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Alexis Texas

Chapter 2.

Missy visits Uncle Fred.

Enjoy and please vote and reply. I will answer all if you give your email. Also I’m always interested in your story ideas.

Uncle Fred is my deceased father’s older brother. He has helped Mom out over the years financially and Mom helps him release tension when he visits. Ya. She fucks and sucks him like horny slut.

The last time I saw him was about 4 years ago. I was too young but I remember thinking how he looked so good with his trimmed beard and smelling of pipe tobacco.

Now I get to visit him my aunt rose and cousins Brian and Sam. Uncle Fred is a partner in his law firm and writes contracts for the star hopefuls in LA.

I wore a cute polyester midi sun dress that clings to my firm tits and rides up to show my lace panties when I sit. My wedgie sandals show my muscular calves and legs.

Waiting to board. I noticed a gentleman checking me out when his wife elbowed him. I smiled and sat beside him. Brushing my tit against his arm. Pretending to talk on my phone. How the guy beside me wasn’t that attractive but I would give him the sloppiest dirtiest blow job. I want him to think of me every time he fucks his insecure wife.

I mentioned I was going to the washroom and hoped he would follow. I might even beg him to fuck me like a dog, which I am sure his ugly fat wife doesn’t do. Put my phone away. Stood up. Dropped my hand bag. Knelt down to pick it up exposing my now wet panties. Smiled and winked knowing he overheard my sexy voice on the phone.

Waiting outside the washroom. Sure enough he came up almost drooling. I took his hand and took him to the woman’s washroom. He looked around nervously as I undid his pants took his hard cock out. Wow! It was beautiful. 8.5″ and what a girth. Did not expect that from an overweight slob.

I slid my dress down so he could play with my tits as I spit on my hand and began jerking him sliding down to take him in my mouth. Licking his shaft and massaging heavy ball sack. Looking up at him with my big blue eyes, taking his cock deep. Gagging and spitting as it pressed against my throat. Up and down fast. Spit running down my chin onto my tits and his hands as he squeezed and pulled my hard nipples. One hand fucking my wet cunt the other jerking his cock.

“Cum for me. Cum on my face tits and dress. Give it to me now.”

I took the swollen head in my mouth and sucked hard as I felt his cum rising up from his tight anadolu yakası escort balls. The first blast hit my throat, filled my mouth as I choked. I couldn’t swallow fast enough as the next warm thick shot hit me on my chin dripping down my tits and he kept cumming like a volcano erupting covering my hand.

The feel of his hot cum on my body and hand made me cum over my other hand. I licked his cum running down his throbbing shaft and took the last of his sweet salty cum from his shrinking cock.

Wiped his cock off on my dress as I like to do. Let him taste my sweet 19 year old cunt off my hand and fingers. Slipped my panties off and put them in his pocket for a souvenir. Pulled my dress up over my cum covered titties. Walked out with my dress clinging to my cum saturated tits and cum stains on the short dress. Smiled at his wife as she frowned seeing me.

When we landed. I went and changed to my leather skirt thigh high stockings, pink satin blouse and my red bra and satin panties. I seldom wear a bra but when I do, I wear a cup size smaller so my tits look bigger pushing to try and stay concealed. I do enough buttons up to show my increased cleavage. The zipper down the middle of my mid thigh skirt is undone a little from the bottom to allow crossing and uncrossing of my legs and can be undone for a quick fuck.

I walked through the glass doors of Uncle Fred’s office. His receptionist seemed to be preoccupied as I walked up to her desk.

“Hello. I’m Missy. Fred Bennett is my uncle.”

Startled she jumped obviously surprised. After a moment she regained her composure and smiled.

“Oh yes he has been expecting you. Unfortunately he is in a budget meeting with the other partners. They always go late. I’m to make you comfortable until they are finished. I was waiting for you so I can lock up.”

Wow! What a goddess. As she stood up her long bronze legs were evident with her short skirt and belt around her thin waist only helped to accentuate her tits. A little bigger than mine. She came around the desk. She held out her perfectly manicured hand and introduced herself as Ann.

As Ann walked ahead of me to lock the door. Her tight skirt hugged her firm bubble but and her long black hair hung to her waist. I’m usually not into girls unless it’s a threesome but I was horny and I obviously ruined her orgasm. It would be a good warm up before getting fucked ataşehir escort by Uncle Fred.

“Is that you Missy?”

I turned and there was Uncle Fred. Looking as sexy and hot as I remembered. I hurried over and gave him a full body hug. Pressing my hot horny body tight against him. The smell of his pipe and his muscular body pushing against me, made me want to open my legs and have him fuck me right there.

“Look at you all grown up.”

“I am a dirty nasty grown up girl and I want to give you the sloppiest blow job you ever had, before bending over and taking your cock deep in my 19 year old tight cunt.” Stepping back and letting him get a good view of my cleavage.

“Whoa! Hold on there. You are my niece and that would be incest.”

“You say no. But I see the bulge in your pants. Besides I don’t want to have your children. I just want to feel your cock and taste your cum. You know you want to. My brother objected at first too. He gave me the best orgasm. Knowing Mom could catch us at any moment.”

Taking his hand and walking toward his office. Motioning Ann to follow. She stepped up right away to catch up. I wasn’t sure if she was submissive or just horny. Time would tell.

In the office. I sat Uncle Fred down on leather couch. Undid my skirt and let it fall to my ankles. Slid my moist panties down and handed them to him.

“This is so wrong and I’m going straight to hell.” Sniffing my panties.

“Maybe but you are going to taste heaven first.” Giving Ann a passionate kiss on the lips.

She responded by slipping her tongue in my mouth and kissing me back. I undid the zipper of her dress pulling it down exposing those beautiful tits. Licked her nipples. Turned around. Laid on the floor. Spreading my legs with my knees up so Uncle Fred could get a good view of my horny cunt.

Ann followed me down. Licking my inner thigh. Teasing with her tongue. Her white thong wet already inches from my willing mouth. Sliding them down to her knees and nibbling up her leg while gently rubbing her trimmed fuck hole.

I arched up as Ann touched my clit with her warm tongue. Increasing pressure with every lick. I responded in kind matching her slurp for slurp. We both glazed our faces with each others cum.

I winked at her and crawled over to Uncle Fred who was massaging his dick through his pants. I had his hard cock out by the time she got there. We gave aydınlı escort him a double blow job. Sharing his precum when we got to the tip. I told her to sit on his desk and finger her cunt while Uncle Fred fucks me. Obediently she did as she was told.

I stood up. Knelt on the couch, sticking my firm ass up and fingered my hot tight cunt.

“Fuck my 19 year old cunt Uncle Fred.” I begged. Grinding on my wet fingers in anticipation.

He stood up. Throbbing prick dripping pre cum and ran it up and down my cunt lips. Moaning I thrust back into him as he lunged into me. My silky smooth snatch. His prick stretched my tiny hole like never before. Involuntarily I began rocking back and forth as he plunged into slowly at first. The sound of his balls slapping against my cum button in unison with me screaming fuck me harder.

“Don’t cum inside me. I want it on my face and tits. Cum stain my blouse. Make me dirty. Please cum on my face.” I begged.

Just then he put three fingers in my mouth for me to soak with my drool. Put the middle one in my ass followed by his index finger. Fucking my ass with his fingers and my tiny slut hole with his enormous plunger. I came harder than ever before.

“Clean your ass off my fingers dirty girl.” Sticking them deep in my pie hole.

Slurping and sucking. I noticed Ann had come beside me hoping for a turn. I shook my head at her. She frowned and went back to the desk and fucked herself again. Definitely a sub. Uncle Fred began probing my ass with the bulbous head of his ram rod.

“My God it’s too big.” I wailed as he gently penetrated stretching it as he pushed.

Whimpering but not wanting him to stop. I pushed back trying to relax my sphincter so it wouldn’t hurt so much. Nobody has ever fucked my ass before. The pain went away and an indescribable feeling of pleasure took me over.

My juices were flowing uncontrollably down my leg as my body vibrated as if I was having a seizure. Then he pulled out turned me around and blasted my face with a stream of cum.

Another rope of cum land in my mouth on my chin and it kept cumming covering my face until it dribbled to a stop soaking my blouse. I sucked him til he shrank.

I motioned Ann to come and clean the cum off my face and spit it in my mouth. She cleaned my face tits and dropped it all in my mouth. I savored the taste rolling it around my mouth and swallowing.

“You can fuck him anytime. I only have a few days. Uncle Fred let’s get dressed. I can’t wait to get home see the boys and Aunt Rose.Maybe we can have a family gang bang. Make me a three hole dirty girl. Maybe Aunt Rose likes dirty 19 year old girls. Make me a family fuck toy.”

“Well she hasn’t been interested in me for about a year. Thank God for Ann.” Uncle Fred replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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