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Big Tits

I tapped my foot nervously and drummed my fingers on the arm of my chair. My eyes roamed restlessly around the room, passing over details I had already observed dozens of times. Expensive-looking art on the walls. The potted plant in the corner. The display case full of awards for the company’s products. A framed photo of the CEO. The attractive blonde secretary typing at her desk.

She sensed my gaze and smiled before returning to her typing. I looked away and tried not to think about how nervous I felt. I was interviewing for a job as Cheryl Sandstrom’s executive assistant. Landing this type of position can make your career. When you spend all day with the CEO, they get to know you and what you’re good at. If they like you, they can make recommendations or fast-track your advancement.

I *needed* this job.

I was the only one in the waiting room. Was that good? Did it mean I was the only candidate to have made it through all the rounds of phone screening? Was it a bad sign that I’d been waiting for so long? It was pretty late in the day. Maybe she was in there right now offering the job to someone else.

My eyes landed on the photo again. Cheryl Sandstrom was legendary. She’d made millions in Silicon Valley and then when her husband died she left it all behind. A few years later, she reappeared as the founder of Leadership Vibes, a revolutionary sex toy company. Her tech experience and willingness to experiment drew attention. She defined their mission as nothing less than completely removing the stigma around women’s sexuality. The company did phenomenally well and attracted some of the most talented women in the world.

Was I the only guy who had applied?


I was startled out of my thoughts by the secretary. She had dropped into the chair next to me. When I turned in her direction, I caught an eyeful of her cleavage. Her blouse was unbuttoned enough to reveal the pale skin of her breast and the lace fabric of her bra. Quickly, I moved my eyes to her face. She pretended not to notice and smiled politely as she handed me a clipboard. After explaining what the forms were, she walked back to her desk. I tried not to stare at her ass as she did.

I filled out the paperwork, grateful for something to distract from my nervousness. As I finished the last page, I saw the secretary shifting in her chair out of the corner of my eye. I glanced her direction carefully, not wanting to be caught staring again, but she wasn’t looking at me.

Behind her desk was a frosted glass wall separating the waiting area from the CEO’s office. She can’t have known it, but I could see the reflection of her monitor in the glass wall. She had pulled up the webcam on her computer and was using it as a mirror to check her appearance.

I watched as she adjusted her hair and checked her makeup. Then she leaned forward and squeezed her breasts together with her arms. She frowned at her cleavage in Sakarya Escort the camera, apparently unaware that I was watching. Reaching inside her shirt, she adjusted each breast. Then she undid another button and squeezed them together again. This time she nodded at the results.

Her modern glass-top desk had no front, so when she uncrossed her legs for a moment, I could see up her skirt. I couldn’t see her underwear, but I did get a glimpse of the lace tops of her thigh-highs.

I felt an erection swelling and bit my lip. I was nervous about the inappropriate physical reaction when I could be called into the CEO’s office at any moment. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair.

Eventually, she closed the webcam, and then I couldn’t tell what she was doing anymore. I tried to pay attention to my paperwork again but kept glancing up to see what she was doing.

She appeared to be reading something while absent-mindedly tapping a pen against her bottom lip. I looked back at the clipboard and tried for the third time to remember the address of the job I’d had before last.

When I glanced back up, it took me a second to realize that she wasn’t tapping the pen against her lip anymore. I watched as she slowly licked her lips and then kissed the tip of the pen cap. I squinted, unsure of what I was seeing. Was she doing this absent-mindedly?

After a moment, she leaned forward, apparently absorbed in whatever she was reading on the screen. There was no mistaking the fact that she was kissing the pen. In fact, I’d swear that now and then she’d flick her tongue out to lick it.

I couldn’t help imagining it was my cock she was holding instead of a pen. I imagined her lips brushing against me, her tongue teasing my tip. It was difficult not to gasp when she wrapped her lips around the pen and sucked on it.

I stared as she pretended to fellate the pen. I tried to look away, but how do you ignore something like that? My paperwork was entirely forgotten at this point, the clipboard serving only to cover the erection tenting the front of my slacks. She appeared to be ignoring me, though I swear that she glanced my direction now and then to ensure I was watching.

Eventually, she sighed and set the pen aside. When she stood up and stretched, I couldn’t help gawking at the sight of her nipples poking through the thin fabric of her blouse. She caught me looking, but she didn’t appear upset at all.

She sauntered around her desk and took the seat next to me again. She smiled and leaned toward me, unintentionally giving me another view down her shirt. My heart was pounding in my chest. She reached for the clipboard in my lap, and I couldn’t think of a good reason to stop her.

The expression on her face when she lifted the clipboard is hard to describe. Outwardly, she appeared shocked, but her eyes seemed to sparkle with delight at the reaction she’d provoked. I was too mortified Sakarya Escort Bayan to know how to react, so I froze. For what felt like a very long moment, she stared at my erection, and I stared at her.

Her face and chest were both a bit flushed, and my eyes lingered on her breasts rising and falling with each breath. I imagined pulling her shirt and bra aside to suck on her nipple, and my erection throbbed with the thought.

The sight of my cock twitching seemed to startle her out of her reverie, and a look of compassion settled over her face. She dropped the clipboard on the floor and touched my hand, making eye contact with me.

“Oh, you poor thing! You can’t go in there like that!”

Then she moved her hand to my lap and started rubbing me through my pants. I gasped at the sudden contact and dropped my gaze to watch her hand as it moved down the length of me. She pressed firmly against me. Unconsciously I spread my legs, allowing her to reach further.

I groaned and looked at her again. There was unmistakable lust in her eyes. When she felt my cock throb again under her hand, she leaned forward to kiss me. It wasn’t a soft, tentative romantic kiss. This kiss felt loaded with need and urgency. I responded in kind, pushing my tongue into her mouth.

She broke contact after a moment and began fumbling with my belt. I was so turned on at this point that I didn’t question whether it was a good idea to get my cock out in the waiting room right before an interview.

As soon as my pants were undone, without waiting for me to pull them down, she reached into my boxers and began tugging on my cock. I groaned quietly and pushed my hips forward, grinding against her hand. She held one finger to her lips to shush me but didn’t stop rubbing.

I bit my lip to stay quiet and stared hungrily at her chest. She followed my gaze and grinned wickedly. With one quick motion, she tugged her shirt and bra aside exposing her breast, just as I had fantasized about doing to her. I gasped at the sight. Her skin was pale and faded to a dark rose color at the tip. Her nipple popped free, and she angled toward me, encouraging me to drop my head to her chest.

Eagerly, I swirled my tongue against her nipple before pulling it into my mouth. She squeaked quietly and then her fingers were in my hair, pressing my head against her. My cock surged needily in her hand, reminding her to keep up the pressure.

For a long minute, we stayed like that: her grip tightened around me as I urgently thrust my hips forward, fucking her hand. My tongue dancing on her nipple as she breathed heavily, pressing my face into her breast. My cock was swelling, and I could feel an orgasm approaching

Abruptly, she stepped away, releasing me and popping her tit out of my mouth. I had slid down in my chair and groaned at the loss of contact. She was visibly squirming as she stood up, squeezing her Escort Sakarya thighs together and shivering as she pulled her bra back into place. She paused for a moment, pulling her shoulder-length blonde hair into a loose bun to get it out of the way.

With that done, she dropped to her knees and started tugging on my pants. A wave of lust washed over me as I realized she was going to finish me off with her mouth. Frantically, I helped her slip my slacks and boxers down around my ankles.

She bit her lip as she knelt in front of me, greedily staring at my cock. It lay against my belly, rock-hard and twitching with need. I was breathing heavily, still on the edge. I knew it wouldn’t take long. I desperately wanted to feel the heat of her mouth.

Finally, she leaned forward. She slipped her fingers under my shaft and lifted it as she ran her tongue over the length of me. I gasped and squirmed as she brushed her lips over the sensitive tip. She saw the smear of precum and smiled before swirling her tongue around my opening, tasting me.

I was ready to cum. I stared hungrily at her, willing her to take me into her mouth. I imagined the surprised but pleased sound she would make when my cock erupted for her. I swelled in her hand at the thought, and she squeezed me back, still teasing me with little kisses.

Finally, her lips parted. I tried to be quiet, but I let out a moan as she wrapped them around me.

I gripped the arms of my chair tightly and savored the feeling. Her mouth was hot and welcoming. I felt her swallow, trying to take me deeper. I was so close. Then she pulled back until her lips were just wrapped around my head. I felt her tongue flick against my opening as if she was inviting me to cum for her.

She let out a pleased sound as another spurt of precum hit her tongue, and looked up at me eagerly. Seeing her make eye contact with my cock in her mouth caused my whole body to tense in anticipation. I groaned and felt the wave about to crash over me when the intercom buzzed loudly. A woman’s voice came from the secretary’s desk.

“Liz, can you send Mike in now?”

Immediately, the secretary — Liz, I now knew — jumped up and ran back to her desk. She wiped her mouth before hitting the button and saying “I’ll send him right in!”

I felt wrecked. I was slouched low in a chair with my pants around my ankles. My cock was glistening with her saliva, twitching and desperate for release.

Liz was buttoning her blouse back up when she noticed that I hadn’t moved.

“Come on, hurry up! Get dressed, you have to get in there right now!”

In a daze, I stood and pulled my pants up. I had barely finished doing my belt when she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to the door.

She paused for a moment and checked me out. She ran her fingers through my hair, trying to restore it to order. She adjusted my tie and straightened my belt. My erection jutted forward, incredibly obvious. She smiled and patted it absent-mindedly in a way that did nothing to calm me down.

“Not much we can do about that, I’m afraid. Just follow me in and do your best, okay?”

I nodded helplessly and followed her through the door.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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