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Casey thought she might go insane. Being back at the lodge had turned out not to be a good thing. Here she was under the nose of her father, and although he had been strangely almost making a point to avoid her, he would still be aware of anything she did. Grant and she had been forced to keep things as hidden as they could, usually resulting in quickies, out in the yard, or in the bathroom when they could manage.

Two days ago Casey hadn’t been able to hold back any longer and crawled underneath the kitchen table and started sucking Grant off at breakfast. His cum was still dripping down her lips when some of the other hunters got home and she was barely out from underneath the table in time. The mark was making her worry less and less about getting caught and soon or later it would happen.

Even then the issue wasn’t just her father. Casey had her needs now because of the charm and being with Grant wasn’t enough to slate them. She drained him dry every chance she got but that didn’t help much. At the gloryhole, she had more than a dozen cocks and that had barely helped, how could Grant match up with that? The pressure from it had been growing more insistent every day and she had been waking up wet each night from her dreams.

None of them had been as out there as the second one. Thankfully her father was far away from any of her lewd fantasies. They were the usual sort, getting fucked, being taken in public, gangbanged by a room full of men, being the mate to an entire clan of werewolves. The worst parts of the dreams were that they weren’t real and she woke up alone and unsatisfied. She ended up feeling more drained than when she went to sleep.

She had texted Jordan, the trickster, but he had made no progress. His advice remained the same, find a mage if she could and maybe the charm could be removed. It wasn’t what she wanted to hear. The mark was more of a burden than she had expected and her days were centered around fending it off. She kept an ear out for the assignments her dad had been passing out to the other hunters, but there were no mentions of spell casters.

One day she noticed that she had gotten a text from Andrew, the guy her age from the gloryhole. Without thinking about it much she had ended up replying to take her mind off of the weight bearing down on her. He answered almost instantly, it was cute how eager he was. Andrew was so excited that she had answered him, he didn’t actually think she ever would. He was nice and for a while, they just texted back and forth as friends and Casey was grateful for the distraction. It made her laugh though that they were just chatting like this when they had met via her sucking his cock through a gloryhole and then he had fucked her.

As strange as that was Casey didn’t really have any friends her own age. Even when she had been in school she had been busy with the lodge and hunting. Not going out on them, but prepping gear, doing research, cooking, and keeping the lodge in good condition. Between all of that, her school work, and her father it wasn’t as if she had guys over ever. Hell, living with a dozen hunters didn’t help. What would any guy think if he came to pick her up and that was waiting for him?

So for the first time, Casey had a friend. It took a while for Andrew to even mention how they had met. She had been avoiding the topic just because she didn’t need more of a focus on sex in her life. Andrew had only mentioned that he didn’t even know what she looked like, which was fair, there had been a wall between them. Without thinking twice about it she sent him a selfie. Andrew wouldn’t know what to expect, he wouldn’t have even had a hint of her age, but he seemed blown away by the picture.

It was a nearly endless parade of praise from him, complimenting everything from her hair to her eyes to her lipstick. If it wasn’t so earnest it might have been annoying. It was nice to have the attention honestly. The two of them texted back and forth fairly often, barely going a couple of hours without doing it. Andrew sent a picture of himself back and he looked almost exactly how Casey had imagined. He was nervous but cute, with messy brown hair.

Still, all the texting in the world couldn’t keep Casey’s mind from the mark. Even doing her usual chores didn’t help. That only meant she was around the other hunters and each day it was harder not to just bend over for one of them or drop down to her knees. Where was a gloryhole when she needed one? Casey tried not to think about sex, but it was impossible when she was around all of these men who would happily fuck her if given half a chance.

She had finally gotten on birth control. It had already been a risky few encounters for her, especially her most recent one with Grant. If she was going to continue as she was, and with the mark, there were no signs of her stopping, she couldn’t take the risk gebze escort any longer. Not to mention it would remove the need for condoms, not that she had been taking that precaution, something she had been looking forward to.

Casey had taken care of her own needs as much as she could, with either her hand or a toy, but that only marginally seemed to help. It would take care of her own desire, but the weight of the mark didn’t lessen much no matter how many times she rode a dildo to climax. Casey only had one to start with, but now that she had some extra cash from the gloryhole and her mind was consumed by sex, she looked online for more.

To her delight, there seemed to be quite the market for dildos that weren’t human-shaped. While she was disappointed in the one that was supposed to mimic a werewolf cock. It lacked the ridges and wasn’t big enough, it was as if the company had never even seen a real one. That didn’t stop her from ordering one. In fact, she ended up ordering a trio of different dildos in some vague hope that it would help. Unfortunately, those were still days out from arriving though.

She had no choice but to get out of the house. Even at home, her father kept her on a tight leash, so she couldn’t just go driving around without raising questions about where she was going. Normally she’d have no reason to lie, but it wasn’t as if there was too much to do in town. What could she even claim to be doing there?

Casey finally decided to start going out jogging. In the morning she normally cornered Grant somewhere and drained him for all she could, but by the afternoon the charm was really starting to act up. Maybe she could work off the excessive stress she had been feeling. Even if she couldn’t it was better than sticking around the lodge where she was tempted

With the rest of the gloryhole money, Casey had gone on a bit of a buying spree and bought several new outfits. It had been a nice distraction and she felt good having refreshed her wardrobe, even if wearing her new clothes just got her more attention from the other hunters. Casey had always enjoyed teasing them, but now her habit was making it worse for her. Still, she looked great in her new clothes.

One of her favorites was her jogging outfit, even if it was impractical to a degree, Casey couldn’t deny how sexy she looked in it. Lucky for Andrew he was texting her as she got ready for her first jog and when he asked what she was doing she decided to send him a couple of pictures. So far things hadn’t turned sexual between them over text, but Casey was pushing it with her new attire. She couldn’t see Andrew’s reaction of course, but she imagined his jaw hit the ground.

“You look so amazing!” He texted back right away, and that was just from the first picture she sent. The next one was from over the shoulder and pointed at the mirror, catching her backside in full free. Casey couldn’t instantly see him responding. This time it was just a series of hearts.

Andrew was easy to please, but she still liked the response. The question was if her dad would stop her. He often scowled and shook his head at what she chose to wear, but he had never tried to stop her. This might be the time he did and, honestly, Casey wouldn’t really blame him.

Like most of her outfits, this one involved a pair of shorts, but the black yoga shorts she had on were tighter than anything she had ever worn before, tight enough that the bands of her thong were clearly visible against it until they rode up higher on her hips. While her shorts didn’t even down to her thighs, they were compensated for a bit by the knee-high socks she had on.

Her top was a white sports bra that was struggling to contain her breasts and as if to defy its purpose it still managed to show off some cleavage. The last piece of the outfit was a high-cut hoodie, high-cut meant that instead of covering her stomach it didn’t start until halfway up her breasts. It really only worked to cover her arms and shoulders, but it did hide a bit of her cleavage, which did technically make it more modest.

She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and then sent one more selfie to Andrew, held up so he could have a chance to see the cleavage she was flashing and she was on her way. Coming down from her room, she put in a pair of earbuds but didn’t turn any music on as she walked through the lodge. Several of the hunters were around and all looked at her as she passed. Casey pretended not to hear them as she loudly announced she was going for a jog. The men tried not to stare, at least while she could see them, but the moment they were behind her she could practically feel their eyes drop along her body.

“God damn,” Trevor murmured after she passed. “I swear that girl’s shorts get tighter every time I see her. And that ass gets even more delicious.” Casey could help göztepe escort but smile to herself as she overheard.

Beside him, Philip piped in although his voice was lower and Casey could barely hear him. “You think her dad would do something about her parading around like such a slut.”

Casey opened the back door to the lodge and glanced back at them with a wave that they returned and she left. Honestly, if she didn’t right then she would have offered herself to the two men. The charm was almost as bad as when she had gone to the gloryhole, she had to get away from the temptation.

She hurried away from the lodge, turning on her music and slipping her phone into the pocket in the band of her shorts. It was only afternoon, so it was still sunny out and the weather was great. The pressure was still there as it always was, but it did seem more distant with something to distract her. There was only a minor path through the woods this close to the lodge, but it eventually attached to a more official path closer to town.

As she jogged Casey didn’t encounter anyone. That was likely for the best, if she did come across a man she would have undoubtedly tried to fuck him. The jog was working as a sort of experiment, but Casey knew if tempted she didn’t have the willpower to go through with it. Her ponytail bounced out behind her and her ass jiggled with each step she took, no matter how tight the shorts were on her. The sports bra didn’t fare much better at holding her breasts steady. Even if Casey was trying to avoid attracting a man at the moment she couldn’t help but dress her best.

Luckily for her, she wasn’t tested as she journeyed through the woods. The scenery wasn’t much to look at but she had her music at least. Casey tried not to focus on the charm or the effect it was having on her, but it was impossible to completely ignore. As she jogged through it didn’t seem to be getting worse, or at least much worse. It almost worked to pause the effect.

Casey stayed out for a couple of hours, spread between walking and jogging. She should do this more if only to give herself a break from the urges. It did seem to help her work off some of her stress. There were plenty of paths around for her to head down. It wasn’t as if the town was crawling with joggers, not out here, so she’d also have a break from being around men all the time.

She headed back to the lodge covered in sweat and got back inside. As she walked in she passed by her dad’s office. His door was open and he saw what she was wearing, but the instant he did he busied himself with some maps, not even taking the time to scowl. It was as if he was pretending as if he didn’t even see her. That was all good by Casey. She did need to be on her dad’s good side if she was going to be sent out on any more hunts any time soon.

As she made her way through the kitchen she spotted, Steven, a bearded hunter. She popped her earbuds out and said hello. He was in the middle of heating some leftovers, but he turned to look at her and his eyes went wide. He tried to maintain eye contact with her but his vision eventually dropped to look at the window of cleavage she was showing off. The two of them only talked briefly as Casey headed up to take a shower. At least the jog had helped a little bit but no that she was back the temptation was as present as ever.

The bench shook loudly. Bullet casings were rolling around on it and nearly falling off but right at the moment, Casey didn’t care if the other hunters upstairs heard though. She was sitting on top of it with her shorts down around her ankle, barely hanging on and her legs were wrapped around Grant as he fucked her. The two of them were supposed to be handloading some of the specialty bullets the hunters used, but Casey couldn’t help herself. They were all alone and the quickie they had this morning hadn’t been enough for her.

“Someone is going to hear us,” Grant murmured. He didn’t sound that concerned either at the moment despite his warning. Casey’s tank top had been pulled up over her breasts and they were bouncing along with his thrusts. Both of his hands were on the heavy mounds, teasing her nipples as he watched them bounce

“Don’t fuck me so loudly then,” Casey teased. It was a rarity that she got a second opportunity for sex in any given day and she was going to enjoy it. “I’m not the one shaking the bench.”

Grant chuckled as he slammed into her pussy. “As if you wouldn’t be making me go harder if I was taking it easy.”

“That’s true,” Casey admitted. He was right that the two of them might have to stop if they kept making this much noise though. “I have an idea.”

Grant pulled out from between her legs and she pushed him back into a chair. Her shorts fell to the floor as she climbed up on top of him. Casey bent her knees so her shins were pressing down halkalı escort against his thighs and she could ride his cock up and down.

“There,” she purred as she lowered herself back down onto his cock. “much quieter.” Now the only sound was the chair creaking as she bounced along him.

Grant’s hands moved around her, grabbing hold of her asscheeks and following her as she raised herself up and slammed down on his shaft. “What stroke of luck was it that I was the one to help you out with the werewolf,” he murmured. Grant’s fingers pressed in against her ass, clutching the fullness of it. “If I hadn’t I’d be like the others, getting to look but not touch.”

“And touching is so much more fun,” Casey panted. This still wouldn’t be enough to relieve the mark, but it was better than the one token fuck she had been getting each day.

“You’re telling me,” Grant groaned. His hands kept feeling up her ass but he leaned back in the chair and watched her ride his cock with a grin on his face. Her breasts bounced before him and a near-constant parade of moans poured from Casey’s mouth. “I’m a lucky man. All of the other hunters would love to be in my position right now.”

“Oh?” Casey smiled. “What do they say about me?” She had always been curious about what the other men said when she wasn’t around. They watched their tongues around her and her father, and she had only gotten a sample of what might be said from Trevor and Philip.

Even as Casey lowered herself down on Grant’s cock and he was feeling up her ass while staring at her tits, his face turned red at her question. “I really shouldn’t repeat any of it.”

Casey laughed out loud. “You’re fucking me right now and called me a slut for losing my virginity to a werewolf and then having sex with you, but this is too much to say? It must be pretty bad.”

Grant nodded. “Let’s just say that the only reason the rest of them haven’t made a move on you is because of how good a shot your father is.” He paused as if thinking if he should continue. “Some of them would prefer you were taken off hunts completely and…” His voice trailed off towards the end.

“What?” Casey asked. “Do they want me here draining their cocks?” Grant slowly nodded, unsure how she’d take it. She let out a soft laugh that shifted to a moan as his cock surged deep into her body. “That’s not so bad, although I wouldn’t give up hunting for just a few cocks. I love it too much.”

“The way they put it they wouldn’t give you much of a choice in the matter.” Grant’s hands stayed along her body, creeping up higher and running along the mark on her lower back.

“Oh?” Casey raised an eyebrow and licked her lips. “That does sound appealing.” Grant looked up at her confused. “Getting forced down and fed cock for hours on end could be fun.” She began to bounce along him faster. “Pinned between a couple of bodies and fucked from both sides.” It wasn’t too different from some of the dreams she had been having.

Grant shook his head with a smile. “Is there anything you won’t do, Casey?” His hands tightened against her, holding on tight as she rode him.

“I don’t think so,” she cooed. Her hand moved from his chest to the back of his head and she pulled him forward towards her breasts. This time Grant caught one of her nipples in his mouth and started to suck on it. Casey moaned louder and held him against her. “That feels good.”

Both of his hands started toying with her breasts at her encouragement and Casey quickly grew closer to orgasm. The chair groaned beneath the two of them but she ignored it. Images of being used by the other hunters flashed through her head as Grant’s cock filled her up. She could almost feel the rough hands on her body, spanking her and holding onto her tits, her head being pulled down one cock and then another. Casey threw back her head and moaned out as pleasure surged through her. Grant shuddered in turn as she tightened around him and a moment later his seed flooded into her.

Her body bounced along his length a few more times, getting the last few drops of his load, and then she came to a stop and he pulled back from her breasts with a smile. Casey lingered there on top of him for a few moments as his cock softened inside of her but then from above they heard footsteps. She quickly jumped off of his lap and he stood up. The steps began getting closer and Casey had barely pulled her shorts up when Orlando, the youngest hunter beside her brother came down into the basement.

“Hey, Casey. Grant,” he said. “I could use your help with one of the trucks when you’re done down here.” The two of them had just barely gotten back to handloading the bullets as he appeared.

“Sure thing,” Grant glanced back over his shoulder. “It’ll just be a few minutes.”

Casey smiled back at Orlando as Grant’s cum soaked through the fabric of her shorts. That had been a close call, but worth it. “Actually we just about finished, I’m all done with him I think. I can handle the rest.” Grant caught her eye and shook his head with a smile but headed off with Orlando. For once the charm had loosened up a bit on her and she was able to focus on her work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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