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Apologies for the delay with this next chapter. I decided to take some time off writing over Christmas. If you’re new to this short series, I’d recommend reading back through the previous chapters but I’ve tried to make them stand up their own to an extent.

Hope you enjoy


James was in autopilot as he cycled along the high street. He tended to let his subconscious drift when heading into work, but today he was on another planet. He contemplated the past few weeks and how much in his life had changed in such a short time.

Today was his last shift at Giorgio’s. After such a long time serving at the restaurant, he felt guilty that he wasn’t down about leaving, but he was beyond excited to be starting his new job at DDD on Monday.

He arrived at the restaurant, fastened his bike up as normal and headed in to get changed. Passing Izzy on the stairs, he couldn’t help but smile as his mind replayed some of their previous encounters. He’d miss working with her, but knew that he’d still be seeing plenty of her, especially if she was still seeing Lauren.

Izzy and Lauren had been spending a lot of time together since James ‘introduced’ them a few weeks back. They weren’t girlfriend and girlfriend, but they were certainly having a fuck load of fun together. Fortunately for James, he still regularly received evidence of some of their games in the form of picture messages. Unfortunately though, the girls had started using Snapchat, meaning that while he still saw the occasional flash of flesh, he would only get a quick glimpse before the picture was gone forever. It made the situation 100% hotter.

Not that James was going without any fun of his own. James had been spending a number of nights with Charlotte recently. He was quickly realising that Charlotte was using their relationship to experiment with a number of… kinks recently, and he didn’t mind at all. He found that they were fast becoming good friends with each other, a revelation that surprised James at first. He had been worried that he would start falling for her, or that she would start to fall for him, but he found that the more time they spent together, and the more sex they were having, didn’t change how he saw her. They wouldn’t talk about their lives, their jobs or their troubles. He likened their relationship to that of gym buddies, meeting up and working out together, giving each other hints and tips on how to improve.

His shift went by quickly. As the fatigued groan of the final customers standing up signalled the end of his time behind the bar, he quickly cashed up and joined his colleagues for a goodbye meal. They talked, drank, and ate until they were all pretty merry. Izzy and Holly had sat at the far end of the table and were keeping mainly to themselves, but every now and then, James caught Izzy’s eye from across the room, and she would send him a look that made his balls twitch in his pants.

James and Izzy hadn’t fucked since the night she told him she was interested in Lauren, and had been pretty busy following up on that interest even since. She’d enjoyed her first encounters with Lauren so much that she had been starting to wonder if she was gay. However, having dragged James into the toilets at Giorgio’s to test that theory, she soon realised that she was definitely still interested in men. The way she was looking at him tonight made him think she was returning to familiar pastures.

As the cheers and the laughter subsided and people started heading home. James locked up and headed over towards the toilets to get changed. Passing the door for the lady’s restroom, he waited to see if Izzy was going to spring out of the shadows at him again. No luck. His head dropped slightly as he continued on towards the gents.

The restroom was illuminated by the silvery glow of the full moon outside. James began changing in front of the sinks as normal, trying to judge if he was too drunk to cycle home.

Light burst into the room as his phone started to buzz.

“1 New Snapchat received” – Izzy

James snapped up his phone and opened the app. Holding his finger to the screen, the image of a perfect little ass, framed in a white thong lit up his screen with a caption reading “Pants party invite”, he chuckled to himself at the anchorman reference as he ogled the glorious curves on screen. The seconds ticked down and the image disappeared, saved only in James’ memory. Maybe he wouldn’t be cycling home after all.

He changed into his gear and exited the bathroom, taking one last look at the restaurant as he made his way downstairs to lock up for the last time. As he walked past the seldom used function room, he paused as he noticed a light on. ‘Strange’ he thought. The main lights weren’t on, but he could see that one of the smaller lamps was on in the private seating area.

“Anyone there?” he called into the darkness.


He placed his bag down on the floor Sakarya Escort and slowly crept into the room, his mind telling himself that he was ready to strike if he came across burglars. As he approached the sitting area, he heard movement. ‘Shit!’, there was someone there.

He looked around for a weapon or something to defend himself, finding a pepper mill, he raised it above his head as he approached the entrance to seating area. Mentally preparing himself, he slowly peered around the corner…

He saw her feet first, closely followed by her long, slender legs. Maroon french lace panties partly covering a familiar tattoo on her hip. Izzy posed on the sofa at the far end of the room in nothing but a matching bra and panties and a devilish grin.

‘Wait’ he thought. ‘Maroon?’

He almost jumped out of his skin as a slender hand reached around his waist from behind and gently squeezed his rapidly expanding cock. A second hand glided past his shoulder and down his back as a small frame emerged from the shadows behind him. Holly giggled at his reaction.

“We thought we’d give you a leaving present” she whispered, “something to remember us by.”

As Holly walked by into the light, his suspicions were confirmed, she wore a matching set of white lace lingerie, perfectly framing her petite body. Her arse looked out of this world! Her blond hair was tied back into a ponytail which caressed the tops of her shoulders. The girls shared a look and a little giggle as James gormlessly soaked in the situation. Izzy hadn’t yet moved or said anything, just lay still on the sofa in her seductive pose, enjoying watching events unfold.

“So what did you girls have in mind?” asked James, trying to hide how excited he was by playing it cool.

“Well, Izzy here has been telling me about your adventures a few weeks ago, and tells me you know just how to keep two women satisfied.” Holly seductively replied looking over her shoulder.

James, to his credit, never saw it that way, he remembered having very little control over the events of his threesome with Izzy and Lauren, he just kept up the pace as best he could. He grinned as he recalled the night.

“Pretty confident isn’t he, Iz?” Holly laughed.

“He’s got good reason to be!” purred Izzy.

Holly turned and walked towards James, her eyes drawn to the now pronounced bulge in his shorts. She reached out and lightly brushed her fingers across the fabric and upwards towards his stomach, pulling his t-shirt up to reveal his stomach. “Mmmm” she purred as she let his t-shirt drop. “Someone’s been working out!”

James’ only work outs recently had been cycling and Charlotte, but he recognised that sessions with the latter had improved his core muscles substantially in recent weeks and he was starting to see tone around his waist. He made a mental note to thank her later.

Holly hooked a finger in his waist band and turned away from him again, leading him back towards the sofa and Izzy, accentuating her hip movements to show off her ass. Looking Izzy in the eye, the girls smiled knowingly and turned their attention back to James. “I think we’re all wearing too much restrictive clothing here, care to help address that?”

James removed his t-shirt as quickly as humanly possible without ripping it from his chest. He grabbed Holly by the waist and pulled her back towards him as he leaned down to nibble her neck. Holly began grinding her ass against his crotch as a gentle moan escaped her lips. Izzy and James locked eyes as his hands made their way around her tiny waist towards her panty line. Just as James was about to send an exploratory finger towards her crotch, Holly leant forward, pushing back into James. Seeing the opportunity, he reached for her bra and released the clasps, watching the tiny garment slide elegantly from her shoulders.

Standing back up, Holly grabbed his hands and pulled them towards her exposed breasts. She was not the most well endowed of women, but her breasts sat perfectly on her chest, her nipples, the size of a dime, stood proudly as James’ hands were guided towards them. He cupped her chest in his hands and began gently massaging her, running her hard nipples through his fingers and giving them a gentle squeeze every now and then.

Holly reached her right arm up and behind James’ head, guiding it back towards the nape of her neck. Taking her silent instructions, he kissed and nibbled at her neck and ear as she continued to grate against him. She stifled a low moan. Her left hand eased itself between them, reaching for his manhood. Giving it a gentle squeeze, she drew a deep breath from her prey.

James felt like he was about to explode as Holly continued to toy with him. He felt her hand massaging his helmet through his shorts, the soft fabric of his boxers enhancing the sensations tenfold. She slowly ran her right hand down from his neck, hooking her thumb into his waistline. She repeated the process Sakarya Escort Bayan with her left hand and paused, still facing forward.

The tension was unbearable. James clamoured for relief. He wanted to bend her over and roughly take her over the sofa. His blood was boiling with lust, but he knew he had to sit back and be played with. That was what the girls wanted right now. To torture him with exquisite agony until he could take no more. Holly started to pull down on his shorts and boxers, forcing his trapped cock downwards with them. His cock battled against the coercion, fighting to stand proud and upright.

When Holly could push down no further, she bent forward at the hips to allow her arms to drop lower. When the shorts finally gave way. James’ cock sprung back up, slapping Holly between her legs. The sudden shock of the impact on her moist taint almost bundled the bending blond over, but she managed to brace herself just in time. Standing back up, she finally turned to face him, peering down at his instrument.

Without saying a word, she leapt forward into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. Kissing him roughly, she thrust her tongue into his mouth as she squeezed him tightly. James could feel her warmth dripping down from his stomach. Her light frame and small build meant that James was much better prepared to hold her up as his hands reached for her thong.

Pulling it out of the way, he positioned himself in front of her entrance and slowly lowered her on to him, making sure his hands had a firm grip on her tight arse. She bit down on his lip to stifle a moan as he entered her. Their eyes locked as he came to a rest inside of her. For a moment, they stood there, still, enjoying the feeling.

Slowly, James pulled himself out of her. Holly’s legs started to twitch involuntarily as he eased back in. Her inner muscles were on lock down as gravity did its thing, pushing her down on to him. She wrapped her arms more tightly around his neck, burying her head in his chest.

James looked beyond her to the sofa, where Izzy had finally moved into an upright position, legs apart, gently massaging her clit through her panties with one hand and her right breast with the other. Her eyes were locked on Holly’s ass. She was really enjoying the show.

James began to up the pace as Holly started to buck in his arms. Thrusting his hips up into her as his arms lowered her onto his cock. She leant back her head from its perch on his shoulder and looked him in the eyes again, biting her lip. “Fuck!” she cried. “That’s so good!”

She plunged her tongue back down his throat, kissing with a strength and passion that was not lost on James. ‘Was she always this intense?’

As if on cue, Holly’s insides clamped down upon his cock and her legs spasmed around his waist. She was coming… hard! She bit down on his lip and dug her nails into his back as she fought to regain control of her limbs. Slowly, she began to come down, releasing James from her clutches. She lowered an apprehensive leg towards the tiled floor of the function room, making sure that she maintained her balance before lowering herself down.

Breathing deeply, she continued to lock her eyes with James’ not breaking contact with him for a moment as she lowered herself down to her knees. Taking his cock in her right hand, she ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft, tasting her own juices before tantalisingly brushing the tip of his member. Inhaling deeply, she pushed her head down on to his cock, engulfing it in her mouth.

James’ head rocked back as she took him to the back of her throat with an urgency that surprised him. It would not take long for Holly to milk him dry at this rate.

A muffled cry erupted from the sofa as Izzy found her sweet spot. Her bra straps were now around her elbows and her panties pushed to one side as she frantically toyed with herself. A gleam of sweat appeared on her brow that told James how hard she had been working. The sight of this gorgeous woman working herself up into such a frenzy over him was sending him over the edge.

A sharp grunt was all the warning Holly needed as James was pushed over the edge. Moving her head back and releasing him from the back of her throat, she collected every drop of his cum as his knees began to tremble.

As his senses returned to him, James surveyed his surroundings. Izzy was slowly slithering off the sofa towards them as Holly gulped down a mouthful of his jism. She beamed up at him from her position on the floor as Izzy reached her and tapped her on the shoulder. Holly turned to look at her colleague and was taken off guard as Izzy latched her lips to hers, passionately violating her mouth with her tongue. Based on Holly’s surprised reaction, James guessed that this was the first time Holly had been kissed by a woman.

As Izzy drew back, Holly’s face remained still and calm as if entranced, eyes still closed, still Escort Sakarya in shock. Izzy licked her lips. “Thanks for the taster, babe” she said, standing up and grabbing James by the hand.

She led him over to the sofa and sat him down. James thanked his lucky stars for the respite for his poor legs. Izzy removed her sodden panties and kicked them off, before straddling him on the sofa. Despite still being in recovery from Holly’s blowjob, James felt his cock twitch as she rubbed her moist vulva over him. She kissed him gently and sensuously, contrasting heavily to Holly as she slowly girated on his lap.

James enjoyed the feeling of her lace bra rubbing against his chest, but he wanted what was underneath them. He reached around and delicately unfastened the strained brassiere, watching it fall between them. As Izzy’s remarkable tits sat invitingly in front of him, he latched onto her right nipple like a hungry child, playfully biting and squeezing as his hand massaged around it. She leant back to give him more freedom to devour her, grinding her hips down into his crotch. Her head dropped backwards over her shoulder as a low moan escaped her lips. They could both feel James’ cock slowly stirring between them.

Holly rejoined the fray, emerging from behind Izzy and passionately kissing her again, seemingly returning the favour to her friend and colleague. They were both breathing heavily as they drew back from the kiss, a string of saliva connecting their hungry mouths. Holly positioned herself behind Izzy, nuzzling her neck and running her hands up and down her sides, grabbing her waist. The feeling of being explored by two mouths and four hands was enthralling her as her sighs and moans increased in frequency.

Izzy shot up onto her knees, forcing James to sit back, still with boob in mouth. His tongue was circling her left nipple while her right was being gently squeezed and pulled by the right. He knew at that moment he could die happy. He worried he might as he felt Holly’s small hands caressing his recovering cock. Soaked in Izzy’s juices, her hand seemed to slide right off his member as she started to work his shaft. He was still hyper-sensitive from her earlier blowjob, and each square millimetre of his cock tingled at her touch. He shuddered as her tongue made contact with his tip.

“Mmmmph” he mumbled with his mouth full. He was close to being ready to go again and he really wanted to be inside of Izzy again, but he didn’t want Holly to stop.

Izzy, sensing his readiness, started to sit back down. Holly removed her tongue from James’ tip and positioned his cock under her. He slide right into her until she was sitting on his lap. She placed her hands on his cheeks and planted a gentle kiss on his lips. As she drew back, she looked deep into his eyes and started to raise herself up and down on him. The two were in their own in their own little world as they gradually moved in and out of each other. His hands roamed and caressed her body as she started to bounce on his lap.

Out of the corner of his eye, James saw Holly removing her thong and join them on the sofa, sitting sideways on so that she could watch the action unfold in front of her. Adopting a similar position to Izzy earlier, she spread her legs and began to play with herself, biting her lip as she watch the live sex show in front of her.

Izzy turned to look at Holly as she continued to girate. Raising an eyebrow, she watched her friend masturbating as she enjoyed the show, and James knew that she was definitely interested in taking things further with her too. Right now, though, he focussed his attention on her, raising his hips to meet hers. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he upped the pace as the moist clap of flesh echoed through the room.

“Ugh!” she grunted as he pressed himself deeper into her. Her breasts were starting to jiggle as the speed of their union increased. “Oh… Ugh… Oh!”

She was getting close. James’ hands moved down to her arse, grabbing a globe each and squeezing them. He shuffled lower in the seat to get more purchase to thrust into her. Izzy stayed upright, raising her arms over her head and tussling her dark hair.

Holly had seen enough, she crept forward and placed her hand on Izzy’s cheek, gently caressing her face before gliding her hand down her neck and over her chest, brushing her nipples with her delicate fingers. She continued lower until her hand was hovering around her waistline. Holly began rubbing her in small gentle circles, gradually moving lower and lower towards her target, brushing through the soft fur of her pubus. When her fingers reached their mark, James stopped her from bouncing and held her backside in place as he thrusted upwards. Izzy let out a wail as the combination of Holly’s clit play and James’ cock sent her over the edge.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! NNNNNGH!!! YES!! YES! Fuck yes!!” she wailed as the combination of Holly’s clit play and James’ cock sent her over the edge.

James and Holly didn’t let up as she convulsed in their arms, stretching her orgasm out as long as possible. By the time she came down, everyone was panting shallow breaths. Izzy rolled off James and lay naked on the leather sofa next to Holly as she regained her composure.

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