pulling it tightly to her stomach. The length of my cock was now pressing lightly against her crack. I shifted and increased the pressure from my cock while pulling her tightly against me with my hand.

We were now beyond the “gee I didn’t notice what was happening” stage. I could feel Margie shift her ass against my cock. I pressed harder until my cock was definitely wedged in her crack. I massaged her stomach, slowly moving my hand down. Margie help guide me even lower. I slipped the tips of my fingers under the waist band of her panties. She continued to push my hand lower. My fingers slid past her soft, curly bush until I felt the searing flesh of her pussy against my fingertips. She lifted her upper leg so I could probe further. I traced the tip of my middle finger along her slit until the moist lips of her cunt opened to me. She was already wet from excitement and I easily worked one, then two fingers deep into her love tunnel. She started humping her pussy against my fingers. She moaned quietly while turning her head towards me until our lips and tongues met.

I wedged my other hand underneath her and inside the shirt until I found her pert little titties. My hand went back and forth between the two soft mounds, occasionally squeezing her sensitive little rosebud nipples. I pressed my thumb against her clit and shoved my fingers as deep as they would go. Margie rotated her pussy against my fingers and ass against my cock until her whole body went rigid. She gasped for air in a series of squeals. Pussy juice gushed over my fingers.


Margie carried on for a good thirty seconds. I kept working my fingers deep into her pussy and squeezing her tits. Her panties were getting soaked as juices kept pouring from her pulsating cunt. When she finally finished her body went limp.

She lay there for a few seconds breathing hard, then turned to face me, “Thanks for getting me off. You may have noticed that I was really horny. And God, that was a good one.”

Margie reached into my boxers and grabbed my throbbing manhood, then whispered in my ear, “I’m afraid I’ve left you with a problem.”

She slowly kissed down my neck and across my chest until she was staring right at my fuck pole. She wrapped her hand around it and started stroking me until the tip was drooling with precum. Margie licked it off with her tongue, then put the entire tip of my cock between her lips. She used her tongue, lips and teeth to tantalize the sensitive head until I was moaning with excruciating pleasure. Finally, she took me all the way into her mouth and bobbed up and down on my cock while stroking the base with her hand.

I wasn’t going to last much longer. I began fucking her mouth in rhythm with her bobbing. I could feel the blood rush to my groin and a huge load surging in my balls. My cock swelled, my balls shrunk and I let out a loud roar. My cock erupted with a long, steady stream of hot cum into Margie’s eager mouth. I kept cumming and cumming in stream after stream. Try as she might Margie couldn’t swallow fast enough. She pulled me from her mouth. I could see cum drooling out the corners and dripping from her chin. She went back down on me to suck me clean, then wiped her mouth off with my shirt. Then she looked up at me and smiled.

“You know, that’s the first time anyone has ever done that to me. Cum in my mouth that is,” Margie whispered snuggling up to me and hooking her leg over mine, “I can’t believe how turned on it made me to feel your cock squirting its stuff into my throat and all over my tongue.”

Margie started kissing my neck, then reached down and rubbed my wilted cock. I reached down her back and across her ass, burying my fingers in her hot pussy. She began humping back on me with a sense of desperation.

“Oh, God, I want you inside me. But we shouldn’t. should we?”

“I don’t know, Margie. I doubt if Rich would approve.”

“No, he wouldn’t like it at all. ahhhhhhhh. Oh God that feels good. You know, we don’t Video porno have to tell him. I think I’m gonna go crazy if don’t get a cock in me.”

“Maybe you should just climb up here and sit on my face. I’ll get you off with my tongue. That’s not really cheating, is it?”

“No. I guess not. I mean it’s not like you fucked me.”

Margie slipped off her panties, then threw her legs over my head until her beautiful little pussy was perched over my mouth. The glistening pink lips of her womanhood were laying open and peeking out from the soft brown curls around her pussy. Margie lowered herself onto my face and started humping me. She smeared her pussy from my nose to my chin as she fucked my face with slow gyrations. I began munching on her with my mouth like a hungry little kid. I licked up and down her slit, sticking my tongue deep in her juicy cunt and occasionally flicking my tongue across her clit. She started going crazy.

“Oh, Jesus… eat me, Jim.. ooohhhh… fuck me with your tongue… that’s it… yes… aaaahhhh… I’m gonna cum… oh shit… uuuuunnnnnggggghhhh… aaaahhhhhh…” she screamed as she flooded my face with her cunt cream.

As her orgasm subsided, Margie bent forward and took my semi-limp cock into her mouth. I shoved two fingers in her gushing cunt, rapidly fucking them in and out of her. She began gagging and gasping for air as another orgasm bolted through her.

“I don’t give a shit anymore. Fuck me, Jim. Shove your cock in my pussy. I need you in me.”

By this time my cock was hard again. I flipped her onto her back and mounted her. My engorged manhood easily slid deep into her steamy cunt. This really set her off, and for a moment I thought she was going to pass out. She squealed and moaned uncontrollably as I repeatedly hammered her pussy. Her fingers clawed at my back leaving scratch marks. Her heels dug hard against my ass. Pussy juice dripped from my balls which slapped repeatedly against her slimy shit hole. This went on for at least another minute before she finally collapsed with exhaustion.

I was far from finished. I flipped her over onto her stomach, spread her legs and mounted her from behind. My cock quickly found its mark and soon I was deep inside her hot cunt again. Margie started moaning groggily, but soon got into the rhythm and was thrusting her ass back into me every time I shoved my cock deep up her cunt. I reached under and found her clit with my finger and her nipple with the other hand. This sent her into another round of orgasm. This woman was a fucking orgasm machine.

I pulled out and sat back, my cock dripping with her cunt juice. Margie quickly spun around and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked on me for a while, primarily to catch her breath I think. Her expert lips and tongue soon had me near another orgasm, but I wanted to fill up that hot pussy of hers. I pulled her up and she climbed on top of me straddling my cock. She placed the tip at her opening and slowly impaled herself until I was buried deep in her gut.

This time she worked her way towards orgasm by slowly riding up and down on my shaft. She would lift up until the tip of my cock was barely in her, then slam herself down on me, holding me deep in her cunt while she ground her clit against my pelvic bone. I grabbed the cheeks of her ass which were slimy with cunt juice and spread them wide, digging my fingers into her cleft. I could feel my fuck pole as it moved in and out of her belly. Margie grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples while continuing to ride me. Her grunts and moans told me she was quickly working her way to another orgasm.

I could feel my cock getting ready to explode as well. I began to thrust more rapidly up into Margie. She picked up the pace to match me. I pressed a finger against her butt hole and worked it back and forth. Being so slimy with cunt juice, the tip slipped inside her. I felt her sphincter tighten around me and then loosen as I worked my finger deeper. Soon I was fingering her ass in sych with my cock in her cunt. Margie couldn’t take anymore. Her body began shaking as her muscles tightened.

“Aaaahhhhhh… you finger feels so good in my ass… ooohhh … I’m almost there…aahhhh… I want you to cum in my pussy…. uuunnnggghhh… cum in me baby…. fill my cunt. aaaahhhhh… here it comes….. UUUUUNNNNGGGGGGHHHH… OOOOOHHHHHH.”

I was almost there myself. I slammed up hard into her several times. I felt my cock swell just before it began flooding her cunt with my seed. She was shrieking and I was grunting as our sweaty bodies slammed into each other. My cock continued to blast cum into her belly until I could feel our mingled juices dripping from her and gushing over my balls.

After we were both spent, I held her tight, staying inside her until my cock had deflated. When she finally climbed off me a flood of cum and cunt juice gushed from her womb across my thighs and into a slimy puddle on the sheets. We kissed and held each other reveling in the afterglow. I looked over at the other bed and noticed Steve staring at us groggily. He smiled and gave me the thumbs up.

I woke in the middle of the night and had to pee. When I returned I looked down at Margie who was sprawled face down on the mattress with one leg straight out behind her and the other pulled up and to the side. The shirt rode halfway up her back leaving her naked ass exposed. In the dim light I could barely see the curls of her pussy hair peeking out between her cheeks.

I could feel myself getting hard just thinking about how my cock had recently been in the sex goddess below me. I climbed down to the mattress, slid up behind her and wrapped my arm around her waist. She stirred slightly, grabbing my arm and pulling me closer. I hooked a leg over hers and pressed my cock against her ass. Margie appeared to be asleep, but she did spread her legs wider and rolled further over onto her stomach as if her body had a mind of its own. I climbed up behind her, grabbed her hips and rotated her ass towards me, then reached down and guided my cock into her honeypot. She was still well lubricated from our previous session and I slid in easily.

I began fucking her in earnest. Margie pulled her knees up and lifted her ass further in the air to give me better access. Her head was still on the mattress and her eyes were closed, but I had a hard time believing she was still asleep. Then she started moaning and put her hand up between her legs to rub herself while my cock slid in and out of her cunt. Margie was beginning to lose it and started talking dirty.

“That’s it. give it to me baby. aaaahhhhhh. oh, God.. fuck my pussy.. ooooohhhh. oh God, Rich, I love your cock inside me.”

I couldn’t believe I heard it. She must have been half asleep if she really thought Rich was fucking her. Anyway, just then she started shaking and gasping as her orgasm peaked.

I continued to pound my cock into Margie. Her orgasm went on and on as she gasped for air and dug her fingers into the mattress with a death grip. Her cunt was overflowing with juices and I could feel some seep down my balls. As I continued slamming into her pussy I could feel the juices sloshing around inside her belly and wondered if some of that could be cum left over from our previous session. Her cunt started making little fart sounds from my cock sliding in out of her hot, gooey love chamber.

Margie’s orgasm finally subsided and she seemed barely conscious as I continued to hammer my cock into her. I was really slamming her hard. I could feel cum building in my balls and knew I was about to add to the mess in her pussy. I grunted, spilled my seed inside her then collapsed onto her back. My cock was a mess and I could feel my pubes matted with cum and cunt juice. I slid off her and fell asleep. Margie was already out cold.

I woke up in the morning with a hard-on. Margie was on her side in a fetal position still asleep. I heard the shower running and assumed Steve had managed to make it up. Despite last night’s activity, I was still horny. I rolled Margie onto her back and kissed her lightly on the lips. She opened her eyes and tried to muffle some words but I shoved my tongue between her lips as I mashed my mouth to hers. She relaxed and began kissing back. My hand quickly went to her tits. I squeezed the soft flesh and pinched the nipples which immediately turned hard. I lowered my head and sucked as much of her tit as I could into my mouth, flicking the nipple with my tongue.

I slid my hand down over her stomach and across her soft brown curls. I used a finger to pry open her slit and rubbed along the opening until I could feel warm juices beginning to seep out. I slipped my finger into her fuck hole and probed her tight pussy. Soon a second finger entered her. I could feel the juices really beginning to flow. Margie pulled my head hard against her breasts and started humping my hand. She was definitely ready to be fucked.

I climbed up on top of her and positioned my cock between her legs. Margie needed little encouragement. She spread her legs wide and lifted up her knees, then reached down, grabbed my cock and guided it to her steamy cunt lips. She worked it up and down her slit, occasionally running it over her clit, then let go. I quickly worked it all the way in, then began fucking her with rapid fire thrusts. Margie fucked me back with equal vigor lifting her ass off the bed as she slammed her cunt onto my cock. Then the four letter words started.

“Fuck my cunt, baby. oh yeah. that’s it. slam that big cock in me. fuck me hard. that’s it, baby. oh, God it feels good.. fill me up with cock. God I love it. fuck me. fuck me. harder. oh shit..”

I could tell she was almost there so I decided to help her. I reached down between us and rubbed her clit. It was like pushing a button. Margie’s whole body stiffened and she let out a loud shriek that I’m sure was heard several rooms away. I kept pumping and she kept cumming. I finally had mercy on her and slowed down until she regained control. She opened her eyes and looked up at me in amazement. I looked back as I slowly continued to move my cock in and out of her. She gyrated against me licking her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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