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During the night I woke twice. The first time I had a sleepy erection that was nice and stiff and since I was sheathed up inside my mother’s pussy while we spooned each other, I merely rocked my hips and bucked; slowly fucking her while my grandmother spooned me from behind rubbing my rump and balls while she kissed the back of my neck. Mom woke after a few strokes to find me fucking her and she pushed her ass up against me, matching my sleepy fuck-strokes with fuck-strokes of her own. I came inside my mother’s pussy and we drifted off to sleep again.

The second time I awoke, – my mother was the cause! I had another hard-on up inside her well-plowed cunt and she milked me back to consciousness with gentle rocking from her hips. After a few minutes I heard Mom let out a quiet UUUUNNNHHH into her pillow so as to not wake Grandma (out of curtesy this time). Mom shook and quaked a little and I came again up inside her pussy and then we both settled down and drifted back to sleep while Grandma slept soundly behind me, her arm wrapped around my tummy in a loose spoon and her gray bushy pubic mound brushing against my butt.

When the sun broke over the horizon and shot shafts of light across the valley through the window, it hit me in the eyes and awoke to the pleasing sensation of my grandmother kissing my back and the nape of my neck. She was tracing my backbone with little swirls of her tongue and making little nips and nibbles of her lips and teeth upon my spine. Morning sex is nice like that. Sleepy and wonderful and gentle, right until you turn it into a sweaty screaming slobbering swearing heap of all-out ANIMAL RUTTING – which the three of us did!

I fucked and shagged Grandma’s pussy while Mom sat atop her face for a few minutes, then I flipped Grandma over pushed my cock up her dunghole for a lovely morning bit of derriere-drilling while she gobbled at Mom’s cunt. In a minute or so, I felt my cum rise in my balls and I howled and blasted the inside of Grandma’s intestinal tract as she and Mom screamed their way through the first blissful orgasm of the day for the both of them! I pulled out of Grandma’s asshole and Mom gave my cock a lovely sucking “clean-up” before we repositioned with Mom beneath me, to take my still hard dick in her puss-hole. Grandma got atop her face and pushed my spooge out of her butt-hole into Mom’s mouth for an anal-snowball breakfast-in-bed before Mom began to lap her mother’s pussy; all while I gave my mother a good husbandly wake-up “breeding session!” As the Stallion in Chief for the household, it was clear that the first order of business each day would be to give any mare in the bedroom a good solid breeding!

In about ten minutes, I came in my mother as she and Grandma howled thru their second climax of the day. Both of these were best qualified as “piddle gasms” because Grandma splashed a gusher on Mom’s face and Mom drenched me in a hot splashy “mommy money shot” as she soaked my cock, balls, and belly with an explosion of chick spritz! Yeah…we do an awful lot of laundry on the sheets in our house these days if you haven’t guessed! I should have bought stock in those companies that make rubber mattress pads…good thing we are making money in the porn industry today!

Anyhow, Mom and Grandma lay to either side of me and stroked my cock after we collapsed in the drippy mess on the bed. Mom licked my belly clean and Grandma followed her lead while I enjoyed the “cleanup activities!” After a minute of providing me with “oral hygiene” upon my tum-tum, dick and balls, Mom had an announcement,

“Ok Ian, you and I are going running and then it’ll be time for our morning work-out before breakfast – oh …and you and I are cooking for these beautiful fuck-sluts you married yesterday!”

“I’ll see if the rest of the coven is too hung-over to move,” Grandma said, “and we’ll get some Yoga going while you and Ian go out on your run!”

Mom and I both got into our running clothes and we stretched out in the back yard by the pool. After about ten minutes of stretching we were out the back gate and down the road. We decided to do the same run as the day before and we headed up the canyon road. Just like the day before, when we got to the turnaround point we stepped behind the billboard to take another mid-run piss. Mom dropped her running shorts down and whizzed on the desert sand right in front of me and then I followed suit, watering a rock to see if I could get it to grow! When we were finished, Mom had me turn around to face her.

“You’ve got a few drops of gold on that dick of yours,” she said, “let Mommy clean them off!” With that she took my cock in her mouth and sucked the last couple of pee drops from the end of my wee wee, (it was much better than me having to shake things clean)! Soon she had sucked me into a first rate boner and she pulled away, stood up, stepped out of her running shorts, and then she spun around to do her best “downward facing dog” yoga pose bahis siteleri with her ass high in the air. If you ever have a chance to fuck a chick that is into yoga – fellahs just trust me…dive in! It’s the best sex you could imagine!

“Now time for you to clean up Mommy, son!” she said. I stepped from my shorts and squatted down to lick her pussy spick and span from behind; cleaning up any clinging piss droplets that were still hanging onto her pussy folds. I then moved up past her taint to her sweaty asshole and began to give her a rimjob. She squealed and wriggled her business around on my face! After a minute or so she bore down her ‘roids against my lips like she was using me to scratch her ass with my teeth – I figured that was my cue to get a little of her dirt on my dick! So anyhow, …I stood up, grabbed her by the hips…and pushed my boner up into her well travel turd factory!

Mom bit her lip and whined; letting out a deep nasal moan as she accommodated my girth and shaft-length in her pooper. I rested for a second with her then she nodded her head to proceed. I grabbed her shoulder with one hand and held her hip with the other and then we both began to stroke and fuck. My hand on her shoulder soon moved up to her hair and I grabbed her mane while I plowed her in the piles for all I was worth; her hand pushing hard up into her cunt-hole and diddling at her clit like she was playing a pretty pink masturbatory mandolin! In about five minutes she tensed up and got really stiff as her orgasm commenced and within a few seconds – so did the sound of more piddle (only this time it was girly cum not pee)! Mom splattered on the desert floor and all over our legs and running shoes…it was such a hot steaming fucking turn-on! That was it for me; I blasted a load of man-chowder way up into her bowels, thrusting and spooging as deep as I could up into her naughty tailpipe!

We stood there for a few seconds gasping for air, and then Mom pulled away, bent down, sucked me clean; suggesting we needed to get home and finish our workout. We got our running clothes together and ran back down the canyon road; a few trucks passing us with truck drivers waving “good mornings” to us, unaware that we were a mom and son and had just been ass-fucking up behind the billboard like two cats in heat! Incestuous sodomy; it does a body good! We arrived back at the house and went through the gate into the back courtyard.

Over on the patio by the pool my hippy dippy grandmother was happily cackling away with my aunts while the four ladies ran through a morning yoga routine, – IN THE NUDE! Mom waved to them and then slapped me on the ass and said we needed to start working-out so we could enjoy some of this beautiful day! We did just like the day before; stripping down to just our socks and shoes and then we greased up with suntan oil before working out. I kept sneaking peeks at the naked yoga class and at my mom’s crotch and ass while we went through our forty-five minute routine of stretching, burpees, pushups, sit-ups, and weightlifting. I also shot peeks here and there at my aunts and grandma as they twisted and bent and arched in the morning sunshine. The entire time I had a half boner and the tip of my dick kept dripping a little pre-cum. Mom from time to time would scoop a little on her finger in between sets and put it on her tongue…to “hydrate herself with electrolytes” she joked!

When the workout was over, Mom slapped my ass again and said we both could use a good long stretch with the rest of the ladies. We both went over to the Yoga session and ran through the last few moves with the rest of the fuck-coven as part of our “stretch-down”. Cardio, weights, and advanced stretching…I pretty sure I was going to need to be nice and loose for what was ever going to come up that day!

As we ran through the last ten minutes of stretches, I caught little glimpses of pink and deliciously stretched ass cheeks among my female relatives…the voyeur in me was sooo loving this! I saw pinkish and purplish labial lips opening and closing like lotus blossoms between thighs; stretching and smooshing and pulling open beautiful and fascinating bits of pussy-flesh while the women strained and extended limbs THIS way and THAT way! I saw sweaty bum-cheeks stretch and pull apart to reveal dewy little glimpses of anal crinkle-pucker that looked soooo inviting as my relatives bent to and fro! I know in Yoga it’s very rude to stare and check out the asses of the women around you but I have to admit…I SSSOOOO fuckin wanted to be a yoga mat right there and fuckin then; just to have one after the other of these women, push, smoosh, and mush their lovely crotch-pies against me!

We finished up in the corpse pose where we lay on the ground in “quiet reflective time”. All I could think about was who I was going to be able to shag first; some meditative state on my part- I know! What can I say…I’m a horny male sitting canlı bahis siteleri in the middle of a bunch of naked women…don’t judge! When Grandma struck her gong; signaling we could all get up, she said it was time to hit the showers; only just like the day before – Mom decided we should all use the pool shower again.

We spilled into the showers. We began with the same laughing and banter as the day before, as rude jokes and giggles bounced off the tiles in echoes of rowdy comradery and feminine jocularity that could only come from people who were very close; women who had gotten to know each other REALLY WELL at one time or another if you take my meaning! As the group showered, I noticed that they had paired off sort of; with Mom and Grandma under one shower nozzle, and Becky and Maria under another. The two pairs soaped each other and slowly, the soapings became playful caresses and tickles and kisses. The caresses became gropes and fondlings worthy of the Kennedy compound. I was standing under another nozzle and Sharon stood under her own shower head as well. Aunt Sharon, who had started to lather up her fun full boobies in front of me turned to me and angled both our nozzles so that each was jet was coming together sending water into one central part of the floor. She then stepped over to me and gave me a big hug and a deep tongue kiss. She melted into my arms like a shy little kitten whining to me in the sweetest little lamb voice,

“Ian, you remember yesterday when I got you that haircut on such short notice and I told you that you owed me BIG TIME and how you would need to give me PAYBACK SEX?” I nodded. “Well,” she continued in this strange little voice like she had just dropped twenty IQ points as she pulled us both under the twin streams of water, “I am feew’in so vewy vewy submissive and I need a nice good hawd fuckie-wuckie fwom my hubbie-wubbie!” Apparently she and Mom could BOTH do the Betty Boop voice JUST RIGHT and make my dick hard as diamond-headed drill bit by speaking that way! She buried her face in my chest and snuggled in close. Twin streams of hot water beat down on us and her hand beat her nephew’s cock.

“You are in luck,” I told her pulling her face up faced up to mine, kissing her and biting her lips hard before releasing them, “I am feeling REALLY fucking dominant after that workout WIFEY and I need to unload these balls of mine!” I rubbed her face against mine letting my chin and cheek stubble scratch across her face while my hand gripped her hair like I was holding a whimpering puppy by the scruff of its neck! One more kiss, and I spun her around and bent her over at the waist while holding her fast by her mane -so that the bitch wasn’t fuckin going anywhere but on my cock!

“Grab yer ankles Sweetie!” I snarled through clenched teeth while still grabbing her pony tail and steering my cock to the pink wrinkled rim of her rectum; swirling soapsuds around her poop-hole with the mushroom head of my angry boner. It was kind of funny now but I could just barely keep my hand on the slippery ponytail that was already FULL of shampoo. I pulled her scrunchy out of her hair and tossed it down on the tiles so that I could run fingers through her wet mane and re-snarl my digits in her locks properly. Sharon’s hands were on her ankles and my hand had pulled her head back up like she was a horse; gracefully arching her head back against a bridle. When my soapy cock-head pushed open her pooper, she let out a yelp of pain as the soap stung the pink tender flesh of her inner rectum like I had been using Tobasco Sauce as a lubricant!

“Don’t worry Ian!,” Becky called through the haze and steam of the shower to me, “you aren’t doing anything too terribly hard on the little bitch-nymph unless she yells the safety word Nickelback! ”

“NICKELBACK? Fucking seriously? For real?” I asked in disbelief.

“Do I look like I’m a FAN?” said Sharon out of the corner of her eye with a look of disdain?

“Was I talkin’ to you HONEY?” I said as I slapped her ass hard with a smack and then grabbed her hair in my fist harder as I rocked my hips forward sliding my cock deep up inside her gut-chute until I was in her ass-tunnel up to my hairy ball-sack! She let out a yowl like I now had a screeching cat on the end of my dong and she blubbered and whimpered convincingly as the nose of my cock plowed into her dinner from the previous night! I looked down at the pink hand-print I had just put on her ass thinking I HAD to have stung her pretty badly, but then presently she let- loose of one of her ankles and began to frig her pussy! What the fuck? I guess I was not hurting her THAT badly after all – I decided to just roll with it! Not her first rodeo either – I figured!

I grabbed her shoulder for leverage with my free hand and kept my other hand on that mane; tugging and pulling her hair to make her blubber and whine while my cock sawed in and out of her shit pussy! I looked güvenilir bahis through the mist and fog of the shower and saw that my mother and grandmother were now in a passionate Sapphic embrace; kissing and fondling each other in what could be best described as BEAUTIFUL! The same was true for Becky and Maria. Both lesbo couples stole glances at myself and Sharon while I sodomized the ever-lovin’ fuck out of my aunt; ramming my dong up between her soapy ass-cheeks into her slick turd-chute!

Not five feet away I heard Mom and Grandma talking about how they had both enjoyed my ass-fucking of them this morning, when I plowed them both in the pooper! Grandma bragged about how my cum had been leaking out of her dunghole ever since I fucked her in the ass up in our bedroom when we first woke up. That got a howl of appreciation from Maria and Becky as Mom told them how I had stretched her shitter up behind the billboard in the canyon at the turn-around point; filling her guts with my guy-goo!

Now Becky asked Grandma if she could have a sample. My grandmother obliged with a smiling head nod and Becky lay down on the tile floor while my grandma squatted and dropped a filthy blob of my spooge out of her crapper into Becky’s waiting gulper. Aunt Becky then spun around and cleaned up my grandma with a nasty rimjob. Not to be out-done, my Aunt Maria asked my Mom if she could sample her son’s “secret-sauce”. Mom was not going to suddenly turn into a shrinking violet now! She gave her sister an affirmative YOU BETCHA SIS, ANYTHING FOR YOU! and she squatted down with a smile over my Aunt Maria to execute a filthy bombing run on Maria’s mouth; dropping a huge splatter of man-mustard into her sister’s wicked kisser! Then just like Becky and Grandma, Maria cleaned up my mom with a rude rimjob, erasing any traces of “son seed” in her dung-dumper! All this gave me inspiration and stoked my furnace even more as I fucked Sharon in her kiester!

Both me and Sharon had our heads now turned to the show, becoming more and more turned on by the filthy display of the four women. The four began a nasty four-way lesbo shower frolic on the tile floor while I pushed and sawed and fucked my Aunt Sharon hard in the ass. I took a look from time to time at my cock sliding into my aunt’s slicked up shitter between her soapy cheeks and then returned to the steamy lesbian floorshow of my mom and grandma and two aunts! They were now a kicking licking frigging fingering swearing cauldron of Sapphic hooliganism on the tiled floor as the water streamed down upon them and splattered upon their heaving groaning naked bodies! There is something captivating about a lesbo orgy…it’s a bit like a train wreck…you have to stop and watch no matter what you are doing. I don’t care if you are baking a pizza, driving an oil tanker, or performing elective surgery; you just have to stop and watch!

“Oh that’s it baby!” Sharon whimpered, “Rip my pooper wide! Gut me like fucking trout! UUNNGH!… You like fucking me in the asshole while you watch your other wifeys munch each other’s puss-pies do you? Well later I’m going to have my daughters, Michelle, Cindy, and Kathryn drain your balls good and solid lover! You ‘re going to shag the shit out of them…UUUGGHH…just like you are doin to me! OHH YEAH BABE SPLIT ME! RRRRR-YESSS! Ohhh it hurts but it feels so good!”

“Yeah – like that baby?” I asked her, “You like taking my cock up yer shit-pussy like THAT, do yah? Huh!?” I was completely running with it… I had figured something out with Sharon…if she wants to play sub…fuck her like a BOSS! Be Conan and take your barbarian princess- no turning back!

“Oh yeah lover, I do!” Aunt Sharon whined, “Fuck me in the ass and pull the fuck out of my hair; just like you’re doing! I have been a BAD BAD girl last night and now I need a good ass-fucking in my poop- hole to set me straight! OWW! OH YEAH PULL MY FUCKIN HAIR JUST LIKE THAT!” I looked down as I sawed my cock in and out of her pooper and what I was…streaks of mustard brown on my pecker!

Apparently she hadn’t had a good crap this morning and now my dick was stirring up more than just her level of excitement! I could smell it too through the steam but I just kept going! I kept pulling her hair and sodomizing my aunt and making her whine and moan and scream. I didn’t care anymore…so long as I didn’t hear her shout out “NICKELBACK”, I just kept ramming her rose-hole hard; like I was excavating a tunnel through a beautiful mountain of submissive flesh! There is… well…this certain something about taking a dominant role with a submissive woman…it kind of puts you in a zone or something… like I lost all track of time or the fact that I had an audience.

I looked over at the heap of pussy-lickers on the tile floor. They had all stopped and were all watching me redecorate the interior of my aunt’s colon in thrust after splitting thrust and now I had an enraptured appreciative audience as well! The women began to cheer as my aunt whined and bucked against my plowing thrusts inside her insides; each woman hooting and showering us with heartfelt encouragement as the tip of my cock continued to dig in Sharon’s dirt chute! It was then that Sharon had a bit of an announcement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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