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Brother Sister

Al has the perfect job to satisfy his foot fetish.

My name is Linda and I’m a prostitute. One of my regular clients is Al, the owner of Al’s Shoe Store downtown. Al has a foot fetish.

Much in the way that a Yogi has been able to transform himself from living a solitary, spiritual lifestyle by practicing meditation in a way that translates the benefits of meditation and to allow him to recruit followers that will pay him to meditate with him, Al has managed to do the same. Because of his lower overhead and his higher need for women’s feet than for their money, he sells discounted women’s shoes, cheaper than those shoes found at the higher priced stores at the mall. Instead of being deemed weird and perverted, Al has managed to combine his occupation and his business with his pleasure and fetish, namely his fetish for women’s feet and women’s shoes.

Confining the uncontrollable urges he has to touch, fondle, and caress a woman’s foot, he limits his touching to the back of her ankle. As if holding a priceless, breakable object, slowly and delicately, he removes her shoe, while holding her foot in place, before putting on the new shoe she selected. He’s confessed to me that, while making it appear inadvertent, sometimes, he touches her toes on the pretense of fixing her sock or hose in readiness to fit and try on the new shoe.

For the women not wearing any socks, nylons, or pantyhose, as a matter of hygiene, he even goes so far as the put those little white socks on their feet and remove them from their feet when they are done trying on shoes. The women think that it’s part and parcel of his personal service, but putting on and removing their white sock, gives him a valid excuse to touch their feet. He’s practiced his foot fetish to such a high level of deception that no one would suspect him of having such a fetish.

Even though most women are unsuspecting of Al’s foot fetish, Al has a decidedly different attraction and reaction to different women and their feet. Much like everyone else who doesn’t have a foot fetish, he’s attracted to beautiful woman. Alas, ignoring all the other good body parts, he’s only interested in their feet. And they must have beautiful feet to maintain his interest and arouse more than his curiosity.

Watching him removing a woman’s shoe is like watching a florist arranging a delicate flower in place or a concert violinist readying his instrument before playing his solo piece. You can tell he loves his job and few would guess that he has a fetish for feet. If anything they’d say he was a dedicated and solicitous shoe salesman intent on giving the best personal service possible.

Giving her feet all of his attention in the way of a podiatrist, he gently removes her shoe while staring at her feet, focusing on every curve, and concentrating on each delicate bone. Then, he leaves her foot uncovered, while he fetches the shoes she selected from the stockroom. Once back, he fits the new shoe in the way that Prince Charming would fit Cinderella with the glass slipper.

“How does that fit?”

“Perfect. I love these shoes.”

“They are the perfect shoes for you, aren’t they? And this is your lucky day, they are on sale.”

“I’ll take them.”

“The second pair is half priced,” he tells them kızılay escort hoping to spend even more time with their feet.

“Sure, okay. That’s great. I could use another pair of shoes.”

Even what she’s wearing adds to his enjoyment of his foot fetish. He prefers naked feet, of course, but women wearing nylons, rare today, are higher up on his list than women wearing pantyhose. If they must wear pantyhose, he prefers the nude colored pantyhose, so that he can better see their toes.

Speaking of toes, he loves sucking toes. He finds toes as erotic as a woman having ten clitorises. Can you imagine the delight he has in thinking of ten little toes as ten giant clitorises?

It’s sometimes difficult for him to do his job and run his business without having his dose of women’s feet. While alone in the stockroom searching for their shoe size, he often fantasizes and imagines having his way with their feet, which is why he comes to see me. There within the safety and privacy of a hotel room, he can finally play out his foot fetish fantasies without ridicule and without judgment.

“I got it,” he says as if he’s found the perfect panty in Victoria’s Secrets store. “I found your size. Let’s see if the shoe fits,” he says taking her foot in hand and servicing his fantasy, as well as his store profit.

After a long week of controlling his sexual urges to have his sordid way with women’s feet, it’s when he’s with me that he lets his inhibitions and his lust for my feet go wild. His time spent with me and my feet is his foot fetish drug that helps him make it through another week without losing his mind and touching women’s feet in the way that he would want. If it was up to him, before sucking their toes, he’d caress, massage, and lick nearly every woman’s foot that walked through his door and that he came in contact.

He fantasizes giving foot baths, one of his favorite things to do. He’d work in a salon giving pedicures, but there’s not enough women who want pedicures and there’s not enough money in that line of business for him to make a living. Besides, unless the woman was an exhibitionist and only there to flash him her panties or more, women would rather have another woman giving them a pedicure. His next best thing, one that allows him the enjoyment of his fetish for feet, while earning a good living, is to run and operate his little shoe store.

If it wasn’t for me satisfying his foot fetish urges and giving him what he wants and what he needs, free albeit paid for access to my feet, he would not be able to control his urges for women’s feet and women’s shoes. Al would, no doubt, go crazy and sexually assault women’s feet in the way that other men sexually assault the other parts of women’s bodies, their asses, their tits, and their pussies. It’s because of me and the time spent adoring my feet that he is still able to work as a women’s shoe salesman and own a successful shoe store. By allowing his pot not to boil over, I let out some of his steam.

By the time he’s done with his working week, helping women on and off with their shoes, he’s so sexually charged that he can’t wait to come see me each Sunday, the only day his store is not open. Whenever Al visits me, he brings me a selection of shoes for me kolej escort to wear and to model for him. From flip flops, to sandals, to dressy evening shoes, to mules, to slippers, to high heels, to pumps, to stilettos, to flats, to open toed shoes, to athletic shoes, and to boots, he allows me to pick the pair that I’d like to keep, before returning the rest to his store, until next time when he brings another selection that he’d like to see me model.

“Oh, Al, I just love these boots. May I keep them?”

“They are yours to keep, Linda.”

“Thank you, Al.”

“It’s my pleasure, Linda.”

And he’s not kidding when he said it was his pleasure because it is his pleasure that makes him feel the need to see me model his shoes.

I have a good thing going with Al. He pays me $200 a hour to wash, touch, kiss, lick, massage, and caress my feet. Then, when he’s in the mood and if he has the time, he pays me another $100 to give me a pedicure and to paint my toes. Something that I would have to do myself or pay for at the spa anyway, he pays me to have him do it.

Sometimes, it’s nearly as enjoyable for me than it is for him. Between the massages, the pedicures, the free shoes, and the money he pays for my services, I wish all my clients were as easy and as enjoyable as Al. I dare say, if that is all a woman had to do, model shoes while a man doted on her feet and then gave her the shoes to keep, along with some money and without ever having to remove her clothes and have sex with him, more women would become prostitutes.

Having him worship my feet and paint my toes is a win/win situation for me. He never wants me to touch him sexually, nor does he want to touch me sexually anywhere, other than my feet. He just wants my feet. By the time he’s done paying homage and giving my feet his devotion, I’m so relaxed and a couple hundred dollars richer.

I’ve been with other men who have a foot fetish, but Al is the only man I’ve been with who is only interested in that one part of my body, my feet. Other men touch and caress my feet and lick and suck my toes, before, after, and during having sexual intercourse with me, but not Al. With him, it’s just about my feet and him wanting me to model his shoes. He is a true devotee to women’s feet.

Fortunately for me, Al loves my feet. He says my feet are perfect. The most beautiful feet he’s ever seen. They aren’t too big and they aren’t too small and he likes the fact that my feet are so soft and smooth and don’t have any bunions and/or calluses. He loves kissing and sucking on my perfect little toes.

Because Al is so into my feet and willing to pay whatever I ask him to pay for the pure pleasure of being intimate with my toes, I take care of my feet with regular warm foot baths to keep them soft and free of any imperfections. I take a size 7 1/2 shoe. To be honest, I particularly like it when he sucks my toes and when he sticks his tongue in between my toes, it feels good in a weird way.

Yeah, sure it tickles a little when he touches and licks my feet, especially when he sucks my toes, but it feels good, too, in a sexually sensual and seductive way. I mean, I never get aroused in the way he does, which is why I don’t understand him not wanting to have sex with maltepe escort me. I imagine he has sex with himself later, while thinking about touching my feet and licking and sucking my toes and that thought makes me want to tease him more by wiggling my toes.

To be honest, if I never had my feet licked and my toes sucked again, I wouldn’t miss it. I would miss the foot massages, though. I enjoy those. And the pedicure is a nice luxury, too, especially since I don’t have to pay for those. Not to mention, I enjoy all of those free shoes, along with the money he pays me for the pleasure of being so intimate with my feet.

The shoes are an added bonus that gives me more to look forward to, whenever he visits. Like a weekly Christmas on a Sunday morning, women can’t have enough shoes, especially when they are free, no strings attached gift or in my case, attached strings are my business. My attached strings are sex for money. Pay me.

When I think more about it, if he were to tire of me and my feet and find another woman’s feet to worship, I’d miss Al. I’m not ashamed to admit, for me, the real treat is when he massages my feet. Maybe because he enjoys it so, but he’s a master foot massager. In the way that I love his foot massages, maybe I have a foot fetish, too, in that regard. I flash him my panty when he raises my leg, but he’s not interested in my panty and/or in my pussy. He’s only interested in my feet and in me modeling his shoes.

He’s ravenous for my feet. He can’t get enough of my feet. He wants my feet. He needs my feet. He loves my feet.

He even had a photographer photograph my feet. He had me wear a selection of his shoes as his advertising campaign. I modeled a dozen different types of shoes and he had the photos blown up and hung around his store. Now, he has something to look at, my feet wearing his shoes on his wall. A photo shoot that only took 4 hours, he paid me $1,200 for the pleasure and I got to keep all twelve pair of shoes.

He’s the only guy I know with a foot fetish who doesn’t want to see me put on stockings. I find that weird. Most foot fetish guys I’ve been with enjoy everything that has to do with feet, while having sex, especially while having sex. Not Al. Al isn’t interested in the sex, just my feet.

Maybe because he owns a shoe store and has seen and touched thousands of women’s feet, he’s more of a specialist, one with a refined foot fetish. It’s just about my feet with him. With him it’s not about my legs, or my stockings, or even having sex with me. He’s just mad for my naked feet.

The first time he was with me, nearly two years ago, he was so crazy for my feet that he couldn’t control himself. As soon as he saw my naked feet, he pulled out his cock and ejaculated all over them. That was the only time he did that, lost control over his senses and over my feet in that way.

When he did that, and in the way that he acted with the crazed look on his face, he frightened me. I told him that would be extra for the pleasure of masturbating on my feet and he paid me $500. Then, he spent the remainder of our time together washing his cum off my feet, while worshiping my feet. Ever since that first time, he started bringing me shoes. Maybe afraid that I wouldn’t service him again, the free shoes was his weekly apology for going overboard, but he was truly taken with my feet.

Normal in every other way, other than the foot and shoe fetish that he has and that controls his desire and confines his lust, I like Al. He’s good to me and I never have to buy shoes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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