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I try to not be a violent person. Growing up in a very violent home it’s hard sometimes, especially it seems during sex. It didn’t used to be, before I met him. I was basically a good partner, I didn’t really make noise, but I moved, and from what I understand that is a hard quality to find in a woman. At first it was normal, nice, sex, and then he told me things that he wanted to do, or try, and everything changed from there.

The big thing with him was being controlled, he really liked it, and he wanted to be face fucked, tied down, hit, whatever he was all right with it, as long as he got to be submissive. I played with the idea at first, I didn’t have any intention of doing it, I didn’t want to be violent, and then we started to date, on January second at 1:37 Am, he asked me to be his girl friend, I was ecstatically happy. It was like I couldn’t stop smiling, and laughing.

Later that day I have no idea what happened to me, I was like an animal, all I could think about was making him mine in some way, and even though he was my boy friend I wanted it to be deeper than that. I still can’t explain what I wanted, but I wanted everything, and nothing, I had never felt that way about anybody in my life. So there we were in bed, a warm blanket over us, his arms around me, and I was happy, safe, and just plain tired.

When I woke up, an hour before I had to leave, I thought my eyes were going to bleed from Şanlıurfa Escort lack of sleep, but I needed to wake up for the drive to work. He woke up, and I remember the feeling of wanting, I wanted him in me, I wanted to feel his body cover mine, I wanted to wrap my legs around him, and watch his faces. When he knelt between my legs to undo my jeans, I practically ripped them off myself, he threw off his boxers and began to finger me, I was already wet, ready, and more than willing. He always did that to me, no touching needed and I was good to go. He pushed himself in me, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, are movements were slow and deep at first, things that he usually did that went too deep and hurt weren’t deep enough. I couldn’t feel enough of him, and he’s not at all little, I threw my hair back and forth getting my hair out of my eyes, and looked up at him, his eyes were closed, and he had a look of pleasure on his face that made me even wetter, if that was possible.

I grabbed his ass and dug my nails into it, and then I ran them up and down his back I leaned forward and bit him on the shoulder, not at all gently, digging in my teeth and almost growling. I embraced him with lips, teeth, tongue, legs, fingers and nails, everything I could to get him to move deeper, harder.

Every time I bit him he would go wild, and then resume his pace of more shallow, fast thrust. I didn’t even want Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan to bother with those even though they felt fine, I wanted him in me deep and fast, and so I bit him again. This time instead of going wild and then stopping rather quickly, he went wild and grabbed my hair forcing my head to the side and bit my neck. I bucked under him like a woman who hadn’t been able to breathe before, and this movement was air. Moaning and pulling him down, I bit him again he made little sounds which I couldn’t distinguish from either pleasure or pain, and I didn’t care which they were either, all I wanted was noises and mating. I raked my hands threw his hair and then pushed his head down into my breasts; he sucked on my tits like a man insane from it all.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, and angled my back, forcing him even deeper into me, I could feel him hitting walls, and cervix, and he still wasn’t deep enough, I needed more. I pushed my nails into his ass again pulling him forward towards my mouth, and grabbed his shoulder in between my teeth, ravaging his skin, following painful bites with soft kisses and wet tongue, I continued on to his lips where I was no more gentle. Kissing him I pushed my tongue into his mouth, tasting the flavor that was him, familiar and yet new.

Looking up at him a feral child looking at her mate, eyes and hair wild, teeth marking a path of territory Escort Şanlıurfa on his skin, I could see the same look mirrored in his eyes. My erratic patterns became in sync with his, deep thrust met hard pushes, faster and faster we went. I would grab his hair and force his neck to the side to bit on his neck, shoulder, and arm, then my lips wandered finding a new home on the base of his chest. I licked and bit and sucked at nipples, erect things that made him moan, and wince.

I still went back to his shoulders, a simple thing really that can be called primal, a she cat biting the shoulder of her mate. And I felt ever inch like a she cat mating with her male, I could hear him making those sounds that drove me to the brink every time, I could feel his hot flesh and his sweat on my skin. I could smell the sex that was ours, and the candle that was over in the corner. I could see him his face a mix of pleasure and pain, both inseparable, and I was incapable of trying to separate anything. My mind was dulled to all things advanced; I was a primitive beast knowing only the feel of her mate inside her, and the way to hold him there with teeth and legs. I was wild and free, drinking all this madness in I smiled a hunter’s smile, I looked at his shoulder looking for a spot to bit, and all I could see were purple bruises, red bite marks, and teeth imprints, from neck to mid upper arm, I moan, mine, looking up at him I was complete, loving the one who was in me I grabbed his thigh and dragged him into oblivion with me.

And then later when I could remember what it was to talk, and how to understand what was said to me, I had him again, only this time with a control word, he couldn’t have been happier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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