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Beverly waits until our second drink to say, “Lee, you said you wanted to talk, what is on your mind.”

I trust Beverly she is my closest friend. We lived together for a couple of years, then broke up last year in 1974, deciding we like being friends more than being a couple. Occasionally, if the sexual energy is right, we have a sexual interlude. Taking a taste of my drink, I say, “You know how we share our deepest secrets.”

“Yes,” she says, sitting up in her chair, anticipating something juicy.

“I want to explore being with another man, I wonder what it would feel like.” Beverly is bisexual so I know she understands my desires.

“Good for you Lee that is fucking fantastic!” “Bisexuals make much better sex partners. They seem to have the right combination of masculine and female sexual energy.” “The fact that you are so good in bed proves what I am saying.”

Laughing I say, “Thanks for the complement, it goes for you too.” She smiles offering her glass for a toast. Sex was one area that was never a problem for us. After our toast, I express, “I am concern how to make it happen.”

She says, “Just visualize it happening, it will happen.”

Like her, I am into New Age, familiar with visualizing things happening. Smiling I say, it will be happening soon, I have been doing that for weeks now.

We both laugh as she says, “Visualizing not fantasizing!”

Taking her advice, a couple of days later I read a massage ad in a local gay magazine: “Master Massage by Athlete, call Dave.” I decide this is my chance hoping that the therapist might offer more than just a massage, perhaps a manual release or maybe even oral, the very least I would get a massage while fantasying about the therapist. I give him a call making an appointment for later that day.

I arrive at the address realizing Dave’s massage studio is in his house. An athletic young man with a goatee, closely cut hair answers my knock wearing a T-shirt and gym shorts. Smiling he says, “Hello, come in, I am Dave.”

He is smiling, very friendly which relaxes me. I glance down checking out the very nice bulge between his legs. It is obvious that he has nothing on under his shorts. I follow him to his studio, noticing his fit firm ass. His shorts hang just right, showing off his buttocks.

“Get undress, I will start with you on your stomach.” He does not leave the room as most massage therapist do while you are undressing. Excited that he is watching, I undress, lie down on the narrow massage table expecting him to drape me with either a towel or a sheet, but he provides no drape. I think how much difference it makes without the drape. I am vulnerable exposing my ass to this man, thinking, maybe even hoping, he might want my ass.

He starts on my right side working my shoulders and back, using just the right amount of oil massaging my tensed muscles. He asks, “How is the pressure?” “Too much, not enough, just right?”

“Just right,” I say, “I love deep massages you are taking me right to my limit.” It is a very normal massage until he positions my arms right at the edge of the table with my palms upward. He leans in rubbing his crotch against my hand, resting his hefty cock right in the center of my palm. I feel his warmth through his thin shorts. Is what happening really happening? Does he want me to touch him or is his body just accidentally touching me. I am wondering what I should do. Am I reading this right, if I touch him is he going to ask me what the fuck are you doing? Is he putting his cock there for me to touch, to let him know that I like cock? I am excited about the possibility of something more happening, yet I am very unsure if I am reading the situation right.

He walks to the left side of the table, I look up at him, he smiles, takes off his shirt. He bahis siteleri has a sexy well-developed chest, smooth with no hair on it. He oils his hands, works on my left side shoulders and back. He senses out tensed muscles, applying deep pressure with his hands and fingers. I groan as he takes me to my limit of pain, releasing the tension in my muscles. He asks, “Was that too much pressure?”

“No, the pressure is fine.” “I am relaxing, enjoying this very much.” He looks down at me, positioning his body so that his cock is resting in the palm of my hand. Again, I am wondering just what is going on. Should I touch him or not, all I would have to do is close my hand. I decide to move my hand away to see what happens. I do, he moves my hand back, resting his cock back in my palm. I move my arm letting my hand brush him so it would look like it was an accident, thinking if he does not want me to touch him, he will move away. Instead, he moves in closer, grinding himself into my hand. Yes, he wants me to touch him. I close my hand, squeezing his cock thorough his shorts. Then I slide my hand under his shorts grasping his cock. I am actually holding another man’s cock. I wonder what it looks like, will I get to do more than just touch.

As he massages my lower back, I hold his cock in my hand, anticipating his hands on my ass. I want to experience those strong hands doing my ass. His hands touch my ass, I quietly moan. He works my ass just like the other areas. My hand slides down cupping his balls. I roll them in my hands gently squeezing them. His hands move from my ass to my thighs causing him to move his body out of my reach. Reluctantly, I have to release his cock and balls. He is massaging between my legs, touching high upon my thighs and up the sides of my buttocks. He touches intimate parts of my body more than most therapists who have massaged me. I love it, but he stops just before the gets to the right spots. I am thinking how I let him know I am open for more with out saying it directly.

As he moves to my right side, I shift my body slightly opening up my legs to make it easier for his hands to be where I want them. His hands slides right where I want them, I let out a deep moan. Embarrassed, I say, “Dave, This is sort of an unusual massage.”

“Yes Lee, it is a little bit unusual, are you enjoying it.”

“Yes very much, this is exactly what I hope would happen.” I begin to wonder just how far this would go. Lady massage therapists in the past acted similar thought all it really turned out to be was erotic touching without any release. My legs open, he slides his hand all the way up my thighs to my ass, sliding a finger up between my ass cheeks. His strong hands grip my ass cheeks pulling them apart, fingering my tight asshole. I moan, raise my hips up to meet his fingers as he stimulates the most private part of my body.

“Lee, how are you doing?”

I manage to say “Great,” with out sounding too much like a young teen boy whose voice is changing.

He playfully pats my ass, telling me “Turn over, lie on your back.”

I am embarrassed as I turn over sporting a cut, six-inch erection, large balls, and my sac swollen with cum tight around my thick cock.

Eyeing my crotch, Dave just smiles saying, “I guess you are having fun.” He surprises me by saying, “You have nice balls.”

That is a first, to hear another man say I have nice balls. Not knowing what else to say, I mumble “Thanks,” as he massages my chest paying a lot of attention to my nipples. He actually kneads them with his fingers making them hard. He moves down to my stomach. I get excite thinking how close his hands are to my crotch. He teases me, moving his hands closer, stopping just at the edge. Finally, running his fingers through my pubic hair, massaging bonus kodu my crotch, occasionally touching, brushing my genitals, this makes me quiver. He is massaging my legs, sliding his hand up my thigh touching my balls, rubbing my thighs.

Dave asks, “You doing okay would, you like a drink of water.”

“No thanks,” I say, looking at him. Dave takes off his shorts, revealing his cut long cock hanging down over his large balls. He is completely shaven, not a pubic hair at all. For the first time in my life, I am staring at a man’s real cock, not a photograph in a porno magazine. Sure, like all men, I take quick glances at other men in the shower and locker rooms. A guy checking out another guy is very common. We just do not admit we do. Being in locker rooms and showers with nude men can be exciting, but not nearly as exciting as being in a room alone nude with a hard on with another nude man, thinking of the possibilities.

He climbs upon the table so that his knees are outside of my legs. Crawls up the table toward me, leans over, and kisses my nipples. I groan with pleasure as he flicks his tongue back and forth across my nipples. He takes my nipples in his mouth, sucking them, gently biting them while flicking his tongue back and forth over the nipple at the same time. As he goes back and forth from nipple to nipple, his genitals are right on top of mine. He rotates his hips so we are rubbing against each other. I thrust up grinding myself into him. He stiffens, turning rock hard as our cocks rub together. He takes us both in his hands, his longer and thinner, mine shorter but thicker.

He looks at me asking, “Would you like me to take care of your hard on.”

I damn near scream “YES!” Luckily, I just say “Please.” He jumps off the table, leans over me, kisses my balls, takes them in his mouth, sucks on them. He cups his hand under my balls lightly squeezing them as he sucks on them. He kisses the tip of my cock, flicks his tongue back and forth over the head. He slides his mouth over the head, sucks up and down. My ass quivers as he takes all of me in his mouth.

“Lee, I just love sucking you. I could suck you for days.”

I laugh saying, “You may have to because it really takes me a long time to cum.”

He says, “That is ok, I bet the ladies like that when you are fucking them.” Then he says, “Hop up, stand at the end of the table.”

While I do, he positions himself on his back on the table with his head hanging over the end of the table.

He grasps my cock, as he guides me into his mouth, he begs, “Fuck my mouth as if you are fucking a pussy.” “Fuck me, cum hard in my mouth.”

I slowly thrust in and out of his mouth. God his mouth is just as good as any pussy I have ever fucked. I am moaning, trusting back and forth. My balls filled with cum are tight up around my throbbing shaft. “Yes, yes,” I scream, “I am cumming.” I release my load, giving him what he begged for, as he sucks me completely dry.

He stands up, gives me a hug, asking, “Did you enjoy that.”

“Oh God yes, it was great, I love the way you took me in your mouth.” “It was really hot and sexy.”

He says, “I used to have a roommate would fuck my mouth like that.” “He is a straight military guy who likes being sucked by a guy.” Laughing Dave says, “I loved sucking him, so we were the prefect match as roommates.” “He has since moved away so I have not had anyone to suck lately.” “That is why I really wanted you.”

“I am glad you wanted me, I have fantasized about having another man give me oral, but this was more that anything I ever dreamed. “This was a first for me.” “You are the only man I have ever been with sexually.”

He smiles saying, “That is great, I am glad I was your first.” “How do feel about it now?”

“I yeni slotlar 2024 am surprise about how easy it was for me to just be with another man.” “It seems so natural, as if the big taboo of man on man sex I was worry about really does not exist.” “I do not have any guilt at all or any remorse.” “I finally did what I have been craving for years.”

Pulling me into to him, Dave asks, “You craving anything else?” Our bodies touching, I kiss him. He asks, “Does it feel strange kissing me through my goatee?” “Is it kind of like kissing a pussy through pubic hairs?”

Laughing, I say, “No you do not feel like a pussy, but it feels nice kissing you though.” I kiss him again, caressing his nipples with my fingers. I kiss his nipples, flicking my tongue quickly across them, feeling them harden. I gently bite his nipples.

Dave’s says, “Harder, bite them harder.” Biting his nipples harder, I hear him moan loudly. I cup his balls, slowly rolling them around in my hand. I slide my hand up to his cock, taking him in my hand.

I drop to my knees, kissing his cock, flicking it with my tongue. I lick around the head, taking him in my mouth while he is still half hard. Sucking his head, I feel him growing, getting hard. His hardness fills my mouth. I start going up and down taking in more each time I go down. My hands grab his ass pulling him into me, wanting to take as much of him as I can. His sac swells tightening up around his shaft.

He moans begging, “Yes, suck me.” “Suck me hard.” “My balls are so full of cum.” He thrusts in and out of my mouth as I suck harder. Knowing he is close to cumming, I go up and down faster and harder. “Yes, I am cumming”, he screams as I pull back letting him shoot his hot thick cum over my face, draining his cock on my face, I get up from my knees, looking at Dave smiling. “Damn you are good considering this was your first blow job,” he says, as he licks my face clean.

“Thanks,” I say. Dave notices I am hard again from sucking him.

`”Take me,” he says, bending over the table, exposing his fit firm ass.

I caress his ass, running my finger between his cheeks. I finger his hot tight asshole. He moans begging, “Fuck me, and shove your cock in me.” “Fuck me hard.” I rub my cock over his ass, pushing the head against his asshole. I gently push the head in. “More, more” he says,” Give me more, fuck me hard.”

Deeper I thrust all the way in his ass. I start to fuck him harder, hearing my balls slap his ass as I bury myself in his butt. Moaning louder, he says, “Fuck me, baby, fuck me.”

I fuck him harder, cum swelling up in my balls, my cock throbbing. I am grunting as I push deeper in him. His ass quivering, I exploded in him screaming, “Yes, yes, I am cumming,” as I shoot cum deep in his tight hot ass. I pull out, he turns around, kisses me, holding me in his arms.

He asks, “Do you ever go up the 10,000 Waves?” 10,000 waves is a fabulous Oriental style bathhouse that offers hot tubs, saunas, and massages. Many of the national spa and resort magazines have done articles on it.

“Yes, love the place,” “Why do you ask?”

“I thought perhaps we go there together sometime.”

“I would like that,” then laughing say, “We would have to get a private hot tub, around you I would most likely stay hard, might upset folks in the community hot tub.”

Laughing he says, “Ok, private is fine.”

We look at the clock realizing, unfortunately, it is time for me to leave. I get dressed, looking at his lovely nude body, knowing that I will be coming back for more encounters with Dave. Nude, he walks me to the door, smiling he asks, “Want me to walk you to your car?”

Laughing, I say, “You have a tremendous body, but you better not.”

We kiss, he asks, “Will you visit me for more massage sessions?”

“Absolutely,” I say, “I will be back. You are just what I desire.” One last fleeing kiss, I go out the door. Glancing back over my shoulder, I see he is watching me walk to my car. I feel his eyes on my virgin ass, knowing we would get together again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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