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When Heather’s alarm rang at 8, Sean had already gotten up, showered, walked to school, and was sitting in his first period class. He had gotten used to getting himself up and out in the morning. Having a mother that worked from home meant he was usually the first one up in the morning.

Heather stared up at the ceiling as she lay in the bed. Morning sunshine poured through the blinds, leaving slivers of light on carpet. Outside the birds chirped and the crickets were already at work for the day. Somewhere a couple streets away a lawn mower was faintly humming. It seemed to be a perfectly average day in suburbia, and Heather felt a million miles away from it. She didn’t understand how everyone could keep operating as if her entire world didn’t take a confusing spin last night.

Her head was still reeling from it all. It seemed so distant and foggy, and for a second she wondered if any of it had actually happened. She couldn’t ignore the emotional intensity of it all though. When she thought back to the previous night, and imagined how her son’s penis looked, she was greeted with the same jolt of excitement and confusion that draped over her then.

Heather was 41 in age, but in physique, she had the body of a woman at least 10 years younger. Her ass had still managed to seem 20 years younger than the rest of her body somehow and her breasts were that of a woman not much older. Heater was about 5’7″ and between 130/140lbs. She had firm, round, 36C’s, but on top her skinny waste, they could easily be mistaken for small D’s. She had auburn colored hair that leaned closer to brown that red, and when it wasn’t in a pony tail, she wore it slightly wavy. Her eyes were a beautiful hazel and her skin was a little more fair than average, but the soft creamy look of her skin gave her a distinct appeal.

It was the skin of innocence on a body of seduction. She never much card for her fair complexion, but she learned that some guys are attracted to just that, so she let it go. She had full and soft lips, and sometimes wore glasses when working, which gave her an undeniable “sexy librarian” look. She knew she was in good shape but she never let her self-image drive her nuts. She worked out regularly because she wanted to maintain a healthy body, not because she was concerned how she looked to others.


As Heather was getting out of bed for the morning, Sean was absentmindedly staring out the window, already thinking about what we wrote last night. High school was over in a week, and his first period calculus teacher was the only still brave enough to try teaching until the very end. Despite half the class sleeping or daydreaming, and the other half gone altogether, good old Mr. Whitenly pushed forward.

Sean didn’t much enjoy high school, and not because it was a struggle, but the contrary really. Sean had always been a little more ahead of his peers and always found school to be boring. His whole life academics had never been a problem, and for that matter neither had sports. He was an average basketball player. He played through his junior year, just for something to do really, but decided against it his last year. He wasn’t out of shape or ugly or stuttered… but all the same… he never liked high school. He felt like he couldn’t seem to connect with anyone. His peers seemed immature and naïve, and minus a few distant friends, he kept to himself. He failed to understand the social gravity of high school.

“Doesn’t matter now though…” he thought to himself as he considered the last dwindling days before summer. “Soon this chapter will be over, and the story picks up” he told himself. He starred out the window uninterrupted until the bell rang.


After a long rise and slow start, Heather was sitting at her desk reading emails unenthusiastically. Between the lack of sleep and the emotional roller coaster the night before, she couldn’t concentrate at all. She sighed and rested her head in her hands. After a moment she lifted her head, picked up the phone, hit the number 2 for speed dial, and put her forehead back into her hand.

“Hewlett Smith & Gould, how can I help you?” a bubbly voice asked Heather

“Jackie, it’s Heather. Listen… tell Mr. Gould I’m taking a sick day. More importantly though, tell him the Duggle case is finished and I’ll have it to him Monday morning. Ok?” she asked in a tired tone.

“No problem Heather. You feeling alright?” the bubbly Jackie asked

“Between me and you, I’m fine, just too tired to operate. I need a three day weekend. When Mr. Gould asks Escort bayan though, I have a stomach bug.”

“Got cha. Secrets safe here. Go back to bed hun and I’ll see you Monday when you bring the files in.” Jackie told her.

“Thanks. Have a great weekend Jackie.” and with that she hung up without waiting for a reply. She stood up, turned the computer screen off, and walked out of her office into the living room. It wasn’t long before she had her feet up and was watching morning talk shows. The clock on the TV box said it was 9:47 and she wondered what she was going to do with the rest of her day.

I think I’ll go back to sleep and try and catch the Z’s I missed last night… get up by or a little before 12… exercise… shower… read… she was excited about having the day off and felt like a kid playing hooky. First though, she needed to finish sleeping, so she got up and headed for the steps leaving the TV on behind her. She climbed them thoughtlessly for a second, forgetting all about last night’s temporary lapse in reasoning, but when she reached the top, her son’s wide open bedroom door sparked fireworks down her spine. A rush of energetic excitement and curiosity radiated through her, starting down her neck and through her back. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as if they were suddenly awakened. Her heart raced. She stood there staring into her son’s room.


While his mother was at home standing outside his bedroom, Sean was sitting down in his study hall period. Normally half the students were gone but today it was more like all of them. Minus another kid in the back already half away asleep, the study hall was deserted. Sean settled in his seat, reached in his backpack, and pulled out a beat-up black notebook. The type with folded pages sticking out and add on’ sheets stapled throughout. It had a binder clip at the top keeping it closed. Sean fished in his bag for the right pen, took off the binder clip, opened the notebook and starred down at where he left off. It was only a few seconds before his pen moved across the paper and picked up there.

She just stood there and starred at me. The door jamb outlined her like a frame outlining the portrait of a beautiful woman. She was a black silhouette against the hall light behind her. She moved effortlessly across the room towards me, gliding like a heavenly seductress floating on clouds. Her white silk seemed to wave through the air as it flowed from her body.

He wrote silently and free of worry or distraction. He sat there filling the pages of a notebook with lines of fantasy, and although he looked normal and hard at work, he was a million miles.

“Tell me what you want.” she whispered to me. Her voice was warm and seductive in my ear. I could feel her breath and shivers flew down my spine.

“I… I can’t… I’m…” I struggled. I was too overcome with desire to speak. I wanted to tell her everything but couldn’t tell her anything. “I… I want…”

“Tell me Sean. Tell me you want me. Tell me your darkest dream. Tell me what you want to do to me. Tell me your fantasy baby…”

“I… I want…. “I stopped and collected myself and finally, I was able to say clearly, “I want you…”

Sean wrote undistracted for the whole period, and when the bell rang, it’d felt more like 10 minutes than just short of an hour. ‘I guess the good times always do’ he thought to himself as he packed up the notebook and headed into the hallway.


Heather stared into her son’s room as if she were seeing it for the first time in a stranger’s house. It didn’t look any different than it always did, but it was in this room that she watched her son sit naked at his computer. All of a sudden she wasn’t tired anymore, but the opposite. Her heart raced at the thought of her son’s hard dick again. “Stop. I know you can’t think about that. That’s my son” she thought to herself, but at the last thought her lust took over her reasoning. “That’s right, my son. Is that what’s exciting me? Am I excited by the taboo of it… the forbidden fruit? This is my son…” She tried reasoning with herself, but this newfound sexual thirst had overtaken her, and in the matter of just seconds. She never had time to think where it was coming from.

Heather crossed into the room slowly as if in a haze. She headed towards the computer and took a seat at Sean’s desk. She could see her son’s firm erection again, as if he were sitting here still. She wondered again what it would feel like to wrap her fingers around her son’s hard penis. It Bayan escort had been so long and he was so young fit. She imagined she could feel her son’s dick throb in her hand and with the thought, she closed her eyes and let out a soft whimper of desire.

She turned on the computer screen and was surprised that it wasn’t password protected. She had no idea at the time that in front of her held thousands and thousands of words, Sean’s words, telling his deepest desires. She could find a porn collection that would shock her. She could find the saved copies of online role-plays. Yes, it was fair to say she still had no idea…

After doing a general sweep to get herself familiar, she found a file on the desktop labeled “stuff”. At first it seemed like generic links to Wikipedia pages, random songs and pictures and other pointless stuff. There was another file in here though labeled “programs”, and soon one folder led to another folder that led to another that led to everything. With one last click she was starring at a folder full of Word documents, and videos, and pictures and it was all too much. The stories were named things like “Seduction in the Sunroom” and “Finally Fulfilled” and when she read the video titles, she became speechless. Her heart picked up to a speed she could feel in her throat, and she wanted to say something, even out loud, but all she could do was think to herself, “O. My. God…”

She stared at her Son’s taboo collection and all reasoning went out the window. She could feel as her pussy slowly filled and shocks of lust shot through her. She spread her legs and breathed deeply at the same time. In front of her were not only documents and video files, but pictures too. It was almost immediately that she noticed the similarities between them all. Another shock of unbelievable lust surged through her and she whispered out loud… “They’re all the same…”

And it was true. All of the pictures she clicked on showed a woman of about 5’7″ 130-140lbs with 34C/D boobs. Even more, they all had similar auburn colored hair, and some, to Heather amazement, wore is wavy like she did. All the girls in the pictures were more fair skin than tan, just like her too. Lastly, every woman seemed to be about in her late 30’s early 40’s.

“O my god. Every one of these pictures is me. Every one looks just like me…” She whispered out loud again, as if the sound of her own voice would tell her otherwise. She couldn’t think. Some distant part of her, far away, seemed to be yelling… “No Heather, no. This is soooo wrong. This is Sean… your son.” A much closer part of her mind whispered the same thing actually, but with a much different tone.

“Your son Heather, he wants you. It’s so wrong.” Her lust was close to bubbling over and so before it did, she clicked on one of the documents titled “Late Night Seduction” and it was here her life was about to forever change.


After the study hall, Sean was normally supposed to go to gym, but with only a few days left he decided he wasn’t going. Instead, he headed for the one place in the high school he actually felt at home and comfortable, the library. When he got there he was surprised to see it buzzing with students. Most of them were hurrying back and forth between the computers and printers, most likely trying to print final papers they procrastinated working on.

Sean found a small table in the back of the library where he’d be alone, and put his stuff down. He took out the notebook and it wasn’t long before he was lost in his story. He wrote feverishly across the pages, and just like his entire high school career, he went unnoticed.


Heather was shaking slightly as she read the story in front of her. She couldn’t remember the last time, or rather if ever, she had been so turned on. Her pussy juices were now dripping onto her thighs and the sweat pants she wore now had a dark wet spot in the crotch. Her eyes were dilated, most likely from the adrenaline and endorphins pumping, and there was sweat on her forehead. She’d read a few lines then let out an unintentional moan. The slow type of moan… the kind that sneaks off your tongue before you know it’s there. Her mind reeled with the imagery she was absorbing; it screamed with its lust.

“Look at me… Here I am sitting at my son’s desk, reading his fantasies… and I can’t help it. I can’t control it.” she told herself. “He wants me… his mother. His deepest most vivid desire is his own mother… me.”

She closed her eyes and talked out loud to the picture Escort of her Son in her mind. “You want me baby, your own mom? Tell me dirty boy… tell me you want me.” With her eyes still closed, she slowly slid her hand into the sweat pants and over her soaking wet slit. “O God this is wrong.” she whispered to herself with a smile, and she opened her eyes back to the story she was reading.

I watched her hand slide up and down and it was almost too much. The idea of my own mother’s hand wrapped around my dick was beautiful, but to look down and see the real thing was an overload. I looked down at my mother and was startled to see her eyes staring up into mine, and when they didn’t move or look away, I realized I couldn’t either. She looked up at me with a devilish smirk on her face as her hand kept sliding up and down slowly.

” You like that Sean? You like your Mother stroking you?” She asked me seductively.

“OOoo shit… yes mom. Soooo much. O god, my own mother.” I moaned to her. She seemed to realize the idea of her being my mom got me off as much as she did, and she ran with it.

“You like that huh, your mother?” I couldn’t hold my moan at the sound of her saying mother. “Is that what you want… what you can’t have? Look at your mother stroke it baby. Look at me Sean…” she said as she stared deeply into my eyes.

Heather didn’t think she could read anymore. What she was reading was sending waves of sexual hunger through her. She couldn’t believe her Sean was attracted to her, and more, how intensely he was. It wasn’t just that though… it was his writing… his fantasies… so taboo, so wrong and frowned upon, so raw… it was the fact that this was all so wrong, that turned her on. She’d never have imagined she’d dream about her son like that, but right now she was undergoing a metamorphism. Her conscious thoughts were no longer the ring leader. Deep inside of her, a taboo lust had been given birth and it would only blossom from here. She wanted everything that was wrong and dirty. She wanted to fulfill every one of Sean’s fantasies.

She reread the last line, “Look at me Sean…” and moaned loudly. “Yes Sean, look at your mother. Look at your Mother’s face baby.” She was now talking out loud to the scene going on behind her eye lids. She slid her finger into her pussy, and for the first time in over 10 years she felt the inside her pussy. “You like that Sean? You like my wet pussy?” she asked her imagination. She knew she would cum in just seconds. Sliding the finger out, she moved to her clit, and after one touch she was already close to an orgasm. Louder now, she said out loud… “You want me to come Sean? You want your mother to come? O Sean… O God SEAN… SEAN!” she was now screaming, and with the picture of her sons face in her mind, she pulled herself over the edge.

Her body shook and jerked and her legs began twitching the smallest bit. Her moans and cries turned to uncontrollable screams… “OOOOO FUCK FUCK FUCK…. SEAN. SEAN!!!!!!” she screamed as she came. Inside her sweat pants, her pussy quivered and with a jolt like she never felt, she squirted hard and long. It came in 3 or 4 big pumps and after the second one her sweat pants we’re completely soaked through. By the 3rd and 4th, her pants dripped and her feet sat in puddles of her own juices. She shook after the orgasm, still high off the endorphins swimming through her body. On the floor before the desk, the carpet had a soaking wet puddle. The chair dripped juices down the side. Heather had never, in 40 years, had an orgasm even close to that.

After about 5 minutes of thoughtless silence, she opened her eyes and it was if she’d forgotten where she was. The feelings of lust and desire and taboo fantasies were suddenly gone. She starred at the screen in front of her and down to the puddle on her son’s floor. She starred at her own sweat pants, soaked with what had to be a half a gallon of her juices. The feelings of sexual desire she’d never felt so intensely as just 5 minutes ago, were gone. Her desire and libido and kinkiness were now things of the past… and gradually, guilt and shame fell down on her shoulders. Confusion and disgust and shock and everything else flowed through her like ice water in her veins. It was like she was looking at herself from a far now, a sad women sitting a desk with her pants soaked through. She watched as the woman began to cry, and it felt like far away she was crying, but everything was so confusing she watched from a distance. If she’d really been a separate person, standing in the corner we’ll say, watching herself sob, she’d have watched herself run from the room. And so she did, crying passionately running for her bedroom. Sean’s room now stood empty with a large puddle on the floor beneath the desk. Slowly a bead of Heather’s juice rolled down the leg of the chair.

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