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I’d been hired to teach kids English at a school in a small city in China. ‘PeePee,’ a representative from the school, met me at the airport and seemed thrilled to be meeting a Canadian man. ‘PeePee,’ of course, wasn’t her real name, but each person involved with teaching or learning English in China, chooses, or is given, an English-sounding name, however silly or inappropriate some of their choices (like ‘PeePee’) might be to a native English speaker.

She was to escort me to the city where the school was located, a 5-hour taxi ride away.

Her English was quite good, but she spoke with a very obvious accent and made frequent mistakes with grammar, syntax, et cetera. We made small talk for a while, and she told me about the school, and the town. She was about twenty years old, extremely fair-skinned, petite and pretty.

After a few hours, it had become dark out, and PeePee feel asleep in her seat. Fast asleep, she soon slumped over and wound up leaning against my side as we drove through the night. Soon, still sleeping soundly and snoring slightly, she slid down so that her head was in my lap.

It was a bumpy ride, and I must admit that having this beautiful young girl’s face in my crotch bouncing up and down on my dick through my pants was really turning me on! My dick started getting hard, and I hoped to God she wouldn’t wake up just then and notice and think me a foreign pervert or something.

After a while of the secret, guilty pleasure of having PeePee’s sleeping lips bouncing up and down on my boner, I noticed that her breathing had changed… Was she still sleeping?

She had a blanket over her lap, so I couldn’t really see but, was I imagining things, or was she touching herself underneath the blanket?? I wasn’t sure, but it seemed like she may have been deliberately pressing her soft lips right onto my rod through my pants, and just pretending to still be asleep! I wished I could fuck her mouth right then! But that was impossible.

Later on she woke up (whether she had really been asleep or not, I never found out) when we entered the small city where the lights were brighter.

We went to a hotel where I was to stay temporarily. I was to meet everyone at the school the next day.

She said goodbye to me after I was checked in, with a sleepy smile and lingering eyes which I wanted to interpret as that she was attracted to me. She then left to go to her own house and I was alone in my room.

I jerked off thinking about fucking PeePee’s shaved pussy in the back seat of a bumpy night taxi ride…

Everything at the school the next day was in order. My co-workers were all hot young Chinese girls with cute names like ‘PeePee,’ ‘LuLu,’ ‘CoCo,’ ‘Minnie,’ and so on. The director in charge was a beautiful young lady called ‘Strawberry.’

The semester progressed swimmingly, but other than flirting, I still hadn’t gotten any action with the local ladies …yet.

After class one day I was alone in my classroom doing some work. Suddenly I could hear girlish giggling coming through the wall from the director’s office. It sounded like a group of young girls, my co-workers, I assumed.

Then one of their voices came through to me clearly, ‘Hey! Johnny! Down here!’

I looked around. There was a hole in the wall next to the back of the teacher’s desk at just below hip-level, leading into Strawberry’s office that I’d never noticed before.

I lowered myself down to try and get a better look, ‘Oh, hey!’ I said, ‘Who’s there? Strawberry?’

But all I could hear was giggling.

‘It’s us!’ …More female giggling.

I tried to look, but someone kept putting their hand in the way. I couldn’t tell if it was Strawberry, LuLu, PeePee, CoCo, or who it was on the other side for sure.

‘Go lock the door!’ A girl’s voice told me, but I couldn’t tell whose it was. Minnie? CoCo?

My curiosity was definitely piqued, so of course I played along. I went and locked the door and came back to the hole in the wall.

‘Who’s there??’ I asked again.

‘Come close!’ a girl’s voice said.

I tried again to peer into the hole, and saw a girl’s mouth on the other side of the thin wall, but too close to see the rest of her face and identify her.

‘Kiss me!’ it said.

Oh, snap! I thought smiling randily, and leaned in for the through-the-wall kiss. It was lovely, and my dick was getting hard at the soft, naive touch of the girl’s lips and tongue. I could hear other girls giggling and shrieking softly in the background.

‘Put your dick into the hole!’ another girl’s voice audaciously told me.

Snaparoony! Shocked, but without hesitation, I undid my pants and slowly fed my hard ten-inch cock through the wall and into Strawberry’s office and the group of giggling girls.

A antalya escort girl’s soft pair of lips wrapped around the head of my cock, and her tongue caressed the underside of my shaft.

I heard gasps and giddy laughter from the other girls and hoped momentarily that this wouldn’t end up on some Chinese website or other by tomorrow.

But the thought quickly disappeared, as the girl’s mouth then began sucking my dick through the wall. Back and forth along its length her lips slid, sucking me hard, with sexy girlish sounds of, ‘Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!’

After at least 5 minutes of this awesome bliss, her mouth slid off of my cock… only to be replaced with the hot, wet, fleshy folds of a pussy!

(Oh, Lord yes!!!)

The other girls were speaking Chinese in hushed voices, giggling and gasping. The tight pussy slid onto my cock, taking it up its sheath to my hilt, or as close to it as the wall would allow. What a hot, tight fucking cunt! Whichever girl it was began fucking me with her pussy from behind, working her ass back and forth along my dick up against the wall. I pressed myself hard up against the wall for maximum penetration.

I could hear her moaning as her wet pussy slid up and down the length of my rod through the thin wall. The speed of her fucking increased, until I finally felt her cum on my dick through the wall, her pussy spasming and gushing all over my dick, the slut moaning in orgasm on the other side, the other girls giggling and shrieking quietly.

Her snatch pulled off, and another girl’s mouth took its place. ‘Strawberry, is that you??’ There was no answer. ‘PeePee??’ Nothing.

The new girl sucked my cock energetically. I couldn’t hold on much longer.

After a short time, I crested over and came a gigantic load down the slut’s hot, wet young Asian throat. I pumped and pumped hot cum into her soft sucking mouth. She didn’t stop sucking for a moment and seemed to swallow my whole load down her throat.

After a moment, she pulled off and I could hear all the girls, whoever they were, giggling and leaving Strawberry’s office and closing the door behind them. I retracted my spent dick through the wall and stuffed it back into my pants.

I got down and looked into the hole, but they had turned off the lights and it was dark in Strawberry’s office by then.

The semester continued swimmingly. The kids were happy, and so were my co-workers and I. Occasionally, I’d fuck someone through the wall after class, but I never could nail down exactly who it had been! I was in love with all the girls who worked there, though, so I didn’t really care which ones of them it was. It was a strange sort of open-office-secret, I guess you could say.


Sometimes parents of my students would approach me to tutor their children. One time, Ms. Yi had me go to her apartment to tutor her seven-year-old daughter, ‘Sparkle.’

Ms. Yi was a damn sexy Chinese woman, let me tell you. Firstly, her tits were fucking enormous, which is quite rare among Asian women. Her husband had left her, I had heard, so it was just her, her daughter, and her mother and father (Sparkle’s grandparents) living in her apartment.

Sparkle was a great kid and I enjoyed tutoring her. After the session, Ms. Yi said she was going to pay me.

‘My purse is just in here,’ Ms. Yi said, going into her bedroom. ‘You can come in, Johnny, actually I would like to ask you something.’

So I followed her into the room. Ms. Yi was fishing around in her purse for the money.

‘Sparkle is a great kid, Ms. Yi,’ I said.

‘Please, call me ‘Candy,’ that’s my English name,’ said the gorgeous woman.

‘Alright. Candy.’

‘My husband left me, you know?’ Candy said.

‘Yes, I heard. I’m sorry. It must be hard for you.’

‘Sometimes it is. I do alright, though. My parents are a big help.’ After a pause she went on. ‘Well, here you are. I can pay you in cash, or… would you prefer these?’

And Candy pulled the neckline of her shirt down over tits, peeling her bra off at the same time, so that her enormous boobs popped out and hung there on her chest before my very eyes.

Whoa, wow! I was thinking, and stammered, ‘You’re very beautiful, Candy…’

‘Johnny… Close the door,’ she said gently.

I closed and slowly bolted the door to her room behind me. I turned back and Candy was pulling her shirt off up over her head. Her chest was fucking gorgeous! Her nipples stood erect, hardening even more by the moment. My dick responded in kind in my pants.

She moved slowly, teasingly, swaying her big hips with every step. She put her hand on her miniscule waist. She was the most gorgeous, voluptuous Asian woman I’d ever seen. Her long mane of shimmering, straight jet-black hair hung loose around her shoulders. Her skin was perfect, extremely fair, like porcelain.

She took a bottle of something from off of a shelf, came forwards and knelt down in front of me.

‘Your husband…’ I gulped, ‘was a very lucky man… Candy.’

‘Thank you,’ she said as she undid my pants.

My dick sprang out and reached for the ceiling with its purple head. Candy took my cock between her lips and sucked it into her mouth, sliding her lips along its length, all the way up to my root.

‘Oh, God!’ I muttered, throwing my head back in bliss.

I gently grabbed the back of her head and fucked my student’s mother’s hot mouth.

She made delicious sounds of, ‘Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!’ as she sucked my cock and gently kneaded my balls.

Without taking her mouth off from around my dick, she opened the bottle of massage oil that she’d gotten from the shelf. She bobbed her head back and forth, sucking me off, as she poured oil all over her boobs, chest and belly.

I reached down and grabbed her enormous, soft, sacred orbs as her lips continued to slide up and down the length of my yearning fuck-stick.

I almost came right then and there! But I somehow managed to hold on.

Her oily nipples felt so fucking good between my fingers as she gave me expert head.

After a long sexy blowjob or fifteen minutes or more, she pulled her mouth off and placed my cock between her soft, massive mams.

‘Fuck my tits!’ she said softly, holding her boobs together around my cock, forming a deep, fleshy sheath for me to fuck.

I fucked her oily tits from underneath, sliding my dick up and down her chest towards her chin, her boobs pressed tightly around my shaft. It felt so fucking amazing, soft and oily, like fucking a pussy. Candy stared up into my eyes, her juicy lips open in lust as I fucked her incredible tits.

I fucked her boobs faster and faster until I was about to cum.

‘On my face!’ Candy urged, opened wide her beautiful mouth and stuck out her tongue to catch my sperm.

I jerked my cock for a second in front of her face, and it suddenly blasted a series of long, hot ropes of jizz all over her face and into her mouth, some landing in her hair and on her big, oily tits.

Candy scooped it all up with her hand, shoveled it into her mouth, and swallowed it all down.

‘Oh my God…’ was all I managed to say.

Candy just smiled happily, ‘You like?’

‘Oh yes, Candy… Fuck yes…’

‘So, that should about cover Sparkle’s lesson, then?’ she asked.

‘Oh, of course! That’s just fine, yes, thank you very much! That was amazing Candy.’

She stood up and we embraced and kissed passionately. Her kissing me, and having her huge, soft oily tits pressed into my chest was making my cock quickly harden again, which she noticed.

‘You want to fuck some more now, in my pussy this time, huh stud?’ she asked, touching my boner with her hand.

She slid down her skirt and stripped off her thong, shoes and socks. Naked, she then got onto the bed on all fours and arched her back low, her gorgeous, big shapely ass pointing straight up towards me to be fucked.

‘Fuck my pussy!’ she urged quietly.

As a matter of fucking course I could do naught but oblige.

Candy and I have since arranged for weekly English lessons for Sparkle, and each time she pays me with sex. I’ve since had her in every hole, in every conceivable way, and have come to fucking love her!

And I’m still getting it through the wall on occasion, at least once or twice a week. It’s fucking awesome!


The third semester, I was to switch classes. My new students were to be adults. More than half of my students were young women, aged 18-25. There was plenty of flirting going on, and the classes were going well.

One of my students, ‘Cherry,’ a 19-year-old girl, was especially trying to sleep with me. She had big tits (not as big as Candy’s, but well above average size) a sexy, slim figure, and medium-length, shimmering, straight jet-black hair with bangs.

One day after class she asked me to come to her apartment to tutor her. Of course I accepted, and we were soon alone together in her room.

‘My family are all out and will not be back until very late,’ she said. ‘So we are all by ourselves…’

Her miniskirt was very short, and the way she was sitting on her bed, it rode up her thighs giving me a glimpse of her white panties underneath. I glanced up and could see her nipples tightening and poking out from beneath her T-shirt. My dick was getting hard fast.

‘I have a surprise for you, Johnny,’ she said.

‘Oh? What is it, Cherry?’

‘I will show you later…’ and she leaned right in and kissed me on my mouth!

She grabbed my head and she pressed her soft mouth onto mine, licking my mouth from the inside as deep as her tongue could reach.

‘Umm! Mmph! Uh! Oh!…’ she was cooing in her sexy, girlish voice as she passionately kissed me, obviously really horny. She sounded as though she were about to cum just from kissing me!

I moved closer to her, and her big breasts pressed up into my chest. I reached around behind her and under her skirt, grabbing her ass. It made her moan all the more, and I think she suddenly came! Her body shook and she wiggled her crotch into my hand as she moaned, redoubling her efforts to start making love to me as fast as humanly possible.

I pulled her shirt up over her head and she undid her bra as I took off my own shirt. Her naked tits were glorious! I took one of them into my mouth and began sucking its delicious hard nipple.

Cherry reached down and grabbed my cock through my pants, which was obviously rock-hard by then.

I took off my pants and boxers and she took off her skirt and panties. She was so goddamned beautiful… so young… so perfect… and her pussy was completely waxed smooth!

‘Like my surprise?’ she said, spreading open her pussy with two fingers from each of her hands. ‘I have heard that foreign men like girls with a smooth pussy…’

I was stunned she was so fucking sexy.

‘Cherry, you are so fucking beautiful… And yes, your pussy looks perfect!’

‘Kiss me…’ she said, nodding down towards her beautiful, completely bald young snatch, ‘down there.’

I approached her pussy like the sacred object that it was… took in the sweet smell of it… and began passionately licking her cunt.

She held her cunt-lips open for me as I repeatedly licked the length of her drooling hot young vagina. She was moaning as I worked her inner-lips and clit with my tongue. I reached up and grabbed her big, soft titties as I ate her out.

After she had cum on my face, she said, ‘Now fuck me!’

I crawled up onto her between her legs and placed my cock-head into her soft, hot, wet, pink cock-socket.

‘I want you inside of me!’ Cherry barely whispered.

I slid my entire dick up into her wonderful, tight hole. What sensual bliss!

We moaned and fucked together like that for a long time. Cherry came hard on my cock repeatedly. I held her legs up, pressing her knees towards her chin as I fucked her sweet, tight young cunt.

‘I have heard that foreign men like to fuck a women up her asshole…’ Cherry said.

‘Do you want me to fuck you in this way?’ I asked incredulously.

‘Yes! Fuck yes!’

I couldn’t believe my insanely good luck! I pulled out of her cunt and placed the head of my dick onto the opening of her tight brown chute.

‘Ready?’ I asked.

‘Yes! Do not worry; I have practiced by myself before! Shove it in!’

I slid my cock about halfway up her asshole; fuck was it tight! Cherry moaned and I waited for her ass muscles to relax around the girth of my sizeable cock.

I could feel her relax, and she even said, ‘OK, I’m ready- now fuck my ass hard!’

She spread her legs wide apart, and held her pussy-lips wide open with her fingers for me to look at as I fucked her tight asshole in mish. It was fucking amazing! I reached forwards and grabbed her tits as I slid my dick in and out of her hot, tight ass.

She seemed to really be getting off, and finally she came once again with my dick fucking her deep up her bum, a huge ass-gasm!

‘I wanna cum in your pussy, baby!’ I said.

‘Oh yes! Do it, lover!’

I pulled out of her shit-hole and slid my cock back up her cunt and began fucking her hard, fast and deep.

I leaned down on top of her and kissed her as we fucked.

I soon breathed, ‘I’m gonna cum, Cherry…I’m gonna fucking cum inside you…’

‘Cum in my fucking pussy, baby! Cum deep in my pussy, I want you to so bad!’

I didn’t need asking twice, and I blasted a huge load of hot jizz deep up into her hot, young Asian womb.

‘Aaaaaaah!’ I moaned as I came up the hot babe’s tight cunt.

Holy fuck, what an orgasm! I must’ve filled her whole fucking womb and vagina to the brim with my love-goo.

We embraced, both sweaty, in the afterglow, catching our breath, for a long time, my spent cock still up inside of her, my fresh cum dripping slowly out of her fuck-hole and onto the sheets. ”I’m your slut,’ Johnny,’ she finally said. ‘Is ‘slut’ the correct word?’

‘It sounds dirty, but yes, it’s correct,’ I answered. ‘Most of the time, it’s rude to say that to a girl, though.’

‘OK, I’ll be your slut then, but only when we’re alone, OK?’ she asked.

‘OK. You’re my little slut, Cherry…’

And we kissed passionately before fucking again.


Soon, the school-year over, I had to leave. I was going to an English school in Russia to teach next. …But that’s a story for another time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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