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Big Tits

Friday night was hectic. I had to work late. Then, when I got home, the house was a mess. I’d been so busy over the last few weeks that I just didn’t have time to keep everything organized at the house. I’d asked Jenna if she could help with some of the laundry and general house cleaning, but she didn’t seem to have done a single thing. I looked around the living room in disgust at the trashcan in the corner overflowing with candy wrappers and coke cans. More half-empty cans littered the table at the end of the couch. I felt frustrated as I wandered through the rest of the house. Jenna wasn’t a little kid anymore, but she sure was acting like one. I worried that I had been spoiling her. Things had been so hard since her mother left, I just wanted Jenna to have a happy childhood. It was starting to become clear, though, that I may have let her have a little too much freedom – if she didn’t learn responsibility, she would have a lot of problems in the real world. By the time I dumped the last batch of empty cans into the recycling bin out back, I had made my decision.

Saturday afternoon I was laying on the couch watching TV when Jenna walked into the room wearing sweats and a t-shirt. She looked like she’d just woken up. She looked around the room for a while and then asked me if I knew where her car keys were. She said she thought she’d left them in the bathroom last night, but they weren’t there when she woke up. I told her we needed to talk. She plopped down on the floor in front of the couch and looked at me curiously.

“You haven’t been carrying your weight around the house, Jenna.” I said, as I pulled the keys to her car out of my pocket and showed them to her.

“I’m sorry, daddy, I’ve just had a lot of stuff to do and sometimes I forget.” She whined.

I sighed, “We’ve had this discussion so many times. Here’s what we’re going to do, when the house is clean, and the laundry is done, you can have the keys to your car back. If you work hard at it, you should be able to get it all done before tomorrow night, so you can drive your car to school on Monday. If not, I can give you a ride there and you can find a ride home.”

Jenna looked like she was going to cry. “No, no, no…I have plans tonight. I need the car. I have to have it tonight. I’ll clean up tomorrow, please….”

I felt horrible. Tears were welling in my baby girl’s eyes. I wanted to give in. I wanted to let her go, to give her one more chance. But I knew I couldn’t. I needed to take a stand now, before this got any worse. “No. I’m sorry, dear, I’ve made my decision.” She watched me closely as I put the keys back into my pocket.

Jenna started sobbing. “It’s really important, daddy, really. I, I, can’t believe this.” Jenna sat there with her face in her hands sniffling.

I looked back at the TV. I didn’t want her pouting to sway me. I was a sucker and she knew it. This time, though, I would be strong. After a while she got up and marched back to her room, obviously angry at me. I walked to her room and knocked on the door. “Go away!” she demanded.

I answered, “You’d better get busy if you want to get your car back anytime soon.” She didn’t respond so I headed back for the couch. It was a rare day off for me, and I wasn’t going newcratos to waste it fighting with her, she would come around.

An hour or so later, still laying on the couch, I heard Jenna get in the shower. I knew that she was up to something, a shower could only mean she was still hoping to go out. I sighed and turned back toward the couch, wondering what the girl was up to. I patted the pocket of my shorts to make sure her car keys were still there. They were. I turned the volume down a bit on the television and began to nod off.

I woke up with a start. I was laying flat on my back on the couch and something was on top of me. I was confused at first, but then, as my eyes began to focus, I realized that it was Jenna. She had climbed on top of me while I was sleeping and she was trying to reach into my shorts pocket to get the keys. “What the hell are you doing?” I demanded, still groggy from my nap.

“I’m getting the keys to my car.” She said sweetly. “Don’t worry, daddy, I’m willing to work for them.”

Jenna was sitting on my chest, straddling me, facing away from me. I could see from the back that she was wearing a skimpy tank top and some really short jeans shorts. Her ass was practically wiggling in my face as she tugged at my pocket. “Stop it. Get off of me” I said. She stopped for a second and then started something new.

Jenna slid her hand down the front of my pants and rubbed against my dick. I moaned. I didn’t know what to do. Jenna laughed as she fondled my balls and I made more cooing noises. She moved her small hand around inside of my underwear, touching everywhere. I squirmed a little as she started moving her hand up and down my quickly hardening shaft. I couldn’t speak. What could I say? I moaned again. Jenna stopped.

She unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled them and my underwear out of the way. I lay there quietly, trying not to respond. With my clothes out of the way, Jenna went to work. She used both hands to rub up and down on my now erect penis. She stroked it so fast and hard that I thought she was going to make me come really quickly. I made a loud grunt as I felt my orgasm building. Jenna took her hand off me. I took a breath.

Then she shocked me. She bent forward and kissed the head of my cock. She grabbed the base of it with both hands and lowered her mouth right down over it. I was in heaven. I had no idea where she learned this, but I didn’t care at that moment, either. She started bobbing up and down on my cock while her hands worked my balls and the base of my cock. As she did this, she was still on top of me and bending way down, pushing her ass right at me. I couldn’t resist.

I pulled her legs toward me, she didn’t resist. I pulled her feet to either side of my head so that she was still straddling me. My little girl was now laying on top of me instead of kneeling over me. I was staring straight at the crotch her shorts. They were so short that I could see her ass cheeks peeking out at me. I put my hands on the back of her legs and started rubbing them. Her skin was so soft, I couldn’t believe it. I pushed my hand up inside of her shorts and started rubbing her ass. It was small and hard, muscled, but the skin was so soft. She wasn’t wearing newcratos giriş any underwear. I breathed in deep and I could smell the soap and shampoo she’d used in the shower. I could also smell her pussy, right there in front of me.

Jenna kept sucking on my cock and stroking it. Every time I was about to come I would grunt and she would stop for a second. It was obvious she’d done this before, but I didn’t want to think about it right now. I was ready to see more. I reached underneath my daughter with both hands and unbuttoned her shorts. They were the super short denim ones with buttons all the way up the front, so it was a pain to get open, but I pulled at them as fast as I could. I got them undone and pulled at the waistline. They were so tight that they rolled up a little as they came down. I pulled them down her legs and she lifted her feet in the air so I could get them off. I threw them on the floor beside the couch. I looked at her there, laying on top of me on her stomach, and I saw her pussy and ass staring right back at me. I couldn’t believe how clean shaven she was. There wasn’t a hint of hair anywhere. And she looked so soft and tight. I couldn’t resist. I pushed my face forward and licked her from the back of her pussy slit right up to the top of her ass crack.

I’ve always loved teen girl’s asses, and this was more than I could stand. I knew that Jenna had just taken a shower, and I knew what I wanted to do. I pulled her back toward me a little, being careful not to pull her away from slurping away at my cock. I took both hands and pulled her ass cheeks carefully apart. Then I buried my face in her ass. I began lapping at her ass crack, slowly moving my tongue up and down it. She let out a loud moan. I guessed that no one had ever done this to her before. I kept doing that for a while, then I focused in on her tight little ass hole. I put my mouth right up on it and shoved my tongue up inside of her. I couldn’t get too far in because it was so tight, but I began darting in and out of it as fast as I could, pushing my face up against her butt cheeks.

Jenna squirmed as I tongue fucked her asshole. She kept sucking my hard cock as I went at her furiously. Suddenly, she did something that shocked me. As she moved her head up and down on my cock, I felt her middle finger slip down below my ball sack and touch my asshole. I jumped, which only pushed my tongue further up inside of her. Jenna was trying to do to me what I was doing to her. She pulled away for a minute, then touched my ass again. I jumped again. I knew that she must have been enjoying the effect that her actions were having on me, just like I enjoyed her squirming as I licked and sucked her ass. The third time she touched my hole, she didn’t pull away. She started wiggling her finger against my tight anus. I couldn’t handle it. My teenage daughter was deep-throating my cock and rubbing her finger against my asshole at the same time. I moaned loudly as she slipped her finger inside of me. It was wet from her saliva and it slid right in. My head felt like it was going to explode – I was in total overload. I pushed myself up against her finger, trying to get it deeper inside of me. It felt like nothing I had ever felt. She bobbed her head faster on my cock, almost getting the whole thing down her throat with every motion. Then she pulled her finger out. And then shoved it back in. I rocked against her as she fucked me and sucked me. I knew I had to do something.

I kept on tongue fucking her in the ass like crazy, obsessed with my daughters tight little hole. I wasn’t sure if it would be enough, though. I put my finger up to her pussy and began rubbing her clit. She was so wet and slippery. I knew she was going as crazy as I was. I brought my other hand up and put one of my fingers inside of her, then two. I got three fingers inside of her and began moving them in and out of her slowly as I rubbed her clit quicly with my other hand. I wanted her to come like she’d never imagined. I pushed my fingers as far up in her as they would go and then pulled them right back out and then in again.

My body was trembling as Jenna continued to finger fuck me in the ass. I almost felt numb for a while, and then I felt it building. I grunted again, but Jenna didn’t stop this time. She jammed her finger deep inside of me and wiggled it all over the place up in there. She pushed her mouth all the way down to the base of my cock, the head was deep down her throat, and she kept it there. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I came like I had never done in my life. My balls exploded as she kept moving her finger inside of me – it was insane. I couldn’t see as my eyes rolled back into my head. Jenna put her mouth around my shaft and sucked and swallowed everything I had, blast after blast after blast. Jesus. I couldn’t stop coming.

The whole time this was going on I tried to maintain my focus on her ass. I buried myself in it as I came. I drove my tongue up into her and held it there as long as I could. Shortly after I came, I felt Jenna start to tremble. She let out a little scream and started bucking against me, almost like her body was trying to move away. I kept the one hand working her clit, but pulled the other out of her pussy and wrapped it around her waist and pulled her forcefully toward me. I didn’t care if I pulled her away from my cock anymore, so I just pulled her into me as hard as I could. I pushed my whole face into her, licking and slurping madly away at her ass and rubbing her clit as fast as I could. She jerked and jumped all over, as I did my best to hold her in place. She let out another scream as I pushed my tongue far up into her ass one last time. I held it there until she collapsed on top of me.

She was motionless for a while. We laid there, in the smell of sweat and sex, exhausted. Then she began to move. She climbed slowly up off of me and stood beside the couch. I looked up at her, wearing only a tight tank top. Her nipples were hard and poked out through her top. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra. On another day I might have complained, today I stared and licked my lips. I couldn’t believe how tall and skinny she was. The perfect teen body. Jenna smiled at me as she reached down and put on her shorts. Then she reached into the pocked of my shorts, bunched up at the end of the couch, and pulled out the keys to her car.

“I’m going to go get cleaned up and then go out, daddy. Is that okay?” She asked teasingly.

“Ok.” I said, half dead on the couch, “But tomorrow you work on the house.”

“We’ll see about that tomorrow,” she said with an evil smile as she walked out of the room.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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