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***All characters are 18+ years or older***

Hey lovelies! It’s been a minute but I have been writing this between my exams and final project submissions deadlines. This was a long chapter, and a holiday special so I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for your patience and staying along this far.


I stood over my bed, my hands on my hips as I stared at my duffle bag. An entire week at his parents’ house. “No big deal Clay, you’ve met them already,” I muttered, my heart racing as I took a few deep breaths.

“Yeah you too Mel!” his voice made me jump, my hand flying to my chest as I looked over to the door. He was shaking his head as he pushed his hair back off his forehead. Our eyes met and he smirked, crossing his arms as my door shut behind him. “You look petrified,” he teased and I cleared my throat, shaking my head slowly as I turned to my bag. He walked over and grabbed the fabric, glancing in. “You haven’t even packed?” he demanded playfully and I sighed heavily, throwing myself down onto my bed.

“Bruno I’m a nervous fucking wreck,” I grumbled, lying on my back as I stared up at the ceiling. His hands slid up my legs, gripping the front of my pants as he crawled on top of me. His ass pressed into my thighs, his smile devious as he licked his lip.

“Want me to suck some of those nerves out of you?” he muttered, both of his hands sliding over my cock. I groaned, hating how amazing it felt.

“You can’t just fuck it better,” I insisted without conviction, my blood surging to my cock as he continued to massage and tease it through my sweatpants. “Shouldn’t we hit the road soon anyway? We do have a few hours,” I whispered, throwing my hands behind my head to enjoy this.

“Hit the road? You haven’t even packed,” he chuckled, his hands grabbing the band of my sweatpants. I took a deep breath, reaching down to ease my shirt up. I let my hand rest between my ribs, sighing happily as the warmth of his hand found my growing cock.

“Help me pack,” I smirked as I looked down to see him leaning over to kiss my stomach. An amazing surge of pleasure rolled up my back as his hand gripped my shaft, working up and down slowly. “Just like that,” I groaned, rolling my head back when his thumb brushed my tip. His hand twisted slightly my lips parting as I exhaled heavily. My heart was racing already, my body burning. I felt his breath on my crotch, my pubes tickled. God this was fucking insane. I gripped my shirt, my other hand clawing at the back of my head when I felt his lips against my tip.

“Why don’t you pack, and then I finish what I started?” he let his lips sliding along my tip as he talked before sucking and licking at it gently.

“Bruno,” I cursed, reaching down to grab his hair. He chuckled, nibbling and sucking at my tip some more. “God I want that throat,” I moaned, grabbing the back of his head. He groaned, resisting a bit. “Tell me you don’t want it,” I licked my lip, studying the look on his face. His eyes were closed, his hands clawing at the band of my sweatpants as he continued to suck and tease my tip. I thrusted up into his mouth, his face wrinkling slightly as he groaned. Shit that was too hot.

“Clay you need to pack,” he breathed, pulling away and I sighed.

“Don’t do that to me,” I grumbled and he smirked. He crossed his arms as he bit his lip and looked down. It was almost like I could feel his eyes as they ran down my body. “What happens if I pack right now?” I demanded, catching his attention. His eyes locked onto mine as a crooked grin curled the side of his mouth up.

“Depends on how long it takes!” he laughed when I pushed him off me, hurrying over to my dresser. I grabbed a couple pairs of sweatpants and shirts, not even worried about what to wear. I crammed them into my duffel bag, adjusting my sweatpants as my boner started deflating. As I packed the nerves started creeping back in. I remembered it was Thanksgiving. I was going to be meeting his entire family.

“How well dressed is your family for Thanksgiving?” I muttered, my hands gripping my dresser as soon as I got back to it. I knew I had to get socks and briefs but I felt too paralyzed to do anything.

“You really are nervous huh?” his voice made me jump, my heart trembling as I exhaled shakily.

“You have no idea,” I admitted weakly, hanging my head in defeat. His hand rubbed my lower back before he chuckled and pat my ass lightly. “I’m so glad this is funny to you,” I shot him a snarling glare and he shrugged, a dumb smile still on his cute face.

“There’s nothing to stress over Clay. My whole family already knows I’m dating a guy. And you already met my immediate family, except my one sister. So just don’t worry. And a nice pair of slacks and a button up will do just fine,” he muttered then, sliding his hand around my hip as he closed the distance between us. I lifted my arm, pulling him into my side as he hugged me loosely.

“Is that mardin escort for your family, or for you?” I teased quietly and he squeezed me a bit, laughing mischievously.

“I love the way your body looks in a nice pair of slacks and a button up. We do dress well enough, kind of a weird family thing I suppose?” he muttered off handedly. “You could probably get away with jeans and a nice sweater too. But that’s not nearly as sexy,” he wiggled his body against mine suggestively and I pinched my nose, unable to stop myself from heaving a quiet laugh as I shook my head.

“I’m starting to believe you really are just gay as hell,” I grumbled, grabbing a handful of his hair as I turned my head to press my lips to his forehead. He laughed, shrugging as he clung to me.

“It definitely would make a lot of sense,” he murmured and I nodded slowly. After another minute of letting me hold him, we pulled away so I could finish packing. Per his request I did pack a button up and slacks, hoping they weren’t too nice but also nice enough. I was in the bathroom packing a bag for my toothbrush and shower shit when his phone range. “Hey mom!” he breathed and I sighed, glancing out toward my room.

“I should be happier right?” I whispered, glancing at myself. “I wanted this, more than anything else. So why am I not happier about meeting his family?” his voice was muffled and I ignored him as I finished zipping up the small pouch. He was standing at the door with his arms crossed as I turned, flinching. “Jesus, you scared me,” I grumbled and he chuckled, letting me pass. I dropped the pouch into my bag, zipping it up and glancing at him.

“Clay, we can tell my mom we’re not going,” he mumbled then, looking worried as he studied me. A pang hit me in the gut as I shook my head.

“I’m not going to lie, a part of me really wants to take you up on that offer. But,” I sighed, not liking the pained look on his face. “Come here,” I grabbed his shirt, pulling him toward me. His arms wrapped around my waist as I let my hands slide into his hair. We kissed tenderly, a cute moan making his lips tremble against mine. “This is just a lot to handle for me. I get anxious and it’s still hard for me to think about being around your family as openly gay and dating,” I admitted quietly and he nodded slowly, rubbing the curve of my back as he pushed his stomach against mine.

“Well I promise it’s going to be ok!” he whispered and I sighed, kissing him again. We both groaned as our lips parted, my tongue begging for his. My hands ran down his arms, pulling them up around my shoulders. He gasped, breathing heavy as I gripped his ass and pulled him closer.

“How can you promise something so easily?” I demanded and he laughed once, sounding breathless as his chocolate eyes studied me eagerly. “Do we have enough time?” I squeezed his ass suggestively and he pressed his face into my neck, clawing at my back.

“That depends, how late do you want to be on the road?” he muttered and I groaned when I felt his teeth on my neck. “It’s going to be a few hours and it gets dark earlier you know, stupid winter and everything?” he whispered, his lips tickling my skin.

“Fuck I don’t care,” I pushed his pants down, licking my lip as I admired his bare ass over his shoulder. He clung to me, his body curving and twitching as I squeezed and rolled his cheeks. God his ass looked incredible. “Such a fat ass for a guy,” I grumbled, tucking my fingers under his cheeks to jiggle them slightly.

“Is that bad?” he whimpered, his hot breath rolling down my neck.

“Hell no, I fucking love it,” I groaned, giving it a good slap before palming his cheek and pulling him into me. “And it looks amazing around my cock,” I whispered, turning my head toward his. He shuddered, pulling away. I was about to protest when he stunned me by crawling onto the bed. He pushed his pants down just enough to expose his entire ass to me.

“I want it,” his hands pressed into the bed, his cheeks spreading slightly. The cutely puckered skin of his ass twitching as he panted.

“Damn Bruno,” I hurried over, pressing my knee between his legs as my hands gripped his ass. We both groaned as I lapped at his quivering hole, my fingers digging into his skin. God he was so hot it was unfuckingreal. “Can I just-“

“Yes! Fuck put it in please!” he whimpered and I groaned, pushing my pants down eagerly. I rubbed my thumb against his asshole, testing how soft it was as I stroked my throbbing shaft.

“I don’t want to hurt you again,” I grumbled, pressing my tip up against him. He pressed back slightly, his head dropping as he groaned. “Jesus,” I gasped as I pushed my tip in. He was so fucking tight, tighter than normal. “Bruno we should loosen you up fi-“

“Don’t stop Clay, please!” he reached back to grab my hand, his head turning. The look on his face made my stomach turn. “I want you,” he squeezed my hand and I felt a shiver run down my back. He killed all of my resolve mardin escort bayan to take it easy. I grabbed his hips and forced myself into him inch by inch with short thrusts. He was shaking and groaning, his hips curling and recoiling with each push.

“Bruno I-“

“Clay I swear to God if you take your cock out of me I’m going to make you wait a whole week for any damn action!” he growled and I bit my lip, my face twisting as pain and pleasure consumed me. He had a way of persuading me that was so simple yet painfully effective.

“You dirty cock slut, you planned on,” I grunted, pushing into him again both of us trembling as his ass fought against me. “Heh, having sex at your parents’ house?” I smirked, my thumbs spreading his cheeks as I stared at my dick buried in his puckered hole. “Dammit loosen up,” I grit my teeth, wanting to get the last two inches in.

“You say that like your cock is easy to take,” he spat, trembling as he leaned down onto his elbows. “Fuck Clay why are you so huge?” he panted, his hands clawing at the bed over his head.

“Keep complimenting me,” I smiled, loving when he talked like this. He used to be so embarrassed. But it felt like every time we were together more and more of him was coming out. And I was loving every damn second of it. “Come on Bruno,” I grabbed his arms, pulling him up and he exhaled through clenched teeth as his back arched. “Talk dirty to me,” I murmured, my lips on his ear.

“Shit!” he threw his head back, gasping as his chest rose and fell quickly. “Clay you’re so fucking deep!” he gasped when I grunted, getting myself all the way in. My arms wrapped around him, my hand eagerly sliding up under his shirt as the other wrapped around his dick.

“Tell me you like it this deep,” I groaned, pulling out to thrust into him again. His dick throbbed against my palm, his body tensing in my arms. “Fuck!” I bit his neck, unable to control myself. His arms rested on mine as he clawed at me. We were both moaning and huffing as I drove myself into him.

“Oh fuuu! Clay right there!” his back arched as his head fell forward. “You’re, huuunh, hmmph, so deep!” he whimpered, slumping back into me as I thrusted all the way into him. “Fuck I love it! Don’t stop!” he goaded me on, his ass clenching at my cock. My face wrinkled, my body burning up as I plowed into him. His hand covered mine on his dick, moving it eagerly as his ass pushed back at me.

“Gonna cum already?” I huffed, feeling pretty close myself.

“God yes! I want to cum while you stuff me,” he moaned. I pressed my face into his neck, my body burning as his words filled my head. How could he be so fucking sexy and dirty and cute all at once? It wasn’t fucking fair! I bit him again, sucking gently at his neck as I ravaged him. He was moaning and rambling incoherently as our bodies jostled and jerked from my efforts. And then I felt him tense up, his hand squeezing mine tightly. I opened my eyes, admiring his cock as it trembled and spewed cum all over our hands.

“Fuck, you really love it when I stretch this ass out, huh?” I grumbled, slamming into him. He whimpered, trembling as he gasped for air. “Here, bend over,” I helped him toward the bed, his body easily bending at the hips. I licked my lip and grabbed his hips. “Just a bit longer Bruno,” I assured him when he cried out with my first thrust. “I’m so fucking close, your ass is amazing!” I started lunging my hips at him, squeezing his ass as I helped push him off my cock. The sight of him spreading out for me, my cock driving into him, and the sounds of his moans were all driving me to the breaking point.

“Fill me with your fucking cum!” he cried out, his hips bucking. I curled up slightly, my dick aching as his ass clamped down on it. It was excruciatingly painful and overwhelmingly pleasurable. I gasped for air, my nose wrinkling as he pushed back against me. What a greedy man! I spanked him and he yelped, his body going rigid.

“This ass is mine,” I slammed into him and he threw his head back, gasping loudly. I kept at it, desperate for the pleasure I always felt from exploding deep inside him. “Oh god, Bruno fuck, keep doing that!” I growled as he started bouncing himself against me. The slapping of our skin was deafening, the only other sound I could hear was our grunts of need.

“Clay I’m gonna fucking cum again!” he cried out. I snapped.

“Oh fuck, cum for me baby!” I slammed into him, my balls churning and tensing as I felt my first spurt of cum. “I’m, huuung,” I held myself deep, trembling as I clawed at his ass. My hips bucked at him as two more spurts sent ripples of pleasure through me.

“Oh yes! Cum in my ass!” he pushed and bounced his ass against me, my body curling forward as my eyes rolled back. I clawed at his hips, huffing as the final throes of pleasure consumed me. With a gasp I slipped out of him, stumbling as I trembled. He had his hand covering his tip, the other on his shaft as he bucked his escort mardin hips and trembled. “I was so close!” he whimpered and I groaned, grabbing his ass and shoving two fingers into his sloppy hole. He cried out, his back arching as his shoulders and back twitched with his efforts.

“Cum for me!” I was practically begging as I worked for his prostate. Within a minute his whole body locked up, his breath cutting out as he shuddered violently. “Mmm, that’s it!” this was insanely hot, the way his hair on his back stood up as pleasure consumed him. He had goosebumps along his back too. I kissed his ass, massaging that wonderful spot until he pulled away. We were both spent, his eyes barely open as he collapsed to the bed. A cute little smile was on his lips as he panted, looking up at me.

“Are your nerves gone yet?” he teased weakly and I chuckled, crawling up over him. I kissed him all over his face and neck, making him laugh lightly.

“You can’t fuck me like this every time I get nervous Bruno. What’re you gonna to do when it’s Thanksgiving and I’m a mess?” I demanded playfully and he shrugged, biting his lip as he glanced down toward my cock.

“No one said we couldn’t slip into the bathroom for a quick pick me up. Your will is no match for my throat,” he muttered with a cocky and devilish grin on his cute face.

“Promise?” I licked my lip, rubbing my flaccid cock against his thigh. He laughed, nudging me away as he got up.

“Yes, now let’s get ready to leave! I don’t want to be on the road all night!” he hurried to the bathroom and I sighed, dropping onto my side as a warmth consumed me. How was I so lucky to have him?


We had gotten in later last night so my family didn’t bombard us and I was grateful for that. I did my best the entire drive to calm Clay’s nerves. We talked and laughed about a lot of things, listened to music, anything! Hell I even tried to give him some action which he refused with a cute laugh only because he was worried about crashing. But once we got to my house he was a bundle of nerves and nothing I did fixed that. Thankfully only my mom was awake to greet us and get us situated for the night, and he slept soundly after cuddling with me for a solid half hour.

So as I laid next to him in bed, listening to him snore quietly I was worried. We had a whole week of my family and a holiday with my extended family to get through. And this man was traumatized by horrible experiences with his family and family gatherings. Couple that with his self-loathing for being gay and I just knew I was up against a lot to make sure he had a good time. I glanced at my phone noticing it was already almost ten in the morning. We had no reason to get up, my parents worked today too, but both my sisters were home and maybe he could get through some of the nerves little by little.

“Hey Mr. Sleepyhead,” I muttered, rolling onto my side and pushing my hand into his hair. His face wrinkled cutely as he mumbled something. I sighed, smiling as I wiggled closer to him. My lips touched his cheek as I tousled his hair some more. “Wake up,” I insisted quietly and he groaned. Then his arm lifted from the bed, wrapping around me as he adjusted.

“Why do you always wake me up?” he nestled his face into my neck, his arms and legs wrapping around me as he took a deep breath. “Isn’t this our vacation? Why can’t I sleep in?” he demanded quietly, his lips brushing along my neck. I bit my lip, rubbing his bare back as his hands pushed my shirt up. The feeling of his fingers and palms against my skin was too good.

“Because I’m hungry and I want you to get to hang out with my sisters since they’re the only ones here?” I offered gently, letting him relax into my arms as I pressed my face into his hair. “It means a lot to me that you’re here with me, and I want you to enjoy your time too. My family is pretty great,” I insisted and he sighed, his face rubbing against my skin. I felt his lips on the edge of my jaw, then his teeth.

“We have all week for family time,” he rolled his weight into me, making me exhale as he pushed me down into the bed. “What’s the rush?” he grumbled, his crotch rubbing up against my hip as he continued to kiss and nibble at my neck.

“You’re really cute when you’re tired,” I sighed happily, rubbing his back lightly as he relaxed into me again. He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly as he tucked his face into my neck.

“Yeah well you’re really comfy, like my own personal body pillow,” he muttered, finding a way to wiggle closer as his leg pressed between mine. His foot slid under my calf, my leg pinched between his. I sighed and hooked my leg over his hip, feeling all twisted up in his hold.

“This body pillow would like to get something to eat,” I broke the gentle silence and he chuckled, shaking his head.

“I’ll give you something to eat,” he whispered then, his hips rolling as his cock rubbed up against my thigh. I could feel it through his pajama pants, my body already starting to burn up as he captured my earlobe between his lips. “Suck me off real good and I’ll hang out with your family all day, no complaints,” he bartered before running his lips and tongue along my ear, his leg shifting to push up against my balls. I groaned, clawing at his back. What an asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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