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One On One

Since my second disastrous party experience with Dana, I hadn’t seen her much. She had been off work for a couple of days, I didn’t know if she was taking leave or recovering from getting gang fucked. Anyway, I think some time away from the situation helped, I started to think how I could play this out and I came up with an idea.

When she was back in the office later that week, I acted normal, as if nothing had happened, and waited for her to bring it up. She tried to mention it casually but was clearly unsure how I would react so, as we were making coffee, she just said “so, that party got a bit crazy, right?”

“Oh yeah”, I replied, acting like I hadn’t really given it any thought. “Feel like I missed out though, because of Cara.”

“Cara?” She asked.

I went on to explain the story I had made up, about how Cara wanted to teach her boyfriend a lesson, but had chickened out at the last minute because she wasn’t sure she could do it. I made out that she had been teasing me and bringing me close to cumming the whole time but then wouldn’t go through with finishing it.

A look of relief and realisation spread across Dana’s face as if she finally understood. She said that she saw Cara drag me out of the room but that she wasn’t paying attention. She seemed really sympathetic as she thought back and said “you were gone for ages, I’m not surprised you were on the brink, that’s really mean of her… Bitch.”

Perfect, she’d bought my story and instantly I saw her attitude change back to how it had been the week before the party. She had obviously been thinking I was just really premature but now I came out of it looking hard done by. And she’d still been impressed by the size of my cock. Now that that was out of the way, we were back to flirting, only now, we’d reached a whole new level.

“So you had a good time then” I continued. “Oh yeah, sorry, I’m not usually like that, it’s just…” She went on to tell me how she was really drunk and the game had got her so worked up, she just got carried away.

I said I understood but was disappointed I hadn’t got to join in, and that we had switched partners in the first place. Her face lit up at that point and she gave me a playful look as she leaned in close and whispered “maybe we could play a game of our own some time?”

Shit! Dana was actually coming on to me now, my plan worked better than I could have hoped. I tried not to overreact or show how ecstatic I was that I might finally get in her pants. “Sure” I answered casually, “what did you have in mind?”

We made plans for me to go over to hers that Saturday and I determined that this was it, I was done with fucking about now, I was going to do this properly. This was my chance and I was going to have Dana, once and for all. Friday night I didn’t go out, I spent the night jacking off, figuring that I didn’t want to be too excited this time. Saturday lunch time, I had a couple of stiff drinks (to try and desensitise myself) and then headed to Dana’s.

She greeted me at the door of her flat dressed in a silky kimono-like dressing gown, she looked amazing.

She explained that her flat mate was visiting someone and probably wouldn’t be back until tomorrow but added that that was unfortunate timing. I was beginning to realise that I really didn’t know Dana at all and she had a wild side to her lifestyle that she hadn’t let me in on before. She fixed us both a drink (at two o’clock in the afternoon) and said she didn’t know what to do with herself while waiting for me this morning. She very unsubtly let her gaze drift down to my waist at this point and I realised that there was no doubt what today was about.

I took a seat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen and she hopped up on the counter next to me as we chatted, showing off her smooth sexy legs, only covered down to mid-thigh. We made small talk for a few minutes until there was a silence and she smiled at me and ventured “so… I’ve been thinking about ‘this’ all week.” As she said ‘this’, she raised one leg up a little and pushed her foot against the crotch of my jeans. “I’m sorry you got a raw deal at that party, maybe I can make it up to you?”

“Really?” I replied. “How would you do that?”

Without answering, she put her drink down, hopped off the counter, and grabbed my hand, pulling me out of my seat. She dragged me across the room to stand in front of the sofa and smiled up at me as Rize Escort she moved in and kissed me gently on the lips while pulling my belt open and unfastening my jeans. I just went with it and kissed back against her soft lips. As she broke off the kiss and pulled my jeans and boxers down over my hips, I pulled my own shirt over my head. While my arms were in the air, she giggled, pushed hard against my chest so I fell down into a sitting position on the sofa, and raised one leg up to rest it between my legs.

“Wow, you don’t waste any time do you.” I said as my eyes became transfixed on the white panties I could now see. I threw my shirt down and ran my hand along her thigh as she slowly pulled her kimono open. As always, her body was flawless, she was wearing a matching white lacy bra and panty set that contrasted against her tanned skin.

As she dropped the kimono to the floor and I sat there naked looking up at her, she finally answered my question.

“Well, the first thing I want to do is find out what this monster tastes like” she said, pushing her foot against my, now naked, cock. As she unfastened her bra and revealed her gorgeous, firm tits, she leaned in closer and continued “besides I’m curious to see how much of it I can fit in my mouth.”

Fuck me, this was going to be an amazing afternoon. I couldn’t believe that after so long, Dana was finally going to put my cock in her sexy little mouth. As much as I was looking forward to it, I tried desperately not to think about what was about to happen as I didn’t want to blow my load too soon again.

She leaned in to kiss me again, a bit more passionately this time, and then slowly knelt down between my legs. She grabbed my cock and kissed the tip of it, licking all the way around the head, and up and down the shaft. “Mmmmm” she moaned, “it tastes great baby.” With a wink, she put just the tip in her mouth and sucked as if she were drinking through a straw.

Wow, that was the first time a girl had done that to me and it felt like a tiny jolt of electricity straight into the tip of my dick. I flinched and she looked up into my eyes, giggled around my dick, and then pushed her mouth down over it.

After a few minutes of bobbing her head up and down on the first few inches, this was turning into a really sloppy blowjob and I was worried I would cum any second. “Oh fuck, okay slow down” I said. As she looked at me, slightly concerned, I said “you’re so good at that, I feel guilty. I walked straight in here and let you blow me and you’re not even naked yet.” Her look of concern was replaced with a wide smile and I gently pulled her up onto the sofa next to me. I bought myself some time by leaning in to kiss her, and slowly guiding her down on to her back. I moved on to kissing her neck and shoulders while I grabbed and squeezed the soft flesh of her tits.

She seemed to respond to being pleasured rather than used for a change, so I continued kissing down to her breasts and then to her stomach, and eventually down to her wet panties. She really was wet, I could smell her sex before I even got between her legs and, when I brought a hand down to slide it between her thighs, I could feel a damp patch forming. My finger traced the outline of her pussy through her panties until I replaced it with my tongue. She squirmed and made a pleasurable humming sound when I found her clit.

I continued for a few minutes before moving my body back, slipping my hands in the waist band of her panties and pulling them down her sexy tanned legs. I threw them to the floor and ran one hand up her thigh while I marvelled at her flawless body. I brought my hand to her pussy to find it even wetter than I expected and, as my fingers made contact with her wet lips, she thrust her hips at me as if trying to force my fingers inside her. I slipped them in and she groaned loudly as I finger fucked her. When I could see her getting close, I knelt back down, kissed my way up her thigh, and wrapped my lips around her clit.

“UGH!” She cried, and wrapped her thighs tight around my head. I kept licking and fingering as she pushed her hips against my face so hard, it almost hurt. With a loud shout and some equally loud panting, I felt her pussy tighten on my fingers and she got so wet, it started to run down my hand.

Her hips bucked a few more times as she came down from her orgasm and she smiled up at me as she cooed “mmm, you’re good at that too.” Rize Escort Bayan

“I could do that all day” I replied “you feel amazing when you cum.”

Truthfully, I was trying to draw this out for as long as possible. I had wanted this, one way or another, for so long and I had managed to ‘explain’ my dismal performance at the party so I needed to keep up the pretence that I wasn’t ready to cum within a minute of unbuckling my belt.

“Ooh, that sounds like fun” she purred as she rose up on the sofa and straddled my legs. My dick was already hard but it jumped as our hips met. “Someone’s pleased to see me” she said, looking down at it.

“I’ve been thinking about this for days” I replied.

She smiled a mischievous smile and said

“I see! You’ve been err, ‘saving up’ for me have you?”

“Well…” I said, playing along. I was lying, of course, but I saw another chance to explain why I might cum so easily.

“It was so hot watching you explode all over my tits last week, it makes me feel so naughty, I love feeling it on my skin” she cooed. “Since you’ve saved up a big load for me, you can decide where you want to put it.”

Before I could get a word out she asked “how does that sound, do you want to cover me before you fuck me?”

Fuck! Just when I thought she couldn’t get any more slutty. My dick jumped again and she smiled, realising she had excited me so much. I quickly finished the rest of my drink, trying to take the edge off for fear I would cum as soon as she touched me. “I’ll tell you what” she said, “while you think about it, I want to see how far I can take this thing.”

With that, she returned to her position on her knees between my legs and examined my cock as if she were sizing it up.

She leant forward and, painfully slowly, plunged her mouth down over it, pushing it all the way to the back of her mouth and then continuing to force her head down. I felt the tip of my dick hit resistance and then slip into her throat. It felt unbelievable as it went down a couple of inches and she wrapped a finger around it next to her lip. She seemed to stay there as long as she could, fighting the urge to gag until eventually, she pulled it back out, gasping for air.

As she recovered, she looked at her finger wrapped around it, about three quarters of the way down, and declared “Not bad, but I could do with some practice. I’m sure you won’t mind.” Still unable to answer, I just watched as she caught her breath back and then plunged back down on me, pushing it back into her throat and forcing her head down towards my balls. I watched her do this three more times until I finally had to admit I couldn’t control myself any longer. As she pulled off once more, panting for breath, I announced I was going to cum.

Judging by the look of excitement on her face, I think she genuinely enjoyed being cummed on, she wasn’t just doing it for my amusement. “Where do you want me?” She asked.

“Just lean back on your hands” I said.

Excitedly, she leant back so that her knees just lifted off the floor but her legs were still bent underneath her. She had her arms straight out behind her with her hands on the floor, displaying her whole body spread out in front of me. She looked incredible but I barely had time to shuffle to the edge of the sofa before my cock erupted.

I wanked myself furiously and Dana yelped with a mixture of surprise and delight as the first spurt shot all the way up to her chin. She continued to giggle as it splashed all over her big soft tits, down her stomach and over her smooth thighs. Even I was surprised by the amount of cum I shot over her body and, as it came to a stop, I sat back and admired my work. Her body was perfect, sexy and smooth, tanned and with big round tits wobbling gently. Only now it had cum splashed all the way from her chin to her thighs, even pooling in her thin strip of pubic hair as it ran down between her legs. She had never looked sexier.

“Wow, you have been saving up” she laughed, not seeming at all phased by the amount of cum running down her torso as she stood up. “Why don’t you fix us a drink while I find a towel.”

I should point out that Dana is not some sort of alcoholic nympho, I had spent Saturday’s with her before and, believe me, they weren’t like this. I think she just knew what she wanted, which I respect, and I could tell this was going to be a weekend to remember. Escort Rize

We soon moved to the bedroom and Dana finally made my fantasy come true, I finally got to fuck her and it was even better than I had imagined. Considering she had basically invited me over for an afternoon of sex, she was surprisingly tender, I think she knew how long I had wanted this.

She lay back on the bed and smiled sweetly up at me as she welcomed me into her body. I was in ecstasy as I buried my cock deep into her to find she was warm and tight. I sped up my thrusts as I kissed her neck and ran my hands up and down her body. As I had just exploded a huge load of cum, I felt that I could last a bit longer now so I took my time and varied the speed and angle of my thrusts while she moaned her encouragement and stared into my eyes.

I lasted long enough to move up into a kneeling position and have her sit straddling me as she thrust her hips into mine. I held on to her bum and helped her pump up and down.

Eventually, she rolled me over and rode me like a bronco until I was ready to cum. She slowed right down so she could tease me, asking me how bad I wanted to blow. She asked me what I would do for her if she let me cum inside her. I told her I’d do anything she wanted. She giggled again and said she was only joking.

“I want it” she said, moving painfully slow against my hips. “I want your load inside me.” She leant down towards me and put her hands on my shoulders as I grabbed her arse cheeks and shoved my dick as hard as I could up inside her. I couldn’t stifle my deep, loud cry as I buried myself deep and started to shoot my jizz in to her body. Her cry echoed mine as I jammed my hips against hers and she felt my cum flood her tight cunt. I bucked my hips a few more times, even after I’d finished shooting and she moaned softly.

As she slowly rose up off me, my dick pressed against the front of her pussy until it popped out followed by a thin stream of cum. She dropped down beside me and rested her head on my chest, exhaling deeply.

We spent the rest of the evening drinking and enjoying each other’s bodies. We sixty-nined for a while and she did manage to take a little bit more of my dick into her throat, much to her delight.

As we got a bit drunk, she started to come up with some really kinky ideas about things she wanted us to do together. She said she wanted to fuck me at work and that she could give me a blowjob while I was driving, if I wanted her to. She even said she wanted to wear some of her roommate’s underwear and have me cum all over her like I had earlier but she said we would wait until I had saved up another big load. Fuck, this was getting filthy.

She did have me fuck her doggy style on her roommate’s bed though. It was so hot ramming my dick into her perfect body while looking at the photo of her hot roommate on the dresser. She let me slide my dick between her breasts and tit fuck her for a while, and then she even let me take a photo of her sexy arse with the tip of her finger in it.

As we stood in the kitchen enjoying more drinks, she slurred out. “There’s one more thing I need to know tonight, I need to know how far I can fit that thing in my arse.” Even now, she had managed to render me speechless. I don’t think my cock had gone soft the whole evening so it just stood to attention as she dragged me back to her bedroom and fished a bottle of lube out from her bedside cabinet.

I can’t even describe the feeling of slowly tearing that sweet arse open with my cock. She shouted and squealed but told me not to stop as I forced it in a few inches.

As I began to slide it in and out, she gritted her teeth and grunted in either pain or pleasure, I couldn’t tell which. I took my time and spent as long as I possibly could ramming that perfect arse that I had admired for so long. I eventually got all but an inch of it inside when she gasped out “oh fuck, oh fuck, that’s it, that’s enough.” I wasn’t complaining, I just kept fucking, knowing I wouldn’t last much longer.

When the time came, I pulled out just until the head popped out of her and exploded again, covering her arse with my jizz. As she flopped down on the bed, exhausted, I reached for my phone and snapped another photo of her backside covered in my cum.

Neither of us had the energy for anything else that night but the next day, we didn’t even get dressed, we just picked up where we left off. Her roommate came home on Sunday afternoon and walked into the lounge just in time to see me spraying another load all over Dana’s stomach. She wasn’t phased at all, she just smiled and winked at me before looking at Dana and saying “you’re right, he is cute.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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