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This story is about the moment when I was awakened to the reality that who I still thought of as our beautiful little girl Leona, was actually age eighteen and a very beautiful woman by anyone’s measure. My wife still laughs at me when we discuss this moment because she says I was just not listening or paying attention to her, as often seems to be the case in our family.

As a child in grade school Leona was a happy, intelligent student who excelled in academics, and she had lots of nice friends. In Mexico it is common for elementary level students to wear uniforms to school, as did Leona. Leona’s uniform was a nice white button up blouse, a moderately short pleated skirt, knee socks and nice shoes. Appropriately conservative in nature as expected, and each school year the color/style changed slightly, but mostly her uniform remained the same.

There was nothing out of the normal about this to me except that I made note of the fact that Leona looked very much like her beautiful mother. I recall back in those days thinking that she would be a handful in her teenage years because all the boys would probably be after her when she matured. Likely this is the mindset of many fathers who have daughters.

When Leona was eighteen years old, Eva mentioned to me that Leon’s breasts had developed, but not to the extent that I took any notice of them. Being a mother Eva was carefully monitoring Leona’s physical development for health reasons, plus Leona and Eva often showered together and changed cloths together so that she often saw our daughter nude. Leona was modest and careful not to expose herself to me which at the time seemed perfectly understandable for an eighteen-year-old girl.

Over this year Leona began to be critical of her physique and she wore cloths that Escort bayan hid her physical attributes. Additionally, she began to almost fear nudity thereby alarming Eva, and also me. Eva and I have always been free thinkers and we did not hide this fact from Leona. She was aware that her parents were weird in this way, or at least that was what she said jokingly.

During Leona’s eighteenth year, Eva and I were wrestling with the idea of how we should equip our daughter to deal with the adult oriented sexual world. The issue she had with her psychological body image and nudity was troubling to say the least. Eva was slightly less concerned than I was because when Eva was eighteen, she already had fully developed breasts, and thus she was terribly self-conscious about her body image. Nevertheless, we decided to try to help Leona change her body image perspective. One element of our strategy was to embrace family nudity at home to the point where it was natural and no big deal.

We sat down with Leona when she was eighteen and discussed how we wanted to treat family nudity and why we thought she could benefit from this experience. Eva also followed up with her during private mother/daughter discussions and in the end we all agreed to proceed at our own pace. For Eva there was little to change in her ways, except that she embraced me being naked with Leona when it was natural and sensible. We left the decision to Leona to decide when and how she would begin to participate.

For a couple of months all that changed was Eva and I dressed and undressed with our bedroom door open or we went into the kitchen naked to retrieve coffee in the morning, and other situations like that. Leona on the other hand began to leave her bedroom door open, but she changed cloths Bayan escort in a blind spot and was insecure about being naked with me. We did not push her or criticize her although Eva did talk with Leona about it from time to time.

It is important to note that the physical image of Leona that I had in my mind was still that of an innocent, pretty little schoolgirl in uniform, because I had not paid attention to her development. Why I unconsciously thought an eighteen-year-old woman would look like she did years earlier is unexplainable.

I think it was a Sunday and we were planning to go out to a local Italian restaurant for a family dinner. I was laying on our bed with my undies on and Eva was choosing cloths from her closet, just like any other day. And then the surprise of my adult life happened.

I heard Leona speaking to her mom in Spanish and all that I understood was the discussion was about cloths. Then casually into our bedroom strolled eighteen-year-old Leona, completely naked. She was a couple of feet in front of me talking to her mostly naked mom as if it was no big deal.

I reacted in a way that I seldom have ever done with unexpected happenings. I was completely and utterly shocked with what I saw. I stopped breathing momentarily, I went completely quiet and I quickly sat straight up, not believing my eyes.

In front of me stood a beautiful naked mature woman whose body was breathtaking to say the least. Leona had already fashioned her hair, applied whatever makeup she wore in those days, and her face looked like that of a fashion model. Her breasts were firm and round and full, not quite like her mom’s, but perfect in every sense of the word. She had large dark puffy nipples which at the time I felt like grabbing and sucking. Escort Her tummy was flat, and round and her puffy pussy was covered with jet black hair. As she turned sideways to me, I witnessed the most beautiful sexy ass and legs which I had known for a long time would be like those of her mother. For the first time ever, I saw Leona as a mature woman, and I could feel myself becoming somewhat aroused. My face was beat red, and I felt completely shocked and unprepared for what I saw.

This all took place over the period of maybe two minutes and then Leona causally turned and left our bedroom as if she was naked every day. I however remained stunned, and then the reality that this was my daughter who I was desiring, returned. In a split second the image of my daughter had changed from that of a schoolgirl, to that of a beautiful sexy woman. Fortunately, my normal fatherly feelings of protective love returned, and I felt guilty that possibly Eva and Leona understood what I was thinking in those moments, and I was embarrassed. I put on a good face and got dressed for dinner. We had a very nice family evening, and no one said anything to me about this incident, nor did I say anything to Leona about her nudity.

It was a few days or maybe a week later when I confessed to Eva what had happened in my mind on that afternoon. I forget her exact words, but she said something to the effect that she had told me so, and if I paid more attention to her, I would not have been shocked. She was not angry when I told her about my animal instincts taking over for a few minutes, and with a smile she said something like you’re a typical perverted man, you are all the same.

From that day forward until this day family nudity has been normal for us. During vacation we usually rent a nice house with a pool and we often swim naked together. I never stop admiring the physical beauty of my wife and daughter in a fatherly way, and I have proper control of my animal instincts, or perverted male instincts as Eva would say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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