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Someone asked me to put names to the characters in this story because it reminder him of his mom and their love for each other. So I did, Mom is Louise and her son’s name is Bud. The daughter’s name is Barbara.

Barbara was out tonight going to a concert and then spending the night at a girl fiend’s house. So Louise(mom) and Bud(son)had the house all to themselves. They had already fucked once before and then made love this time until they were drained and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

During the night Louise’s son woke up and had to pee. Bud slipped out of bed and did his business. He came back to the bed side and looked down at his beautiful mother and sighed. She had both breasts exposed over the covers. “So beautiful.” He said to himself. Bud was hooked on her breasts, they were like a drug to him.

As the light from the full moon came into the room from the open window, it shown down over her face and upper body. Bud could see hall of his mother’s full round firm breasts and the dark thick nipples. God, how he loved to hold those breasts and play with them. And, those dark thick nipples; how he loved to nurse on. He rubbed his cock a few times watching those big tits rise and fall with his mother’s breathing.

Bud was so happy, so glad his mom had decided to give him her body, all of her body. He loved Louise deeply. Deeper than he had ever loved anyone or thing in his life. It had made him so happy that they had finally done the entire sex thing. Having sex with his mom was the ultimate thrill in his young life so far.

Bud slid into bed and rested laying on his back. He put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. As he laid there still fully nude, all he could think of was what had happened between them this night and what would happened in the morning.

Would his mom want to do it all again? Would she get him hard and suck him? Would she let him explore her body? Would she push her pussy into him mouth. Would she tell him to suck on her clit to achieve an orgasm, for her? Would she let him fuck her again? So many questions ran in and out of Bud’s young brain. Would she still think it was OK in the morning? God he hoped so.

As Bud laid there, Louise rolled over on to her side. He felt her move and looked over at her. He saw her looking at him. She smiled and touched him on his cheek asked: “You OK sweetie? I heard you get up.”

“Yea mom I had to pee that’s all.” He relied.

Louise wiggled forward a little until she could touch his lips with her own. Her soft breast touched his side. She kissed him gently and softly. “I love you baby.” She said.

As they lay there, their mouth inches from each other, Bud felt his mom’s lips glide over his again and again kissing him gently. Louise’s tongue licked his lips and they shared tongues while they continued to kiss. It was an easy and gentle way of showing their love for each other.

Then Bud felt his mother’s hand move and slide slowly and very gently over his hip down over his pelvis and touch his pubic hair. She teased him a little by moving her fingers close to his cock and just touching the top of his soft shaft before moving it back around the hair.

Bud waited and waited for her to hold his cock and play with it. Finally he felt Louise move her hand over the soft cock shaft and circle the head of his cock. She lifted it up and held it making him moan softly. He began to grow hard in her hand. He sighed again as she gently played with it.

As she held it she felt it thickening and growing harder as she slowly massaged it. It jumped a little. “Mummm that feels so nice baby. Mom loves to feel your cock growing hard and jumping with excitement. Can I get you hard again?” Louise asked him.

She kissed him again and slowly stroked him deflated but growing cock using two fingers around and just under the head. “Do you like mommy to touch you Buddy?” She asked, knowing he did.

“Oh God yes mom! Your hand feels so good.” Buddy replied.

“Then stay still baby and just lay there and let momma please you again.” She whispered in his ear as she stroked him.

She kissed and shared her tongue with him as her fingers worked their magic and within in a minute or so Bud’s cock began to get much bigger and harder. “Oh mom that feels so good. Are we going to make love again? Are you going to let me fuck you again? He asked her.

“Yes baby. As soon as you are hard enough I’m going to put this beautiful young cock inside me again and you are going to fuck me again. Is that what you want to do Buddy? Do you want to give bonus veren siteler your momma your cum again. Want to pump it into me again Buddy?” She asked as she kissed him and licked around his ear. as her hand never stopped.

His cock jumped again in her hand hearing her words. As it grew she used three fingers now and then needed a four because it was getting bigger and so much harder. And, then her entire hand was needed to stroke and please his hard throbbing cock shaft. Pumping it was so much fun for both of them. Feeling it grow harder with each second that past made Louise’s pussy wet.

Louise’s pussy was drenched in anticipation of receiving her boy’s hard young cock again. She moved closer to her son and then moved up a little and put her tit at his mouth. She told Bud to suck on her breast. He did as he was told and the nipple was pushed hard and deep into his mouth.

Bud used both hands to hold the tit as he nursed on her. She rubbed her wet cunt on his thigh moving up and down stimulating her clit. Bud could feel her wetness.

Faster and faster Mary pumped her hand on her son’s cock. Harder and harder Bud sucked on her nipple. Faster and faster Louise rubbed her clit on her son’s thigh. It was all good for both of them.

Buddy’s cock was very hard now and sticking straight up in the air. Louise smiled at her son and asked: “How does it feel Buddy? Are you ready for momma’s pussy baby?”

“Oh mom!” Buddy moaned out at her.

Louise smiled and moved over her boy’s young strong hard body. She straddled his thighs and took his cock in her hand. Buddy cupped her tits as she guide his dick to her wet open cunt hole. The head was centered between her open pussy lips and she slowly sank down on it as she told her boy to lift his hips.

Bud obeyed and arched his hips up pushing his young hard cock up inside his mother’s hole. “YES baby! That’s it. Push it into me hard baby! Now fuck me.” She hissed, in a deep lustful voice, as she looked down at him.

Bud began to lift and lower his hips, lift and lower his hips, again and again as his drove his hard young cock up into his mother’s pussy. She rode him and bounced on him as he fucked her.

Harder and faster Buddy began to move his hips. Like a piston he drove his cock into his mother’s cunt hole again and again and again. He was really inexperienced but somehow he knew Louise wanted it and need it hard and fast this time.

“Yes!” She cried out as he rammed into her as fast as he could go. “God yes,, fuck me baby! Fuck momma!” She moaned out as she fucked him back now squeezed her pussy around her son’s hard dick.

They went at each other now like animals. The lust and sexual need for both of them was peeking and each wanted to make the other one cum. As they moved together now the feeling was so great neither could hold off for very long.

Buddy moaned and arched his hips up hard. Mom slammed down on his cock taking it as deep as she could get it inside her pussy. OH GOD Baby! I’m cumming” She moaned out.

Buddy didn’t hear her he felt her lock her cunt around his dick, and began to pump his cum deep into her pussy. Using his strong arms, he held her down on top of him and rammed his hard cock into her body one last time. His release was so powerful it almost made it hurt, it was so good.

A flood of cum entered his mother cunt and filled her completely. Louise was almost going insane from the feeling of her son fucking her like he was did! “Oh fuck baby It’s so good, so good.” She told him as he held her tightly down on top of him.

She held his face in her hands and kissed it again and again and again as they both reached their peak. They stayed hung up in the air as Bud kept them both off the mattress with his hips elevated and his dick deep inside his mother’s cunt. Their lips locked tougher as they peaked together.

After a while he slowly lowered them down on the bed again. They both began to clam down. This time Louise had reached an orgasm. Her son had given her a strong, hard and long pleasing climax. It was a good one.

Louise was thinking: “It can only get better now. With more practice Bubby will get better with each period of training I give him. And I plan to give him more training every damn day and night. I love that boy’s cock.

They held each other and slowly recovered as they kissed and stroked each other face. “I love you Buddy. Momma loves you so very much.” She said.

“Oh God mom I love you too! So much, I love you so much.” Buddy whispered back as bahis he kept holding her down on top of him like he never wanted this to end. He didn’t!

They again sort of fell asleep together with her on top, resting belly to belly. Finally Bud’s young cock slipped out of his mother’s pussy and rested under him. Both his and her cum began to leak out of his mother pussy. It ran over his balls an soft cock shaft and pooled under him.

Louise felt the wetness first and rolled off of her son, cupped her pussy with both of her hands and hurried to the bathroom. “I’ll be right back baby. Momma’s got to clean up a little.” She told him.

As Louise got up off the bed so did Bud. He walked behind her as she hurried to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and began to peed and let the cum run out of her pussy. Bud came in and sat on the bath tub and watched as she did it. The night light was on and he could see down between her open thighs. His mother looked at him and asked: “Are you interested in pee play too Buddy?”

“No mom I wanted to watch you pee and clean yourself up. This is all new to me.” He told her.

“Then turn on the light and watch.” She replied.

Bud turned on the bath room light and Louise opened her tights wider as she sat on the toilet. She let her son see what she was doing as she wiped her self cleaning the cum away and patted her pussy dry. “I never get all of the cum out Buddy you just pump to much into me, and so deep too.” She told him.

“But it will at least keep all of it from running all over the bed. That is unless you want to sleep in the cold wet spot.” She continued.

Buddy was watching her wipe and spread her pussy open so she could get into her hole and removed the cum. He said: “You know mom I could do that for you. I love touching you down there.”

Mary smiled and told him next time they fucked and he came in her pussy she would let him do it. Perhaps he could even lick her and clean her. Bobby didn’t say anything but wondered what their combined cum would taste like?

“OK mom I would do that for you too, no problem. I would do anything for you, anything.” He said as he smiled and she smiled back at him.

“Then later today when we wake up again you can try it and see if you like it.” She told him.

Mom finished and then took her son’s cum cover slimy soft cock in her hand and washed his shaft, cock head and balls with her hands and a wash cloth. As she did he again watched her do it and sighed. God how he loved her! He would do anything she wanted, anything.

His mom was now keeling on the bathroom rug wiping his cock. Louise knew he loved looking at her body. Louise looked up at her beautiful young son and smiled as she saw his cock begin to grow slightly harder again “Does this thing ever stay soft of very long?”

Bud just shrugged his shoulders and watched as his mom kept cleaning and stroking him. “It’s never soft when you touch it mom. Especially when you are nude like now.” He told her.

He tried to reach down and cup her tits with his hands but just couldn’t reach them like he wanted. So he sat there on the edge of the tub just letting his mother jerk him off as she had finished cleaning him. She was done cleaning it but Louise was still stroking him.

“Want mommy to suck it a little bit for you Buddy?” she asked.

“Yes”, was all he could say as he saw his mother open her mouth and take his cock head in and started to suck on it. “God mom that feels amazing.”

She looked up into his eyes and a smiled formed around his cock as her mouth never stop sucking. Her hand was stroking his shaft as the other hand was cupping his balls massaging them too.

It didn’t take very long before Bud realized he was almost there. “Going to cum mom.” He warned her.

But Louise didn’t care she sucked harder and stoked faster. In a few seconds Buddy arched his back and pushed his cock into her mouth. She used her hand to push his cock shaft’s fore skin back and make his cock head as hard and as sensitive as it could get. Then she sucked the head as hard as she could. Mouise’s cheeks caved in as she sucked.

Bud grabbed her head and held it as she sucked. Then he cried out as he exploded and another large amount of cum began to pump into her mouth this time. Bud almost screamed: “Suck mom!! SUCK IT!! OH fuck suck me. Don’t stop, please don’t stop! OH GOD! YES! YES! YES!”

Bud moaned and moaned as he erupted and emptied his balls flooding his mother mouth with his cum. Louise just drank it down and smiled as she wiped her deneme bonusu lips.

When it was over Bud sat up. His mom sat between his legs still stroking his deflating cock. She had drained him this time. “Was it good baby?” She asked smiling and knowing it was.

Bud couldn’t speak he just shook his head yes. “Then come and shower with me then we can go back to bed sweetie it’s late.” She said.

Standing in the warm water they held each other and let the water run over their bodies. Kissing and gently touching each other her son told her: “You’re so beautiful mom, so beautiful. I love touching you and kissing.”

Louise looked into her son’s eyes and used her hand to reach under his balls. She cupped his entire soft cock and balls in the palm of her hand. Buddy was completely soft and she lifted his big balls raising his soft cock shaft with them.

“I’m going to show you how to use these the best way possible to please a woman. We’ll practice more and more Buddy, and you will become so good.” She smiled as she held his cock and balls in her hand.

Louise smiled into her son’s eyes as she gently held his balls in her hand and squeeze them gently. She could feel the weight of Bud’s balls and shaft. He was heavy, and she knew he loved her hand around his cock. She said: “I love your young balls and cock Buddy. They’re so big and heavy! You’re just so beautiful. I love holding them and loving you and making you happy.”

“Oh mom I love you so much.” Bud said as she played with his balls.

Louise looked at her son and removed her hand from his cock. Then she put both of her hands on his shoulders. He looked into her eyes and kissed her. When their lips separated Louise pushed down on her son’s shoulders a little and told him: “Go down on me sweetie. Lick my pussy. I need to cum one last time before we go back to sleep.”

Buddy dropped to his knees immediately and Louise spread her legs as wide as she could in the tub. As her son placed his mouth over her pussy she squatted a little. He went to work licking and sucking on her sex as she held his head against her cunt.

Louise slowly began to fuck her son’s mouth as Buddy loved her pussy. His mind and heart was full of love as he pleased her and made her cum. That’s all he could think of now, making his mother cum. He wanted to please his mother and would stay down on his knees with his mouth on his mom’s pussy licking and sucking it until she pulled him back up to her.

Louise held her son’s head and rocked on his face as she felt her boy shove his tongue as deep into her pussy hole. “Use your fingers too baby!” She told him.

Buddy moved two fingers into her hole and began to fuck her with them. His tongue was inside her hole too licking her wetness as he fingered her.

“Yes, that’s it baby! Keep going! I’m almost there.” She said.

Buddy loved her pussy and gave her his best effort to make her moan from time to time. Then she held his head tighter and shoved her cunt hard into his face as she reached and released her orgasm. It was stunningly good.

Louise humped and humped and humped her pussy against her son’s face as his fingers flew in and out of her cunt. “My clit Buddy! Suck my clit! Suck it NOW!” she yelled.

And Bud did it. She fucked his fingers and face as Buddy sucked her hard red clit driving his mother over the edge again and she came again and then she came again after that. She couldn’t stop cumming. Her son was giving her back to back to back orgasms and each one almost drove her crazy.

Finally she became to sensitive and had to stop her boy from sucking on her clit. She grabbed his face and pulled him up off his knees and up to her face. She wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly.

She kept kissing him so hard he could taste blood. She just held her son as she shook and shivered recovering from many orgasms. Buddy was getting so much better at eating pussy now. Her son held her so she wouldn’t fall. She went limp a few times as she recovered.

Finally, Buddy helped her out of the shower and dried her off. Again paying attention to her tits and pussy. “Oh God Buddy that was so good.” His mother told him. Buddy smiled.

He took her hand and mom and son walked together back into the bedroom. They got into bed and both laid on their backs. Nothing was said. Louise closed her eyes and sighed as she put a arm over her eyes. Buddy rolled over on his side and just looked at his mother.

She was resting, eyes close, a small smile formed on her lips. Buddy slid an arm under her head and pulled her closer. The bed sheet was again below her magnificent breasts. How lovely she looked resting there next to him. He loved her so very much. He just watched those big breasts rise and fall. her tits were like a drug to him and again he reached for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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