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Hi, this is Annie. I am taking over the narration for this part of the story. That’s to make sure you get all the juicy details that Will might omit. You know how males can be! You DO know, don’t you? Yeah, thought so!

Waking up to Mrs. Gallagher calling for “all pricks on deck,” I pinched Will’s naked butt to rouse him. He was finally snoozing well after his long, horny night. I unlocked his cuffs from the headboard and we had a quick shower. He was suffering that frequent condition among males, known as ‘morning wood’ and sharing a shower didn’t help him any. I dressed quickly in a provocative outfit so I could keep him ‘alert’ down there, while he, of course, could only watch. I’m sure he would have been happy to just have the skimpy speedo suit at that point, but it couldn’t have hidden his condition at all!

I made Will precede me onto the patio, to insure that the other ladies were greeted with his full display. I was quite enjoying the effect I could have over Will’s intimate regions, and loved showing him off.

“He sure gives a new meaning to the expression ‘rise and shine’ doesn’t he?” Renee quipped with a giggle as she studied his perkily swaying rod.

We all enjoyed Mrs. G’s strawberry pancakes, a beach house tradition, along with scrambled eggs and steaming mugs of coffee. The morning was a little cool, and our naked guys appreciated the warm breakfast while waiting for the sun to burn off the cool mist of the early morning.

The two men were assigned the clean-up duties after breakfast. Mrs. G loves to prepare a meal, but insists that cleaning is male work, and we shouldn’t let two idle hunks go to waste. We relaxed and watched their naked bottoms with amusement as they performed their work. As soon as Mrs. G and Mom approved the quality of their job, Renee and I took our guys for a beach walk.

She and I had both conspired to wear our form-fitting workout shorts, which hugged every detail of our derrieres, and loose halters that allowed our bosoms to move freely within. We were allowing nothing to distract Will and Matt’s libidos from attentiveness. We wanted to make sure there was a hefty load of manhood swinging from their groins as we strolled in the morning sunshine.

Emerging from our dune path by the beach canlı bahis house, we turned north along the shoreline, heading towards the more remote section backed by the forestry plantation. Both guys were obviously feeling very exposed as we left the relative privacy of the patio behind us, every step now taking them further from any notion of hiding any aspect of their totally exposed assets.

We passed an occasional man fishing on the beach. Each was naked as he cast in the surf, relaxing the guys a little to see that nudity was indeed common on Longlegs Beach. “Legs right up to your ass!” was indeed the motto, but it was mostly male nudity, so not much eye candy for the guys. That kept their eyes on us.

Then we met the dog-walkers! Two local mavens of the beach community, Rita Hadley and Gloria Tucker, were having their morning walk, while allowing Muffin and Tonto to roam and explore. Both were conservatively dressed in capri pants and button-down tops. A strong contrast with the very un-dressed state of every male in sight. And ours were sporting two very stiffly erect appendages, wagging like wooden broomsticks in front of them. And absolutely nowhere to hide them! We kept them walking directly into the line of approach of the ladies, and they knew we would not tolerate any hands clutching at crotches. They were under strict rules not to touch their privates at any time without our permission, which they were not about to get!

The two ladies feigned indignation and shock over the aroused state of our boyfriends.

“Rita, can you believe the brazen flaunting of arousal by these young bucks!? I know this beach has a tradition of being clothes-optional, but these two have no shred of modesty left!”

“I agree, Gloria! Young man – have you no shame? Shouldn’t you cover that- that- ‘thing’ of yours when it’s in that state, at least while passing others? You’re so aroused it looks like you could orgasm at any moment!”

“Rita, I don’t think they can cover up! They don’t seem to have a shred of clothes with them at all.”

Will and Matt were caught in an enormously uncomfortable predicament, for them. And a very delicious one for us! And little did they know how much the two ladies were enjoying ‘dressing down’ our kaçak iddaa two very undressed hunks. Every one of us KNEW there was nothing whatsoever they could do, except stand there and take the experience that was being dished up!

Matt was more used to nudity than Will, since he had been around us longer, but even he had not yet been subjected to this level of total immersion in the one-sided nature of this context. He also did not know these ladies, or that they were in on the arrangement. They were caught in a totally exposed, helplessly naked, ball-crawling, rock hard, cock-throbbing, full-frontal, electrically-erectingly embarrassing face-to-face confrontation with two women of their mothers’ generation who were verbally berating them for their horny display of manly parts in public, with no avenue of escape, while the two women were secretly lapping it up with delight!

Matt was looking lost and unsure of himself, while Will looked like he could bolt from the scene if I would have allowed it. Then he saw the wink I got from Renee, and it dawned on him, uncertainly at first, then like a wave washed over him – he realized! The ladies were complicit with us. It was part of their training to surrender their privacy completely into our control. To trustingly be naked whenever and wherever we required it of them. And in the presence of whomever.

They both actually looked relieved when all four women began to laugh. They were not in any real trouble at all, just the butt -pun intended- of an inside joke. Muffin and Tonto bounded up from their frolic at this point, and it was hysterically funny when Tonto put his wet nose into Will’s bum to check out who this newcomer was on his beach.

We all then turned and walked back towards the distant row of beach cottages, our naked bucks pointing the way with their bobbing erections as we followed, comparing their lovely backsides. Will has a smoother butt, with a few curly hairs showing in his cleavage and a cute covering of peach fuzz on the bottom of each buttock merging into his leg hair. Just where you would cup a buttock with your hand to caress it. Matt has a thicker crop of darker hair in those areas, gradually thinning out as it fans across the muscular curves of his manly kaçak bahis bottom. Different from each other, but both delectably cute to observe. We could tell they both were blushing deeply as we four women openly discussed every detail of their completely bared asses, in lovely motion just steps ahead of us.

Before we had gotten half-way to the house, Will had to pee. He insisted he couldn’t wait to reach the house. Matt agreed that he needed to go also.

“There’s no need to wait. Just go ahead and take care of it here,” Rita said. “People have to pee on the beach all the time.”

“I think they are hoping for a moment of privacy,” suggested Gloria.

“Nonsense! Just pee. We’ve seen your maximumly engorged and rampantly horny erections, a much more personal and private function of your manly part than simple urination. There is no place to offer privacy anyway.” Rita responded, looking Will in the eye.

Renee and I agreed that they must pee openly for us all to observe, or not at all. They really needed to do it, so their resistance collapsed and we gave them permission to touch their shafts enough to aim their streams. Renee drew a target in the sand and told them to aim at it. It took a couple of minutes, even with full bladders demanding to be emptied, for them to get things flowing under the scrutiny of four females avidly studying the intricacies of the male psyche as much as the male plumbing.

Matt spurted a brief shot of golden liquid, faltered, then another, then a more steady and strong stream surged and overshot the target. He adjusted the aim of his rigid, horizontal hose until it was drenching the sand at the center of the circle.

Will began a few seconds after, a dribble, then a spurt, then a full stream. He aimed and was hitting just short of Matt’s mark.

“It is so interesting that men have to be so competitive. Even peeing doesn’t escape it! They have to try to outdo each other. And a moment ago, they wanted privacy from us. Now they are competing to impress us!” Renee remarked, and all the women shared a hearty laugh at the nature of males.

After they had drained their little hoses, the awareness of our examination caused them to return to a fully erect state, with a few rapid lurches upward. We were presented with two sky-pointing specimens of gallant masculine equipment, helmeted glans flaring, bright sun-glistened pink knobs pulsating with a mix of arousal and elation, of shame and pride dancing together within them. Saluting us, but nervously still.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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