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Author’s note.

This story was started in the interracial section, however as I feel the focus of attention has shifted more towards my fetish for much older men I have decided to post this chapter in mature.

The situation…. with number 8….


The rational part of me, a tiny part, when it came to sex and my inner fantasy world…a depraved place for sure….was repulsed and ashamed of what had started out as an idle daydream, but now flooded my every waking thought.

I could not get ‘him’ out of my mind.

A sad, pathetic…..dirty old… lonely man…


It wasn’t even his real name but a mocking nickname no less.

However, Barry…as a name did seem to suit the old man who lived next door to my Asian lover….the old man who desperately….wanted me.

The knowledge of this desire was its own aphrodisiac.

His desire for me was obvious, my reluctance….eroding rapidly.

As I pondered the big question of what if? My adventure with another dirty old man, Sammy, continued.

We had thought about recording Sammy fucking me on a secret camera hidden inside my hand bag.

But ultimately decided against it as Sammy was way too observant.

Sharp, that man.

It was too risky to jeopardize our special relationship with a cheap stunt like that.

So, it was decided that an audio recording would be good enough.

My mobile phone, which I’d used occasionally for the last couple of weeks, was put to more good use.

His keen interest in hearing me converse with my hubby while fucking me had blossomed.

And as a result Sammy had become used to my phone being in the bedroom.

I’d downloaded a sound recording app from the play store that was easy and discreet to use.

All I had to do was activate it and leave my phone near us while Sammy got busy with me.

We ended up with some good audio of myself moaning like a whore, and John got to hear the loud groaning noise that Sammy made when he emptied his nuts into me.

John got to hear too, from Sammy’s own mouth what my master thought of my weak, naïve husband as he used his wife.

Sammy’s arrogance, and ultimate ignorance in the face of our shared knowledge, was a power trip.

We had him right where we wanted him.

Sammy may think that he was in charge, but ultimately, myself and John dominated him with our subterfuge.

Anyway, back to Barry.

Beauty and the beast? Yes and no. I’m not vain.

I’m no oil painting, although I do get plenty of admiring looks and attention.

I’m no Barbie doll either, just a natural curvaceous woman.

With all her faults.

However, Barry certainly was in this case at least, the beast.

I can’t recall exactly what made me finally decide to give myself to him. It just sort of happened one day.

It was an afternoon, my shift at the supermarket had rotated back to mornings.

I’d made John aware of my feelings about Barry and as usual, my loving hubby stood by me in these ‘out there’ matters.

So understanding, John.

My rock.

The poor fella has had to put up with a lot of bizarre stuff from me over the years.

He understood exactly how I felt about Barry but did still have concerns for my safety, asking me to be careful and use my own judgement.

It was now early march but the weather still felt like january, bitterly cold, wet and windy.

Sammy had recently had a fall, slipping on an icy patch of pavement while out on some foolhardy venture to the shops.

It wasn’t serious but his back ached and it was painful for him to do….his usual thing with me.

Both John and Dave thought it would be fun if I dressed up as a nurse to ‘look after’ poor Sammy.

My old nurses uniform had seen better days so John found a fancy dress one on the net and ordered it for me.

I do prefer to make up uniforms myself, from odds and ends I find at charity shops but we needed something quickly so the mail order one had to suffice.

When it came it almanbahis was clearly cheap and tacky, and a size too small, but would do.

Once squeezed into it I quickly realised that nothing was left to the imagination….it clung like cling film to my every curve.

John was practically drooling when he first saw me in it.

Luckily in this case, the bad weather proved very useful. My full length winter coat would cover up nicely and didn’t look out of place on such a bitter afternoon.

Arriving at Sammy’s and welcomed into his warm cosy flat, I took my coat off and revealed to him what I was wearing underneath.

Oh my….his face…if only I could find the descriptive words to do the look he gave me justice.

Anyway, after a noticeably shorter chat that afternoon, I got down to the business of looking after my elderly patient.

Starting with a back massage on his bed….and ending with a mouthful of his warm spunk….

Oh, and in between I made myself comfortable, gently lowering my rear onto his face….for him to feed.

A voracious appetite, that man.

Sammy still forbade me to ride him, and with his bad back….it was oral for the next week or so.

Unfortunately for me, I sorely missed the feel of Sammy’s big brown cock inside me…. but…as they say…. absence makes the heart grow fonder.

And boy did I grow fonder, we made up for that little pause alright, as soon as Sammy was better.

Anyway, after our afternoon of delight was over we kissed at the front door and I bid Sammy goodbye.

The door closed and I was left alone in the corridor.

I felt tense right away, maybe some part of me knew what was about to happen?….knew what I was about to do.

I could see Barry’s door was open….he…would be waiting for me.

The dirty pervert, resident sex pest of beaulah grove.

And also, the object of my fantasies.

Beginning to walk, on legs of jelly, a strong surreal sensation filled my mind, dreamlike movement, ever closer to his open door.

Slowly I draw level with it and come to a stop, and there he is.

Barry, in his usual pose….good old reliable Barry.

Naked except for brown socks, little stiff dick in hand, loosely curled fingers stroking up and down it’s short length.

He stares into me, cold blue eyes… piercing.

As I watch, his mouth slowly opens and my name comes out….”Pippa….come here…. Pippa….. please…”

His eyes drop and try to explore me but I’m well covered, just my shoes and a small portion of white stockinged legs are on show, my full length winter coat goes almost to the floor.

Barry’s eyes rejoin my own as his pleading words continue.

“Please Pippa….I won’t hurt you….I….just… want to touch.”

With that last word he begins shuffling toward me, carefully.

This is the point at which I would normally have fled, but I don’t.

I stand and watch him transfixed, as he gets closer.

And then it happens, something within me gives, gives in to my own inner, twisted desires.

I’m suddenly gripped by an all consuming urge which I find impossible to resist.

Looking back towards Sammy’s place then to my left checking the corridor….nobody to see…

Looking back at Barry.

Then, with my heart pounding in my ears amid a surge of adrenaline so intense it leaves me dizzy….I take a step toward Barry….and another….and another.

Until I am inside his flat, stood in his living room.

Immediately Barry stops, I believe at this point he is more surprised than I am by my actions.

However, I don’t hesitate with my next move, the surreal feeling is now intense, as I reach for the door handle my hand is trembling….

Closing the door behind me I focus on Barry, who’s look of surprise is now joined by excitement….eyes widening.

My hand moves slowly up to my face and a finger is placed on my lips…”Shhhh.”

The noise sounds odd, distorted somehow.

Next I unfasten my coat and almanbahis giriş take it off…..revealing to Barry the naughty nurse outfit I’m wearing underneath.

Well, you can perhaps imagine the look on his depraved face.

And I thought Sammy looked eager, I’d seen nothing…

While Barry is still in mild shock at what’s happening to him I make my next move.

The uniform mainly consists of a short light blue dress and a small white apron with the red cross symbol on it.

I’ve added the white stockings, suspender belt and skimpy white knickers.

The dress has a deep v collar, so it’s a simple matter for me to gain access to my bra…..and scoop first one boob, then the other out.

I stand before Barry with my tits on show for him to ogle…and wait for him to make his move.

I don’t have long to savour the anticipation.

It takes around two seconds for dirty pervert Barry to snap out of his mild shock….and come at me.

The attack, for that’s what it feels like at the time, is swift.

For an old guy he sure can move.

He rushes upon me, pushing me physically back against the front door, pinning me there….his face thrust eagerly into my tits.

I’ve had my boobs devoured before but encountered nothing as forceful and vigorous as this.

It’s border line painful, how hard he’s sucking.

Two other things hit me at the same time as this intense sensation.

The smell and the noise.

Barry stinks, it’s not so much his B.O. as bad breath.

He’s breathing hard and fast while gorging on my tits, so I’m in a cloud of it.

Then there’s the noise, he’s making a high pitched moan with each outward breath.

I’m vaguely aware of Sammy next door….he may be able to hear Barry.

I say vaguely, because what’s happening to me is….I can’t….sorry… I can’t describe it accurately.

I’ve been fantasising about this for weeks and now I’m doing it.

I’m giving myself freely to this pervert to be molested.

This, animal of a man….is using me.

My mind is swimming with erotic sensation…

Closing my eyes and letting my head flop back against the door….my nipples are very sensitive and I’m quickly becoming very aroused.

A soft moan escapes me, the sound of my own arousal bringing me some little way to my senses.

I feel his hand going up the dress, sliding up my inner thigh.

Keeping my legs closed tight, preventing him exploring further….I’m not ready for that….not yet.

I can feel his stiff little cock, he’s rubbing it up my right hip, humping me.

A lot is happening at once, the man is going nuts!

Reaching down and grasping his cock in my right hand, I begin wanking him.

The move distracts his intrusive groping, however the noise he’s making gets louder.

I must keep him quiet.

He’s so animated and manic, hands everywhere, it feels like I’m grappling with two men.

“Shhhh!”, This time my shush is much louder, and in his ear.

Barry gets the message and quietens down a little…..if only I could reduce his ferocity…..but would I want to?

As another glorious wave of pleasure wells up from my swollen nipples, I feel Barry beginning to hump wildly.

Seconds later he stiffens up pushing his groin hard into my hip, momentarily trapping my hand between us.

Barry emits a loud squeal, muffled a little by his position, sandwiched between my tits.

Then I feel it, warm and sticky, running down my wrist, a warm wet patch spreading through my new dress.

Barry’s squeal is replaced by heavy breathing and eventually his grip on me slackens as his sweaty greasy head emerges from my bosom.

He’s grinning, mouth open, showing me the few yellow teeth he has left, eyes wide….a look of total satisfaction etched on his face.

I turn my head away from him, the smell of his breath proving too much.

Barry slowly backs away, watching me closely with a foolish grin.

Spunk is still dripping from his cock almanbahis giriş as it loses some stiffness, beginning to deflate.

His eyes move down my body to the large blob of cum on the dress and my dripping right hand.

His voice, full of excitement, proclaims, “Look at that…”

Barry raises his arm and points a long bony finger at the mess.

“…..Pippa….look…I did that….that was me…you have me….on you.”

It’s not for the first time that I’m reminded, listening to him speak and what he says that Barry, probably has a few screws loose.

With the onslaught on my boobs over I’m free to think clearly, and quickly realise that leaving may be a problem…

So I must do it sooner rather than later, I’ve had my ‘taster’ session now it’s time to go.

Wiping my dripping hand crudely on the dress, I post my wet boobs back into the bra then reach down to pick up my coat.

As I retrieve the coat I’m suddenly rushed upon once more by Barry, who grabs my arm and almost shouts, “No!…you can’t go…no…I won’t let you.”

I’m taken by surprise once more by how quick Barry can be and for a brief moment I’m almost at his mercy, his grip is firm and I’m suddenly feeling vulnerable.

He glares at me, looking angry, “You stay with me Pippa.”

At that he tries to drag me away from the front door, deeper into his flat.

He has me by the upper right arm in a tight grip but it’s an easy escape I’ve practiced many times.

Turning my hand over in a twisting motion quickly around Barry’s arm, forcing him to let go as I pull away.

Now it’s his turn to be surprised, but outrage soon replaces it.

He tries to come at me again but this time I stop him with my voice and the sternest look I can muster in the circumstances.

Holding out my hand, with pointed finger I tell him in a confident tone, “No!”

Glaring at him adds weight to my stance.

My voice is as loud as I dare, the walls are so thin, Sammy is just next door….

This, fortunately stops him in his tracks.

His look of rage and determination evaporates quickly, leaving a hurt vulnerable expression that I can’t help but feel pity for.

He looks as though he’s about to cry.

Seizing this opportunity I quickly get my coat on and back away towards the door with Barry shuffling after me, his now flaccid dick still dripping spunk on the floor.

He looks so….pathetic.

My mothering nature steps in and I feel I must comfort him despite his recent behaviour.

It’s obvious he’s desperately lonely for female company, and got carried away.

Stopping with my hand on the door handle I speak in a soft quiet tone, initially issuing him with a warning…..and yes I do almost slip up and call him Barry!

I recall at the last second his real name is Malcolm.

“Malcolm listen to me…if you tell anyone about this….I won’t do it again… alright?… you’ll never see me again.”

That was true, for if Sammy found out he would not want to see me again, and I had a very good thing going there.

Barry slowly nods but brightens up considerably at my mention of ‘do it again’.

He asks rather excitedly, when can we do it again?

Telling him I’ll be back on thursday afternoon his face lights up, and he even thanks me…..I may make a gentleman out of him yet.

But in this case, do I want a gentleman?

Or, do I want a twisted, dirty slobbering old pervert who’s obsessed with me?

I knew the answer to that before I’d posed the question.

I smiled at Barry and told him to be good…. while thursday, and then he could have his reward.

Aiming a special look at him, before leaving Barry standing there… looking pathetic.

A deceptive look indeed, for the man was quick and possessed a wiry strength that had surprised me.

A wolf…in sheep’s clothing.

Checking the coast was clear before stepping out into the corridor and closing the door behind me.

Walking away, feeling relieved to be out, but also…. already looking forward to the next time.

The next time I let him get his grubby hands on me….

The next time…. would I dare let him go all the way?

The dark, inner, wild part of me…. already knew the answer to that.

End of chapter 41.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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