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Tina said, “You heard that right! Be our slave or we publish all your videos and picture to the whole college.” I was confused as to what she was talking about? I looked at my roomies.

Akansha walked towards me. Dropped down her shorts and panties. And in a very commanding voice said, “Lick it.” I looked at her pussy. I knew if I didn’t follow her she would do something. So I went down and started licking her pussy and she said, “Good girl.”

Within a minute everyone was naked. They tore off my clothes too. Akansha told me to stop licking and told me to listen to her very clearly.

Akansha’s explanation:

Well. If you’re wondering how this all happened, let me tell you. Remember when warden came up to leave you to the room when you came back? She called me saying that something has happened to Harshita and I should come back from class and check her. I came in some time.

I had a duplicate key to the door. When I came inside I was shocked to see you sleeping naked. But then I noticed all the marks over your body and I knew what had happened. I took some pictures of you and left. I told this to Priya and that’s why she came and knocked on the door.

One of those days I came back from college at the time you slept and picked your phone. I knew the password. So I unlocked it and was searching your gallery for a clue. Luckily I found everything there. So I copied everything to my phone and left. After that, I planned for everything.

I talked to everyone in the room and we decided to make you our personal slave. We could have done things sooner. But we were arranging things to give you a better slave experience. And don’t worry. We’ll be leaving in two months and Priya has nothing on you.

She’ll be enjoying you till the time we are present. Moreover, we’ll be the only ones enjoying you. We wont include any guy. But you have to dump your guy and that’s the deal.

I was blank and didn’t know what to do. In meantime, Akanksha took my phone and had already sent a message to Virat saying to break up and never to contact again. She has blocked him from everywhere. Akansha told me that I had to follow certain rules. If I didn’t I will be punished.

The rules were.

No masturbation or orgasm without permission

No washroom without permission. beylikdüzü escort (when I go I would have to leave the door open)

Listen to every instruction that will be given.

Akansha took a step forward. She held me by my hair and pulled me towards the bed. I walked like a dog behind her. She sat on the bed and ordered me to lick her pussy which I followed. While I was busy licking her, someone started rubbing my ass and then spank and again and again.

Now, someone was poking a finger in my asshole. Then suddenly something was trying to enter my asshole. Then Akanksha pulled me harder on her pussy as she was about to cum. I felt like a dick is entering my asshole slowly and I was shaking my ass in protest.

In that instant, Akanksha came in my mouth and I was still licking her. Finally, she let me go. I turned to see what’s happening behind. It was Natasha who was trying to insert a dildo in my ass. While I was looking at her, she pushed it inside and it hurt like hell. My ass was dry.

No lube or even spit and then she started fucking my ass with that dildo. It was really a nightmare for me. I was trying not to scream. Then I saw Tina and Priya were in 69 position licking and fingering each other. On the other side, Akanksha had a dildo in her hand.

She was looking at my pussy. Nikki was positioning herself over my face. Nikki sat on my face so as her pussy was over my mouth. I started licking her. In that time Akanksha penetrated the dildo in my pussy. I was stuffed in both holes and they continued it. I had my orgasm building up.

Akanksha took out the dildo and then Natasha followed her. It felt as if someone has sucked out my soul. I had to keep licking Nikki until she came in my mouth. After which she moved down to my chest and held me from my hair. She pulled it really hard and started slapping me.

I was trying to hide my face but couldn’t. I was continuously slapped while Natasha and Akanksha laughed. Suddenly I felt a jolt of pain in my pussy. I had tears in my eyes and screamed. For a moment, my body was numb. My eyes closed.

When I finally opened it, I saw Akanksha stood between my legs. We had a brief eye contact after which she kicked into my pussy. I opened my mouth to scream. But at that moment adana escort Natasha shoved the dildo in my mouth and my screams were gagged. Seeing me like this, everyone laughed.

Akansha kicked me again in pussy. This time much harder than before and I couldn’t resist. I was pissing like anything. Once I stopped pissing, Nikki finally stood up from my chest. She took out the dildo from my mouth and dragged me from my hair to the piss pool I made.

She rolled my face over it and then drenched my hair in that. I felt so disgusted. My ass was burning like anything. To add to that, they never let me had even one orgasm. Akansha brought a big bag in front of me. Natasha pulled me by my hair and showed me a bit of what’s inside.

I was shocked to see that the bag had a number of dildos, ropes, mouth gags. Before I could see further she pulled me back to the bed. Nikki came with a strap on dildo and made me wear it. Then she tied my hand behind and then instructed me to pleasure them one by one.

If I try to do something reckless one of the three will be standing behind me with a belt and would hit me as hard as they can. Nikki came in front of me and spread her legs. Natasha stood behind me with the belt. Akanksha sat next to Nikki fondling herself and looking at us.

Nikki ordered me to come closer and position the dildo in front of her pussy which I did. Then I waited for the next order but I was hit hard on my back with a belt. It was so sudden that I fell over Nikki. Natasha spoke, “Bitch don’t tease her. If you bought the dildo close to her pussy then start fucking her.”

I didn’t say anything. But I wasn’t able to stand back with my hands tied. So Akanksha lifted me up. As soon as I was in position I thrust the dildo in Nikki and started fucking her slowly. I thought I was doing good as Nikki was moaning too.

But then whack! One more hit and this time on my ass and Natasha instructed, “Go faster.” I started doing as fast as I could. It was stressful for my body as I had to maintain the position. I couldn’t even get support from anything. But I somehow continued to do that.

In some time I saw Nikki breathing heavily and I knew she was gonna cum. So I made the strokes harder and she came. And whack! Again on my ass. “Pull that out now,” Natasha afyon escort spoke. Nikki rolled over and Akanksha was next. So I started fucking her the same way.

My body was completely exhausted but I was somehow going through. I was getting a bit slower when whack! “Don’t lose that pace!” Natasha ordered. I put all the stamina into it. When after time when Akanksha had her orgasm I felt over her. I was expecting the belt.

But Natasha took off the rope and pushed me aside. Akanksha stood up and sat with Nikki. All this time Priya and Tina were in their own zone. Akansha positioned herself in the bed and told me to come over her. I kept my hands on side of her and was above her adjusting the dildo on her pussy.

She slapped me on my face and then kissed me. I started fucking her while we were lip locked. She broke the kiss and was moaning. Then she slapped me again saying to give her the best experience. I was trying to do the best as I could. But was still short of her expectation.

So she slapped again and even punched me in the gut. It was painful and exhausting. But I was still going as I knew if I stop it’ll be huge trouble for me. Then finally when she came she pulled me again for a kiss and hugged me tightly. I rolled aside her and was breathing heavy.

Natasha came over me and started kissing me and massaging my boobs. I felt a gesture of love and care. Then she finally broke the kiss looked at me and just smiled. She stood next to me and took out the strap on. Akansha broke the moment and said, “Harshita you’ve done very well for the first day. I think we should reward you.”

Then added, “Nikki. Please do the honors!” Then Nikki came over and took the strap on and wore it. The 6-inch dildo looked so small in front of her body. Nikki then flipped me over. She pulled me closer by my hips so that my ass was close to her. She wasted no time and penetrated my asshole.

I was a bit lucky that the dildo had the juice of the girls before me. But within a few minutes, it dried out. Then it was pure pain for the next few minutes. I was grunting and screaming. But I dug my face in the bed to muffle it all. After maybe 10 minutes or so Nikki pulled out the dildo.

Only to pour the leftover wine in my ass and then pushing back the dildo inside and fucking me again for 15 minutes until she has no strength left. I wasn’t able to move when she took out the dildo. I remained in the same position until I passed out and just fell flat on the bed.

There’s so much more that happened after this but that’ll in next stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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