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Since the three of them hadn’t gotten home from the orgy until 8AM, her brand new son-in-law, Dan, and her 24 year old daughter, Sonia, decided to take the day off and went straight to bed.

Simone, still fully dressed, was completely splattered, from head to toe, with a thick, wet layer of Arab cum. She could also feel the same sourced cum still oozing out of her thoroughly ravished lower orifices.

Having promised her unsuspecting husband that she would call him this morning, somewhat guiltily, she put a fresh coat of lipstick on her puffy lips, lips that had just spent the night wrapped around thick shafts of Arab cockmeat, while an obnoxious group of middle-eastern Muslim clerics/businessmen, who were clients of her son-in-law’s investment firm, fucked her very accommodating oral receptacle, before discharging all of their loads of thick white liquid product into it.

With her full, used lips freshly coated in red, she sat down at the kitchen table, picked up the phone, and called her much cuckolded spouse.

As she felt the creamy white fluids, from the many swallowed ejaculations of Arab spunk, sloshing around in her perfectly curved belly, she cooed to her wealthy hubby of three years, that her daughter’s wedding, and the following party, had gone splendidly, and that everyone there had really enjoyed themselves. Blowing a goodbye kiss into the mouthpiece, she advised him that she was going to be staying with Sonia for a couple of more days.

After she hung up the phone, she got up and went to the guest room and collapsed on the bed, fully clothed and sticky wet, too tired to clean herself up.

Twenty four hours later, completely refreshed, Dan and Sonia left for another busy day at the office, especially for the firm’s ever popular Client Sexual Relations Manager, Sonia.

Simone had begged off from going with them this morning, explaining that she needed to get some more rest, in order to completely recover from the gang banging the Arabs had given her superbly curved, plush, pampered, and superbly toned, trophy wife body.

The excuse she had used, in order to get out of having to go with them this morning, was actually a little white lie. To her amazement, she woke up this morning feeling completely recovered from the strenuous, every orifice orgy, and found herself left with only a very pleasant tingling sensation all over her body, both inside and out, along with the feeling of being very, very horny.

Totally pleased by her body’s astonishingly quick recovery, after a long, hot, much needed shower, she poured herself a large glass of stout red wine, then sat down on the couch, closed her eyes, and began going over in her mind all of the sexually charged activities that had occurred less than two days ago.

Most of the ribald memories were of the orgy, and of the abusive, decadent, big cocked Arabs, and the depraved way they had used her and her daughter’s bodies, all night long, non-stop. And how much she had enjoyed, from very close up, getting to watch them shove their oversized cocks into all of her daughter’s willing sex receptacles, and then plundering them with calloused impunity. It had been quite a way for Sonia to spend her wedding night, honeymooning with her husband, her mother, and eight very horny Arabs.

During all of the remembering, and the large sips of wine, her mind kept drifting further back to her daughter’s pre-orgy wedding ceremony, at the Mexican Consulate. She especially thought about the bold, very naughty actions of the Mexican Official Witness, and the way he’d run his hand up under her skirt, from behind, all during the ceremony, and how he had explored her whole bare crotch with his fingers, and then had shoved two of them up her ass, all of this having been done without a word being spoken, and without her seeing the sly, unknown titilator until she caught a brief glimpse of him as she was walking out the door.

These very vivid memories had begun when she had awoken earlier this morning. As she was lying in bed letting her head clear, she found that the Official Witness’s magically erotic, under skirt foreplay, was still hotly churning around in her mind and, since then, she had been getting more and more infatuated with the whole idea of it, as each minute went by.

The memory of those skilled fingers lightly stroking and squeezing her pussy lips, and strumming her super sensitive clit, was so intriguing to her that, although she knew that she shouldn’t be, she actually found herself seriously considering going to see him today, and offering him the opportunity to complete the anal sex act fantasy that he’d so boldly initiated with her, the day before yesterday.

She had already been very hot before starting on the wine, and the rehashing of all of the torrid sex remembrances but, the thoughts about the wicked wedding fingering she had silently acquiesced to, now had her sexually intoxicated.

The powerful çukurambar escort lure of the bold, between her legs sex act, was the very reason why she had gotten out of going to the office, today. Knowing how very impetuous she could be, if her feelings about this ensnaring, mesmerizingly naughty event continued, and became even stronger, she wanted to have the freedom to act on it, today, in any manner that she felt she needed too.

With lust growing, exponentially, she poured herself another glass of the very potent red wine and continued thinking about the impertinent sexual act the Mexican had subjected her to, sipping the wine and stroking her, always ready for her to commit sin, clit, as she tried to determine what she should do.

Finally, the quantity of wine consumed, and the stimulating buzz it was giving her, combined with her rampaging, oversexed impetuosity, to win out over her good judgment. Throwing caution to the wind, she leaped to her feet and raced up to her daughter’s bedroom and got dressed in one of Sonia’s most erotic, flaunt-it-all, prick teasing, no bra outfits.

It was a tiny, purple, one piece, stretchy materialed dress that was too tight, too short and too low-cut for her more than voluptuous body. Now looking and feeling as whorish as hell, she called a cab.

On the way out, she grabbed her still half full wine glass and gulped down the remaining, high octane, dark red vino, then went out and met the taxi and had it take her to the Mexican Consulate.


Feeling deliciously high on sex and wine, she strutted into the formal old, well worn government building and explained to the suddenly goggle-eyed receptionist, that her daughter had gotten married there two days ago, and she needed to see the Official Witness, whose name she didn’t know.

Hardly able to keep her eyes off of the magnificent, barely clothed female body that was standing right in front of her, with its motor obviously running, the receptionist looked the marriage up in their computer system and told her that the witness’s name was Pablo Escobar. Simone asked her if she would call Mr. Escobar and have him come out and see her.

Still visually dumbfounded by this bounty of lushly curved female flesh, and with her eyes roving all over the bombshell’s exquisite shape the, now very willing to be bi-sexual, receptionist made a call and soon, to Simone’s great relief, she recognized the Official Witness walking towards her.

When the approaching Pablo saw who she was, he became very wary and concerned about why she was there. As he got closer, to his nervous relief, he could see that she did not appear to be upset, in any way.

The game he had played with her, at her daughter’s wedding, was one of taking a high risk in order to occasionally get a very high reward. And when you played it as boldly as he had done with her, you were never sure what the outcome was going to be.

It was a sex game that he had performed on unsuspecting female members of wedding events, many times, since he had joined the Consulate staff, almost two years ago, right after graduating from a Tijuana high school.

Most times he never saw the finger violated women again, but occasionally one of them, suffering from aftershock, would return and complain to the Consulate officials about his very inappropriate behavior. These chiefs never did anything about their complaints, because he only played the game on hot Anglo babes, and everyone in the building wanted to stick it to beautiful Anglo females, not help them out.

Inexplicably, about once a quarter, one of the attractive, over-sexed, foolish, lured by temptation, Anglo hotties would come back to see him, for the expressed purpose of finishing the sex act he’d initiated with them, right away, and wherever he wanted to do it.

As he stopped in front of this one, he could now tell by the sensuous look on her face, and the vulgarly erotic way she was dressed, that she was not there to cause him any trouble. Based on his past experiences with these pliable, sex hungry, very spoiled Anglo broads, who showed up here like this, his guess, was that, driven to sexual stupidity by her hot clit, this one was here to be had.

He certainly prayed that his guess about her intentions was correct, because this spectacular Anglo honey was the most beautiful and statuesque MILF he had ever seen. Nailing this superfine white Cunt’s ass would be the achievement of a lifetime.

As the Official Witness was nearing her, Simone got a chance to look him over, closely, for the first time. She immediately noticed that he was much smaller than she had remembered him to be and that, in her 5 inch purple heels, she not only towered over him, her 125 pound marvel of feminine curves, probably outweighed his skinny, but wiry young body by at least 20 pounds.

As she viewed him anew, standing there in his cheap clothing, muscle-less body, and demetevler escort crooked, gap-toothed grin, she realized that her over-stimulated, wine spiked memory had been very exaggerated and that, in actuality, the male she had in her very impressionable mind, was turning out to be a very pedestrian looking young man, apparently just barely out of his teens, who was not attractive at all.

“My God,” she thought to herself, “My daughter is older than he is and, if I get what I’ve come here for, I’m going to end up getting MILF’d by a really young, homely looking little Mexican peon.”

Swallowing hard at that very sobering thought, she looked him up and down again and, on second sight, found him to be so unattractive that he was clearly not anyone a girl would choose to date, unless she was really ugly and very, very desperate.

Now suddenly face to face with the very unpleasant reality of the situation, she began having some serious second thoughts about proceeding.

But, being there on an impetuous, insatiable, illogical sex mission, and having had a little too much wine to drink, she paused for a moment to reconsider her options, instead of just bolting out the door.

She looked over the very homely boy, again, and weighed his deplorable looks against the overpowering allure of the magical memories of the secret fingering work the guy had done under her skirt, so, in spite of how totally unappealing this little dork had turned out to be, the overwhelming enticement of the anal sex dream she’d been having about him, for the last two days, couldn’t be overcome by the ugly facts, and her raging clit again won out over good sense.

Steeling her resolve, she firmly re-committed herself to pressing on with her dream quest, and was willing to bear the heavy personal cost to her mind and body, of letting this revolting looking little asshole live out his MILF fantasy, by nailing her trophy wife ass, but good, in order for her to be able to reach her wine and clit driven, anal sex fantasy.

So, with a determined and sexy smile, she reached out and shook the little wetback’s limp, clammy hand and asked him if there was some place where they could go and talk.

Getting his official Consulate staff member face on, he asked her, firmly, “What do you want to talk about?”

Flashing a comely smile, she responded, “I want to talk to you about what you did to me during my daughter’s wedding ceremony, two days ago, and what I expect you to do about finishing the job, right here and now.”

He immediately broke into a broad, toothy, nauseating grin, and confidently asked, “Do you want to pursue the matter with me in absolute privacy?”

She, being completely under the influence of her wine fueled, out of control, throbbing, very naughty clit, submissively nodded her head, “Yes.” No more words needed to be spoken, as it was now completely clear to both parties that she was ready to give it up to him.

Knowing that his bold sex game was about to pay off with the ultimate reward, a piece of the primmest of the prime, Anglo ass he’d ever seen, he picked up the receptionist’s phone, dialed, then muttered a few guttural words of Spanish into the mouthpiece, then hung up. He took her by the arm and led her down into the deepest, dingiest recesses of the old building.

When he’d reached his destination, he pushed her into an old, smelly men’s restroom that was used by the building’s maintenance staff, then quickly closed the door behind them, and turned on the light.

Wanting to get the sex started before she had any chance of getting cold feet, as she stood there looking around at the appalling, stinking little room, he began running his hands all over her sensational curves and up between her lush thighs.

While he pawed her purple clad body, warming it up to be had, she saw that the tiny restroom was obviously in infrequent use by guys who didn’t clean up after themselves, at all.

It had a nasty looking, heavily stained urinal, with a pale yellow fluid gathered in the bottom of its bowl; a vile looking toilet with a dirty vinyl seat on it; and a tiny wash basin.

From both the stench in the air, and the looks of the waste can that was full to overflowing with debris, it was obvious to her that the room hadn’t been cleaned for a while.

To say that she was shocked by the deplorable conditions she was standing in, would have been a monumental understatement. This was hardly the kind of romantic spot she had expected to be consummating her anal dream scene, in.

Swallowing hard, she asked Pablo, “Damn, is this the only place you have for us to do this in?” From behind her, with his hands full of her huge tits, and his wet tongue stuck in her ear, while also dry humping her luscious ass, he replied, huskily, “It sure is, baby. This is the only, pretty much private, place in the whole damned building.”

With his roving hands quickly increasing her heat, she looked the room dikmen escort over, one more time, then concluded that the disgusting dump might be the absolute pits, but it certainly didn’t look any worse than Pablo did so, if it had to be done here, she could deal with it for the purposes of performing the quickie sex act that she was there to consummate.

Helping her make that decision was the fact that the extremely small size of the room dictated that Pablo would have to do his work on her anal passage from behind. So all she would have to do was bend forward at the waist, and place her hands on the wash basin for support, and then let him put it to her.

The very tight working arrangement’s greatest advantage was the fact that she wouldn’t have to see how ugly the runty little bastard was who was giving it to her up the ass. And that was worth a whole lot to her because Pablo’s weasel-like looks were beginning to make her queasy.

So, fully committing herself to performing anal sex with the ugly little Mexican in this dreadful men’s room, in mid-grope, and with her pussy dampening fast, she turned and faced the Official Witness and ordered, “Alright, you had your fun getting me turned on the other day, so now I’m here for you to finish the job that you started. I want you to play with my anus some more but, this time, I want you to take it all the way, and stick your cock up my ass, and do me until you get your rocks off deep inside of me. Do you understand me, you little bastard?”

With a broad smirk of complete conquest, the diminutive Mexican nodded his head, affirmatively, then quickly moved her over in front of the urinal and ordered, “Bend over at the waist and place your hands on the bottom rim of this plumbing fixture, and use it to keep your body steady, while I work your anal passage over, and then fuck it.”

Even though it was not exactly the way she had just envisioned it, doing it his way at least still kept her from having to look at the little creep while he was having sex with her, so she eagerly did what she was told, bending forward and placing her hands on the jutting rim at the bottom of the dirty, reeking urinal. In that position, her head ended up inside the ceramic frame of the grimy, spotted wall fixture, and her face was left just a couple of inches away from the back of the reeking, filthy urinal.

Having her properly in place to be skewered from behind, the bold little office lackey quickly pushed her ultra short skirt up around her waist, stripped off her purple panties, tossing them on top of the garbage in the waste can, kicked her feet about a foot apart, then proceeded to quickly work his middle finger into her completely exposed, very hot and hungry anus.

Soon he had a second finger buried in her, and was working her backdoor entrance, hard, while he used his other hand to stroke her large, pulsating clit, both efforts getting an excellent squirming, cooing response from the impassioned, anal sex hungry, white bimbo.

Watching her react, almost helplessly, to the work of his invading hands, he had to laugh to himself at how dumb these temporarily sex addled Anglo broads were to come here and let themselves be used and demeaned this way. Once these oversexed, pampered, trophy wife sluts got fucking in their minds, they couldn’t seem to be able to help themselves.

It clearly explained why women so easily become whores. The stupid Cunts were made to give in to temptation and let themselves get fucked. It seemed to be their inescapable destiny, no matter how good-looking they were.

She felt Pablo remove his invading fingers from her anus, shove them into her hot, oozing pussy, then pull the now cuntal juice coated digits out, and shove them back into her rear chute, fully lubricating it to take on the real hot, raunchy action that he had in store for her.

She had already been very turned on when she bent over for him, but the feel of the juiced up fingers working their way deep inside of her backdoor orifice, along with the extreme sensitivity of her well stroked and throbbing clit, had transported her to a whole new stratosphere of heat.

He soon worked a third finger in next to the other two, then forced the cluster of digits further up into her anal passage and, resultantly, pushed her panting, open-mouthed face towards the back of the pungent, damp urinal.

As she felt her head getting pressed forward, she turned her face to the side, so that only her right cheek ended up touching the moisture sweating, yellow speckled, back wall of the putrid urinal.

Emboldened by the obvious power his fingers were gaining over the blonde MILF, Pablo took the hand that was strumming her big, thoroughly turned on clit, and used it to grab her by the back of the neck, then forcibly turn her face until it was aimed straight towards the back of the urinal.

Then he pushed on the back of her neck, firmly, and shoved her full red lips flush against the back portion of the sticky, stained, wet wall fixture, effectively making her kiss it.

He then returned that hand to her crotch and worked three of its fingers up into her soaking wet vagina, as he yelled at her, “Kiss the back of that urinal like you’re in love with it, you hot assed, Anglo slut, and be real dirty about it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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