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You knock on the hotel room door; we’re finally going to meet. You step in, and hear the door click shut behind you – shut the world and your worries out and come to me. We smile at each other, wordlessly. Sit down, slump back into the chair, close your eyes, exhale, sense me standing behind you, my hands pushing deep into your hair. Your long and stressful day is over. You deserve to relax. This is about you, for you, all you want. Just rest your head back against my body, feel my fingers spread through your thick hair, massaging your scalp, kneading your head, firmly and expertly finding the stress spots at the base of your skull.

Breath out, fully out, and savour the sensation of my strong, large hands cradling your head, my thumbs pressing into the nape of your neck, easing away the stress, pushing out the tension. My hands on your shoulders, feeling the knots melt away under my touch.

Let your mind drift, feel the tension float out of you. My fingers and thumbs working down your vertebrae, inch Trabzon Escort by inch. Walking around in front of you, taking your hand, leading you to the bed, guiding you, lying you down on your front, straddling your ass and easing off your top and bra. Let your body sink into the mattress, feel me gently pulling down your skirt, taking off your shoes. Feel the crisp white linen sheet against your face, against your skin.

Your bare back under me as I caress and massage your shoulders, sides, neck. Working my way down your spine slowly. Slowly. Slowly. Slower than you’re imagining. Does that feel good? All the way to the small of your back. Bending down, and kissing your spine, licking from the top to the very bottom, an inch at a time.

My warm mouth on your skin, drifting lower, lower to the waistband of your panties. Making a long slow lick across the bottom of your back from one hip to the other, then blowing on the wet trail to make your skin tingle.

Down, down to the Escort Trabzon backs of your thighs. Licking, nuzzling you. Softly kissing behind your knees, your calves, to your ankles. I see your legs part a little more. My palms stroke the backs of your thighs, up your back again, to your neck. My hands in your hair, where they started. I kiss your shoulders, tracing my tongue along the arc of your neck from your ear down to the tip of your shoulder. My breath feels hot in your ear.

Rolling you over, standing at the bottom of the bed, your ankles in my hands, dragging you down the mattress, looking into your eyes. Your toes touching the floor, your legs draped over the end of the bed as I sink to my knees between them. Looking up at you as I kiss the tops of your knees, my hands stroking under your thighs. Smiling at you as you feel my wet mouth against your skin, moving closer, closer to your panties.

My palms caressing your legs, pulling them gently but insistently open, hearing Trabzon Escort Bayan your breath getting ragged as I lick up, up, up to your panties to your belly button. Smiling up at you I flick my tongue into it, swirling my wetness into you, rimming that belly button, making you giggle and squirm. Fucking your navel a little with my tongue, inching my way down from your belly button to the top of your panties.

I ease the waistband down a little with my teeth, just an inch, licking along the exposed skin from one hip to the other, just as I did along your back. I feel your body arch, offering yourself to me, as my tongue traces the outline of your dark, silky panties, along the top, then down, down between your thighs.

I slide my large hands under you, lifting you slightly, my eyes locked on yours now. Watch me as my head hovers over your pussy, lowers onto you, sucking you, tasting your gorgeousness through the fabric. I kiss your pussy like it’s a mouth, my tongue pushing into your lips through the silky material, your pussy wet from my mouth and your juice. I hold your thighs open wider as my face pushes deeper against you. I can feel the throb of you in my mouth, pulsing against my tongue. Your mind is a blur as you feel yourself melting into my mouth. Want me to continue?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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