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“Yes mummy.” The words slip out of my lips a little too erotically and I immediately regretted my tone as I flashed back to reality.

Only a couple of hours had passed since our mother-son relationship had been completely transformed; and I was reliving every detail in my head with vivid detail. The way her lips engulfed me completely; the way her legs spasmed over my face as she orgasmed; the way she moaned and gagged as my cock erupted into the warm hungry mouth. My mother was all I could focus on and everything else was irrelevant.

As I looked up at her with a silent apology, her angry eyes quickly mellowed; and I noticed a flicker of lust flow through for a second. Remembering what I was saying yes to I quickly stood up from the sofa; slipping my hands into my pockets and shifting my trousers to hide my growing erection and hurriedly walked to the kitchen to make a coffee for our visitor.

Ten minutes ago, the doorbell had rung, and I had immediately panicked. My mother was fast asleep, her head upon my chest; her body glistening in our fresh delicious juices. She bolted upright as the bell rang out for a second time and I slipped out of the bed, gently pushing her aside and ran to my bedroom to grab a t-shirt and some jogging bottoms. Who was at the door? Had they known what we had just done? Had somebody seen us? Had the curtains been open? I screamed “Hold on, I’m coming…” as I raced down the stairs, almost sliding down the bottom few steps as my mother slammed her door closed and quickly began shuffling around her room. I opened the front door hoping the post man or an amazon delivery driver was standing there, but I felt my heart sink as I saw the dolled-up face of our neighbour Linda.

Now let me tell you about Linda. She lived three doors down from us and was the typical suburban housewife you see on American soap operas. She was naturally beautiful, there was no denying that; but she always wore one too many layers of make-up and only appeared to own one pair of tight grey yoga pants. I had once heard her tell my mum that if you apply your morning face just right, other women will think you are successful, and you will have every man wrapped around your little finger. She clearly spent much of her free time at spray salons, hairdressers and manicurists. Her favourite meal was a salad; and her favourite pass-time was being a nosey busy body. Every encounter she had with my mother was the same. She would pop over unannounced for some small talk and a coffee and complain about other neighbours for several minutes before strongly hinting at things we should do differently. If we had a residence association in our area; she would not rest until she became president. My mum didn’t appreciate her personality at all, but always told me to respect her and help her as she was trying to better our community. I knew every time she surprised us with a visit, I would end up with additional yard work or maintenance work added to my to do list; but, deep down I just couldn’t come to hate her.

As much as her personality drove me up the wall, she was an absolute stunner. She needn’t worry about money; as her husband was a successful lawyer; but if she had wanted to, she could have easily been the most successful porn star in the country. Her body resembled that of an hourglass; and her blonde hair, perfect green eyes and juicy lips were a carbon copy of Emma Stones. Her eye shadow and lip stick were always perfectly painted; I often imagined how they would look the morning after streaked across her face. Her tongue was long; long enough for me to notice; and whenever she opened her mouth, I would mentally measure it against my cock. Every time she opened her mouth, I would imagine her lips closing around my tip, with her tongue outstretched dancing around the base, lapping at my balls. Her breasts were phenomenal. I knew there was a high chance they were artificial but that didn’t detract from their magnetism. No matter what top she wore, nothing seemed to contain them, and they always looked like they were about to break free and jump out. The yoga pants accentuated her beautiful ass perfectly. She knew what assets she had, and she wasn’t shy about flaunting them. On one of her visits a few weeks ago, an inviting camel toe twitched before my eyes; an image that has been stuck in my mind ever since. I wouldn’t be surprised if she caught me leering.

Her breasts seem to bounce in her tight tank top as she stepped forward almost pushing past me in the door frame. It took a second for my eyes to catch up to hers. “Hey there tiger!” She sang in a sweet voice with an annoyingly shrill happy tone. “Just need to have a quick chat with your mum thanks.” It was a demand, not a question. Fortunately, my mums window didn’t face the direction of her house, but was there a chance she had seen inside the window?

I pushed my hand out across the door frame to block her, but she pushed forwards; her tight stomach rested on my arm, with her breasts only an inch or so away. “Mums just jumped into the shower sorry.”

Her eyes Beylikdüzü Suriyeli Escort dropped down to my arm as did mine. Her breasts were so big and round; they looked like watermelons. “That’s okay sport! I’m happy to wait! You can keep me company.” Before I knew it, she was perched on the end of the sofa in our living room looking around at all the ornaments and photographs.

A few moments later my mum joined us and sat down next to Linda on the sofa. Linda’s eyes burned into my head as if to ask why had I lied? Clearly mum hadn’t been for a shower yet.


After I heaped a teaspoon of instant coffee into Linda’s mug and waited for the kettle to boil, I silently shuffled towards the door and eavesdropped on their conversation. My heart rested a little easier as I heard the familiar words lawn, mow and bushes. I lingered by the door as I listened to my mum’s sultry voice and my mind began to wonder again. I pictured my creamy juices dripping out of the corner of my mum’s lips, as she lay on top of me, on all fours like a wild wolf. As Linda’s laughter flowed from the next room, I pictured her breasts bouncing in tune with her laughter, whilst she sat at the end of the bed facing my mum and myself. Linda’s tongue was outstretched lapping up the drips rolling off my mum’s chin as she stared at me with hungry eyes. Two hours ago the idea of my mum being my first was the most exhilarating thought possible; but now I was falling for the idea of a threesome.

In my mind I pictured Linda’s two perfectly clenched ass cheeks jiggle as I pulled down her tight yoga pants, exposing her red lace underwear. Had I caught a glimpse of them when I was standing next to her in the living room? How did I know they were lace? How did I know they were ruby red? If I had sneaked a peak had she seen me? The lines between fantasy and reality began to blur, and for a moment I doubted myself if the events of earlier had really happened.

I felt the tight pull of my jogging bottoms and looked down. I was at full mast once again, and as I wasn’t wearing any underwear a triangle was pointing firmly towards the living room like a compass. I slipped my right hand down the front of my joggers and tenderly wrapped my fingers and thumb around my cock. I gently slid my fingers forwards, stretching the skin towards my circumcised tip. My well exercised muscle began to jump through my fingers, tingling as each nerve ending was caressed. I focussed on keeping my breathing calm and quiet as I began to enjoy myself to the sound of the two voices; imagining I was their object of desire. I ran my tongue around my gums and across my teeth, trying to pick up on any lingering flavours of my mum’s juices to help confirm my memories.

The click of the kettle a moment later snapped me back to reality and I released my excited cock and pulled my hand free. My eyes followed my fingers, watching as they glistened with the semi dried up drips of my mum’s and my juices from earlier that morning. I pulled my hand towards my face, smelling the intense aroma of sex on my fingers before tracing them across my lips. I closed my eyes for a moment before placing my hand back around my cock. I squeezed tightly and glided my hand towards the tip, releasing a couple of drops of precum that had been building up. I looked around shiftily, making sure the coast was clear, then grabbed Linda’s mug, held it below my waist and let the drops fall onto the coffee granules.

I watched closely as Linda took her first sip of my special coffee. In that instant I regretted only giving her a couple drops of my precum. I should have used my own milk to lighten the coffee instead of her favourite almond milk. My legs shifted to hide its’ hidden prize as I watched her throat swallow drop after drop, sip after sip. In my now heightened aroused state I watched intently as my mum spoke to Linda calmly, telling her how we would rectify all the issues she had in time. I started to pick up on new meanings in my mother’s actions that I hadn’t previously noticed. Every few seconds my mother would lightly pull at her top and her trousers adjusting them in a similar fashion she had with me earlier. My mum’s fingers pulled through her hair, her eyes followed Linda’s intently and her lips parted slightly every so often as if she was lost in a deep erotic dream and had to bring herself to reality. I guess that’s where I get the naughty daydreaming from. Was I imagining things? Was my mum remembering our sweaty rendezvous or was she thinking about Linda?

As Linda stood up to leave a few moments later, she took my mum’s hand in her own as she said goodbye affectionately. Her fingers interlaced with my mums for a second before they moved in for a quick hug. Both sets of breasts rubbed up against each other as they embraced, which led to a rather intense peck on each other’s cheeks. There was no mistaking the four enflamed nipples lining up as they both turned towards me. I rose to my feet with my mouth half opened with a look of awe on my face as Linda inched forward Beylikdüzü Türbanlı Escort to say goodbye to me. I anticipated a hug so stepped into it, but her hand stretched out to shake mine instead. After an awkward moment she turned towards the door with my mother, but my mum glanced back at me with a deep piercing stare. Her eyes met mine for a fraction of a second before her line of sight moved down. I had a trouser tent and they both could see it clear as day.

My mum placed her head in her hands and leaned into the front door as Linda walked down our driveway. I stood there in the hallway silently watching her as she shook her head muttering to herself quietly; something not out of the ordinary. “Breathe….breathe…Gemma breathe..”

I inched forward silently behind her and placed both sets of fingers on her waist. She tensed up her body on my first touch; but quickly relaxed as my hands wrapped around her in a bear hug. I held her quietly for a few moments before she pulled free and turned around. “Thanks baby.” She paused for a second as our eyes met. She played with my hair for a moment before moving my fringe off my forehead. “That was a little too close.”

“I’m sorry.” I closed my eyes for a moment and accepted my mums deep hug and embraced her tightly.


Over the next few hours’ we both tried to act as if nothing had happened as we needed a little time to wrap our heads around the events of the day. I did some housework in the early afternoon whilst I let my mum shower and get ready. I found myself standing outside the bathroom door at one point, with my hand hovering over the door handle. My cock and heart willed me to go in and join her, but my head stayed strong, and I managed to resist the urge. I imagined my sticky cum sliding down her legs as she held the shower head tightly against her vagina. I traced the lines and contours of her labia with my fingers on the door frame and wondered how it would feel to see my cock disappear inside its walls.

I took the opportunity to freshen up after finishing my chores; and my mum hurriedly stepped out to do some grocery shopping, trying to avoid the impending conversation between us.

A little later that evening we sat across the same breakfast table where this all started only a few hours ago. My mother was sculptured in a yellow dress with a black shawl draped over her shoulders; conveniently hiding her nipples. I could just make out the bra straps under the semi-translucent material and wondered if she was intentionally trying to be modest in front of me. Usually my mum didn’t wear makeup around the house, but today she had taken her time to delicately enhance her beauty with some blusher, lipstick and mascara. Had my mum fixed herself up as she had gone grocery shopping, or was it for my benefit? We sat there for several minutes just looking at each and smiling before I broke the ice. “Mum…about this morning..”

“I know hun. We need to talk. Just give me a moment to get my thoughts together?”

I nodded slowly not knowing what to say next so I turned my face to the drink’s cabinet in a slightly exaggerated motion so my mum could guess what I was thinking and then slowly stood up. My mum was usually a red wine drinker but as she saw me reaching for a bottle to decant, she requested Whiskey; and wanted me to bring the bottle. Getting a little tipsy would hopefully help ease the conversation.

Five minutes later, after three large refills each my mum was ready to open the conversation. “Mark this morning….” I looked up and met her gaze. “We both know it isn’t normal. Nobody can ever find out what we did.”

“I know. I will never say a word to anyone. I promise.” I held her gaze, both of us waiting for the other to speak.

“Did you enjoy it?” She asked quietly fidgeting with her glass.

I take a few seconds to answer, knowing the implications of my answer. “I did.” I paused before asking my question. “Did you?”

My mother shifted in her chair and hung her head down almost in shame to avoid my eyes. “I did.” She whispered very quietly. “But I am torn. This morning neither of us were thinking with our heads. I did this to you my son. How can I accept what I’ve done to you?”

I lean across the table and take my mum’s hands in my trembling fingers. “Mum I wanted this. I have always wanted this. You have always been the one there for me. You have always been the most important person in my life. Nobody else has ever come close. It has always been the two of us against the world.” My mum looks up at me as I continue. “You didn’t do anything to me. We both did this together. We both could have stopped at any time, but we didn’t. I could have walked away at any time but I didn’t.”

My mum nods silently thinking before asking her next question. “Do you want this to continue?”

I pull her hand towards me and give her fingers a kiss. “If you do, I do.”

“No Mark. I need to hear you say the words. Do you want this to continue?”

“Yes mum. I want this Beylikdüzü Ucuz Escort to continue. I want you to be more than just my mother. I want you to be my partner. I want to wake up next to you every morning. I want to make you happy in every way possible. I want you to be my first. I want to share what we experienced this morning again. I want you in every sense of the word.”

A real genuine smile formed across my mother’s face as we linger in each other’s eyes. “Son I want this too. It shouldn’t feel this natural or right, but it does. I shouldn’t want this, but I do.”

Leading my mum up out of her chair by the hand, we both circle around the table towards each other. I wrap my arms around her waist softly, and we lean in and I rest my forehead against hers. My mum’s arms flow over my shoulders and she inhales as she pulls my closer. Our noses graze one another and then she gives me a soft delicate kiss on the lips. “Promise me this will stay between us only.” She says in a silky tone as my hands slip slightly lower towards her ass.

“I promise..” My hands start to squeeze the two perfect ass cheeks as she kisses me a little deeper. My hands begin to collect the material of her dress, slowly lifting it, bunching it up into a scruffy ball until my little finger grazes her naked thigh. My mum moans into my shoulder as I slowly trace a heart with my little finger. My hand slowly rises under her dress until I feel the edge of her soft silky underwear. At this point my mum does two things simultaneously. Firstly, she rolls her head backwards, allowing me to gently migrate my kisses from her lips through her cheek, towards her neck. Secondly, she lifts her leg up, so her knee forms a perfect right angle. Her leg sits outside mine, and her movement invites my hand to slip down and I grab hold of the underside of her thigh. My other hand slips under her other thigh, and her eyes close as she her feet break free of the floor and her body rocks slowly to find the perfect balance on my two palms. I gently lift my mother up higher, while my lips devour her neck, and I feel energised by the sensation of hips clamping around my waist.

My hands wrap tightly around her waist and I spin her on the spot like a ballerina dancer. She clings onto me tightly, with only my body to support her. My lips pull away from her neck as I feel her arms tightly lock around my shoulders. Her knees grasp my sides tightly as gives me a deep passionate kiss. I feel both our heartbeats pulsating through our bodies as we embrace each other for what feels like an eternity.

Eventually I step back towards the table and let the last inch of my mum’s subline bum rest on the edge. My hands drop down, and I take a hold of her two perfectly round cheeks, and I playfully squeeze before beginning to bunch up the material once again to try and slip my hands underneath. My mum suddenly glides her body up a few inches against mine so her inviting slit runs over my cock. I moan out in ecstasy and misplace my hold on her dress as she slides her body down and begins to grind against me deeply and passionately. My cock throbs through the layers of clothes, jumping towards the warmth of her pussy which is screaming out for me. With my teeth I bite into the black shawl that is still draped over her shoulders and with a swift turn of my jaw send it falling to the floor. She lets out a primal moan as I lovingly bite into her neck once again. My mums grip around my body wavers for a moment as the grinding gets more intense and I quickly lower her arching back onto the top of the table once again.

My mum looks at me with those intense inviting eyes for a moment before taking a grip with her hands on the table edge to sit up. I push both her shoulders down firmly onto the table and firmly whisper a single word. “Stay.”

I drop to me knees at the edge of the table — it was time for my dessert.

I whisper my fingers down the back of my mum’s legs sensually; feeling a rise in my underwear every time my mum shudders to my touch. After a few moments I made my way down to her feet; and in a smooth single motion slip her socks off her feet. Her toes curl into the soles of her feet as I trace a heart on her left foot. “Stop….” My mum moans out. “Your tickling me….”

Her crimson toenails flutter as my tongue says hello to her big toe; and a moment later I slip my lips around her toe and begin lightly sucking. My hands grasp her other foot and begin massaging up her leg towards her knee. “Hmmm” she moans out as her toe dances across my tongue. I grasp her two kneecaps and gently pry them apart before running my tongue up her foot towards her ankle. I dance left and right inching up slowly towards her knees under her flowing dress, tickling all her nerves. My head turns to the right and begins to play with the sensitive area behind the knee and I suddenly realise my mum’s strength as her legs clamp down hard around my head locking it in place for a moment.

I turn my head back and forth slowly allowing the short hairs on my head to tickle her legs further until she releases her tight grip. As I began to kiss my way up through her thighs she shudders; and I seize the opportunity to slip forwards a little further. Clumsily my nose makes first contact with her satin underwear right in the middle of her slit and she moans out loudly in primal pleasure as I gnaw at her sexy underwear with my teeth.

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