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I was a fairly introverted kid. My name is Casie, and this is an odd story about an odd event, taking place in an odd home. But however odd, it’s the most erotic thing that has ever, and probably will ever happen to me.

I had just turned nineteen and had had only one girlfriend, but that relationship didn’t last long. My dad had left home when I was only two, and as a result I grew up to be extremely close with my mother Laurie. Growing up, when I got home I would tell her every detail of my day. At night, I slept in my mother’s bed until I must have been twelve. My mom was a beautiful woman. She was a young mother, having had me at only 20. She was about 5′ 6″ with long blond hair and fair skin. Her blue eyes could light up a room and her smile was contagious, especially to me.

So this was my problem; I could never find a woman I admired as much as my mother. She was perfect: beautiful, thoughtful, smart, and best of all she cared about me. I broke up with my only girlfriend (and only opportunity I’d had to lose my virginity) precisely because I didn’t think she was as perfect as my mother. I didn’t consciously believe this to be a sexual attraction to my mom, but I started to become curious about my feelings for her in the summer that I graduated high school.

My mom had started to see someone. This was odd to me for two reasons: first, mom hadn’t gone out with anyone for over 10 years. And second, this someone was a woman. An unbelievably hot woman! Her name was Monica. Monica was 29, ten years older than I, and 10 years younger than my mom. She was olive skinned, I thought she was Hispanic, and compared to my and my mother’s fair skin she looked quite dark. She had perfectly large oval shaped hazel eyes that peeked out from her long red hair. Her breasts were smaller than my mom’s D cups, Monica’s were probably a B, but you could tell they were perfectly shaped. I mean I hadn’t seen a sexier woman!

So my mom and Monica started going out and my mom became noticeably happier. She would laugh and smile so much more often and, yes, even though I felt jealous sometimes that I wasn’t the center of my mother’s attention anymore, every time I heard her laugh it made up for it. Plus I loved having Monica around; she was funny. She made me laugh whenever we spoke and with a sassy attitude I couldn’t resist. This on top of her incredible looks made her a person I loved to have around, if nothing else to see her walking around in her underwear O .

Now for when things began to get exciting. I came home early one night from a movie which turned out to be terrible. I hadn’t seen the point in sitting through it so I walked home. When I got into the house I heard some noises coming from my mother’s room and clearly I don’t have to elaborate about what kinds of noises they were. bedava bahis Although I was a little taken aback by their passion. My mom was moaning really loudly. I heard her screaming, “Oh, fuck yeah! Oh! God that’s so goooood!” Without even thinking I started walking towards my mother’s room. When I reached her door I noticed it was cracked open a little and… well curiosity got the best of me. I put my eye to the crack in the door.

I could just see the back of my mom’s head as her body lay on a couch to the right of the door. She was laying on it facing away from the door, and I couldn’t see Monica but it wasn’t hard to infer where she was. In between my mother’s passionate cries I could occasionally hear Monica moaning from what could be none other than between my mother’s legs. “Oh God Monica that feels so fucking good! Yah, yah right there,” my mom said, “Ohhhhh! Fuck!!” My mom grabbed a pillow next to her face and buried her head into it. She screamed what sounded like an incredible orgasm.

When she stopped cumming my mom took the pillow away from her face and looked down at Monica who was peering up at my mom with lustful eyes. At this point, I couldn’t ignore the burgeoning tent in my pants. I started to rub my cock through the fabric and kept my eyes intently on the scene in front of me.

Monica laughed as she rose to my mom’s face to kiss her. Her hands ran up mom’s body taking in every inch with her palms and her fingers until she reached her nipples. My mom let out a soft moan again as she kissed Monica. Monica’s head turned as they made out and I got a glimpse of Monica’s face, and her closed eyes. But this was the moment that changed my life.

Monica’s eyes opened in an instant and it took her only a second to find me. Me, with my hands rubbing my obvious bulge in my pants and watching my mom have sex with her lover. I thought I was finished.

But Monica just kept going. She kept kissing mom and from my mom’s moans it sounded like Monica had slid her hand down to finger her. All the while, Monica kept her eyes on me. My Mom started moaning louder. Monica gave me the most seductive look and then slid down to whisper in my mom’s ear, just loudly enough for me to make out what she was saying. “Close your eyes. Now pretend my hannd is his.” My mom began to shake and she let out a long MMMM. “Pretend these are his fingers fucking you.”

“Oh fuck yea.”

“These are his hands rubbing on your body and his teeth biting your ear.”

“Oh god,” my let out as she got chills that ran down her neck, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck, yeah! Oh fuck Casie that feels so good!”

CASIE?!??! CASIE?!?! MY MOM WAS IMAGINING I WAS DOING THIS TO HER? In my shock I hadn’t noticed that Monica was looking up at me again as she nibbled on my mom’s ear. Then she casino siteleri said much louder than before, “Yeah, you wanna fuck him don’t you?”

“Yeah,” my mom said as she focused on Monica’s fingers in pussy that she pretended were mine.

“You want him to cum in your pussy don’t you?”

“Yeah,” she was getting louder.

“You want him to lick on your tits?”


“Ohh You want to fuck him don’t you?” Monica almost screamed it.

“Yes! Yes!” Mom was clearly cumming now. “Fuck! Yes! Fuck me Casie! Fuck me Casie!!!!!”

Well, needless to say, now I needed to go jack off. My brain was racing to reconcile what I had just witnessed, but my cock was even more demanding. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed lotion and then ran to my bed. I tore off my pants and my shirt and poured more than enough lotion on my palm. I wrapped my hand around my 7 ” cock and had gotten barely 3 furious strokes in before I heard a sound at my door. My eyes darted to see what had made the sound. Standing at the door, in black lace bra and panties, was Monica. She didn’t say a word, but walked to the right side of my bed, looking in my eyes the whole time.

“Did you enjoy that?” She said. I couldn’t even muster a response. “You don’t have to say anything, this is indication enough.” She placed her had on my inner thigh and looked at my ever-hardening dick. “You have a beautiful dick Casie.” She slowly ran her hand up my thigh towards my balls. “May I?” She stopped right at the base of my dick to wait for my response, but the only response I could summon was a slight nod of my head. Her lips curved upwards in a mischievous smile and she lightly landed her fingertips on the base of my penis. Then, with feather-light touches she ran her fingertips up my cock. Along the vein and up to the head where she fingers enveloped the rest of my cock and her palm rested on the head. God, I was already so close to cumming. She then slid her hands down again to the base, the whole time watching my cock twitch in her hands. She smiled and said softly, “Cum whenever you want.” She pumped a couple of times a bit faster now and I couldn’t hold it back any longer. All I could say was, “Ohh. Oh.” My voice rose I yelled out as my cum came shooting out and I had the strongest orgasm of my life.

Monica giggled as the cum landed on my chest and neck, and some dribbled down to her hand that was wrapped around my dick. “Let me help you clean this up,” she said softly and playfully as she rested her elbow on the bed next to me for support and lowered her head to me chest. Her tongue tickled my chest as it collected my cum into her mouth. She smiled and then moved up to my neck which gave me powerful chills. “Mmmm, I love the taste of cum,” she whispered to me. “And so does your mother,” bahis siteleri that really caught my attention, and her’s as she gave my cock a little squeeze. “She wants to fuck you so badly.”

As she said this she lightly ran her fingers across my reviving dick. “She even got horny when you were in her bed when you were little. And now that you’re a young man, oh she wants you so, so badly.” She grabbed my hand and placed it on the outside of her panties which were soaking wet. “She wants you to rub your hand on her pussy,” with her hand she pushed my fingers up against her pussy lips and I began to rub on her clit. She moaned into my ear and said, “That feels good. If only she were here,” she said and let out a little laugh. “So you could fondle those beautiful big tits of hers.” As she said that she unhooked her black lace bra and freed her beautiful and perfect breasts. She moved my other hand up to her left nipple. “She loved it when you would suckle on her when you were little she would get so wet.” She moved my head to her right nipple and sucked on it as she let out a deep moan. “Oh yeah suck on it like you want to suck on your mother’s tits.” I was in fucking heaven! “Now fuck your mommy with your fingers baby!” My hands moved her panties to the side so I could slip two fingers into her pussy. My fingers thrusted in and out as she screamed, “Oh fuck! Fuck your mommy baby, oh fuck yes! Yes!

“Oh fuck baby Mommy can’t take it anymore! Fuck me for real!” Monica swung her legs over my thighs to straddle me. She brought my hands to her hips and lowered herself slowly. Her pussy brushed up against my pillar of a cock. When the head brushed her lips it felt like I was in heaven. She lowered inch-by-inch and stared into my eyes. “Put your cock in mommy, baby. Fuck mommy with this beautiful cock!” I reached my hands up to her tits and lightly pinched her nipples. She let out a moan as she began to ride my cock faster and faster. “Oh fuck baby! Are you gonna make mommy cum? Make mommy cum baby, make mommy cum!” This threw me overboard! She rode my dick harder and harder and started to scream! I was so hot as I felt my dick sliding inside of her hot pussy and I imagined that it was my mom’s.

“Oh God mom!” I finally said.

“Yes baby! Call me mom!” Monica said with a smile, “Fuck your mommy!”

“MOMMY! OH FUCK! FUCK!” I couldn’t control it anymore! “Mom I’m gonna cum!!”


“AHH! HERE IT COMES!!!” I came even harder than I had 5 minutes ago and this time I could feel my cum shooting into her hot pussy!

“OH FUCK BABY YES,” Monica yelled as we came simultaneously.

Monica collapsed on me and our sweaty bodies lay there for a while. After about 20 seconds of heavy breathing Monica started to laugh a little in my ear. “That was so hot, Casie,” She brought her face up to mine. “We should do this more often,” she said with a soft giggle. “And maybe your mom could join us for real next time,” she said right before giving me a quick peck on the lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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