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It was half past eight when Mr. Robinson, my boss, had summoned me inside his cabin. I was working overtime for this big assignment he had given me and did not want to disappoint him.

Quickly saving the draft on my laptop, I got up, adjusted my mini black tube skirt and short peach coloured blouse, making sure my big boobs were on some display to catch his attention.

Even though he was my boss, I had always fantasized him, wanted him. I mean, who wouldn’t? He was in his mid thirties, the hottest billionaire in town; chiseled jaw, deep black eyes that will make your knees go week, full luscious lips and the gold that stayed under his pants, oh my god I’ve been fantasizing it for months. How it would taste, how it would quiver under my touch, how he would face-fuck me like a dirty slut, ah if only it would get true one day.

As I reached infront of his cabin, I took a deep breath before softly knocking twice on his door and waiting for his deep voice to call me in, deep voice that made me wet in seconds.

“Come in.”

‘fuck me’

My cheeks painted red and I quickly shook my head to get rid of those nasty thoughts, pushing the large wooden door, shutting it after getting inside.

There he was, in all his glory sitting on his large chair which I liked to call a throne, staring intensely at the screen of his laptop kept on the desk.

Walking towards him, I stopped once I was standing right infront of him, my hands brushing against the desk which I had always fantasized the place where Mr. Robinson would fuck me. Bed and couch where nice to make ‘love’ but I liked to get ‘fucked’, a hard fuck on the desk, floor, bathroom, anywhere where civilized people didn’t like.

And I was far from civilized.

“You called me, sir?” I asked politely, keeping my eyes submissively down on the desk.

“Yes. I wanted to discuss some important matters with you,” he said in that deep husky voice of his.

“Oh. Then I’ll bring my notepad to write it down—”

“No, that will not be needed today,” He interrupted, focusing his eyes on me as I took a step back to get out of his cabin.

“Um, okay,” I whispered as my eyes made contact with his. Those black orbs raked my body from head to toe, his eyes staying on the cleavage of my blouse a bit too long, not that I minded. Pure lust was visible in those eyes of his which made my nipples hard and insides wet.

God, I wanted—no, ‘needed’ to get a good fuck right now.

“W-what is the matter, Mr. Robinson?” I stuttered, wanting to rub my pussy right then and there, not caring if he saw the puddle forming in between my legs.

He cleared his throat, breaking the eye contact and glancing at the laptop screen, then back at me. “Today I was checking if the cameras around my company were working properly or not and then went through it’s recorded files when I found something.”

“Hm, what is it?” I asked, licking my lips and focusing my attention on my throbbing pussy, not really caring about what he had found for it’s not as important as my need for an orgasm right now.

Instead of replying he looked at his laptop before doing something on it and my eyes widened in alarm as moans began echoing around the four walls of his cabin.

I gulped as he turned the laptop around and my eyes met my naked self getting fucked by Finn, an ex co-worker of mine.

I remember it was in the girl’s washroom a week ago. I was sexually frustrated as my fiance would not have sex with me before marriage and was masturbating when Finn came inside hearing my moans and then fucked me as he had always fantasized to fuck me. It was just a one time thing because after that he left the company, saying he had gotten a higher post in another company.

‘yes, oh yes, it feels so good Finn.’

‘you like this, you like me playing with your clit?’

‘yes, yes, oh my god yes I love it!’

“You can stop it now,” I Rize Escort mumbled, my cheeks turning red at how turned on I was getting thinking Mr. Robinson had seen this, heck he was seeing this just before calling me!

The sound of skin slapping against each other had stopped and I sighed in relief but it was short lived when he got up from his throne, walking near me.

“This is unacceptable Mia,” his voice boomed and I bit my lips, trying ways to get out of the mess I had created for myself.

“Um, cameras inside the bathroom is also highly unacceptable, don’t you think?” I said smartly but frowned when his lips turned into a smug smile. “Yes it is but you and all the other employees had agreed to let go of your privacy the day you joined my office. It was in the contract, mia.”

The way my name rolled off his tongue made me even more horny than before. “Was it, now?” I whisper as he stood behind my back.

“Yes and now that your confusion is cleared, let’s get back to the main point,” He said and I could feel heat radiating from me, making my knees go weak.

“Please don’t make me leave your company,” I whispered but I knew he wouldn’t, I was the best PA he could ever have but still, my conscience told me not to get too overconfident and so I begged.

“I won’t. My clients have increased in number and some part of the credit goes to your tactics and observing skills as well but that doesn’t mean I’m letting you off the hook easily. I think you need a punishment,” he whispered the last part in my ear and I moaned softly in approval.

“I’m ready for whatever punishment you have planned for me,” I said submissively and heard a chuckle from him. “Oh I know. Now bend over my desk.”

Oh my god, this was actually happening. I was actually going to live my most desired fantasy as I pressed my chest on top his desk. I spread my legs a bit apart and my tube skirt hiked a bit just like I wanted.

“Tell me something Mia,” he asked as his hands gently roamed around my butt cheeks.

I moaned. “Y-Yes?”

“Did you enjoy it?”

It was clear as daylight that he was asking about my session with Finn that day but I stayed quiet, enjoying the feeling of his fingers on my butt cheeks though it would be great if he’d just get my skirt out of the way.

A gasp escaped my lips as he spanked me hard causing me to jerk against the desk and my boobs to literally come out of my bra and slam against the desk. The feeling was amazing!

“I asked something,” he said roughly, once again caressing the fabric of the skirt which was over my butt.

“Y-Yes I did,” I whisper, feeling my juices leak like a waterfall from my pussy lips.

Another spank.

“Well, guess what? I didn’t!” He barked, finally pulling the skirt down and I quickly pushed it aside with my leg, spreading my legs as far as possible while hiking my ass up in the air for his view.

I moaned as three spanks came back to back on my ass, my orgasm also coming with them right then.

“I-I’m sorry,” I whispered, not really sure for what it was. For doing it with Finn or orgasming without him inside me.

His arm snaked around my torso as he pressed himself against me and I gasped at the large bulge pressing against my ass. It was huge and just the feeling of him pressing against me was mind boggling.

“You should be. For fucking an ex co-worker, for wearing a lacy black thong under your skirt, for making my cock throb every time you came wearing something revealing to show those luscious breasts and for cumming right now without my permission. Such a naughty little slut I have as my PA,” he teased, groping my breasts and pinching the nipples hard, making me moan at the pain with pleasure.

“Mhm, yes. I’m a slut and I should be punished by you Mr. Robinson,” I whispered sultrily, grinding myself against the huge bulge making him groan in delight.

“On your Rize Escort Bayan knees. Now.”

I obliged, quickly getting on my knees while pressing my hand against the bulge to feel it. Looking at him through my eyelashes, I asked for his approval with my eyes and he nodded as his hand caressed my hair. Taking the belt out, I pulled his pants down followed by boxers and gasped as his cock sprunged right infront of me. To say it would be large would be an understatement. It definitely looked more than 8 inch, maybe 10 but it looked delicious.

Grabbing it, I licked the tip with my lips slowly pushing it under my throat while rubbing the left out part with my hand. He moaned as I took my mouth out of his now saliva covered cock and started licking and sucking his balls while furiously rubbing his cock with my right hand.

“Does it feel good, Mr. Robinson?” I asked, still licking his balls and stimulating an orgasm within him.

“Oh yes, yes it feels so good mia. You are so good at it,” he complimented and I felt proud as I began sucking his cock again.

I tried deep throating it but only a bit more than half of his cock got inside my throat. Looking at hin while sucking, he immediately understood that I needed his help and grabbed my head by my hair before forcing every inch of his cock inside me. I gagged, slightly panicking but he held me tight. “Focus on your breathing.”

Following his instructions, I slowly got the hang of it and soon I was taking every skin of his large cock by myself while he gripped my hair tightly, enjoying the feeling of me playing with his balls with my hands while sucking his cock. I dragged my free hand under my thong and started rubbing myself while sucking him. Soon I felt his cock throbbing and took it out of my mouth and rubbed it furiously with my hand which was before in my pussy.

He groaned. “Oh yes, fuck, I’m coming slut.”

“Ah Yes Mr. Robinson, cum, cum for me. Spill your delicious seed all over my chest.”

He grabbed his penis, stroking it and soon there was cum spilling all over my breasts. I moaned, spreading it nicely all over my chest before grabbing his still throbbing cock and licking it clean. He sighed in content and pulled me up, kissing me passionately and I removed his white shirt, leaving him naked while he took out my bra and blouse, tossing it on the floor.

Pulling away, he fondled my tits and I moaned in pure bliss. “I’m still not done with you, mia.”

“I know, Mr. Robinson. What do you want your slut to do now?” I whispered seductively while rubbing his cock which was again getting hard, hard for my pussy.

“Spread yourself on the desk,” he commanded, stepping back to give me some space.

I did as told, pulling myself on the desk and then spreading my legs wide apart, the thing still there covered with my juices.

He got in between my legs and kissed me lustfully as he gently removed the thong off of me. His fingers pressed against my vagina and I shudder as he started rubbing his thumb in circular motion while inserting his index finger inside me.

“Does it feel good, slut?”

“Oh god, it feels amazing Mr. Robinson.”

“Tell me, have you fantasized this before?”

I moaned, gripping the desk as he tortured my nipples with his free hand. “Y-Yes I have.”

“What did you imagine?” He hummed, inserting another finger inside me.

“I had imagined for you to fuck me over this desk, fill all three of my holes with your delicious cum, make me your personal slut. Make me yours,” I moaned out, my pussy getting wet hearing my own embarrassing words.

“Hm, I like that. Will you be my personal slut mia?” He asked pulling his fingers out of my pussy and bringing it closer to my lips and I immediately sucked his fingers clean like a well trained slut.

“Of course Mr. Robinson,” I whispered as he started sucking my nipples while his penis touched Escort Rize my vagina making me groan.

“Will your leave your fiance for me?” He asked, pinching my nipples tightly making me scream his name in bliss.

“Oh yes, yes I would do anything you like Mr. Robinson. Anything you like,” I said actually meaning it. There was no point marrying Jake now, he would never give me what Mr. Robinson could. His touch won’t make me feel horny like it does with the man infront of me. I was his slave now, his personal slut and there was nothing more I needed other than his cock inside me every day.

He stepped back, staring at me intensely as my hand found his cock and I rubbed it against my pussy. “Then it’s settled. From now on you are my personal slut. You will serve me whenever I like, wherever I want, even if it’s in public, understood?”

The thought of him fucking me infront of a bunch of strangers as they jerked off looking at us turned me on even more than I thought. I loved the shameful idea.


“You will never question my decisions and will always stay by my side. You’ll live with me,” he ordered, harshly pushing his cock inside me and I screamed, my head spinning at the pleasure I was feeling with him inside me.

“Oh god yes, yes.”

“You’ll address me as Master from now on,” He groaned, pushing every inch of his cock inside me, taking it out and slamming it again inside me.

“Y-Yes master,” I moaned, my grip tighting on the desk and he fucked me roughly inside his office cabin, on his desk.

Oh god, this is truly a dream come true.

“Oh you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment mia, to make you mine. Since the day I hired you, all I’ve wanted was to fuck your brains out. I have jerked off so many times looking at those short dresses you wore everyday. You like that, don’t you? You like torturing me with your body, right slut?”

I moaned, loving that he wanted me just as much as I wanted him. “Oh yes, yes master. I liked showing off my body to you to get your attention. I masturbated so many times imagining your cock inside me. Oh god, I’m such a dirty little slut. Fuck me master, fuck your whore.”

He growled, rubbing my clit furiously while thrusting his cock violently inside me. The feeling was beyond anything I had ever imagined in my dreams.

“That’s it slut. Tell me how much you desired it, tell me all of your fantasies.”

“Oh god, I love this master. I have imagined you fuck me in the elevator, infront of other co-workers, in the meeting, on the floor, everywhere. I love your cock inside me master, it feels fucking amazing.”

“Mhm, does it? Would you like me fucking you in the meeting infront of everyone? Does it turn you on?”

My climax was building as I dirty talked with him and I could feel he was close too as his hands now rested on hips, pulling me harder towards him.

“Oh yes, it turns me on so much. People would be jerking off all over me, I would be covered in cum, all my holes would be filled, ugh—fuck, fuck, fuck it feels so good!”

He moaned. “Such a dirty little slut you are mia, I love it. Fuck, I’m coming, do you want it, do you want my cum?”

“Oh yes, I would love to have your cum inside me. Fill my slutty pussy with your hot delicious semen. Cum for me master, oh god I’m coming too!”

He groaned, thrusting furiously inside me until I screamed his name as my climax took place and I could feel his as well as it exploded inside me. He groaned, resting his face on my belly as he took deep breaths while his throbbing cock still lay inside me.

I sighed in content, my fingers leaving the hold of the desk and wrapping it around his jet black hair.

“That was amazing master.”

He lifted his face and smiled softly at me. “I’m glad you liked it, my slut.”

I grinned. “Hm, but I feel like my asshole is still empty.”

His lips tugged upwards. “Then I guess as your master I should take care of that, huh?”

I nodded, licking my lips. “Yes please.”

And then he fucked my asshole, reminding me that I was his now and all I could think was that I should do overtime more often from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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