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Jeannie Byron is 65, in tremendous shape for her age, a graying-haired GILF of exquisite proportions, standing about 5-6, weighing a very athletic 140 pounds. A lifelong tennis player and teacher, the stunning elderly woman teaches young people at a tennis camp in summer in the seaside community where she lives.

She loves working with young people for a variety of reasons, including the satisfaction of helping them learn a sport she loves. An added benefit is having so many young men at her, well, disposal. Mrs. B., as she’s known, has a penchant for studs under her watch, loving their eagerness, virility and willingness to serve her in any way she wants.

This day was a particularly hot one, in the high 90s, very humid, and the tennis lessons were over. Mrs. B. had her eye on Todd, a tall, lanky 18-year-old college boy who was helping out with lessons, a lad with a muscular young body and noticeable package in his tennis shorts.

Mrs. B. flirted with him from time to time, taking note of his attraction to her and innocent nervousness.

Mrs. B. waited until everyone had left, but Todd, and asked him for help putting away the gear in a small, hot shed on the camp grounds. He followed her, hands full of gear, she ahead of him in cap, sleeveless white shirt, very short white tennis skirt, mid-calf white socks and white sneakers. She’d noticed him checking out her old, wrinkled but quite firm legs every chance he got, so she walked slowly now, feeling his eye burning into her thick calves covered with delicate wrinkles and saggy hamstrings that tensed with muscle beneath as she walked.

She was soaked, from between her huge but still firm boobs to the crack of her succulent but saggy ass down to her drooping, smelly socks. She smiled, feeling his look behind her.

She stepped inside the shed and walked up a small ladder to put things away on a high shelf, knowing Todd was right behind her in the stultifying air, her skirt riding high, exposing her creamy white, wrinkled and dimpled ass in the tiny bikini bottom she wore.

“Be a dear, Todd, and hold the ladder steady, it’s a bit wobbly,” she called back to him.

“O…OK, Mrs. B.,” he stammered, stepping directly behind her, his face in direct line with that nearly exposed ass, finding himself staring hard at the wrinkled yet alluring flesh, and sniffing the air for her scent.

“No, this won’t work, I think you need to hold me around my calves, keep me steady,” she said, standing on the rung on tip toes, her calves rippling with elderly muscle beneath her crinkly skin.

“Uh…o…OK, Mrs. B.,” he gulped, putting his shaky hands around her muscular old calves and marveling at the feel and heft, the smooth, silky skin erupting in folded flesh as he squeezed them, the muscles pulsing beneath.

“Oh, Todd, I do hope I’m not embarrassing you making you hold my sweaty old calves!” she said brightly, feeling his hands slowly knead the muscles in them. “They’re not very attractive, I know, I’m an old woman!”

“NO!” he protested a bit too loudly, catching himself and then mumbling, “Uh, no, Mrs. B., they’re…they’re….quite, uh, lovely for …”

“My age?” she giggled. “Why that’s so sweet of you…you’re so close, I do hope you’re not able to smell my disgusting dirty little white socks, I’ve had them on all day, they must be quite rank in my old sneakers!”

“No, çankırı escort not at all!” he cried out. “They, they don’t..I mean….”

She was done storing the gear and stopped. Todd’s hands were still on her solid, socked calves.

“Uh, Todd,” she said. “You can let go of Mrs. B’s calves now if you’d like.”

His hands popped away as if surprised they were there and he stepped back as she stepped down, quickly picking up a few racquets in his hand and holding them before him. She turned and looked.

“Todd, you can put those on the table,” she said calmly.

“I, uh…I …uh…” he stammered.

She smiled, clearly realizing the young stud had a boner and was hiding it! She cocked her head in mock sternness at him and folded her arms across her ample old tits.

“I said put them down, Todd,” she hissed darkly, the heat of the shed making her sweat more and Todd even more so. “Now.”

He gulped and turned to put them down, turning back and holding his hands before him.

“Todd, be honest with me,” she said directly. “Did having your hands on my nasty old wrinkled calves, and perhaps looking at my old butt up my skirt, and maybe the smell of my feet…did all of that give you an erection?”

His eyes shot open wide.

“Drop your hands, young man!” she said sternly. “NOW!”

He obeyed, turning his head as she looked down at the massive bulge in his shorts that extended down his leg, the thick head of his cock visible at the hem. She was impressed, this could be the biggest one she’d ever seen.

“Well, well, well, young man,” she sighed. “Every year, there’s always one disgusting young man, one young pervert, who finds Mrs. B. so sexually attractive, he gets an erection! And every year, I have to cure another young man! We’ll start at the bottom, literally, of what caused your condition, you disgusting boy!”

She turned and bent over the table, flipping her skirt up to expose the sweaty, milky orbs of her wrinkled ass in her tiny panty, which she slowly peeled off. Todd watched, transfixed, as she pulled at the meaty flesh, opening her crack, a flash of sweaty dark pucker ringed with hair inside.

“Put your nose in Mrs. B.’s sweaty bottom, Todd, do it now and take a nice, big sniff of it!” she growled. “If you want to keep your job here, that is!”

He gulped, shuffled forward, groaned and stuck his nose in the spread cheeks, which she let go to close around his moaning face, trapping it and his nose in her sweaty puckered ring. He inhaled and gagged at the ripe but musky and hot aroma, a funky tang to it that made his already hard cock harder.

“Now lick Mrs. B.’s bum hole clean, boy!” she growled over a shoulder. “Give it a good, deep tonguing!”

He groaned and obeyed, slicing his tongue deep into her oily pucker, his nose enmeshed in the crack of her sweaty ass, feeling the slippery fluids coat it as he thrust his long tongue madly in and out of his boss’s ancient but tight asshole, cleaning it deeply, licking her anal muscles for a good 10 minutes until she came from him doing so, with a shudder, her ass cheeks gripping his entire face up her sweaty butt.

“Now kneel and suckle Mrs. B.’s sweaty, muscular, wrinkled calves, you seemed to like holding them, we’ll see how you like cleaning them with your mouth!” she ordered him. “Get down and put your mouth on each one and suckle the flesh, taste the salt and the sweat, and run that pervert tongue up and down the hard, saggy muscle, from my dirty old socks to my knees! DO IT!”

He groaned loudly, kneeling, attaching his mouth madly to one bulging calf, feeling the soft flesh wrinkle in his mouth as he suckled the sweaty flesh, his tongue bathing it, moving down to her sock, licking there, then up the sweep of her crinkly calf meat to the back of her knee, suckling the sagging flesh there and then down the other calf, moaning loudly as he worshipped and adored the saggy flesh and the fierce muscle beneath.

“Good boy, you’re learning,” she sighed, banging his face away with her calves and turning to sit on a table, spreading her legs, showing him her huge, gray, sweaty bush and the pussy lips within. “Now, kneel down, take off my sneakers and smell my socks. Do it, boy, NOW!”

He was in another world now, slipping off her sneakers and smelling the incredible foulness of them, then holding her feet in his hands, feeling the moist fabric of her socks, lifting both feet to his face and burying his face in the bottom, inhaling deeply as if it were his first breath, coughing at the brutal, acrid stench. She smiled down at him, fingering her big bush as he licked now, sucking the sweat from her socks, then up to her toes, sucking each through the fabric.

“Take them off and put your nose in my filthy toes!” she snapped.

He obeyed, pulling the wet socks off her sexy feet, revealing the bony, gnarled and veiny flesh beneath, her insteps wet and snaked with blood vessels, her long toes crooked and filthy. He put his nose between them and inhaled, the bitter aroma almost knocking him backwards, but he stayed put, smelling the grit and grime between her pinching toes and feeling his cock almost ready to explode.

“Now lick, from the heel, which you may suckle, up the sole, to the toes and suck them one by one,” she ordered him.

He moaned and obeyed his mistress, suckling her calloused heels, then running his trembling tongue up the salty, soaking wet instep and then sucking, one by one, her bony, filthy, sweaty toes, relishing the tangy taste, feeling the grit on his tongue, swallowing eagerly, each foot carefully worshipped, adored and cleaned until they shone clean in the dimming light from outside.

“Not bad, not bad,” she sighed, slapping his face in her feet, pinching it in her soles, squeezing his features into a pained mask, his eyes looking up her powerful old calves and thighs to the moist, hairy juncture above. “Now, one more thing…”

She let his face go and made him stand trembling before her. She pushed her feet toward him, hooking his waistband and quickly pulling down his shorts and underwear, a 10-inch cock bobbing before him.

“Mercy, that is a big one, young man!” she marveled. “What do you suppose we should do with that? You can’t very well leave here with that sticking in your shorts!”

He was quiet, unsure of what to say. She smiled and moved her legs around him, pulling him toward her and slowly taking that big cock into her hairy, aching cunt, squeezing her old thighs around his waist as she slowly fucked him.

“I think I figured it out,” she growled, pulling his face to hers and kissing him madly, then bending it to her neck. “Lick Mrs. B.’s nasty old wrinkled neck while you fuck her, lick that sweaty mess, suckle my waddle, boy and make me cum!!!”

It didn’t take long for either of them, first Mrs. B., who screamed in pleasure as Todd suckled her thick neck wrinkles and she came hard on his plunging dick as she wrapped her meaty, saggy thighs tightly around his waist, holding him close.

And then he came, came harder than he’d ever come in his young life, blasting a massive load into her twitching twat, sucking on her neck flesh until the sweaty meat filled him mouth.

“Oh, Todd, you made SUCH a mess!” she growled, pushing him out of her, sitting with legs spread, a massive plug of hot cum pooling in her open hole and gobbing up on the hairy lips. “Now I can’t go out like this…”

As he watched, transfixed, she squirted his load out into her open hands and then wiped the huge load on her bony feet, coating her toes, insteps, heels and soles until they were shiny with his lumpy wad. She licked her fingers slowly and brought her soiled feet up around his face.

“Lick, boy,” she hissed. “Lick Mrs. B.’s cummy feet clean!”

He moaned in renewed passion and held her calves with his hands, running his face up and down her cum-coated soles, sucking in his cum, then her heels, up her insteps to the veiny flesh and then took five toes of each foot into his mouth, his eyes rolling over white with intense passion as he suckled the goop from each toe, then switching feet to clean the other. When he was done, he’d swallowed every drop and Mrs. B. had cum again just watching him do it, squeezing his sucking neck between her slimy feet as his tongue darted side to side to find any remaining jism on her skinny little ankles.

She pushed him away and spread her saggy thighs, pointing to her glistening bush.

“I think there’s some left, Todd,” she growled, pulling him to his knees before her and slapping his face to her cummy cunt, fastening her wrinkled thighs around his ears and squeezing him into place. “Lick it all out of my pussy and clean the nasty hairs, too!”

Todd groaned from the thigh prison as he attached his mouth to her gaping hole and sucked, another river of cum from deep within flowing into his lips as he swallowed bravely. She pulled on his head in her old hands, holding him tight in her thighs and squeezing hard as she ground herself to another orgasm, pumping and humping his face so hard he nearly passed out from the clench of her saggy thighs around his carotid arteries and the smother of her cum-soaked snatch.

She finally let him go, her thighs releasing him, and he slumped back on the floor, panting deeply, his face smeared with his cum and hers. She picked up her filthy socks and tossed them at him.

“Put these back on Mrs. B.’s old feet, boy,” she said with a throaty growl, and the boy eagerly obeyed, smelling the fragrance of her toes as he did, and then putting her sneakers back on and lacing them up for her.

She stood, slithering back into her panties, bending over to do it, treating him to the sight of her wrinkled hamstrings and crinkly butt as she did, he kneeling behind her. She stood him up and embraced him, kissing him deeply, sucking his cummy tongue into the wrinkled pucker of her GILF mouth.

“Same time, every day, Todd,” she sighed. “You’re my pet for this summer. I hope you realize how really lucky you are!”

His cock throbbed as he pulled his shorts on, following Mrs. B. into the dark parking lot, watching her legs and calves gleam in the dark, realizing how very lucky he was indeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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