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Maya ambled silently along, breathlessly reminiscing of the romantic evening she had just had. Andre stroked the inside of my thighs from underneath the table. Still recalling the immense pleasure she had felt swirling around inside of her abdomen when he had touched her so delicately , her hand grazed the pert nipples that lay beneath the fold of her blouse. Areolae erect, she moaned…

Her figure was perfect. Huge melons that were capped with delectable, quarter sized nipples, and ass that could leave a man dreaming for days. Her skin was golden brown, and her brunette hair was sleek and heavenly. She had never had a shortage of men, but she had never truly been in love, like she was sure she was now.

“Maya,” whispered a deep voice into her ear.

She knew that voice… it was intertwined into all of her most sexual fantasies. Deep, velvety, and peppered with a delectable Latin twist.

“Andre!” she shouted, aware that he had been sauntering along with her. She was suddenly feeling vulnerable, as if he could see all of the wild things she thought about when she dreamed of him.

“Well, I was going to take you home, but it looks like we are already there,” he said, gesturing at the elegant brownstone. “And it looked like you were pretty busy, anyway.”

She looked him up and down. God, she thought wetly as her lust dripped onto her thong. He is the epitome of the perfect lover, she imagined. He was muscular, tanned, and absolutely godly. He looks like original sin, thinking with a naughty grin, drinking in his full lips, straight nose, brown eyes, and white teeth. I would sin with him, she fantasized.

The areolae that had been lightly aroused were now standing at full attention. She was wearing an outfit that accentuated her décolletage tastefully, Sinop Escort and the plum nipples were now straining through the chemise of the dress.

“Oh!” she said with alarm, meekly covering her breasts.

“No, Maya. I don’t mind at all,” he said, smiling widely and stepping closer.

She was nervous, but she stepped closer too.

“Andre,” she moaned.

He took this as an invitation, and pressed his lips to hers. And she desperately did the same, breathing in his scent and closing her eyes.

Andre slid his tongue into her mouth. It had been raining, and he could see the raindrops on her eyelashes. They pressed up against the wall and he was panting at the sweet taste of her. At that, he knew he needed to have her. Andre closed his eyes, enraptured with her, and his cock began to swell in his pants. It pressed the same thigh that he had caressed so lovingly, earlier that night.


Andre opened his eyes, and saw that Maya had looked down, to see what was pressing her. When she saw his penis struggling to break free from his pants, she said a few words, to lessen his chagrin. She leaned up toward his ear, and breathed “I want you to fuck me.”

They ran inside, up the stairs, and into her bedroom. He sat upon the bed, removing his tie, and shedding his jacket. Maya too, was stripping off the layers of clothing she wore. Soon, they were both nearly nude: Andre sitting upon the bed in boxers, and Maya in red and black lingerie.

They began to discover each other. With a light flick of a finger, Andre released her perky tits, plum-tipped and round. He deftly handled them, twisting them and plying them in his strong hands. Maya had reached into his boxers, softly tickling his manhood, which was Sinop Escort Bayan at full height. She had him moaning, begging her to taste him.

She lowered her head, the beautiful light brown hair that was crowning it making a little halo as she prepared to suck his huge, tan prick.

Maya put his boxers off to the side, and tightened her lips around the head of his dick. As she licked him, Andre clenched her hair gently with one hand, and slid a finger into her sopping sex. She squealed and began to blow him at a furious rate, mouthing his balls and squirming as he pushed her panties aside and put two, three, four fingers into her smoldering cunt.

Andre had never felt such pleasure before… she was now tasting his nuts, lovingly rolling her tongue around their hairy exterior. His hips began to buck softly, and he knew that he could not wait much longer. He wanted to spill his hot cum into her mouth.

But Maya moved her head, and began pound her sex against the four fingers that were buried inside her. “Andre, I want you to eat me.”

He pinched her clitoris, and brought his fingers to her face. “Let’s see what you taste like.” They both licked her juices off of his fingers, and he lowered his head to her delectable mound . A soft bush of brown was the only thing that would protect her from his unrelenting tongue. “How bad do you want me, Maya?”

“I want the neighbors to hear my shouts of ‘Ai, papi,’ for miles.”

Maya’s pussy lips were effortlessly spread with his tongue. Andre flickered his tongue against her sweet clit. Her moans were unrecognizable, animal moans. He imagined her an Amazon and him her brave warrior. Andre began to spear the rim of her canal with his tongue, lapping up the juices that she secreted. Escort Sinop

He quickened the pace, and tongue fucked her until her eyes were rolling and she couldn’t hold in anymore of the passion that she had. Convulsions wracked her petite body, and Maya’s wet hole pulsated with an incredible orgasm, her moans loud and uncontrollable, until she finished with a whimper.

Maya’s chest heaving in and out with satisfied sighs, her voluptuous figure had kept Andre bone stiff. He looked at her, recovering from her little death. “Oh, my god…” her voice faltered weakly.

Maya sat up and saw his penis still fully erect. “Now, I want to feel you inside me.” She bent, ass toward him, and revealed the pinkish folds of her dripping twat, and the curves of her perfect ass. The perfection of Maya nearly drove him into a frenzy. Andre grabbed the bedposts, and positioned himself behind her. He rested the head of his prick in her vagina for a moment, then pushed forward.

A scream escaped her lips, as he slowly began to push into her box. He marveled at the tightness of her, but the resistance was momentary, for she was lubed up with her cum. He could feel her velvety softness, holding him as he started to speed up his rate.

“Do you like it when I fuck you, Maya?” he grunted roughly.

“Ohh, yes! Cum inside of me Andre… make me moan,” she panted.

His cock was ramming her, to the hilt, and out again. Maya was on the verge of coming, and Andre was too. He grabbed her shoulders, and screwed her into the reserve of his wildest fantasies. The purrs and moans were coming from Maya and Andre in unison, as he filled her with his creamy semen.

The feeling of Andre’s cum hitting the walls of her steaming twat drove her to her final orgasm. Her barriers broken, and her passions free and wild…she swam in the paroxysms of desire that were running through her. They collapsed, shuddering, onto the fluffy haven of the bed, Andre still buried inside of her, and fell into a slumber, fully satisfied and dreaming of tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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