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Big Tits

As soon as I met my best friend’s boyfriend, I knew I wanted him for myself.

His name was Mitch and he was well over six feet tall. I’d always had a weakness for tall men. This height, combined with his piercing blue eyes, short, golden-brown hair and rugged jaw, completed the package perfectly. It was just a pity that this gorgeous man belonged to Ginny and not to me…

Ginny had, up until now, been a woman of little taste where men were concerned. A series of stuttering geeks and sexually-stunted Neanderthals had passed through her hands before, finally, Mitchell Robson came into her life.

The night she introduced him to me, she could barely contain her excitement. Ginny, Mitch, my partner David and I went out for a meal and Ginny spent most of it simpering girlishly in her boyfriend’s direction. She had always been attractive – a fluffy blonde with huge tits – but, sadly, there was no air of mystery about her. What you saw was what you got, charisma most definitely in short supply.

I, on the other hand, was an enigmatic (or so I liked to believe), brooding brunette, petite in stature, always dressing in black or deep colours which set off my brown eyes. I kept myself to myself and let Ginny do all the talking.

During the meal, I could tell that David was bored. He had never really liked Ginny or been interested in meeting her many boyfriends. He shuffled in his seat, and I could tell he wanted to go home.

But I didn’t feel the same way. My attention was focused entirely on the stunning man who sat opposite me. He led the conversation, bombarding Ginny and I with witty remarks, winning us over with his easy charm. His smile entranced me. The casual shirt he wore was slightly open at the collar, showing the top of a golden, hairy chest; around his neck was a silver chain which disappeared enticingly down into the V of his shirt.

Staring at Mitch, I had a sudden and erotic vision of myself kissing that chest, flicking my tongue against his nipples. I blinked it away, but it kept coming back. I found myself besotted with Mitch’s body – he looked sturdy, dependable and very manly. Our eyes met across the table, and a shiver ran down my spine as he held my gaze for slightly longer than I considered polite.

I stared him out, then looked away and, after a moment, glanced back again. Mitch was still gazing in my direction, although his hand was casually caressing Ginny’s bare, honey-coloured shoulder. She giggled at some dry joke of David’s, and her big breasts wobbled beneath her tight-fitting top. I envied her that chest; my own boobs were modestly-sized. I wondered what Mitch thought of Ginny’s breasts – did he love nuzzling them, pushing his face between the enormous, fleshy globes? Or would he prefer my small, firm mounds with their hard, protruding nipples? I ached to find out.

During the meal, several bottles of wine were drunk. I felt myself becoming pleasantly woozy; a warm glow suffused itself throughout my body. But the warmest place of all was my pussy. Two hours of gazing at Mitch and fantasising had made me wet between the legs, and I could feel the crotch of my knickers was soaking with juices.

Every so often, Mitch would stare at me and I would stare back. This was our first meeting, but I felt a connection. He understood that I was bored with David; I didn’t need to say it. Likewise, I could tell that his relationship was based on childish infatuation on Ginny’s part and a brotherly-type of protectiveness on his. There was no carnal desire there; Ginny wasn’t a real woman, capable of showing Mitch what a woman wanted in bed. I, on the other hand, was more than capable.

After dessert, Mitch stretched in his chair and yawned.

“Jesus, I’ve eaten far too much!” he announced.

Ginny patted his belly and leaned her head on his broad shoulder.

“You’re getting Trabzon Escort fat!” she teased.

“Hardly!” Mitch said, dismissively. He glanced at me; I was sitting back in my chair, toying with the stem of my wine glass. My fingers slithered repeatedly up and down the smooth, reflective surface.

“I’m going to the gents’,” Mitch continued. “D’you want to carry on and order coffees or something?”

“Yeah, why not?” David clicked his fingers at the waiter. “Hey, you!”

I raised my eyes ceilingwards. David could be such an arse at times. He and Ginny would make a good couple. As would Mitch and I….

Mumbling something about going to the ladies, I got up and quickly left the table, following Mitch. He didn’t realise I was behind him, and disappeared down the stairs at the back of the restaurant, where the toilets sign pointed.

The stairs led down to a narrow corridor, along which stood several doors. At the end of the corridor, a pair of double doors had been propped open, letting in the cool air from a darkened, silent courtyard beyond.

Instead of pushing open the door marked Gentlemen, Mitch wandered along to this exit and stood, looking out into the courtyard. There was no moonlight, all was dark out there. He leaned against the door frame and I heard him sigh.

Creeping up silently behind Mitch, I stood for a moment and observed him. He ran a hand through his short hair and bowed his head, shaking it slowly. It seemed to me that he was in despair at himself for some reason – perhaps ever having taken on Ginny in the first place. She wasn’t right for him and he knew it.

“Is something the matter?”

My voice rang out, clear as a bell in the silence. Mitch whirled round. When he saw me, his face registered surprise.

“Fuck, what a fright you gave me, Nadine!”

“Sorry.” I moved closer to him. “I just saw you and thought you looked unhappy…”

“No, I’m fine,” Mitch straightened up. “Good meal, wasn’t it?”

I was right in front of him by then, fixing my eyes firmly on his. The cool air from outside brushed my heated skin and made it tingle. My nipples felt pointed and hard against my thin shirt. I wondered if Mitch could see their dark outline.

“The meal was OK, yes,” I whispered. “But I’m still hungry….”

Reaching out, I touched him; laid my hand on that V of flesh that showed at his collar. My fingers touched the silver chain, brushed the curly hairs that coated his chest at the top.

Mitch tensed. My eyelids flickered. I gazed up at him, with lips parted expectantly, my breath coming fast and hard.


I silenced him with my mouth. My open lips pushed themselves against his, forcing them apart. He did not resist, coming back as hard and determined as I was, sliding his tongue into my mouth and working it frantically around the inside of my cheeks.

Mitch folded his arms around me and drew me against him. His hands were on my waist as we kissed, but as our senses heightened, he began to move them all over me. He encircled my breast and stroked his thumb over the solid nub of my nipple. He caressed my backside, pulling me closer to him; so close that I could feel the hardness of him through our clothing.

“God, Nadine, I want you…” he groaned in my ear.

“Mmm…I want you too!” I replied, gasping. “Where will we go?”

“Out here – quick!” Mitch took my hand and pulled me through the doors, into the courtyard. No one was around; it was dark and quiet. We stumbled towards a niche that was thick with shadow, and stood against the rough wall, kissing once more.

Mitch’s warm mouth moved over my throat and onto my collarbone. Sharp sensations of need shot from my loins, generating a fierce heat in my pussy. When one of his hands insinuated itself between my legs, I cried out. Mitch pushed my skirt Trabzon Escort Bayan up over my hips, exposing my black panties. His palm moved over my mound, the fingers cupped my wet pussy lips, and I nearly screamed as he pushed the crotch of my underwear aside and slipped a digit inside me.

My thickened slit made moist sucking sounds as Mitch pushed his finger in and out of it. Then he added another finger, and another one, stretching me wider.

I moaned against his chest, pressing my lips to his hot skin, and feeling his body hair tickle my face. A bead of sweat had formed in the hollow of his throat and I licked it away.

I reached to unbutton his shirt; it fell open, revealing his glorious body. His abdominal muscles were firm and defined; the golden hair grew down towards his navel and disappeared enticingly into his jeans. I kissed his nipples and stroked him, as I had earlier, in my fantasy. His skin tasted salty and felt wonderful under my lips.

Mitch’s fingers had drawn a great deal of fluid from my pussy – he was covered with the viscous secretions. Grabbing his hand, I brought it up to my mouth and sucked his fingers, tasting myself.

His crotch pushed insistently against my body. Whilst he unbuttoned my top, I was reaching for his zipper, pulling it down with a satisfying ripping sound. I reached inside and felt for his straining cock, closing my hand over the warm, solid shaft. Mitch moaned. He pushed the cups of my bra aside; my nipples popped out into the open, the chill of the air made them as hard as bullets. Mitch bent his head and sucked first one, then the other into his mouth. His hand stroked each swollen breast and my body heaved with delicious sensations.

Mitch’s cock turned out to be a monster when I finally had it fully extracted from his jeans. The shaft was eight or nine inches long and very thick. The bulbous head strained in my fist as I jerked him off slowly; the slit in the top oozed pre-cum, which I massaged into the glans with my thumb. Mitch’s balls bulged out of his zipper: I’d never seen a man so well-endowed. With one hand still on his cock, I used the other to stroke those downy spheres, as tight and firm as plums. I longed to take him in my mouth, and I told him this.

Mitch nodded frantically. He turned so that his back was against the wall, and I fell to my knees in front of him. When I took his smooth shaft into my throat, he moaned my name and pushed against the back of my head, forcing me to take him deeper. I almost gagged as the thick dome of his cock hit the back of my palate, but I quickly recovered myself and created a tight vacuum around his penis by sucking on it very hard. Fondling Mitch’s heavy balls, I moved my mouth up and down the pulsating, meaty prick and felt it swell even more.

Mitch jerked his hips back and forth as I sucked him. It wasn’t long before his cock began to spasm; it then sent forth several strong jets of hot cum, which I caught in my mouth and swallowed with undisguised enjoyment. Mitch’s balls twitched under my fingers – they had another load to dispense. But this time I wanted him inside my pussy.

I stood up, rubbing my now-bare breasts against Mitch’s naked chest. The sensation of his crinkly hair rubbing my nipples gave me a real thrill. He was so tall I had a stiff neck from straining upwards to kiss him, but he was more than worth a little discomfort.

“Fuck me,” I murmured huskily. “Please, fuck me!”

Mitch put his hand in my hair and forced my lips onto his. We kissed, lingeringly, for a moment, as he turned me to face the wall. I leaned forward, my hands on the rough stonework, bracing myself.

My skirt was still bunched up around my waist. Mitch made light work of my sodden panties; they tore like tissue paper as he wrenched them form my body.

“Oh!” I gasped when the cool Escort Trabzon chill of the night air seeped around the entrance to my wet, willing pussy.

But Mitch blocked the cold with his eager body, pressing himself against me so I could feel his cock nudging my buttocks. He rubbed the thickened head up and down my crack and I bucked my rear end towards him, begging him to put himself inside me.

Mitch complied. The head of his cock squeezed its way through my yearning pussy lips, and there was a satisfying sensation of fullness the moment he actually thrust himself in there and my spasming walls enclosed him.

Mitch began to withdraw, almost to the tip of his cock, making me cry out in desperation, and then he plunged the whole length in again. He continued to do this, first with tantalising slowness and then faster and faster, until he was sawing deliciously in and out of me.

I moaned with pleasure as his balls slapped against my agonized pussy. Mitch’s head was on my shoulder, and I could hear him gasping in my ear; his breath felt hot and sounded raggedly harsh.

As he thrust, he fingered my clit, which sent molten flashes of heat through my body. The sensations combines and a pressure built inside me, begging to be released. The palms of my hands were scraped raw by the stone wall as I gripped desperately onto it. My knees threatened to give way, but Mitch held me firmly around my waist, supporting me completely as he fucked me hard.

I could feel the head of his cock swell inside me, rasping against every fleshy ridge of my vaginal walls. Fluid ebbed from my slit in torrents. My bud was almost at bursting point, such was the skill that Mitch demonstrated when stroking it.

Eventually I could take no more. My pussy was on fire and, before I knew what was happening, it had erupted like a volcano of pleasure. Shockwaves tore through my entire body, jarring every internal organ I possessed. Lights flashed behind my eyes. My head lolled back like a lead weight. My pussy throbbed and gushed like never before; my skin tingled with electricity. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced.

Realising how much he had pleasured me, Mitch allowed himself to climax. His cock jerked and released his cum in hot, powerful spurts which I could feel spraying my pussy for what seemed like half a minute or more.

Mitch bucked against me, grunting as he came, and then made a sort of sobbing sound in his throat. It seemed as if it had been as intense for him as it had for me. Oh, how I’d needed that orgasm! He’d never know how much I had craved to feel that good!

Mitch fell away from me, totally spent. I turned slowly, only to see him backing off. He had his hand to his mouth and looked as if he’d seen a ghost.

“Oh, God, Nadine!” he muttered. He was doing up his jeans with a shaking hand. “Nadine, what have we done?”

I fixed my eyes on him, but he didn’t meet my gaze now. He was regretting our coupling already, that much was clear.

I straightened my skirt and picked up my underwear. Neither of us spoke after that.

Then we returned to the table and apologised for being gone so long. I explained away my flushed face and our lengthy absence as being to do with a sudden feeling of sickness that overcame me in the ladies’. I’d found Mitch and he’d helped me outside for some fresh air, remaining with me until I’d begun to feel better.

“Oh, you poor thing!” cried Ginny. “Maybe the tortillas didn’t agree with you?”

“Yeah, I’m not really into spicy things.” I glanced at Mitch. He emptied his wine glass down his throat and didn’t return my stare. I didn’t care. I’d had him, that was it. I’d proved to myself that I could entice any man I wanted, even the ones that were most definitely out-of-bounds.

Of course, it did worry me a little that I’d just fucked my best friend’s boyfriend. I do have a conscience, despite what you might think. But, I soon reassured myself, what’s done is done. No one can get hurt, unless Ginny finds out what happened between Mitch and myself. And why should she find out?

I’m not going to tell her. Are you?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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