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Air Lock

Kelly sighed and walked down the starboard gangway towards the bridge. “Bloody midnight, on bloody watch and practically everybody still ashore at the barbeque. Bugger!” she thought to herself. She reached the bridge and was about to enter when she paused for a moment to listen to the almost complete silence surrounding the boat as it rocked gently against the wharf. The only sound that could be heard, apart from the waves gently lapping against the hull, was a strange sort of liquid slurping, the source of which wasn’t immediately obvious.

Until she noticed the shadows of two almost — but not quite — motionless figures through the opposite hatch of the bridge.

Paul, the first mate, was leaning back against the port taffrail, his uniform shorts puddled around his ankles. Kneeling in front of him, her head flashing backwards and forwards as she sucked on his cock, was Kate, the new stewardess, who had just joined the boat that morning.

Careful not to disturb the couple, she moved silently — but swiftly, so as not to miss any of the action — to the chartroom behind the bridge, from where she was pretty sure …. Yes, she had the perfect viewing angle.

Kate’s cheeks hollowed whenever she moved her mouth down and forward onto Paul’s rigid cock. She was sucking for all she was worth and it was evidently having the desired effect. Paul thrust his hips forward to meet every stroke of Kate’s hot little mouth. His face bore a fixed grimace as he struggled not to give vent to the sounds bottling up inside him, along with what felt like a subterranean Sakarya Escort river of hot cum working its way up from his balls.

It was difficult for him, since Kate obviously held a PhD in fellatio. She varied the length and speed of every stroke, running her tongue — with its piercing adding a whole new raft of sensation — around the head of Paul’s ample tool. Her close cropped dark brown hair, though moving with the motion of her head, did not obscure a clear view of Paul’s length disappearing and reappearing every second.

His cock glistened as it emerged on every backstroke, dripping copious amounts of saliva and precum onto the teak decking. To begin with Kate had used one hand to guide the cock into her warm, receptive mouth, but soon had to use it to balance herself in her squatting position as her other hand was busy finger fucking her bald, soaking wet pussy. On a couple of occasions she had balanced precariously in her squatting position and reached round Paul to pull his taught buttocks forward, thrusting his cock further inside her willing mouth.

Paul grabbed his cock, pulled it from Kate’s eager lips and slapped it across her face a couple of times.

“You want to keep your job, bitch? Suck me! Take this cock right down your slutty little throat.”

Kate obviously wanted the job in question. Looking up at Paul and with the sexiest smile imaginable, she engulfed his cock and drew it as far into her mouth as she could. She closed her eyes to concentrate and, gagging slightly, sucked the meat popsicle Sakarya Escort Bayan right to the back of her throat.

She stayed motionless for a moment as Paul’s powerful hands pulled her head onto the full length of his shaft. She bucked her head a couple of times and grunted as she felt the mushroom shaped head butt up against the back of her throat. She felt the head swelling even larger and could sense the heat in his shaft as his cum began to rise up. Paul began to facefuck her roughly — and she loved every filthy dirty second.

“I’ve got to make him scream,” she thought. She had bet Paul an extra day’s shore leave that he could not stay quiet through one of her blowjobs. “I’ve been sucking cock since I was 15,” she had said, “and I’ve never yet met the owner of a hard prick who doesn’t cry out when I make him cum.”

Slowly — tantalisingly slowly — she drew her mouth back off the cock jammed down it. She shifted her weight and, keeping the important hand busy deep inside her pussy, she used the other to grab Paul’s cock and leaned her head back to inspect it.

“Not the biggest I’ve ever seen, despite what he thinks of it,” she thought. “But a cock in the hand is worth two on the DVD.”

She grinned to herself, spat a mouthful of saliva onto the veined, pulsing shaft and went back to work. Grunting in time with her increasingly rapid strokes, she used her tongue stud to drive Paul insane as she ran it over the top of his cockhead. She wanked him fiercely into her mouth with increasing speed — Escort Sakarya but he still remained stoically silent, although there were involuntary little grunts coming from him as she used every ball-licking, cock-sucking, cum-swallowing talent she had to coax a sound from him.

She sensed he was close. His cock was quivering inside the hot tunnel her mouth offered him as it slid backwards and forwards across her lips. She tightened the grasp her lips had on it and applied every ounce of suction power she could. Finally, in a desperate Hail Mary manoeuvre, she ripped her fingers from her pussy, which was now literally pouring her cum onto the deck, reached between Paul’s splayed legs and unerringly slid one perfectly manicured finger up his arse.

“Jesus H. Christ on a fucking water buffalo,” Paul’s shout echoed across the water. Pulling out of Kate’s mouth, he pulled once on his shining cock and then, with a powerful heave of every muscle in his legs and buttocks, came in spades. Lightning fast jets of cum hit Kate on the forehead, chin and nose. One spurt hit her in the eye, another rope of cum decorated her hair and one that went almost sideways frightened the voyeuristic seagull off the taffrail.

Slowly jerking his cock to rid it of every last drop of cum that had worked its way up his thick veined shaft, Paul pushed it forward as Kate leaned down to lick it clean.

In the chartroom, Kelly bit her lip in frustration as she watched the aftermath of Paul and Kate’s midnight tryst. She was absolutely gagging for a pummelling right now, and had no method of easing the ache between her legs. Other than the obvious, that was.

“Fuck me sideways — the dirty little cow,” she whispered to herself. “I’m going to have to tell Pete this one on my booty phone call later. But first, back to the cabin and break out Dave the rabbit…..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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