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The trouble with being a busy business woman, in her forties, with a very demanding job, is that since I got divorced five years ago, I have not found time to form a new relationship. I’m frankly too busy. Five days a week are completely taken up with work and I like to relax at weekends with tennis on Saturday and a slob out day on Sunday.

You might think that a tennis club was an ideal way to find someone but it really isn’t. They are all either complete numpties or married with wives that keep a very close eye on them when there is a divorcee around. You know the, “she knows what it’s for and isn’t getting any” thought process. Actually, judging by the attentions of the married men, some of them aren’t getting anything like enough either. Tennis outfits don’t hide a lot and you can usually tell whether someone is a bum man or a tit man very quickly! But that’s not for me, way too complicated, far more so than Mr Magic Rabbit and he just goes back in the drawer when I’m done!

Saturday evenings I usually meet up with a bunch of girls in the same situation. We have a meal in the pub, a few drinks and put the world to rights. One Saturday, after several glasses of rather fine Malbec, the conversation got even more racy than usual and I confided in my friend Lucy that Mr Magic Rabbit didn’t always get full marks and she laughed and told me I ought to go and see Jerome.

“Who’s Jerome?” I enquired.

“He’s a masseur, in town, and a very good one” she replied.

“It’s not just a massage I need.” I joked

“And it’s not just a massage you’ll get!” She winked knowingly. I couldn’t believe my ears and without wanting to seem too eager pumped her for as much information as possible. Eventually she flipped me his card and said “satisfaction guaranteed”.

When I got home I pulled the card from my bag and read it. “Jerome, Ladies’ Masseur, for the ultimate in relaxation” and a telephone number. It took me two weeks to work up the courage just to call him.

“Jerome,” said a strong masculine voice.

“I have your card here and would like to make an appointment.”

After a few more questions and mutual diary hunting we agreed on the following Friday at 7pm.

I couldn’t believe what I’d done. From what I’d gathered from Lucy, I had just booked an erotic massage with a man I’d never met who was going to, let’s face it, ahem, bring me off! I spent the whole week wondering how I would cope and whether or not I should cancel. The usual insecurities haunted me. My body’s not in bad shape, a little saggy here and there when I don’t have the support of Victoria and her secret but Jerome is going to see rather a lot of it and this put butterflies in my stomach.

Friday came and dragged all day, eventually the office closed and I shot home and jumped in the bath. Bursa Escort To cancel or not to cancel, that is the question. Maybe I should just reach for Mr Magic Rabbit and stay at home. But I already knew that that was not going to happen, I don’t need a bath before Mr MR visits. I got out the bath, towelled myself off and pulled on a pair of Vickie’s best although why I should worry about underwear that was coming off pretty soon escapes me, an uplifting bra and a shift dress completed the look. All set? Quick check in the mirror; yeah all set!

The taxi pulled up outside an elegant mews flat and I rang the bell of number 42. The door buzzer operated as the strong masculine voice said “Welcome Jenny, come on up.” I mounted the stairs slightly hesitantly, butterflies going mad in my stomach, to be met by a tall slender man in his thirties wearing fashionable white jogging pants and a tight white T shirt, he had a winning smile and a mop of wavy black hair. He held out his hand, which I shook and after the usual pleasantries, led me to his studio.

I was relieved to find the blinds were drawn and it was only lit by a handful of candles with soft music playing, the many mirrors reflected the flickering flames giving the impression of a larger room and oodles of candles.

“You can take off your things behind se screen and settle your self, face down, on the table under the towel. I will come back shortly.” Just a trace of a French accent made this all very alluring and I went behind the screen while he left the rom. Big swallow, butterflies jumping, what the fuck am I getting into? You’re a big girl now and his hands really are marvellous. Shift dress off, bra loosened and dropped on chair. Do I part with my knickers? For sure he expects me to but it’s my last line of defence. Excitement caused my hart to flutter as I lowered them to the floor, stepped out and placed them on the chair.

Now I was totally naked in a stranger’s flat and what’s more with a nipple erection. Two paces had me by the side of the table, up onto it and under the towel. Safe! A few minutes later Jerome returned and I caught a glimpse of him in one of the many mirrors, his white T shirt had gone and his bronzed chest was almost hair free. His white joggers hung loosely from his hips where a draw string held them up, just. Jerome chatted away briefly as he folded the towel expertly down to my bum and started work.

His hands and technique were fantastic and I so nearly drifted off as he worked on my overstressed shoulders and neck. As he worked I could see him or his reflection from all angles and I couldn’t help noticing that, judging by the gentle swaying motion in his joggers, they were all he wore. He massaged my feet and rolled the towel up to my bum and worked on my calves, then upwards to my Bursa Bayan thighs. Bliss. His hands slid up my thigh to the crease of my buttock then off to each side only just missing the edge of my neatly trimmed bush before making their way back to my knee.

“Are you comfortable, relaxed? “.

“Yes, certainly” I mewed with more confidence than I felt.

“Maybe you don’t need the towel any more?”

Before my brain had processed the information as a question my mouth had already said, “Sure.”

The towel was gently pulled away and his hands started work on my buttocks. God he was good but I am feeling a little vulnerable as I sense a little dampness between my legs.

“You must tell me if there is something you don’t like,” he said, pouring oil onto my buttocks. He massaged it in with expert fingers and then they started to stray into the crack of bum causing me to wriggle.

“You don’t like?” He enquired.

“No it’s fine” said my autonomous mouth, and it was delicious; unexpected and extremely personal, but delicious. He massaged round my sphincter with a delicate finger. Outrageously fantastic, I never knew there were so many sensitive nerves there and I was definitely flowing now, I couldn’t help pushing my eager bum gently towards his agile fingers. Did one just penetrate ever so slightly? I think so!

This is totally outside my comfort zone but it feels so fucking fantastic. A bolt of electricity shot through my core as he removed his finger and I sensed that glorious feeling of my bum closing behind it: please let this go on for ever.

“Please turn over now”.

I obeyed, no longer worried about the towel or that my excitement was becoming obvious: my juices had already left a mark on the sheet of the massage table and my pussy lips were opening with excitement. My mouth took off on its own again,

“I feel at a bit of a disadvantage, exposed like this.”

“You prefer to be equal?” And with that he pulled the string of his joggers and they fell to the floor. If his chest was remarkable his but and crotch were truly magnificent. Flat stomach, six pack, completely waxed, not a hair in sight, showing his generous cock to best advantage.

I do love a completely waxed man, they’re so silky smooth. As he worked on my legs and thighs his hands worked over my mons without the slightest hesitation. I let out a satisfied mmmmm and my legs parted just a fraction more. His hands moved up my thighs to the very top then the one on the inside stroked my cleft on its way back to my knees. What’s a girl to do? My lips were swollen and my arousal was obvious. When he moved to my side it was the turn of my hand to become autonomous. It slid up the inside of his leg to the softness of his balls, his cock jerked a little and he smiled.

Our Escort Bursa mutual massaging became more and more erotic until his excitement was even more obvious than mine: rock hard! His hand passed over my outer lips, then the inner ones moving my moistness around in the most erotic way, one finger entered me, seeking out my g spot, while his thumb played on my clit. I massaged his magnificent cock and pulled his foreskin back to reveal the purple head glistening with precome, and as shiny as polished wood. Every time I ran my finger over the point where his foreskin joined his cock, it twitched in the most erotic way and I just love the feeling of a twitching cock: the power.

Meanwhile he had found my g spot and was rapidly bringing me to the edge, so much so that I was starting to buck around on the table.

“I think this massage is coming to an end soon” he said and I felt disappointment flow through me.

“We can finish it with my hands, my mouth, my cock or any mixture, just as you like.” My mouth made its own decision and let’s just say it wasn’t about to turn down a blow job from an Adonis and I hadn’t had a shag for weeks so mouth and cock it was.

He moved to the foot of the table, lowered his head so all I could see was his magnificent locks. I felt his warm breath on the inside of my thighs as he scooped my knees up in his arms. God the anticipation. I was ready to scream and he hadn’t even touched me yet. The tip of his tongue landed on my clit: fireworks! I can’t remember how long it took me to come but it wasn’t long. The lapping and suction when he sucked on my clit, trying to pull it into his mouth, were incredible: another explosion and just as my clit became hypersensitive he moved away, slipped on a condom and was kneeling on the table between my eagerly parted thighs.

His cock nuzzled the entrance to my pussy just touching the side of my clit, I sensed the warmth in my lips I get just before penetration and felt about to explode. I looked into his eyes imploringly and he lowered himself ever so slowly into me. I felt every millimetre of his magnificently rigid cock enter me and the magic feeling of fulness, then he started to move gently back and forth. He was good at massage but this was perfection! He took his cues from my breathing and as I was about to come slowed down to an agonising pace, I went over the edge and my spasms gripped his cock as I had another shuddering orgasm, he continued stroking in and out slowly and powerfully throughout.

I couldn’t help myself and I stared to thrash about below him. The sensation started to build again and I knew I was about to scream so I sank my nails into his magnificent buttocks and forced him to penetrate me till I felt his balls on my bum. I came and came and I swear I could feel the jerks of his cock as he filled the condom. Whoaaah, I haven’t had a toe curler like that for a while, Mr MR eat your hart out. Sadly, he had to pull out straight away, no afterglow here, but that’s condoms for you. I just felt fully, delightfully, robustly fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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