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Ava Addams

Finally, I have you in my parlour, I think, watching you as the spider would a fly. You’ve voiced a million ways in which you think you’re not “my type” but you’re wrong. I know you don’t believe it, but you, Mircalla, are the most beautiful woman I have met in quite some time. You’re intelligent, witty and funny; kind and generous; forever teasing me with your shyness and innocence. Bewitching perhaps says it best, as I watch you sit demurely on the couch. I uncork the Rothschild, leaving it to breathe before pouring. I like that neither of us feels the need to speak, but it’s hard to fathom your thoughts when you so quickly avert your gaze.

“Are you okay?” I ask, handing you the glass before I sit down.

“Thank you,” you say, unaware that even the slightest touch of your fingers invokes the most delicious feeling. “Aren’t you having any?”

“I only drink water,” I reply. “Besides,” I add, leaning into so that my lips nearly brush against your ear. “I think you’re intoxicating enough.”

Your breath catches slightly and your cheeks redden. After everything we’ve already done you still blush like a virgin. It drives my cock insane.

“I’m fine,” you say, your polite English accent adding to the air of sweetness about you. “Just admiring your condo.”

We small talk for a while – travel, music, art – and I can not take my eyes off you, watching as your eyes shine or fade depending on how passionate you are about the subject. Every time our eyes meet, your gaze automatically falls to the floor before your lips curve with the smallest of smiles and each time makes it harder to keep the promise I made to myself – that I would wait for you to make the first move.

As you place your now empty glass on the table, I grab your hand and bring it to my lips, kissing it at first, before sucking on each of your fingers in turn. You watch, frozen and fascinated, as if no one has ever wanted to kiss every inch of you before.

I stand up, taking you with me and lead you into the bedroom. I’ve already filled it with candles, a compromise between your desire for darkness and mine to drag you into the light – I don’t want to share you, but I don’t care if everyone sees that you’re mine.

Our last two encounters were frenzied and passionate, this time, I’m determined to enjoy every part of you for as long as we can both stand it.


I place my hand behind your neck, pulling up your head and kissing you. Softly at first, light, lingering kisses that slowly give way to more passionate explorations as my hot tongue parts your lips and slips into your mouth. I suck on your tongue, licking the underneath before grazing my tongue against your teeth. You try to break the kiss, but I grip the back of your neck, holding you there to inhale your sweet, hot breath, as I stare into those innocently wild brown eyes.

I give you a moment, then kiss you again, gently biting and sucking your bottom lip, before moving across your jaw and along your throat. I linger here, kissing and biting your neck, sucking harder, leaving a mark before I trace my hot tongue down to your breasts. I can feel the heat of your skin, each anxious swallow as I kiss my way back up your neck, and I see a mixture of disappointment and Sinop Escort excitement in your eyes as I fail to take your breasts as you were expecting.

I love the feel of your fingers on my shoulders and arms, can feel them flexing as you fight the urge to push me back towards your gently heaving mounds. I let my fingers linger upon your shoulder, gently stroking along your arm, enjoying this chance to tease you, when it’s usually your sharp tongue that has me on the edge.

Deciding that I have denied myself the pleasure of touching the hot, sensitive globes you keep arching against me, I allow my hand to start caressing and squeezing your breasts. Every moan and whimper you make is fuel to my fire, and it causes the monster between my legs to twitch, spurring me to pounce and take my prey.

Instead, I continue to play with you, my fingers tracing the outline of your nipples followed by my hot tongue, repeating the movements until I can feel those tight little buds pressing hard and erect against my lips. I begin to suck on them lightly, and I feel your fingers tangling inside me hair, suddenly gripping fiercely as my teeth graze your nipples, biting gently before tugging at them with my mouth. The way you’re writhing against me is beautiful, sensual and intoxicating, and I wonder if I can make you cum, simply from continuing to play with your glorious breasts.

And they are glorious. I’ve noticed you look at other women, comparing, and deciding that yours are too small. Personally, I like that they’re not too big, that I can take each one in my hand and completely possess their roundness. I flick my tongue over each areole, alternating so that as I suck on one, my free hand squeezes and caresses the other. The deep flush of your arousal is reaching the very tips of your nipples, and once again, I gently tug on them with my teeth, delighting in your fervent moans. I take a long hard look at you, the frowning rapturous expression surrounding your closed eyes, the stiffness in your breasts, the tightness of your belly, your toes curling as you squeeze your legs together.

Well that won’t do, I think to myself, kissing your breasts as my hand reaches between your legs to kneed the soft flesh of your inner thighs. I begin to kiss my way across your stomach, occasionally nipping playfully at you and dragging my nails lightly across your legs. I deliberately hold myself above your pussy, openly enjoying the sight of your parted legs, tight little holes and the gleam of arousal in the candlelight. Such a powerful feeling to know that my touch caused this, that it’s my touch you crave above all else. I breathe carefully upon your hard little clit, delighting in the shivers it sends through you. I let out another breath and begin licking around your hot, sensitive mount, tracing my tongue up and down along the curve of your sex, until I taste the first sweet drops of nectar. You always respond so sweetly, shivering, arching, moaning and I’m sure most men could be undone so quickly by it.

But I’m not most men, and I refuse to satisfy my cock until I have satisfied all of my senses and driven yours mad.

I carefully bite and kiss the soft skin between your ass and your pussy, licking around your anus before Sinop Escort Bayan pushing your legs up onto my shoulders. I pull you down the bed, getting better purchase, able to probe your hidden parts more intimately and deeply. I suck upon your pussy lips, increasing the force every so slightly, feeling them swell, as I reach up once more squeezing your breasts and pinching your nipples more insistently with every movement. My tongue continues to flick across your clit and I feel you clenching beneath me. I suck harder, bringing you to the edge.

“Oh yes,” you start moaning. “Oh fuck, oh yes.”

No doubt you consider me cruel as I stop, reducing my movements to slow, feather-light administrations.

I hear you groan with wanton disappointment, and I’m bemused by your silence. I confess, that I’m not sure I could refuse you begging me to let you cum, or holding my head against your hot little slit, but you do neither, as though you have silently agreed to let me run the show.

I wait for your breathing to calm, and I briefly return to the head of the bed, wanting to look into those angelic eyes with the devilish glint. Those beautiful eyes that let me know you’re mine even if you won’t say it. Without warning, I slip a finger inside you, slowly inserting another, as I return to sucking and licking your clit, occasionally allowing my tongue to taste what my fingers are enjoying; and this time, as I feel you tense, arching and moaning as your hands grip at the back of my head, I push you to cum, coaxing your hot, sweet juices into my eager mouth.

Your breath is coming out in blissfully short gasps, and as I catch the slightly glassy look in your rye, I force myself to remember that you are not like any of the women I’ve been with before, that this is something more than simply fucking. I move up to stroke your hair, and grab a bottle of water from the bedside table.

“No, thanks. I’m okay,” you whisper, shaking your head.

“Drink it,” I say, twisting off the cap.

You frown, sigh and practically roll your eyes. I’ll be punishing you for that one, I think, the smirk visible on my face as you take a few sips of the ice cold liquid. There’s a look in your eye, as you hand the bottle back, that suggests you’re expecting to service me now, but that’s not quite what I had in mind, even though I can’t deny that your pursed lips would look amazing around the head of my cock. Instead, I kiss your neck, pushing you back into the pillows, playing with your breasts as I try to ensure you’re willing and wet, ready to be sent over the edge for a second time.

It takes a while for you to believe that I’m not going to push your head on my cock, but soon I feel your fingers on my shoulders and your sweet lips kissing against my jaw. Your touch is maddeningly delicate as it unintentionally skips across my chest and down across the muscles before hesitating just above my cock. I placed my hand over yours, and together, we press my thick hard cock between your pussy lips rubbing the slit in my cock on your clit. It twitches between us as you arch up beautifully.

“Keep your hand there. No need to move,” I tell you, reaching for another item from the bedside table. I’m playing nicely this Escort Sinop evening, so I try to warm the cool metal in my hands and mouth, licking it so that it might be lubed enough for me to push into your tight, little arsehole.

I feel you flinch, your grip on my cock tightening ever so slightly as you feel the metal pressing against that tight, untouched hole, but again, there is no protest. I gently push, until the plug is securely in place. You squirm slightly, and I allow you to adjust to the sudden fullness you’re feeling, kissing and kneading your breasts with the firm roughness I know you love.

Then you can feel my thick cock sink in to your your wetness, and it feels so heavenly and so hot, that it swells and grows inside you, forcing the walls of your tight wet cunt apart, as each long slow thrust, gets deeper and deeper each time. I pull you up, holding you, kissing you, making sure that when you open your eyes for long enough, you can see the spell you’ve placed upon me. Each kiss seems to become as deep as my thrusts, lasting just as long, and you nibble at my jaw when you’re trying to catch your breath. It’s exquisite, and oh god your mouth, and each kiss brings me closer to ruin.

The room is hot now, and heady with the scent of sex, of your sweet, hot scent and like an animal, I feel consumed with the desire to take and possess you. As if you can sense that my intentions have changed, your pussy begins to grab me tighter, and my cock is beginning to feel so thick and hard inside you that I briefly consider that I might tear you apart. Your pussy is gripping me so tightly that I don’t think I could pull out if for even a second I thought that I should.

As one hand supports your back, I allow the other to clutch at your ass cheeks, and I can feel your tight little ass hole puckering around your new toy, drawing it inside you as deeply as my cock. My movements become less considerate and deliberate as I begin to pound at your tight, wet pussy, fucking you so hard that your ass is bouncing up and down on the bed, and no matter what I give, you take every inch with desperate, excited moans of arousal.

I kiss my way up from your breasts to your ear, and whisper “Cum for me babe, cum on my big, hard thick cock”. I lick and bite at your neck as you continue to grind against me and I wonder if you heard me. “Cum baby,” I’m moaning against your ear. “Cum on my cock, please babe, cum on me.”

It doesn’t seem possible that your pussy could get any tighter, but it squeezes and clenches around my cock as your head flies backwards, exposing every inch of your throat and practically lifting your breasts up to my lips, one hand digging with delicious cruelty into my back as the other desperately grips the sheets as you scream a torrent of “oh gods”, “fucks” and the one sentence that finally undoes me “oh yes, fuck yes, oh Patrick, fuck me.”

A grunting moan falls from my lips practically becoming a roar as my cock spews a huge load of thick, hot cum into your tightly quivering pussy.

I wrap my arms around you and bring us both down against the bed, pushing your hair away from your face, as we breathe into one another.

“Is that all you’ve got?” you whisper, kissing along my jaw as you reach for the water. In your haste to drink, some of the water escapes and falls onto your breasts and stomach.

“Be careful what you wish for darling,” I drawl, licking at the water on your body before taking the bottle from your hands. “Coz I’m just getting started.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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