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Chapter 1 – Meeting People


People are always asking me where I meet the people I date and have sex with. Although I chat a lot on the Internet, I’ve never agreed to meet anyone I’ve chatted with nor do I ever intend to. While I know this frustrates people I’m totally open about it. Still, some people choose to ignore me and push for it. Admittedly once in a while I’ll lead them on but I don’t feel guilty about it – personally I think they deserve it for not respecting me in the first place.

Just to be clear, I chat on the Internet just for fun. I enjoy talking to different people and exchanging ideas, fantasies, opinions and such. It’s like the difference between playing a video game against the computer and being on-line. Interacting with other humans is always much more interesting and that’s how I feel about chatting.

So where DO I meet the people you read about here? Well, here is where 99% of the people I’ve had sex with have come from, in the general order of success:

1). Recommendations from my friends

2). School (well, at least back in high school)

3). Church (you’d be AMAZED at how many people I meet there for sex)

4). Parties (just at the party, never afterwards)

5). Neighbors (including babysitting)

6). My dad’s office

7). Escorting Service (I was the escort – I wasn’t hiring anyone!)

The one thing they all have in common that’s different from people I chat with is that NONE of them know anything whatsoever about my sexual relationships at home. I didn’t list family members above because I certainly don’t look at my parents and relatives in the same way as I do the other people I have sex with.

This leads up to another reason I don’t meet people I chat with. Although I post a website that contains a lot of personal information and such, I alter enough of the details such that I figure the odds are negligible that anyone I care about will recognize us. If I were to date people from on-line then someone outside my family would have direct knowledge of who I am, where I live, etc. which is NOT something I want anyone to know that isn’t in my family (and even then only a few selected ones know.

Chapter 2 – Melissa Confides in Me


In this case I met Richard and Melissa at church. An older couple, Richard was 42 and Melissa was 40, they had two kids in the youth group that I work with. The two of them keep in shape though and most people are surprised to hear their real age, figuring them to be at least five to ten years younger. Actually, my mom suspects that Melissa has had a little help from modern technology when it comes to keeping her figure but I don’t see anything wrong with that.

One night after youth group was finished and the everyone had mostly left I was helping Melissa put things away in one of the classrooms. We were alone and the majority of the people were out in the main gathering area. Melissa started to say something to me and then seemed to change her mind and went back to work. This repeated several time until the last time we both burst into laughing over it.

“Melissa, is there something you want to ask me or whatever?” I finally managed to ask after we’d calmed down.

Melissa took a big breath and motioned for me to take a seat. We both sat in those ridiculously small chairs they put in the preschool classrooms. Melissa took my hand and I looked at her with a quizzical look. It was obvious she was very nervous which made me wonder what in the world she was being so coy about telling me.

“Ummmmm… I hope you don’t mind me discussing this with you Kelly,” she started out, “Just let me know if this make you uncomfortable and I’ll drop it.”

“Sure Melissa, but you can say anything to me,” I replied.

Melissa took yet another deep breath and started over yet again. “I was in the kitchen earlier tonight and there was a few of the fathers talking. They didn’t know I was in there and I was about to shoo them out when I overheard what they were talking about. They were talking about you Kelly, and I hate to say this but not very nicely either.”

I looked at her intently as if I had no idea what she was talking about, although I had a pretty good idea which guys she was talking about. Melissa looked upset though, probably thinking I’d be hurt by what she was going to say. “My goodness Kelly,” she said with her hand over her mouth, “They said you are having sex with some of the married men in church! OK, I’m sure that’s a huge exaggeration as they DID talk mostly about it being just oral sex but still, sex is sex!”

Melissa paused to gauge my reaction. Seeing how I just sat there listening without much expression so she continued on saying, “Then they talked about the clothes you wear around town and I couldn’t believe the nasty things they said wanted to do to you. Finally I couldn’t listen anymore so I made some noises which scared them off.”

Melissa looked at me in the eyes, “Is Uşak Escort any of that true Kelly? I have to admit that I’ve always thought you dressed a bit… well let’s just say… inappropriately at times but I can’t believe such a good girl like you could ever be the kind of slut they were making you out to be. My goodness, all of the parents here just adore you and you do such a great job with the kids. Richard and I have even trusted you to baby-sit our kids for years now!”

With that she stood up with her arms crossed. She just shook her head in disbelief and then looked at me solemnly saying, “Well, I assume since now that you’re going to such a nice Christian college that all this just a bunch of guy talk, right?”

She looked so perplexed I couldn’t help but smile mischievously at her and she knew instantly what I meant by it. Her face turned red as she blushed and looked away from me. “Oh my god Kelly,” she said, “Your parents are such wonderful people, I can’t believe they condone that kind of behavior!”

“Well…” I said, “I don’t hide anything from my parents.”

With that I expected Melissa to faint at any moment but instead she just went silent for over a minute. A bit confused myself now, I wasn’t sure where this was all leading so I just sat there with my hands folded in my lap, quietly waiting for her to continue. When she finally broke her silence she turned to me with a look that took me totally by surprise. She was smiling at me! Well, if that surprised me it was nothing compared to how I felt when she made her next remark.

“Well, I have to admit I was sort of hoping you would say that,” she said softly. Her smile became a bit naughtier as she saw the surprise in my face. She licked her lips and said, “Kelly, I were wondering if you would ever be interested in being with an older couple?”

“Being with?” I asked innocently. I knew full well what she was implying but I wanted to hear her say it.

Melissa put her hand on mine as she answered. “You know what I mean Kelly… Richard and me.”

Wow, now THAT is what I call coming in straight out of the blue! Holy smoke! I’d indeed always fantasized about doing such a thing with a married couple but so far never had the opportunity. (I don’t count my parents since we don’t have sex out of lust as this would be.) Well, once I did it with my neighbors but they were swingers and thus it wasn’t like it was anything too terribly naughty.

THIS, however, was totally different. Richard and Melissa were pillars of the church community and although I knew Richard had sneaked a peek at my ass a time or two, pretty much every guy in church did so I never considered it any big deal. In all the times I’d babysat their kids I’d never gotten anything even remotely like a hint that they were interested in any such thing with me or anyone else for that matter. Like everyone I babysit for, I’d poked about their house a bit when the kids were gone and they were one of the few homes where I never found any pornography, sexy lingerie, “personal” photos/videos, or anything like that. They may have just done a better job of hiding it but I doubted that this was the case in their situation. Of all the couples at church their age they would probably be the last one that I would’ve expected this offer to come from.

I was quiet while I contemplated all this and Melissa must have thought it meant I was upset by what she said. “Oh god Kelly, I hope I didn’t offend you,” she said with a worried look on her face. She let out a deep sigh and her face turned beet red. “Oh dear, this is soooooo embarrassing,” she said softly, “I can’t believe I said that. Please don’t tell anyone.”

“Oh no!,” I quickly responded, “You just caught me by surprise. I mean, it’s just that I never would’ve dreamed that you and Mr. West were into this sort of thing.”

“Richard,” she corrected me, “please call him Richard and no, we really aren’t into ‘that sort of thing’. Truth is, we married each other as virgins and neither of us has ever had sex with anyone else. Trust me on this one – he has NO idea that I’m talking to you about this! It’s just that after I had the kids and with all the stuff we’re involved in, we just don’t do it that much anymore and when we do it’s become sort of stale and routine. Oh Kelly, I wanted to bring some spice back into our lives. It would just be for one time, just something to get us started again. This is so embarrassing but I’m desperate Kelly, I still NEED sex.”

Well, I could certainly understand that. After all, my mom and aunt were about her age and their sex drive certainly hadn’t diminished one iota from what it was when they were teens! I took her hand and smiled at her as I asked, “So tell me Melissa, exactly what were you thinking about doing?”

Melissa let out a deep breath and seemed noticeably relieved. “Well,” she sighed, “Until tonight I had considered a number of things, everything from hiring a call girl, going to a swingers party, even just getting some porn flicks. Uşak Escort Bayan But so far nothing seemed quite right and I have been at a loss until I overheard those boys and right then I knew instantly what the answer was! Oh Kelly, I just know Richard would go wild if someone like you were in bed with us and frankly I have always had a touch of curiosity in that area myself. Plus we know you so well it wouldn’t be like we were inviting some hooker to be with us. The more I thought about it tonight the more it just seemed perfect. Like I said, it would just be for one time, think of it like a jump start for our dead sex battery. I just know that once we get the old engine started again everything will be OK.”

As wild as this all sounded, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt. What she was saying had me wet already just thinking about it but at the same time I want to be sure it was the right thing to do. “But it’s so beautiful what you two have,” I protested. “How many couples today can say that they have only had each other? That is soooooo special! Are you SURE you wouldn’t be losing something even greater than what you may gain?”

Melissa shook her head vigorously as she replied, “Kelly, if he doesn’t start having sex with me more I am going to have to go find someone who will and THAT would be much worse. I’m trying to save our marriage, not destroy it. The way I see it either of us would be cheating, you would be more like a counselor helping us in a… well more physical way than most.”

We talked some more and eventually I agreed to do it with them. We worked out a date and arranged for me to be there ahead of time. She wanted to surprise Richard by making him think they were going out for a romantic evening at a nice hotel only he wouldn’t know what waited for him!

Chapter 3 – Thinking Things Over


That night as I lay in bed I found myself thinking about all we had discussed at church and I wondered if it was going to be as innocent and easy as Melissa thought. What she didn’t know was that my fantasy about being with a married couple was NOT exactly about helping them. Noooooo, quite the opposite! My dream fantasy was that the wife would want me at first but then she would be devastated when she saw how much her husband loved fucking me more than her.

However, in this case I liked Richard and Melissa so much I couldn’t see myself doing anything to harm their marriage and besides, half a fantasy fulfilled is better than none! Oh well, I would just have to see how it goes. Even though I had promised Melissa I wouldn’t tell my parents, I never keep any secrets from my mom so the next morning at breakfast I told my mom about what Melissa had asked me to do. Her eyes widened and a sly smile came to her.

“You have GOT to be kidding,” she laughed, “Richard and Melissa! No way!” She shook her head in disbelief. “They are the ones always preaching to the kids AND the parents about sexual immorality and how our society has become so corrupt and decadent. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything but it’s going to be damn hard keeping a straight face next time I see them. Just wait until I tell your dad… you know he thinks Melissa is hot don’t you?”

I just grinned at that last statement. My dad loved my mother totally and I knew without any doubt whatsoever that he would never cheat on her no matter how hot he thought another woman was. That was one of the key values I had learned from them growing up – respect for the sanctity of marriage. My mom and dad were so in love and so confident of the faithfulness of the other that one could openly discuss such thoughts and feelings without offending the other.

I knew that when I was married I would follow the example they had set for me and only have sex with my husband and family. I knew that at times it must have been difficult for them but the results of such a faithful marriage were more than sufficient proof of the rewards it brought. Even swinging where both partners agreed it was OK for the other to have sex with someone else was not acceptable for my parents since they knew someday it would come back to haunt them.

Deep inside I respected Richard and Melissa for maintaining their wedding vows all these years and it almost seemed a shame to be the one to help them break them but that would be their choice in the end so I felt no real remorse. I only hoped they didn’t either once they gave it up and then realized that they could never reclaim it.

Chapter 4 – Getting Ready at Home


On the day we had arranged Melissa picked me up early in the afternoon and we drove to a nice Hilton hotel situated near a major industrial park not too far from where we lived. She checked in and gave me one of the key cards. We went up to the room and found it to be a beautiful suite with a separate living area and master bedroom with a king size bed and a Jacuzzi! Melissa looked around one last time before we left and Escort Uşak took my hand.

“Oh god Kelly I’m so excited!” she said looking like an innocent schoolgirl instead of a mother of three. “Richard is going to be so shocked when he walks in and finds you in here! I tried to figure out this week if he knew your reputation but he didn’t seem to have any idea but I DO know he has sneaked a peek at you at church and at church camp – especially when you were at the beach in your bikini!”

Melissa laughed and shook her head, “You know, he may be over twice your age but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the same fantasies every man has.”

We stepped out and as she closed the door she lifted her finger as a thought struck her. “Oh Kelly, I almost forgot. Can I bring a camera?” I almost laughed but I kept my composure. This was getting a bit kinky now! “Sure, you can take a video for all I care.”

She gave me a peck on the cheek and for a minute I felt a bit guilty. She seemed so excited about this and was so naive in thinking this was going to SAVE her marriage. I didn’t want to ruin their marriage – not exactly good publicity for me, but I seriously doubted tonight was going to help anything!

When she dropped me off at home my mom asked me how things were going. I told her about the room as she just shook her head in amazement. “Wow, STILL I can’t believe the West’s would ever do such a thing. So Richard doesn’t even know anything about it. I just can’t imagine straight ol’ Melissa planning such a tryst!”

I nodded my head in reply. My mom lifted my head by the chin so as to look me right in the eye.

“One last time, do you really know what you’re doing girl?” she grilled me, “I mean, this could turn very ugly and I don’t think you want to be named as the ‘other woman’ in a divorce proceeding.”

I had to admit that this was still bothering me too, But on the other hand it was such an incredible opportunity so how could I pass it up? My mom finally sighed and relented but I could tell she had some reservations.

I went up to my room and debated what to wear. It really didn’t matter what I wore to and from the hotel as nobody would be seeing me. No, the big question mark concerned my lingerie drawer. I finally picked out a baby doll nightie that was pink and sheer as could be with matching lace panties. A long white sheer robe that hung to my ankles seemed appropriate. Since tonight was fantasy night I picked out a pair of three inch white heels.

I laughed as I put them in my bag. I mean, what demented person first came up with the idea of wearing heels to bed? Men seemed to love it though and I just had this feeling that Richard was going to like them on me was well.

I took a nice long shower, masturbating as usual in the shower me as I dreamed about the approaching evening. I then filled the tub and soaked for almost an hour as I added sea salts and fragrances to the water to let them soak into me and make me smell good for the upcoming night. I carefully shaved myself as I didn’t want any nicks tonight spoiling the view.

I leaned my head back against the tub as I ran my hands up and down my freshly shaven legs and pussy. Mmmmmmm, they felt so smooth and soft! Just my nipples rose above the soapy water, two hard bullets rising like little mountain peaks above the clouds. As the water moved they were stimulated and sent a tingle down my spine and legs that made me shiver. Really, I could have laid in there all night! My eyes were closed as I slowly played with myself when suddenly my reverie was broken by the sound of my dad’s deep voice!

“Oh Kelly! Time to get going don’t you think?” I looked up to see my dad standing over me grinning. He had been at work and must have just gotten home. He reached down and patted my on the head – something he knew annoyed me terribly!

“Dad!” I protested, ” I’m not your pet!”

He just laughed and stood back up. “Yeah but you’ll always be my little girl,” he said softly. Then he perked up and smiled saying, “So I hear tonight’s the big night. You know, I still can’t believe Richard’s going to be fucking my little girl tonight. I don’t know how I’m going to keep a straight face at our next bible study group!”

I opened the drain in the tub and stood up. My dad handed me a towel and I started drying myself off as he watched. I looked at his crotch and it was obvious what he must have been thinking! Too bad I was all clean and time was running short or I would have loved to have helped him out with that!

I stepped out and he playfully spanked me lightly on the butt as he left me to do my hair and makeup. As I dried my hair I tried putting some curl and body to it but finally gave up. God I hate my hair!! Short, long, blonde, brunette, black – I’ve tried then all in the past few years and never found anything I like yet. I was always jealous of those girls who seemed to have naturally wavy full bodied hair!

Back in my room I just threw on some jeans and a blouse with a pair of brown shoes. My bag was already packed so I went downstairs and said goodbye to my mom and dad who were starting to eat supper in the kitchen. I wanted to leave early enough to be sure I was there on time and in case for some reason Melissa and Richard were ahead of schedule.

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