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Wow what a night that was. My mind still thinking about the previous night alone with Mom.

It was now slightly awkward seeing mom each day, beginning with breakfast in the mornings. I couldn’t help looking at her and fantasizing about undressing her and then fucking her.

The morning after I wanted to tell her how great she was last night and how I would love to be her play thing again. This was puppy love.

“Mom I really enjoyed last night. Can we spend another night together again?” I asked like a school boy asking for more. I felt a little embarrassed asking mom for sexual favors now. Just a few days ago, I wouldn’t have been so forward.

“Oh darling that was really enjoyable for me too. We shall very soon. Now finish off your breakfast, you need to get going.” She said with a sexy grin.

I felt over the moon. Couldn’t wait for our next rendezvous. I got up and headed to the door, but as I walked pass mom, I brushed my hand over hers and she quickly patted me on the backside. I was enjoying our new found bond.

Back at school, I caught up with Katy. She appeared excited to see me.

“What’s up?”

“We are moving out west in 3 weeks! Mum and Dad have just signed to purchase a bigger house. I am finally going to have my very own room completed with its own bathroom! No more sharing with little sis Kylie.”

“Yes but how far west are talking about?”

“Actually it’s about 20 miles. We have to change schools. Hey but we can still see each other every Wednesday and Saturday.”

Suddenly I felt deflated. That means we can’t have our usual catchups during school hours. It won’t be the same I surmised.

“Can I see you tonight?”

“OK yes,” as she bit her lower lip.

After school I let mom know I was going out with Katy tonight. But mom teasingly mentioned, “OK sweetie but I was planning another special night for you.” She laughed as she said it. I think she was teasing me. Dam you mom!!

I caught up with Katy after school. After a feed we ended up in the back seat of her car. I wanted to explore more of her. To see if she was willing to further our sexual experimentation with each other. She must have sensed I was more keen today.

Although with Katy there wasn’t the same “fire” as it was between mom and myself, I was feeling rather horny today. I wanted to try out some pussy today. And she will be my first one. So I was getting hard at the thought. I was hoping she won’t feel pressured by me. I was beginning to fantasize about the prospect.

I didn’t want our relationship to change if she moved. It’s time to be more bolder with her. So here we are, on the backseat kissing and she begins to rub my penis throught my pants.

“Getting really excited are we?” She said smiling.

Now Katy is a beautiful girl. She was smaller in stature than mom, pretty fair skin and wasn’t outrageous like other girls I know, but she had a friendly personable down to earth personality. And she was very attractive in her own way. I loved her smile when she was in a good mood. Today I think she is full of it. It would be my chance to try my luck with her.

I started to kiss her more, our tongues teasing, as I pressed more aggressively towards her face. She was moaning lightly now and rubbing my crotch quickly. Every now and then she would grab the length of my penis through the material. I can smell the odor of her sex now mixed with her lightly scented perfume. I was oozing pre cum and feeling my pants start to dampen. I have made out with her a few occasions before and today feels rather hotter. The thought of mom crossed my mind. I was imagining she was here with me. The thoughts only served to heighten my arousal with Katy.

I moved my hands over Katy’s clothing, fumbling to remove the buttons of her top. I was feeling very excited now and wanted to see more of her in a hurry. I removed her top and undid her bra. Katy had perky breasts. Her nipples stood out erect. I sat back a little to enjoy the view of her breast.

“Rather excited today I see. What have you been up to? Have you been watching a little porn?” she asked looking directly into my eyes. There was a little wicked look in her beautiful eyes.

I didn’t say anything. I just kissed her and then ran my tongue down her neck and nibbled on her ears. She smelt devine.

I then ran my tongue down to her breast, flicking on her hard nipples, sending her shuttering. Katy begins to moan more. She was enjoying the extra attention I was giving her.

My hands massaged her skin lightly then firmly cupping her breast. I was now sucking hard on her nipples, my tongue flicking rapidly at her nipples.

“Oh that’s nice” she moaned. I moved my hand lower to her tummy, massaging in circles. Then my hand slid lower to her panties. At that point she stopped me.

I looked her in the eyes. She was both excited and nervous now. She hasn’t let me touch her down there but I wanted to pleasure her. But I continued kissing her and massaging her front, trying to arouse bedava bahis her more. I whispered to her, how pretty she looked today, trying to charm her. I even went as far as telling a small lie about giving her a surprise gift later. What bull s… I thought to myself.

I stopped and whispered to her again “Can I give you a massage down there? It will feel good. I won’t do anything else if you don’t want to.”

“But I haven’t been home yet, I feel so dirty. Why are you so horny tonight. Baby you feel so hard” as she ran her fingers over my organ.

I put a finger to her lips to calm her down. But she said, “How about I finish you off with my hand baby,” she whispered, as she rubbed me through my pants frantically.

She can see the desire in my eyes and my body language.

Although I would love for her to finish me off, I wanted to please her first. I tried again. This time she attempted to unzip me and give me the handjob. My hand slipped underneath her panties and for the first time I felt her wetness on my fingers.

I rubbed her slowly, not in any hurry. Katy continued to pull my penis out to massage it. She didn’t stop me this time, resigned in accepting the inevitable progression in our sexual relationship.

She moaned lightly, squirming a little as I inserted my fingers into her pussy. She was very wet. I can smell her pussy. Her pussy lips felt slimy. My fingers enjoying the sensation. She was quite hairy down there. I brought my fingers out and in the light I can see they were covered in a layer of cream. I brought it to my nose and had a sniff. The strong smell hit me hard.

“That’s disgusting!!” Katy said. But that did not stop me as I licked my fingers clean in front of her, looking directly at her. Tasting a pussy for the first, Katy’s pussy. She went bright red as I sucked on my fingers. Then I gave her, my fingers. She politely declined. “You are a pervert! ” she said loudly.

I quickly kissed her deeply, twisting my tongue with hers, allowing her to taste herself as we mashed our mouths together. I can hear her moaning, breathing quickly now. I think she is getting quite turned on.

Wasting no time then, I quickly pulled her panties off and spread open her legs as wide as they can go. Katy is now completely spreadeagled. Wow you are so beautiful, as I drooled at her sitting there.

I can hear her moaning “Jason you shouldn’t!!” But she was clearly too aroused now. She just let me have my way.

She looked so beautiful down there. Her pussy covered in fine pubic hairs and very wet indeed. Her pussy lips were slender, were puffed with excitement, her juices running down to her ass. The odor of her pussy filled the cabin of her car.

I brought my face closer to her privates. I can hear her moaning with excited anticipation. I took a deep breath and enjoyed the aroma. My penis sprung up a notch as I got more turned on. Then using both hands, I opened up her swollen lips exposing her vulva and vagina. My god what a sight.

She was so wet around her outer and inner lips. I can see her pee hole and creaminess of vagina orifice. I inhaled deeply the smell of her pussy. I have never seen a pussy close up before. I enjoyed the visual beauty for moment, then I stuck my fingers into her vagina sending Katy twitching with pleasure. As I pulled my fingers out, a trail of creamy gritty juice came out with them.

“Ohhhhhhh, god I so turned on now, please try licking me!” she moaned. I was going to be more than a willing participant.

I played with her insides with my fingers, enjoying the texture, wetness and the sensations. The odor was very strong, causing my head to spin with lust.

I quickly fulfilled her desire, brought my mouth to her open pussy and licked frantically at her spread vulva, tasting her, sending Katy into heaven with my tongue. I found her clitoris now sticking out erect with excitement. I massaged it quickly as I licked and sucked all around her pussy, cleaning her up. As I licked her up, I stare back up her arching body, her face contorted with pleasure. I must be doing something right for a beginner I smiled.

Katy starts to thrash and convulse as her orgasm begins.

She is moaning quickly and breathing rapidly now. I forced my face deep into her mound and she involuntarily graps the back of my head, forcing my face further into her heaving pussy.

With that I think I made her orgasm. She let out a drawn out groan and moan. I continued licking not knowing when to stop. Katy’s body was still shuddering in pleasure. She then sits up and pulls my face to her, kissing me passionately.

“Oh baby that was great. You made me cum with your mouth. I felt so hot.”

“Can you return the favour?” I smiled back at her.

With that she pushed me back and grabbed my now very hard penis. She ran her tongue from the base up the shaft and in the process pulled my foreskin back and swallowed the exposed head in her mouth. Oh god the feeling was magic. Her mouth felt so casino siteleri warm. And I can feel her tongue licking quickly at the swollen head. If this was her first time she was doing OK. This was a first for me as well.

After a minute she lifted her head up and proceeded to finish me with her delicate fingers. She did her usual slow movement up and down. But it still felt so nice and I wanted to cum badly.

I whispered to Katy to finish me off by pumping me faster, something she normally didn’t do. She obliged but only a little faster. The thought of Mom crossed my mind, how she went crazy giving that dream handjob. I whispered to Katy again.

“Can you jerk me as fast as you can. I think I will cum much quicker.”

With that encouragement, Katy went all out pumping her fist furiously up and down my iron hard rod. Her right hand goes into a blur. I can see her lusty excitement on her face as she responded to please me. Her breathing quickens and I can hear her moaning quietly encouraging me to cum for her.

“You like that eh?” she moaned.

Oh my god she is great, I can feel the cum moving up the shaft. Oh god. Oh god. She is a lot better than on other occasions we have met.

I start to moan in pleasure and my hips start to quickly move into a pumping motion in sync with her rapidly moving fist.

“Am I doing it right? Are you liking it better?” she whispered watching my face.

“Oh yeah I am cumming, faster, faster, I cried out.

Katy didn’t disappoint me. She pumped even more furiously finally sending several shots into the air. I moaned in sheer pleasure as she pumped faster until I was spent. Wow that’s my girl I thought. She’s a fast learner, as I laid back with a smile. Both of us breathing heavily from the experience.

I looked her in the eyes. Her face happy that she has really pleased me. I kissed her lightly and laid back down.

“Did I do OK?” She asked inquisitively.

“Oh yeah you were fantastic” I smiled back.

We laid there for a few more minutes before she dropped me off at home. Somehow I was still wanting to see Mom tonight. But now I feel drained. But more than happy.

Once I got home, Mom was still up watching TV. I quietly went to my room needing a good nights sleep.

The next night was going to be a boy’s night in. We are just going to watch a couple of action movies and have a round of cold ones. Ben and Daniel are my best mates at college. They are both single, although Ben(” The good looking one”) had a girlfriend before but that relationship disintegrated a few months ago after he caught her with another man. I had already arranged with mom that we will be hanging around for the night. And Mom has told me she is doing nothing and will be at home. So I politely asked her to watch a movie with us if she wished.

The boys have arrived and we are having our usual take outs of pizza. As a movie started Mom came in to join us. I was surprised at what she was wearing, a very short white dress that only enhanced her figure and legs. I introduced her to Ben and Dan. Then we all sat down with our cold ones and pizza.

Immediately I can tell there was a little attraction between Mom and Ben. There wasn’t much dialogue but the odd stare and smiles. Of course I tried to engage conversation with them both, but all I got back was “yeah all good, OK” but my intuition

got the better of me and normally I am right.

During the “intermission” I went into the kitchen for more snacks. Ben quickly followed me in.

” Your mom’s really hot!!” He whispered loudly. “Real hot.” he repeated.

“Ben, just leave my mom alone” I quickly responded.

Dam, mom did look rather nice tonight I thought. After all she looked pretty sexy in that short white dress, her legs went on and on. She dressed like that with something in mind I bet you, knowing mom.

At the end of the night as the boys were leaving, Mom shook each of them on the hand politely. Maybe just too politely. There was definitely something there between those two.

“Mom don’t do anything I wouldn’t do please. I love you, so don’t disappoint me.” I said with a tired wary smile.

“What do you mean?. It’s was just great meeting your friends. They seem like nice boys.” She smiled with a sexy grin.

“OK goodnight.”

The following week was going to be another movie night. But this time Ben called in, saying he didn’t feel well. Dan still came over but only for the one movie. Mom had got out, so tonight was an early night for us. I decide to check on Ben making sure he was OK. Maybe a round at his place might make him feel better. Boy was I completely wrong. I wasn’t going make him better.

As I got to Ben’s place I was shocked to see mom’s car sitting nearby. Suddenly the mystery deepens or should I say I got a bit anxious, my mind racing with what’s happening here. My heart beating faster. I was nervous about what I was to discover.

I knew where Ben’s room was, so I went immmediately bahis siteleri in that direction. But I noticed the light was dimly on in the lounge. I can hear voices. I followed the sounds of the voices and went to the half open window. I just knew it, there was mom sitting on the couch with Ben. She had her arm around him, like she did with me. They were just talking. But I felt a little betrayed, even jealous. I can see the smile on Ben’s face as he stared intensely at mom as she spoke. I couldn’t hear was said but would imagine she is flirting with him. I watched for a few minutes, my penis starting to twitch and come to life.

Mom was wearing that sexy white dress she wore last week.

I watched closely and it seems my timing was perfect. The show was about to start. They begin to kiss. Firstly on the mouth then all over. Ben’s hand was everywhere, out of control, on her breast, on her face but she did not allow him to put them between her legs. Mom’s hand was running up and down Ben’s shorts, right over his bulge. There was a look of lust on both their faces. Both staring into each others eyes, like schoolkid lovers.

Then suddenly mom moved away from Ben on the couch.

She began to spread her legs wide apart and lifting her dress up. She wore matching sheer white panties. I can see her pubic hairs poking out the sides of her panties. My god what was she going to do. Mom please don’t do it, please don’t, not in front of my mate.

Mom begins to lick her fingers wet and begins lightly massage her pussy through her panties. I can see she is very wet. I can see her closing her eyes and her lips part. I think she is moaning. I can see Ben massaging himself through his shorts staring at the action unfolding before his eyes. His eyes glued at her fingers and face. Mom’s going to masturbate herself in front of Ben. Her hands start to massage her breast and face as she alternates between massaging her pussy.

My cock is now rock hard and I am getting very excited. I also begin rubbing myself through my shorts. I can feel the wetness dripping out of my penis. Mixed emotions hit me as I am resigned to Mom’s need to pleasure herself in front of Ben and my jealous thoughts mixed in with my arousal.

Mom then pulls one side of her panties aside to expose her hairy pussy to Ben. She is glistening wet in the light of the room. I can see her licking her lips, her eyes opening and closing watching Ben. I can hear the sound of her moaning even from where I was. It was really turning me on. She appears to be saying something to Ben but I cannot hear.

She uses her fingers to part her pussy exposing her insides. She begins to masturbate frantically. Using her other hand she pulls up her hood to expose her clitoris and rapidly rubs it.

Her body starts to heave up and down. Her legs now fully spreadeagled. Mom is moaning insanely now. I can hear her approaching orgasm, as her breathing becomes fast and heavy. Her heads rolls back and forth, side to side. Her fingers massaging furiously her clitoris. I can see Ben’s eyes virtually popping out, his mouth open salivating at the sight of my mom pleasuring herself only a few feet from him.

Suddenly Mom begins to orgasm, her body convulsing on the couch, loses control and she moans loudly in pleasure. I can hear her shout out to Ben as her orgasm overwhelms her.

“Oh yesss, oh my god, I feel so gooood, I so turned by you watching, I am cumming!! Watch me cum!! I want you to watch me cum!!”

“My god, oh yeah!! My god this unreal!!” Ben shouted back.

With that Mom orgasms and squirts everywhere just like how I witnessed with the hidden cam on the ceiling. It was like a volcano erupting but with fine pussy juice flying everywhere.

Her body continues to convulse as she continues rubbing herself. The look on her face of sheer pleasure and satisfaction.

Again without warning Mom immediately goes over to Ben virtually ripping out his iron rod from his shorts and spits on it a couple of times and begins his dream handjob. Her right hand immediately goes into a blur and I can even hear the sound of her masturbating Ben from the window. I look at Ben’s face now contorted with pleasure as my mom jerks him to a very fast orgasm. His face had this very happy smile. I really wanted to wipe it off him. His whole body begins to convulse, heaving out of control. I can hear him moaning loudly now.

Again like with me, her excited enthusiasm begins to show and she is full on pumping. She begins to talk dirty to Ben, breathing heavily between words in the process.

“You like that, oh yeah I know you love it, oh yesss” she moaned excitedly. Her face had that look of lust that I have seen before.

Mom spits on his cock again and again, adding to the already sloshing wetness as her hand flys furiously over his rod.

Within less than a minute Ben erupts hard, shooting cum out, like an out of control fire hose. He screams out in pleasure as Mom continued her assault, not even slowing down. His head thrown back in pleasure. She then shakes his penis violently splattering his cum everywhere while still masturbating him. She never did that with me! I thought.

I can hear Ben shouting out. “Oh yeah, oh yeah!! Oh gosh that’s feel so good!!, oh god you are so nasty.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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