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The Snow Queen slept in her earthen bed waiting for winter to begin. Not a normal winter no but the type of winter where people huddled in homes, modern amenities faded away, and the chaos of her reign cold be felt in the icy wind. Yes, it would be a glorious time with a savage winter brewing away the ice prisms would be struck by sunlight in a certain way on the stones above her prison and then the Snow Queen would be freed to walk the earth again.

It was predicted to be a very strong blizzard and Sarah hesitantly drove out to the old deserted home in the Midwest surrounded by corn fields. It couldn’t be that bad Sarah reasoned as she turned down the lane that led to the house her grandfather had left her. The house was brick and sturdy nearly 100 years old in fact. Three floors and 6 bedrooms plus two bathrooms. Yet in the winter the bleak skies and the icy howling wind gave Sarah a spooky feeling. Unloading the groceries was such a mundane task and the wind just cut straight through Sarah as she worked. Finally, the last load was carried into the old fifties style kitchen. Just in in time the snow began to fall.

That night Sarah took a warm bath and washed her soft brown hair and thought about her green eyes being the same as her grandmother’s eyes. It was hard to have lost both grandparents within a year. The wind slammed into the house causing the lights to flicker. The internet and cable had gone out an hour ago and Sarah hoped the lights and heat would stay on. Not that she didn’t have wood if the lights went out, flashlights, and candles. Sarah was nothing if not prepared. Yet Grandmother’s spooky tales about winter and being the last guardian were not what Sarah wanted to think about. The beautiful snowflake necklace with a swirling center had always fascinated Sarah. The colors were green, gray, blue, silver and purple in that sphere and the necklace warmed to Sarah’s touch.

Yet the stories about finding the other guardian bothered Sarah because he was supposed to take her heart either by killing her or by marrying her. Then could the Snow Queen be faced in triumph but then again nobody had seen or heard of her in over 300 years. Grandmother carried the necklace but married a local man for love and stayed married 60 years. Yet the weather was so strange with blizzards that blocked out the sun for weeks and the strange stories of weird shadow things in the blizzard that lured people to their graves. The dead would be found frozen yes and that was normal in a blizzard but also, they would take their clothes off and be found utterly drained of blood with their eyes missing. Mothers would swear their children were in the weather, spouses thought it was their spouse, and children were especially vulnerable…. It was chilling and Sarah thought maybe it was just the climate change that had gotten worse in recent years. Whole cities were under water and 50,000 people died when the great waves had hit.

The house shook one last time and a huge sound like a bomb shook the house before the lights flickered out. Sarah got out of the bath and ran to her room. The water dripped from her nipples and she crawled under the covers like a child. The old quilts were incredibly warm and told the story of the guardians locking the snow queen in a grave beneath the standing stones. How in every generation a couple stood to defeat the Snow Queen and her evil or how a brave knight who formerly served the Snow Queen took a heart and used it to bind her into the ground. The names of the guardians were in the old Bible that grandmother had kept. The knights or husbands/lovers always served the Snow Queen and that scared Sarah a bit because it seemed arbitrary whether they killed or married the Guardians.

Outside the snow investigated the warm house in the form of an ice warrior. He carried many weapons and the sharp fangs used to kill the humans lured out to feed the growing army of snow warriors. Blood red eyes and sculped muscles that women would say were cut. He went by the name Adar and had killed many in his time. The foolish woman hiding in the house would be no match for him and her blood would be perfect for the Snow Queen’s blood altar. There was no love in Adar’s heart and sex had very little value to a man incapable of feeling warmth. Adar was known for his cruelty to those he deemed in need of punishment but also loyal and good at commanding men. The snow warriors hunted and killed growing in number and spreading the Snow Queen’s rule. Adar had never been human unlike some he commanded. He had been summoned out of ice and blood from a demon. His body did not crave sex or a woman although many of his soldiers occasionally liked sex and would feign being human to have sex with those lost in the storm. No that was not Adar and his goal was Sarah’s heart to serve up on the blood altar before his Queen and leave her body to die. Adar looked in the house and traveled in the wind to the second floor and the room that held Sarah. Only a frail window held him from his prey. Pressing close to the glass Adar could smell Sarah in the house and the dark room.

Soon he began to call to Sarah in the soft Kadıköy Escort voice of her Grandmother. Sarah half asleep began to waken thinking her Grandmother was calling to her.

“Open the window and invite me in” Adar called gently into the wind. His eyes changing from blood red to blue like ice.

Half asleep Sarah went to the window but when she touched the window seal a light blue mist rose up between Sarah and the window. Something was wrong.

Adar cursed and tried again.

“Open the window.”

Sarah’s hands shook and she looked out into the blizzard. The necklace began to pulse light sometimes green and soft other times blood red. The green meant Sarah was safe and could trust the spirits nearby, but the red meant a deadly threat. The necklace seemed broken in that regard.

Adar cursed and put a terrible compulsion to trust to Sarah.

The necklace glowed red despite the spell’s hard work to get her to open the window.

Sarah however thought she saw her grandmother laying in the snow bleeding and so swiftly opened the window. Letting Adar into the house.

Grabbing his longest and sharpest knife Adar launched himself at Sarah intent on taking her heart out of her body. Yet the moment he collided with her he felt her body scorch into his. Enraged Adar gripped her by one hand and used his telekinesis to slam the window shut. Sarah looked up at Adar and noted his sharp fangs, blood red eyes, and the biggest knife she’d ever seen in his hands. Trembling Sarah realized her mistake. Adar felt warmth snaking up his arm and thought he would pull Sarah close and then finish his task. Yanking her in to his grasp he sank his sharp fangs straight into Sarah and began to drink her life away. Yet the moment her blood hit his heart he suddenly burnt with a terrible desire. Not to simply kill her and present her heart on the altar but to possess her utterly. To Sarah’s shock he stopped and began stroking her hair but still holding the vile looking knife. Trembling Sarah began to cry and struggle, but his brutal strength kept her in place.

Softly she asked him “are you planning on killing me.”

“Not yet.” Adar answered his brutal eyes drinking in her 36DD breasts and her brown hair and green eyes.

“You will serve me.” Adar then looked down at the meat between his legs that had never risen for any reason aside from when he killed. It was firm and hard and twice what it was when he killed. Sarah began to try to back away, but he grabbed her hair and she pushed back away with him coming after her. To her misery Sarah fell over her purse and landed on her back. Adar landed on top of her enraged that she would attempt to escape him in any way.

Sarah struggled to get up only to find Adar on top of her and worse yet that 9-inch cock of his between her legs. Not good thought Sarah thinking back to the fact that she had tried to lose her virginity twice and both times had her cycle arrive just before anything happened. Her struggling beneath the man, although he seemed a demon from the blizzard, scared her. Her naked body and the struggle beneath him seemed to do nothing but make him hard and he had been struggling to hold that evil looking knife and she struggled to hold that arm away from her.

Adar was so enraged he could still make the kill his mind told him, but his body had other plans. He had never felt so very turned on and wanting to possess the fragile human. Rubbing against her soft naked body his dick was like stone and her scent was one of terror and arousal. Slowly he pinned her arms in one hand above her head. Then he took the blood blade and held it up and looked down at her trembling body.

“You will serve me til you die and look to none but me your heart and body will burn day and night for me alone. So now it be.” Adar said and then tossed the blade away and thrust straight into her.

Sarah felt the thick hard meat of his cock impale her and to her shock he leaned down and began feeding on her again while having sex with her. Then biting his wrist, he shoved his blood into her and forced Sarah to drink it. When he finished coming in her after what seemed like hours, he forced her to clean him with her tongue. Utterly spent Sarah lay in the bed and felt a fear that she could still die. Adar ripped her necklace from her neck and replaced it with a golden collar. Maybe if she slept, she would wake with him gone she thought. Waking up hours later the blizzard was in full force and she found herself wearing a green gown and an ice-cold collar around her neck. He looked down at her and told her to get on her knees for breakfast. Breakfast was him fucking her mouth until he came and brutally pinching her large nipples.

Trying to speak Sarah found the collar glowed and she was unable to utter a single word. The green gown clung to her genitals and she found herself wanting to touch the ice demon. The gown felt soft and silky and Sarah began to long for his touch. Finally, when she began to be wet between her legs did, he tell her to kneel on the bed and he fucked her from behind. The collar was magical Ataşehir Escort of that Sarah was certain. The green gown was indecent in places in that it clearly showed her breasts and bottom off because it was seeing through in those areas. The places where the gown touched made Sarah feel like she was getting an aphrodisiac through the material of the dress. When Adar got up ready to leave Sarah whimpered and he put a leash on her collar and dragged her out behind him into the blizzard.

The ice and snow didn’t really touch Sarah and Adar went back to his camp. There were other human women there in small huddled groups. One woman was being fucked and four or five Snow Warriors were participating. A few looked at Sarah but Adar snarled, and nobody suggested he share her. Dragging her to his tent Adar attached the leash to a circle on the ground near his bed. The leash was so short that Sarah was forced to lay in Adar’s bed, and he left her there and went out into the wind. When he returned Sarah thought about asking him to talk to her, but he ignored her and climbed into bed next to her. The next day the high snow priestess arrived, and the Snow Warriors held a feast in her honor.

The whole day Sarah stayed in the tent and peeked out the tent flap as the Snow Warriors rushed about. The feast began at 6 pm and the Snow Warriors main table was full of goblets with beautiful stones adorning the cups. Sarah dreaded what was in the cups and shivered in fear. Adar appeared and took hold of the leash and took Sarah out into the midst of the feast.

At the main table sat the priestess and beyond her was the Snow Queen herself. White blue hair with silver streaks, and flashing silver eyes glazed first at Adar and then at Sarah. Her mouth was full of black fangs and her skin was alabaster. The discussions had stopped when Adar and Sarah had appeared, and the Snow Queen stood up.

“Three thousand years of guardians have walked the earth carrying the tools to silence the wind and the blizzards that give birth to the Snow Warriors. Man, in his wisdom has reopened the ancient gates that sealed me into the earth. in a place nobody dreamed there would ever be snow. The lands of Florida where I was sealed. Your forebearers never dreamed of a time when the snow would kiss the southern tips of land. The seals were broken when the snow began. I am the reigning Snow Queen and standing before me is your mate who has sworn eternal loyalty to me having also confessed binding you to him. So now a choice you may die at his hand, you may swear loyalty to me and wed him as his wife with your first born to be given to me, or you may be as he has bound you a pleasure slave with him to wed me this day and all children you bear to be owned by both him and me.”

Sarah felt the words sink like stones in her heart. The mate/lover she had was supposed to love her or kill her not enslave her.

Looking at Adar Sarah asked, “Do you have no feeling for me?”

Adar turned his head and looked at Sarah but not one trace of emotion slipped into his eyes. Trembling Sarah opened her mouth and closed it.

“Chose or I will choose for you,” the Snow Queen roared.

Sarah began to shake like a leaf so very much afraid and then Adar walked forward and stated firmly

“I chose that I will neither kill nor wed this weak human.”

The Snow Queen smiled and held her hand out to Adar who walked towards her while turning his back on Sarah and in his hand was the Guardian necklace. On one knee he held it up to the Snow Queen and she accepted it into her hands. Taking it, she held it for all to see and with a gesture requested Adar place it around her neck. The crowds cheered loudly, and Adar sat next to the Snow Queen. Turning to leave the feast Sarah hoped to slip away but the Snow Queen of all people noticed and the leash which had been unattended was grabbed and Sarah was dragged before the couple again. One of the guards sliced her dress with his knife so even more of her breasts were visible and a small ring was placed in the ground right at the Snow Queen’s and Adar’s feet. The leash was given to Adar who attached it to the ring and Sarah found herself on hands and knees before both Adar and the Snow Queen. The priestess arrived in high garb and the entire party rose to their fee…all but Sarah who could not rise or barely look up. The Priestess then performed the wedding for the Snow Queen and Adar and slowly Sarah began to cry.

After the nuptials the Snow Queen and Adar went to her tent and an old woman came and fetched Sarah back to Adar’s tent.

“Why are you crying?” asked the old woman as she walked Sarah back to his tent.

“I thought he would love me or kill me and instead, instead I am to be his…. I don’t know what.” Sarah stammered as her face became red and her nose ran.

“There there my dear you will be his concubine and the Snow Queen for all her power can bear no children and Adar will have no power to please her without you nearby. “the old woman said with a smile.

“What do you mean?” Sarah said in shock.

“You will bear them their Bostancı Escort children, nurse their children, and neither Adar or the Snow Queen will have any pleasure to make that a true marriage without your influence,” said the old woman with a genuine smile.

“Also, the mixing of her blood and his seed will numb you to the pain of a broken heart and although you may never come to love the Snow Queen you will always love and desire Adar.” The old woman said comfortingly.

Laying down Sarah felt like her head and heart would never stop hurting.

In the middle of the night a large man entered Adar’s tent and grabbed Sarah by the arms. Placing a white gag in her mouth he closed the ties behind her mouth and slid a large black cloth over her eyes. Then bound her hands behind her back. Walking her out into the wind he forced Sarah to walk until they entered another tent. The Snow Queen and Adar were talking in soft flirting tones.

The next thing Sarah knew she was laying in the bed and she could feel the Snow Queen laying to her left right next to her. Then she felt Adar and he laid down on top of her until he had a very large erection between her legs. Just when Sarah thought he would begin to penetrate her he stopped and made love to the Snow Queen instead. Then when he finished, it was quite loud and obvious even to a blind folded Sarah. Adar rested 20 minutes than turned and laid on top of Sarah yet again massaging her breasts and biting her for blood. He drained Sarah until she felt dizzy and then stopped. The Snow Queen laughed, and he made love to the Snow Queen yet again. Laying in the bed feeling weak and dizzy Sarah hoped her heart would stop because it felt like it would break. The newlyweds finished their second round of making love and the Snow Queen then forced her blood into Sarah.

“why do you feed her your blood?” Adar asked.

“So, our child carries both our blood and not human blood.”

All night long the couple snuggled and intimately touched while Sarah lay blindfolded, hands bound and gagged. Sarah couldn’t count the number of times Adar returned to her to become hard and then left her wanting and burning with desire to make love to his wife. The last time they made love just before Adar finished the Snow Queen whispered, “finish in her that we may have our first child from our wedding night.”

Sarah by this point was both very upset and turned on. Adar climbed onto Sarah and she felt his large hard dick penetrate her and then his heavy sack hitting her vaginal lips. Her body burned and his touch ignited her core into a wet melting volcano. He finished in Sarah and Sarah came hard all over him. Then Adar stood up and cuddled the Snow Queen close. The Snow Queen took hold of Sarah and pulled her close to her into her arms and her snakelike tongue went over Sarah’s neck. Then a sharp terrible pain and the Snow Queen began to feed off Sarah. The color went out of Sarah and her beautiful peach skin turned gray and the light faded nearly completely from her eyes.

When she thought she would be drained to death the Snow Queen stopped and then forced Sarah to drink. Yet Sarah’s body was weak, and faint and Adar held her in his arms while the Snow Queen forced her blood into Sarah. Sarah woke in Adar’s arms with the Snow Queen feeding her blood. Trying to fight she found Adar’s arms like iron chains. Waking up more the Snow Queen finished feeding her the blood and Sarah felt sick at the night she had endured. Adar attached the leash to Sarah again and she felt herself being taken to a place in the tent far from the fire and the bed. Feeling a softness under Sarah realized she was on a pillow on the ground.

“Should I send her back to my tent and attend you my Queen” Adar asked.

“I will not have you enjoying her with nothing left for me Her place will be here so that our marriage will be one in which we may enjoy each other at any time and attend to her care as she carries our many children. “The Snow Queen answered without malice.

In the weeks that followed Sarah found herself pregnant and when she found this to be, so she asked Adar. “May I not have some privacy surely you and the Snow Queen would like time to yourself without me present.”

“No, you will stay in our tent and further both the Snow Queen and I enjoy having sex and without you there would be no sex.”

So, Sarah remained but the more times she had sex with Adar at the Snow Queen’s bidding the more she desired him, and the desire eventually led to a desire to serve him in whatever capacity he requested due to continued exposure to the binding chemicals in his seed and the Snow Queen’s blood. The Snow Queen fed her blood to Sarah and Sarah felt nine months later her body going into labor. Oddly enough the Snow Queen ordered a special bed for Sarah and allowed her to give birth there. When the baby came Adar was there and the Snow Queen entered the room as Sarah was pushing the baby out. The Snow Queen then took the baby in her arms and cleaned her up. The first one the baby saw was the Snow Queen and the two bonded instantly. The baby was dressed in a beautiful silver dress and when Sarah saw the baby it looked like a miniature not of her but of the Snow Queen down to the silver eyes. The baby opened it’s mouthed to cry, and Sarah saw tiny black fangs. The Snow Queen smiled kissed the baby and tried to hand the baby to Sarah.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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