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Walking into the gym was the greatest feeling. My muscles were flexed and I looked amazing. My name is Brock. I’m 26 years old, 6’2, 230 lbs of pure muscle. My girlfriend, Katie, is next to me. A dazzling sexy blonde girl who is 25 years old, 5’8 and has a fit sexy body as well. She weighs about 140 lbs and has the sexiest 32DD breasts one could see!

However today I saw some small twink kid thinking he could stare at my girlfriend as if she was his. The kid’s name is Theo. He is maybe 130 lbs and 5’6. 18 years young, he tried to look away but before he could I confronted the little twink before he could get away.

Brock: What the fuck you think you looking at you little twink bitch?

Theo: Nothing? I’m sorry?

Brock: You fucking better be. You better watch yourself!

Theo: Or what? What can those bloated up muscles even do?

Brock: You want to find out, loser?

Theo: Let’s see what you got!

Everyone in the gym turned to see me and Theo head for the ring. People began to gather around as Katie stood there not worried at all in her sexy pink sports bra and black spandex shorts. She laughed as the kid took his shirt off and exposed a skinny build that didn’t even compare to mine. Once i took my shirt off and flexed my muscles at the kid we started the fight.

We circled each other for a bit before locking up in the middle of the ring. Out of nowhere I began to notice I was using almost all my strength and for some reason this kid wouldn’t budge at all! I shot a few punches at his head with my free arm, but he dodged each one and slammed me into the turnbuckle.


My back was in pain as Theo looked at me giggling! He slammed his foot into my shredded abs 2-3 times before backing away to watch me fall to my knees..

I got up instantly and enraged, charged at him. Trying to gain some momentum I throw him into the corner. He grabs the rope, jumps up, and roundhouse kicks me in the face! Theo smiled as he grabs me by the hair as my vision is blurred from the strike and bashes my head into the turnbuckle three times and I sink into the corner.

Everyone in the gym laughed and pointed, while Theo circled the ring. I tried to get up but before I could do anything he bitch slapped me sending me to the canvas again.

Theo grabs my hair and pulls me up. Katie watched with her hand covering her mouth as Theo began slapping me in front of everyone! My cheeks began to swell as he then placed his foot on my back and pulled my muscular arms and stretched me!


Theo: That’s right muscle hunk, scream for me!

I could hear Katie in the background.

Katie: Come on Brock! What is going on?

I had no idea what was going on! I had much bigger muscles than Theo! How could he be destroying me like this? He grabs the back of my head and pulls me up to my feet. I am bent over so I’m at his eye level. My knees are shaky, and he pulls me in close to whisper.

Theo: How would you feel if I raped and humiliated you gaziantep escort in front of your sexy girlfriend? And then after I fuck her over your defeated humiliated body?

I try to speak but he pushes me into the turnbuckle and open fires on me with combos of punches and kicks into my muscular chest, abdomen, and legs.


Theo: Look at your fucking pussy boyfriend. Are you proud of him and his big muscles?!?

Katie can’t even look at me, and then Theo holds my body close and places his small foot on my crotch and begins rubbing my cock.

Theo: What the fuck is that!?!?! I can barely feel anything!

He bends down and rips off my shorts and underwear to see a 3 inch pulsating cock with pre cum drenched and splattered all over the tip.

The crowd laughs as he grabs my cock as it continues to leak. On my knees butt naked he turns me to the crowd as he puts me in a chokehold. My muscles are useless and I begin to have tears running down my face as I watch Katie lose all faith in me.

Theo: Come on pretty boy, is that how tiny your cock is? Look at mine! It is more than double your size!

He pulls down his shorts with his free hand as I feel a 9 inch cock press against my firm buttocks.

Brock: No!! Fuck!!Ahhhhhh!!

Katie gasped as she looked onward as everyone began to make fun of her and me. Everyone was laughing at the fact that she even fucked a guy like with me that tiny cock.

Theo cranks the chokehold even more as my face turned red, and with no way out.

Brock: I GIVE!! I GIVE!!

Theo: Tell your girlfriend you’re a fucking small cocked muscle jobber!

Brock: Ahhhhhh!



With that he drops me from the choke as I lay sobbing on the ground completely humiliated by the skinny twink! My girlfriend had tears going down her cheeks as Theo walked down and grabbed her. Looking up at her he slapped her pretty face and made her come into the ring.

Theo: Will you ever laugh at me again bitch!?!

Katie: No! I’m sorry Theo I didn’t…SLAP!!

Theo slapped Katie again, and again and again until her face was bruised as everyone laughed more. Theo began to strip Katie as she put up no resistance.

Theo: What is the point of the muscles you guys have? Just for show? And then you fuck this little cocked bitch!?!

Katie sat on her knees submissively as Theo grabbed me in another choke.

The hold is tight, but not enough to knock me out. His free hand wraps around my 2inch dick and starts stroking. I am delirious from the pain, but my body doesn’t care. It responds to his small hand and my hips start thrusting forward. My sweat makes for easy lube while he picks up the pace.

My cock explodes into the air, hitting the canvas, my abs and my chest. I keep fucking Theo’s hand until my ball are completely drained. My body doesn’t stop twitching, and Theo keeps milking my cock. My body spasms harder and harder, and everyone can hear me scream. He increases the pressure around my neck. I try to fight it, knowing I will be useless later if he puts me out like this now. It doesn’t take long before my eyes roll to the back of my head and I am completely out. He drops me to the floor, places his foot on my chest and the crowd counts me out, 1, 2, 3!! DING DING DING.


My body still lifeless on the canvas, I don’t notice Theo abusing Katie.

Katie knew rules hadn’t been broken, but he still couldn’t believe how bad I lost. Theo noticed she was uncomfortable and looked her up and down, then reached forward and grabbed Katie’s pussy. He slowly got close to Katie’s face and smiled wide.

Theo grabs my arm and pulls me up, I feel the world shift and before I know it, I am on his shoulders in a torture rack. One hand clamped on my throat, the other wrapped around my dick, jacking me off furiously as he bounces me on his shoulders. I almost instantly tried to submit, but he covered my mouth and kept jacking. Tears were running down my face, knowing the pain would go on until my body betrays me, all the while hearing the crowd chant “Milk that bitch!” over and over again.

Each bounce bends my spine a little more, my balls churning as he uses my precum to lube up each stroke. Somehow my hips start pushing against that small hand, thrusting to match his jerking. My eyes roll to the back of my head and I’m done, my cock shoots rope after rope of cum into the air, covering my chest and my abs. Theo squeezes my dick until nothing is left, letting my orgasm subside as I hang on his shoulders. He removes his hand from my mouth and I can only whisper:

Brock: I’m done, I’m done, please knock me out.

Theo: What’s that boy, you want to be KO’ed?

Brock: Yes please, please knock me out.

Theo: Just tell me what I wanna hear.

Brock: I quit.

Theo: Sorry muscle hunk, still not quite right.

For a second I thought it was over, but I was wrong. Theo cranked the torture rack all over again but this time had his first wrapped around my balls. My limbs shot off in every direction, and the pain was too much. I yelled every submission word I knew and was tapping anywhere I could, but it didn’t stop. He broke my body, my spirit, and then my pride, and with that I knew what Theo wanted:

Brock: FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!!

Theo: You sure MUSCLE HUNK?






Theo smiled as he walked over to Katie and knelt down.

Theo: You’re wet as fuck. Did you like watching your boyfriend get his ass kicked?

They stare at each other a bit. Katie swallows hard and nods yes.

Theo: What was your favorite part?

Katie: When you made him scream.

Theo: You wanna watch me rip his muscular ass open with my big twink cock?

Katie let out a low moan, closed her eyes tight and nodded again.


Theo: You want me to kick his ass again and make him my bottom bitch?

Katie: Yes.

Theo: Ask nicely bitch! SLAP!

Katie’s head turned back and she looked up to Theo like a dog.

Katie: Please, please kick my boyfriend’s ass and fuck him like a little bitch.


Theo: Still not it boy.

He twists his hands, forcing the hold in more. My face wrenched in agony. I don’t know what he wants, I just want it to be over.

Brock: I SUBMIT!!

Theo: Looks like you still haven’t learned your lesson.

He lets go and I slump forward, my face resting on his sweaty chest. The hold was over, but I kept whispering my submission over and over, barely managing to choke out my words. I feel his hand massaging my battered chest, then it moves its way down. His hand travels into my trunks, stretching the left leg hole to let my balls fall out.

Theo takes a few steps back and lines up his shoot. My balls explode as Theo’s boot finds its target. My face turns red, unable to even choke out a scream, almost about to throw up. My limbs tug at the ropes, but I am trapped as Theo sends another kick between my legs. Every nerve in my body is fire from the pain, I don’t even notice that my dick has gotten rock hard again.

Theo: So what do you think Brock, is it your girlfriend’s turn?

Brock: Yes…Sir…Use her as you wish.

Theo smiled as he grabbed Katie by the hair and slapped his big cock against her face.

Theo: Brock would you like to do the honors?

Brock got up shakily and limped over to his humiliated naked girlfriend and the boy who destroyed them both and knelt down. He grabbed the massive cock lubed it up with his mouth and slowly guided the beast into his girlfriend’s pussy.

Katie: Brock you are a fucking bitch. I can’t believe this! AHHHH! AHHH! IT’S SO BIG! BROCK YOU ARE A FUCKING PUSSY!

I can’t believe what I am hearing, I want to say something, but I have no fight left in me.

Theo: What do you wanna see, Brock?

Brock: Fuck her till she begs for you to own her permanently.

Theo: You got it loser!

Theo abusively fucked Katie. Choking, slapping and even hitting her well sculpted abdomen. He wanted to destroy her and me at the same time as I say submissively at the side. Katie was having the time of her life as her body was thrashed and beaten over and over by this huge cocked twink. Theo periodically would beat her up more and then toss her body onto the canvas making her bubble butt jiggle in the air. She was just as defenseless as I was against him and everyone watching loved it.


Theo grabbed me and had Katie guide the cock into my mouth as a humongous load of cum shot all over the back of my throat and excess spewed all over Katie’s face. The crowd cheered as Theo held us both up as symbols of what happens to muscle hunk and bimbo fit girls if they think they are better than everyone else.

Theo: Now, if anyone else here wants to use these two like I did, feel free! I promise they don’t put up much of a fight!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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