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As John lays there entangled with his daughter Kimberly when his other daughter stands up and drops her nightgown to the floor. Like her sister, she has a mistletoe hanging just above her pussy.

John’s wife Cassie smiles at him and says, “You didn’t think Kimberly was your only present, did you?”

His cock has no misgivings and it immediately hardens again. Jessica slides down next to them and reaches out to fondle Kimberly’s exposed breasts. She leans into her and begins to kiss her passionately. The girls’ tongues dance across each other’s lips and each takes a turn sucking the lips of the other into her mouth. John’s cock begins to throb even harder.

Kimberly pulls away from Jessica’s mouth and nods toward her father. “Don’t forget about Daddy,” she says.

Jessica smiles at him. At eighteen, she is slightly more developed than Kimberly and her naked breasts jiggle and sway slightly with her movements. She continues to smile at her father as John stares at his daughter. She grabs his face and pulls it down to hers and kisses him as passionately as she did Kimberly. The feel of her erect nipples on his chest is intoxicating as her probing tongue in his mouth.

John’s mind races with all that is happening. He’s already had his one daughter, now he is having the other. She kisses his nipples and circles her tongue around them, teasing and pulling with her lips. She continues downward along his body. His fully hardened cock pokes and prods her as she makes a trail of her kisses toward his waist.

“I’m guessing your mother taught you a few things a well,” he says.

Jessica nods as she moves to position herself over her sister’s waiting mouth. John feels his pulse beating in his cock and in his throat. He has never been this hard before.

As Kimberly begins to gently nuzzle her face into Jessica’s moistening pussy, her sister reaches and places her hands around John’s hips. She pulls him toward her opened mouth, licking her lips in anticipation of her first oral contact with his cockhead. She encircles his shaft, her fingers run softly over his shaft. She leans into her father, her tongue slightly beyond her lips and opens her mouth to receive him. John thrusts forward a bit and she presses her lips onto his cockhead and warmly slides her mouth around. The warmth and wetness that engulfs him sends a shudder throughout his body.

She sucks him deeply into her throat and grips him tightly with her lips as she slides out toward his cockhead. She continues to stroke him with her hand and moans around his cock as she pauses before plunging to the hilt again. Below her, Kimberly continues to massage her own clit erenköy escort and slurps at the plentiful juices running out of Jessica’s throbbing pussy.

They rock together, the sounds of grunts, slurps and moans fill the room as Cassie sits back watching on. Jessica slows her sucking on her father’s cock and begins to ride Kimberly’s face, grinding her clit downward as her body shudders and an intense expression crosses her face. She pulls from John’s cockhead and lets him fall from her mouth. She holds her mouth open, still pumping him with her hand. Her eyes close as the first wave of tremors shake her body, then another. She tenses herself and arches her back as her orgasm sweeps through her. Her perfect, young breasts stand straight out and bounce as she continues to face fuck Kimberly.

“Oh fuck,” she hisses through gritted teeth. When she recovers a nit from her climax, she smiles up at her father and says, “This is fucking awesome.”

With that, she lifts her pussy from Kimberly’s face and turns around, placing her knees against Kimberly’s shoulders. She pulls her father by his cock as she leans forward, aiming her mouth toward Kimberly’s dripping pussy below. John kneels between her spread legs, his cock bounces against her ass. Pussy juices ooze from her puffy pussy lips as he positions himself to take her virgin pussy.

When his cock makes contact, he pauses. Then with one thrust he buries himself inside his daughter’s virgin pussy. The feel of her pussy gripping and milking him is incredible. She moans loudly as he pushes through and rams the back of her insides. Kimberly begins to lick his balls as they say with his fucking just above her face.

Jessica rocks into his thrust, meeting him with an audible slap each time they come together. Jessica moans into Kimberly’s pussy, even as Kimberly lips and tongue makes smacking noises around his balls. Jessica moves back to her sister’s clit, sucking it into her mouth. She makes circular motions around her clit, between her lips as John continues to pound into her hot, velvety wetness of her pussy.

Looking down their father watches his cock pistoning in and out of his daughter’s pussy and the movement of Kimberly’s face below her. He places his thumb lightly against Jessica’s asshole and begins to trace soft circles over it. He applies pressure and Jessica groans loudly. Kimberly laps hungrily at his balls and then she goes rigid as an orgasm tears through her lithe eighteen year old body. She grips his balls with her lips and moans loudly as her sister continues to suckle her clit. With Kimberly’s moans and thrashing beneath gebze escort us, John feels his own orgasm building. The heat in his groin and the spastic thrusts of his hips become more intense as the slap of his thighs impact Jessica’s perfect ass.

In a matter of seconds he is shooting long hot spurts into his daughter’s hungry pussy. He watches as his cum begins to seep from her pussy and around his still pumping cock. Before he finishes unloading into her, Jessica erupts in an orgasm of her own. She clamps down tightly on his cock, the wet walls of her pussy tight around him. She thrusts her hips backward into him as he hammers into her, still shooting streams of cum into her depths.

John rocks backward onto his heels and watches as his softening cock slowly pops out of his daughter’s pussy. His cum is overflowing and begins to run down her thighs and a small stream drip toward Kimberly’s face below. Seeing the stream, Kimberly raises her face to Jessica’s pussy and begins to suck her father’s cum from her sister’s pussy.

“Don’t eat it all,” Jessica tells her sister. “I want some of Daddy’s cum too.”

Kimberly gives a final probe with her tongue. As she pulls away, a string of his cum mixed with Jessica’s juices slips out and falls on her chin. Her face is covered with the creamy mixture along with her mouth. Jessica raises herself off of Kimberly and sits on her ass, leaning back onto her elbows. Kimberly kneels on her knees at her sister’s side and leans forward over her upturned face. Kimberly slowly pushes out the mixture of cum and pussy juice slowly out into her sister’s open mouth.

John’s cock instantly begins to swell and throb again. Kimberly swallows what remains in her mouth, licking her lips and wiping her face with her hand. Jessica swallows part of the cum and begins playing with her breasts. John pulls gently on her hardened nipples and rolls her breasts in his hands. Jessica reaches out and pulls her father’s face to hers and opens her mouth. He leans into her and their lips press together in a passionate kiss. The collected fluids she holds in her mouth are transferred to her father’s by the push of her tongue. They swish it back and forth, each taking a portion until it finally is all gone. He feels a sudden surge in his throbbing cock at that moment.

Jessica leans forward and takes her sister’s hand and together they get up and walk over to the love seat. They lean over the edge of it, lifting their asses slightly in the air. John looks over to his wife and she has the biggest smile ever. John positions himself behind Kimberly and reaches down to her dripping pussy göztepe escort and inserts a finger slowly. She rises against him and moans, “Fuck me again Daddy.”

John removes his finger and runs t across his lips. He turns to Kimberly’s waiting pussy and presses his swollen cockhead against her opening. He thrusts in and begins rocking her as she rocks back against him. The thrusts increase and they are soon fucking wildly. Kimberly is soon squealing as she reaches another climax. She bucks her hips against her father’s, milking him. Jessica reaches over and begins to rub her fingertip against her father’s asshole, inserting just the tip slightly as he pounds into her sister.

As Kimberly’s latest orgasm begins to subside, she slumps against the love seat; a little whimper escapes her lips. Jessica positions her ass at the proper height for her father and cries, Come on Daddy, I want you inside me!”

Stepping away from Kimberly, he moves toward his other daughter’s lifted ass and positions his wet cock at the little round opening of her ass. He places his cockhead against her and she shudders slightly in anticipation. Between her already drenched pussy and his glistening cock, the initial push of his hips begins to gently open her. She cries out and winches slightly.

John feels her expand to accept his cock as he presses forward gently. Eventually, his hips encounter her as cheeks, bottoming out at last. He stops and waits, knowing that Jessica has to get used to the sudden intrusion.

After a few moments she cries out, “Fuck me now Daddy!”

Slowly, he begins to withdraw, bringing his cock to the very tip before slipping back inside her. She groans and begins to writhe with him. They fall into a rhythm, the now familiar slap of flesh loud inside the living room.

Their father is surprised when Kimberly places her finger against his asshole suddenly, and even more when she gently pushes her way inside, going to the knuckle in one smooth push. This adds sensation and another orgasm begins to build in his balls. As Kimberly works her hand back and forth in sync with his thrusts into her sister’s ass, he feels the final eruption begin to build. His thrusts increase in intensity as the rush of climax floods through him. Jessica begins to pant and grunt each time their thigh comes together.

“Oh Daddy!” she cries. “It feels so fucking good!”

John’s own orgasm is immediate. His cum surges up and out, firing deep into his daughter’s bowels. The feeling is intense. He pounds Jessica’s ass several more time, before burying his cock as deeply as he can go. They stay connected to each other for a couple of minutes. Kimberly’s finger slips out of his ass just as his softening cock slips from Jessica’s.

“Merry Christmas girls,” he says breathing heavily.

As they lay exhausted on the love seat, Cassie stands up and walks out of the room. “Merry Christmas, John. I hope you can handle these girls more often.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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