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My parents were divorced and I had been living with my dad ever since I was six. We always got along really well and he was always a good father to me. He’s a good looking guy with a medium build and nearly no fat on him at all. He was just over 6 ft. tall and kept in good shape.

That night started like any other evening, as my dad called to me from the bathroom while I watched tv.

“I’ll be done in here in a minute if you wanna hop in the shower.” called my dad.

“Yeah, I’d like to” I replied.

Ever since I had seen my dad one morning going down the hallway naked, I always wondered what it would be like to suck his huge dick. It was a good 7 1/2 inches long and rather thick even without an erection.

I heard the bathroom door open and saw my dad walk to his room with a towel wrapped around his waist. I waited until a commercial and then got up and walked to the bathroom.

Since my dads bedroom was right across from the bathroom, I noticed he didn’t shut his door all the way. I heard low moans coming from his room and I decided to take a peek.

I looked through the crack and saw my dad laying on his bed with a huge boner that he was stroking. I could see the precum glisten from his huge purple cock as he smeared it across the swollen head. He begain pumping his throbbing member and I had the urge to do the same so I reached in my pants and slowly pumped my cock.

Just then I shifted my weight and the floor creaked so I rushed into the bathroom and closed the door. I didn’t know if he knew I was there so I nervously took a shower.

After I was done and I was drying myself off I noticed that the door was cracked. Realizing that I hadn’t locked it but remembering that I had closed it, I watched out of the corner of my eye for any movement.

I dimmed the bathroom light down and left the heat lamp on and I Escort bayan could see the faint outline of my dad watching me from the hallway. I decided to play him a little and see what he would do if I began to masturbate.

I took my limp penis in my hand and began stroking it while rubbing my balls with the other hand. I walked over to the mirror and pretended to be watching myself in the mirror and noticed dad reach in his boxers and start stroking his dick.

I closed my eyes and imagined my fathers huge cock up my ass, fucking me for all my worth when I felt a hand caress my ass while the other rubbed the inside of my thigh.

I instantly turned around and looked my father in the eyes and told him, “I’ve always wanted this ever since I saw your cock for the first time.”

He stared back and said, “So have I.”

With that I rubbed my hands over his chest and licked in a line down to his raging erection. I pulled the boxers down as his huge dick popped free. I was amazed at my fathers cock from close up. The head was swollen and purple and it was a good 10 inches long. I stuck out my tongue and licked the swollen, purple head and swallowed the little pool of precum from his gaping dick hole. I then took it and engulfed most of it into my hungry mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head as he slowly face fucked me, moving his hips ever so slightly back and forth.

“Thats it, oh yeah, what a good cock sucker my son is, fuck yeah.”

He then began moaning loudly as I licked the underside of his cock. I took one of his nuts into my mouth as I rubbed his beautiful penis with my hand.

“I’m cumming!” he yelled as I felt his balls tense up. The first spurt hit me across the face while I closed my mouth over the head to catch and swallow the rest of his sweet seed.

I got up and used my finger to scrape the cum Bayan escort off my face while I then ate it eagerly while moaning right next to my fathers face. He moved closer to me and kissed me deeply tasting his own juices in his sons mouth. He pulled away and looked me in the eyes and said, “Come with me.”

He then led me to his room where he pulled some K-Y jelly out of a drawer. After he gave my dick a little sucking, he rubbed some of the jelly on my cock and then applied some to his ass crack and massaged it into his ass.

“I’ve never done this before dad,” I said nervously as i moved into a position over my dad who was on all fours on his bed.

“Don’t worry son, just start slow and work your way up, you’ll do great.”

I then moved closer to his ass crack and spread his ass cheeks apart with my hands. I then slowly began driving my cock into his tight ass, and after some pressure, all of a sudden the head popped in. I pushed in slowly until my cock was in all the way up to my balls and I then began to pull out and then push back in.

I gradually worked my way up until i was bucking my hips and slapping my balls against his ass.

“Oh hell yeah!” I screamed as I bucked away, my penis moving in and out as my dad moaned in ecstasy.

“My son the ass fucker,” he screamed, “fuck me harder, shoot your sweet thick seed into daddy’s ass, fill me up with your love juice!!”

I couldn’t take it any more and I drove my cock in as far as it would go and then exploded deep in my fathers anus.

As I pulled my cock out, my sperm dribbled down from his hole which I more than eagerly cleaned up. I tongued his asshole and drove it in as far as it would go, slurping my juices from his orifice and then guzzling them down.

His cock had gotten hard again and he stood up and motioned for me to lie down on the bed. Escort I did so, with my ass in the air, as I then felt him apply the lube to my ass. He rubbed it in and then inserted a finger in my ass. He pulled it out and then i felt his cock rub my ass crack as he shoved my butt together, clamping my cheeks onto his dick. He fucked my ass crack for a little while and then removed it. Then I felt it, his huge head pushing against my virgin ass hole. He pushed harder and then the head slipped in. It hurt and I didn’t think my ass was big enough for his mammoth cock but he told me to just relax and let him do the work.

He pushed his very slowly and it was making me go crazy. I wanted him to just start plowing away at my ass so when he was all the way in I screamed out, “Fuck me, Fuck me daddy, don’t stop, I want you so bad!!”

My dad fucked me as hard as he could, and after a few minutes of pounding away at my ass he pulled his dick out and told me to roll over and lay on my back.

I did so and then he layed on top of me with my legs over his shoulders and his weight on top of me. He re-entered my swollen fuck hole and began slamming away again, each drive into me pushing me further into bliss. I then felt his cock twitch as he drove his dick in up to his ball sac.

“Fill me up daddy, I WANT YOUR CUM!!” I yelled as I felt the warm eruptions of cum inside my waiting rectum. My own cock erupted again all over my dads chest, spraying him with my thick cum.

He bent down and rubbed his cum coated chest against mine with his cock still in my ass and began kissing me, telling me what a wonderful son he had.

After his penis had softened, he pulled it out and a flow of his warm cum ran down my crack and dripped down my legs as I got up to suck my dads cock clean.

We fell asleep on his bed feeling each other with cum still flowing from my ass. I awoke with his arms wrapped around me and his semi-hard cock pressing into my ass. I grinded my ass against it and heard my dad groan as his penis grew, pushing farther into me. I smiled and realized, this was just the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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