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“I have a secret I must never tell. It was one of the most memorial days of my life and yet at times one of my biggest mistakes.”

Some people would say we’re hicks, but that’s not true. We just like the small town life and bringing our children up in a safer environment. At times we thought about going places after watching the Hollywood gossip, but to us it was a fictional life.

Then three of my girlfriends and I decided to take a three day vacation in Las Vegas while our husbands would be gone on their annual fishing trip to Canada. Ethel suggested the trip as a joke, but it didn’t take long before we took her seriously. Out of our group, she was the only one who traveled out of our area as part of her job.

That evening I brought it up to my husband Harry.

“The girls and I are thinking of going to Vegas while you guys are on your fishing trip.”

“Mary, you’ve never really been anywhere. You deserve to go with your friends and have a little fun.”

He was right. I was forty-five years old with three kids and two grandbabies. For my whole life I lived in the same county. After I graduated from the local college I became a teacher in the local school district. I was really happy with my choices in life and never thought much about traveling.

The next time I got with the girls I told them Harry approved of my going on the trip. Jane and Barb both said their husbands agreed as well. Ethel was divorced and wasn’t in a serious relationship. She offered to make flight plans and reserve rooms for a couple nights.

In her position at an oil company, Ethel gave speeches on how they try to preserve the earth. Many times she mentioned how the companies got a bad rap when it came to conservation issues because they spent a lot of money each year on projects to save the earth.

Because there was an Earth Day convention going on in Las Vegas during our trip, Ethel had an idea for how we could save some money. She had to go as a representative for her company, then we would get special pricing because of the convention. She added it wasn’t boring hearing about the latest updates for saving the earth. Plus there would be free food and drinks. After a seminar on Friday, we would have the remainder of the weekend for ourselves.

When the time came, my son-in-law drove us to the airport since our husbands were already gone on their fishing trip. Jane and Barb had flown before, but I hadn’t. We asked Ethel whether she was a member of the mile high club, but she just laughed at us. She never did answer the question.

When we got to Vegas it was like an amusement park for adults. Bright lights and crowds of people were everywhere. Ethel laughed at me when I told her I saw ‘Las Vegas’ on TV but it was so different being there.

We had two hours between signing into our rooms and attending the convention. All four of us freshened up and headed downstairs to the convention hall. We put on our name tags and walked around.

It really was rather interesting. There were displays on the latest updates in solar power and all the different ways the companies were contributing to saving our planet. Most of it people never see on the news because negative news sells and this was positive stuff. These were people and companies helping to save on energy with new ideas and innovations. By the end of that convention, I was a much more knowledgeable person.

They served a variety of finger foods which were very good. I watched that I didn’t drink too much because I wanted to enjoy my days, not spend them with a hangover. Later that evening we ate at the large buffet in another of the fabulous hotels. It truly was a fantasy land, a playground for adults.

After dinner we went to one of the many shows. It cost us over ninety dollars a person to see the show but it was a one-time experience for me. Besides, Harry gave me five hundred dollars before I left, teasing me about not spending it all in one place.

I shouldn’t have said Harry gave me money because that’s not really true. We always put our money together and we decided five hundred dollars ought to be more than enough money to see shows and spend in the casinos.

After the show we were all tired but decided to go have a nightcap before retiring. The flight, convention meeting, dinner, and show made for a long day. I was ready for bed. June and Barb were in a room together and Ethel and I were sharing the other. I undressed and was out in minutes, falling asleep while Ethel was still talking to me.

We began the next day with a large breakfast buffet. I had never seen such a smorgasbord of food. But Ethel said it was because of the people from other nations and various walks of life who eat different foods.

We all got our plates of food and sat down to enjoy it. I’m a big woman, not as in tall but overweight. I’m probably at least sixty pound heavier than I should be, maybe even more. When I was much younger I was a lot slimmer. After having three kids I just wasn’t able to lose the weight.

Throughout Şanlıurfa Escort my life I have been on one diet after another, but I’m one of those roller coaster people who never keep it off. Harry always told me I was crabby and hard to get along with when I dieted, so he preferred me a little heaver and a lot happier.

Although I still try to watch what I eat, I decided to just enjoy the weekend. Jane and Barb were also on the heavy side but not as much as I was. Ethel could eat just about anything and not gain a pound.

After breakfast we began hitting the casinos. We started with the cheaper slots. It was fun even though I didn’t like losing money. None of us was doing very well so we decided to go see an afternoon show. At least it was only forty-five dollars.

We had an early dinner and headed back to the casino to try our luck again. Ethel had to go back to the convention for an evening of speeches and discussions. She didn’t think we would want to go, but she didn’t have a choice. That was part of her job.

The slots were eating my quarters three and four at a time. The more you played the better chance of winning. I got lucky and won about two hundred dollars. Then I started walking around checking out some of the other games. I was watching a number of people playing Black Jack— or twenty-one—and decided to try my luck.

The dealer told me minimum bets were ten dollars. He cashed in my coins for chips so I could play. When he finished I had twenty five chips which would be equal to two hundred and fifty dollars. I figured that would be twenty-five hands and put my first bet on the table.

I had nineteen and the dealer had twenty, so I lost. But I had twenty-four hands to go unless I won a few. I began winning and started betting more money. Before I started losing I decided to quit. By then I had won three thousand three hundred dollars!

I also received two complimentary tickets to another show at the hotel. It wasn’t a big name show but it was still free. I had been drinking most of the night, and even though they were rather weak, they were still having an effect on me.

I picked up a flier for a massage parlor in the hotel. I always wanted a massage but felt I was too fat to let anyone see my body. For some reason I thought what the hell. I’m in Vegas, I’ll never see this masseuse again, and I’ll never be brave enough to try it in my home town.

First I went in search of Jane and Barb to see what their plans were for the remainder of the evening.

“You have any luck?” Jane asked when she saw me a few minutes later.

“It had to be beginner’s luck, but I won over three thousand dollars!” I replied.

“Hey, that’s great. What are you doing the rest of the night?” Barb asked.

“Jane, I won two tickets to a show here in the hotel. Do you two want to take them and go?”

“What about you?” Barb looked confused when I didn’t mention going myself.

“To be honest, I’m showed out. I saw this flier for a massage parlor and thought I might get a neck and shoulder rub.”

“I’ve had a full body massage once,” said Jane. “The woman was fantastic. Ralph bought it for me for our tenth anniversary many years ago. You should get one.”

“I’m not going to let anyone see this old fat body. I’d be too embarrassed.”

“For Pete’s sake, Mary, no one cares what you look like. You won some money and deserve to treat yourself. I’ve had massages a couple of time and they feel great. You can even keep some of your clothes on if you like,” said Barb.

“Okay, I’ll see what they have to offer. I hope the masseuse doesn’t throw up when she sees all this body fat,” I replied and laughed.

I gave them the tickets and told them to enjoy the show. We quickly set a time to meet in the morning since we were flying home and needed to be at the airport by noon. Then I went in search of the massage parlor.

“Can I help you?” a young woman at the desk asked when I found the right place.

“I would like a massage,” I replied.

“Hi, I’m Sylvia. I’m thinking this is your first time here?”

“My first time anywhere,” I said and laughed. “I don’t know what exactly I want. I thought about a neck and shoulder rub, but my friends said I should get a total massage.”

“For our records, you are?”

“Mary Bradford, from Ohio.”

“Well Mary, fill out this short form and we’ll get started.”

“Mary, may I suggest the full body massage. We call it the works. It loosens all the kinks in your back, neck, and legs. Jeff is the best masseuse in all of Nevada. He’ll have you feeling like a new woman.”

“Jeff? You mean a man is going to give me the massage? I don’t think so.”

Right then a hunk of a man came to the desk. He was around forty with a nice physique and very good looking.

“Hi, I’m Jeff. Mary, I can give you the best massage you’ll ever have. I pride myself on customer satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with your massage, I’ll refund your money.”

“It’s Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan not that. No other man has ever seen me other than my husband. I would feel so uncomfortable. I just don’t think I can have another man rubbing my body.”

“Mary, you can keep your bra and underwear on if you like. There’s a robe you can wear if you still feel uncomfortable. And we use towels to cover your private parts so you won’t be embarrassed. Please let me give you a massage you’ll never forget.”

“But I feel embarrassed already.”

“I’m here for one reason only and that’s to make you feel good. Please give me a chance.”

I don’t know if it was his sexy voice or maybe all the drinks I had, but I decided to go for it. People get massages every day. When I heard it was a hundred dollars I thought it better be good for that kind of money.

I paid my fee and Sylvia escorted me to a changing room where I removed everything but my bra and panties. I put on the light robe she offered so I felt a little more covered up.

When I entered the massage room I noticed the table itself didn’t look much different from any other I’ve seen in movies.

“Lie face down on the table,” Jeff said as he entered the room.

There was a hole in the center of the cushion for my face, and that felt very comfortable on my cheeks and forehead. But then I realized something was different. Normally I found it quite awkward to lie face down due to the size of my breasts. However, the upholstery seemed to shape itself to my body. The fabric was like nothing I had ever felt before. It was firm yet soft and silky at the same time.

“How does it feel Mary? Are you comfortable?”

“Yes, a bit nervous but I must admit this table is very comfortable.”

With the short robe on I wondered if Jeff was looking at my fat legs.

“Mary, I’ll be letting you know everything I’m doing, so just relax. I’m going to start by rubbing your temples. Close your eyes and just think of something good.”

He put his fingertips on my temples and rubbed ever so gently. God, it was soothing.

“Mary, now I’m going to work my way down your neck. Boy, you are tense.”

“I’m sorry; I’m not used to being touched by anyone.”

He stopped and walked over to a drawer and took out a small green pill.

“Mary, this will help you relax. It will take a little of the edge off. I take them at night to help me sleep.”

He told me the name of the pill and I recognized it because my husband took the same one. He handed me a small cup of water and I swallowed it without hesitation. Jeff wanted to do my face and ears so I turned onto my back. My ears are one of my sensuous places, but I sure didn’t want to tell Jeff.

He started with my forehead, rubbing ever so gently. His hands were so soft. He took a couple of drops of oil and rubbed it on my cheeks and the rest of my face. It not only felt good but smelled good too.

When he started rubbing on my earlobes I swear I began to turn red when I realized I was becoming sexually stimulated. I had to wonder if Jeff had seen anyone react so quickly to so little touching. It crossed my mind there might be other things I would enjoy as his fingers kept up the pressure on my ears.

“Are you more comfortable now?”

“Mm, yes, that’s wonderful,” I replied.

“By removing the robe I can do a better job on your hands, arms, and neck.”

“Well, I’m still a little nervous . . .”

Quickly removing the robe, I laid back down. Jeff placed a folded towel over each of my large breasts and another over my panties. Then he began massaging each hand before working on my forearms and finally my shoulders. He put some more oil in his palms, rubbed them together, and then worked on my neck. Even though I was a little stiff, I knew he could feel me relaxing the longer he worked on me.

“Mary, you might feel a bit more relaxed if I do your back first. If you wouldn’t mind turning over again, I’ll start with your shoulders.”

On my turning over he took the one towel and covered my behind. As I was thinking about what he said, I realized I was going to get my front done as well. But then I thought the hell with it, and relaxed.

“These aromatic oils are a special mixture of natural ingredients which both open up your pores and soothe your senses, allowing all your anxieties to just wash away.”

His fingers dug deep into the tissue around my shoulders and before I could stop myself, I moaned.

“Everyone moans when it feels good. That just means I must doing a good job,” he said and chuckled.

That made me feel more comfortable and I smiled. While he was massaging my shoulders Sylvia came in.

“Jeff, do you need me for anything else tonight?”

Apparently, I was their last appointment for the evening. I didn’t realize how late it was.

“Just lock the outer door behind you. I wouldn’t want anyone accidentally walking in on Mary’s massage. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight, Escort Şanlıurfa Jeff. I hope you enjoy the massage, Mary.”

Once she left, he started slowly down my back.

“Mary, do I have permission to unclasp your bra? It will make it much easier to do your back and will feel much better.”

“Yes,” I heard myself say. Before I was really tense but after he massaged my shoulders I felt so relaxed. As he rubbed my back, his fingers slid down my sides and lightly touched the sides of my breasts.

Wandering lower, his magical fingers soon were massaging the small of my back. When he gently removed the towel, I stiffened and sucked in my breath.

“Are you all right, Mary?”

“Yes, I’m . . . fine Jeff, please go on.”

“Mary, is it all right for me to remove your panties? I don’t want to get oil on them.”

Could he see the wetness on my panties, I wondered? Maybe he was just being nice and not mentioning it. My head spun with all the thoughts as I felt him pull them slowly down my legs.

When he began squeezing my butt cheeks I felt for sure he could see the dampness. But would he look? Would he touch me there? Would he caress my pussy?

“Can you spread your legs a little so I could do the backs and sides of your legs?”

As I spread them slightly I could feel him rubbing the oil over the back of my legs. He was almost touching me where no one but my husband has ever touched. Then I heard him say very softly.

“Mary, would you mind turning over now so I can massage your front?”

Wondering if he was staring at my pussy and ass, I turned. Never could I remember the last time any man, even my husband, stared at my body as Jeff was doing. While his hands continued roaming my body, my mind wandered as well.

He spoke in such a soft voice, as if anything louder than a whisper would break the spell. Out of courtesy he put a folded towel over my pussy as soon as I turned. Then he took more of the rich scented oil and spread it across my chest bone, right above my breasts.

Even with my eyes closed I could almost feel him looking at my sagging breasts as they lay flat on my chest. My dark brown nipples always hardened when I got excited. Pouring more lotion into his hands, he rubbed them together and started on my right breast. The way he massaged and traced small circles on my nipples made them tighten even more. With my eyes closed I found myself breathing deeply in rhythm to his manipulations.

His probing hands left my breasts and edged down to my mid-section, rubbing more oil on the folds of my tummy. He was getting nearer to my ever dampening sex even as I swayed in an attempt to encourage him. When he got to my hairy muff he stopped.

“Mary, I’m going do your upper legs.”

The words sent chills through my heated body. I thought he was about to say he was going to massage my pussy. Instead he lifted one leg up onto his chest then began massaging my foot before moving on to my calf. I loved the light, almost sexual way he was touching me. When he raised my right leg I knew he could see my pussy. But instead of being offended I was excited. When his fingers moved up my thigh I wondered if he would be bold enough to actually touch me there.

I was wet and he must have been able to smell my sex. It wasn’t as if all his touching hadn’t turned me on—it had. But I didn’t need to fuck, I just loved the constant feelings I was getting from the rubbing and massage.

He lowered his head as he squeezed my thigh muscles and looked up under the towel at my pussy. My lips were already puffy, a sure sign of how aroused I was.

“Would you like your pussy massaged?”

“Yes!” Even though I should have been embarrassed for replying so fast, I didn’t change my answer.

His fingers trailed up and down my lips, one on each side of my clit, his thumb tracing the hard nub.

“This jelly I’m going to rub on you will make the feeling more intense, okay Mary?”

All I did was nod, thinking of his fingers on me.

“Relax as I massage the inside of your pussy.”

In the real world he was finger fucking the hell out of my pussy and I could feel a big time orgasm coming on. He rubbed my pee hole with a miniature vibrator. I never felt anything like it before.

“Oh my god, Jeff, it feels so good. Oh shit, I have to pee.”

Jeff just kept pumping those fingers in and out as I screamed out.

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Jeff, stop! I’m about to orgasm and pee at the same time.”

“Don’t worry Mary. Just pee away. The idea is to enjoy this massage to the fullest.”

“I can’t just pee on your table and floor. Let me up.”

“Mary, do you want to have the orgasm of your life or just quit now? Believe me, many have done this before you. Just let yourself go and give it your all.”

He pulled the vibrator back before dragging it over me again. He kept fucking me with his fingers until I screamed so loud I could have woken the dead. I came with what felt like a volcano coming out of me. Jeff didn’t stop as my bladder let loose and I was shooting a stream ten feet across the room.

As the stream of pee stopped and my orgasm subsided, he slowly pulled his fingers out of my drenched pussy. Pulling the gloves off he took a towel and began to dry my legs and pussy.

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