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If you’ve not read my story, “A Transvestite Love” – now would be the time. It explains how Heather & I got together. It was really a great thing for both of us.

I like a soft woman with a feminine touch. But I also need mansex. Heather wants mansex too.

So Heather’s breasts, smooth legs, soft curves and full lips are perfect. I love seeing her in a tight fitting dress. High heels accentuate her firm ass. She is beautiful.

The fact she has a dick hidden between her legs is simply an added benefit. It’s the best of both worlds if you ask me. I get a little irritated when people make fun of trans people or are mean to them. When you think about it, I’m the one that’s more complex or conflicted if you want to question anything. Heather wants to be a woman for the most part. She is a woman. She likes dick inside her, she likes sucking dick not to mention she moves and acts like a woman in every way.

As for me, I like her as a woman. But I also crave her because of her dick and the certain manly attributes only I get to see. So who’s the one that’s more complex? I’m feel privileged to be one of the very few that gets to experience both her masculine and feminine features.

Sex with Heather is more intimate than any sex I’ve ever had. Straight women have these hang ups in bed. They really do. Heather has no such hang ups. She’s more intimate than any straight female. I mean what’s more intimate than two men having sex anyway?

But enough about what I love about her – you’ve got to know how really wonderful it is with her.

A few people at the bar where she works know we’ve been seeing each other. They are pretty quiet about it. I think her closest co-workers are happy about it. Heather is so sweet and we’ve fallen into a very trusting relationship.

Oh, and the sex. Did I mention the sex is mind-blowing?

The other night we went back to her place after a night on the town. She kicked her heels off as we entered her apartment. She always does.

She had taken me to a gay bar. Believe or not, I had never been to one. My only homosexual experience other than Heather had been a brief fling in college. That college fling was what introduced me to the power and intimacy of sex with a man. It was sex with no inhibitions and essentially no rules. At least that’s how I experienced it.

Heather rubbed by dick through my pants all night. She was such a tease.

She walked in the bathroom and leaned over the sink when we got to her place. Getting close to the mirror she dabbed a tissue on her face. Some makeup was running a bit from the heat in the gay bar. She was tidying up was what she always said. She called out asking what I wanted to do.

“Fuck you.” I said.

“Well, fuck you too.” Pendik Türbanlı Escort She said. She smiled at me in the mirror and continued to dab at her makeup.

“No seriously. Fucking you would be great.” I said. Unable to resist seeing her fine ass jutted out as she leaned against the sink, I walked to the bathroom door to watch her.

“Well, darling – it takes more than words to fuck me.”

I stripped off my shirt and walked behind her. Wrapping my arms around her waist I kissed her neck while standing behind her.

“You’re getting sassy.” I said.

“And you’re still dressed.” She said.

Within seconds I had kicked off my shoes and unbuckled my pants. Heather never stopped dabbing at her makeup. Only once did she glance my way in the mirror when she heard me drop my pants and begin stripping off my underwear.

Naked – I reached to touch her shoulders. She looked at my reflection.

“Well?” I said.

Her eyes drifted to the reflection of my dick standing straight up. The tip bumped the back of her dress.

“You know what to do with that thing?” She said.

Without a word, I sank to my knees behind her. Lifting up her short, tight dress, I pulled down her panties. I knew she wore them to keep her dick tucked against her. They were tight fitting and had to be peeled down her legs.

She wore panty hose that stopped at the top of her thighs. These clips held them in place on a garter belt she wore around her waist. I never could figure out how she got into all those garments. But it left her ass bare after peeling off the panties she wore over the garters.

By now I’m sure she was pretending to work on her makeup. She spread her legs a bit wider as I buried my face in her ass. Spreading her cheeks I quickly found her ass hole with my tongue. I think I heard her moan.

The tip of my tongue teased the rim of her ass hole. She had this ability to quickly relax and let me please her. It only took a few probes before she was letting me penetrate her slightly with the tip of my taste buds.

She widened her stance. I kissed her ass and could smell her musty scent. It was manly and made my heart race. As my face moved away I could see the bottom of her scrotum tightening. Her testicles were rising upward. I only caught a glimpse.

I admired her ass. Except for the brief hint of her tight scrotum in front against the tile counter, her ass was smooth, round and voluptuously feminine. The garter belt holding the panty hose on either side of that ass added to the sexy view.

Some lube was on the bath counter. I squirted some in her ass. Honestly, she could take me without it or a lot less – I think. But I liked her well lubed.

As I stood up, I squirted Pendik Otele Gelen Escort a glob onto my dick.

“It takes a man to fuck me.” She said.

I wrapped my arms around her waist as I stood behind her. I kissed her neck. We looked at each other in the mirror’s reflection.

“You’ve teased me all night.” I said.

“Well, I was hoping I’d get some dick tonight, darling.” She said.

I kissed her neck from behind again. With my left hand I squeezed her waist gently. Reaching down with my right hand, I grasped the base of my dick and guided it between the cheeks of her ass.

When the tip of my dick, glistening with cool lube touched the rim of her ass, I rested my chin on her shoulder as our eyes met in the mirror. Time stood still for just a moment.

Her eyes seemed to be pleading. My eyes were lustful. I steadied my dick by holding its base. Just as I started to encircle the edge of her ass hole with the head, Heather reached up with her right hand and stroked my hair briefly while leaning over slightly so that her ass pushed against my dick.

It gave me more access. Just the access I needed as I pushed forward with my hips. The lube coupled with Heather relaxing her ass reflexively allowed the shaft of my dick to slide easily into her. As it glided inward I put my lips to her ear.

“Like this?” I said.

Heather moaned.

When my dick penetrated her to its entire length, I moaned softly. The feeling was exquisite as her warmth engulfed my dick.

The feeling at the moment of union is an indescribable feeling. Especially, when that union was considered by many to be forbidden.

Heather closed her eyes for a moment and leaned over with both hands on the cool tile of the counter. Grasping her waist I began to fuck her.

My dick slid smoothly in and out of her ass. It wasn’t a furiously fast fuck. It was slow and smooth – just like Heather liked it. My hips rocked back and forth.

As I began a steady rhythm, Heather lifted her head a bit. Her gaze met mine in the mirror. We simply drank each other in with our eyes as we fucked.

My heart was pounding. I lifted her dress more so I could see more of her ass. The sight of my dick penetrating her over and over was almost overwhelming.

“I want to come inside you.” I said.

“Fuck me.” She said.

My thrusts became more steady. My breathing was quicker. Heather and I began to moan softly together. I could feel it happening.

“I’m going to come Heather.”

“Come inside me. Don’t stop.” She said.

I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to at that point. My body was no longer mine. It belonged to her. My thrusts were suddenly involuntary. My legs tingled. My own ass tightened. Pendik Ucuz Escort It was as if I couldn’t penetrate her deeply enough.

Heather leaned over onto her elbows at this point. Her ass was fully exposed to me. I impaled her over and over with ever quickening strokes. My head began to spin.

The slapping of skin on skin became apparent. A musty manly scent filled the room as sweat beaded on my forehead. Moans turned to grunts. Then it happened.

My vision narrowed. Nothing in the room was in focus for a moment. Echoes filled the bathroom with the sounds of animalistic grunts that sounded inhuman. It was in that moment that we both lost all control of ourselves. Nothing mattered but the next few seconds.

I tossed my head back. A guttural sound filled the room.

“Oooohhh. Oh, Fuck. Yes.”

Looking back down, my dick thrust like a piston into Heather. I sensed my come streaming through the shaft and spurting inside her. Each thrust was purposeful.

A few strokes later and I was thrusting slower but deeply trying to drain my dick into her.

As the room began to come back into focus, Heather stood back up and began to turn around. My dick slipped from her ass. Our lips met as she turned around.

Our tongues swirled feverishly in each other’s mouth. Heather was hot. She needed quick relief.

I quickly sank to my knees. Heather pulled her dress up higher revealing her erection that sprang in front of me.

Her dick was smaller than mine. I never asked if it was hormones or what. But it was fairly big when she was hot like tonight. Her erection was raging hot and rock hard.

As soon as I reached my knees, I wrapped my mouth around her dick. I sucked and licked her hungrily. Heather began to thrust into my mouth as I grabbed the backs of her panty hose covered thighs.

She was hot. Her dick began to soon twitch. I had learned to love sucking her and was anxious to taste her come. She moaned.

With another twitch of her dick, my mouth filled with warm salty semen. The first load splashed against the roof of my mouth and each subsequent stream spurted onto my tongue as I sucked the head and began to jack her off between my lips.

I sucked Heather dry. It was my favorite part.

As her dick quickly went limp, I stood. My hand found the back of her head and I pulled her close. Our lips met again. Her come was still on my tongue as we kissed deeply.

Semen and saliva mixed in our mouths. We struggled to inhale as we kissed. Both our dicks touched.

When our kissed parted it was a surreal moment.

Heather’s dress was all ruffled. It had pulled back down covering her dick but I could barely make out a bulge in front.

Come dripped from my dick. It glistened with lube. The tile floor had white drops of come that had dripped from Heather’s ass and my dick. The mirror was a little steamy and the room had a musty scent. The smell of sex filled the room.

It was a manly scent.

And I just stood there naked. Bathing in the warm glow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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