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Chapter 4: Further Adventures with Mother

I came home from college one afternoon and found Mom and Gina talking in the sitting room. You will remember that Gina is another of Mom’s employees who is married and they have 2 daughters. Gina is also bi-sexual and she and Mom have enjoyed quite a few sessions.

Before I showed my face, I overheard Mom and Gina discussing the possibility of Gina’s husband wanting to watch Mom and Gina make love using the strap-on. It has always been a fantasy of his. The conversation stopped when I walked in.

Mom told Gina that she would call her later and let her know. When Gina left Mom told me that we needed to talk.

“OK Mom, I am just going upstairs to have a shower and then I will be with you.”

I stripped as I walked up the stairs and proceeded to the bathroom in the nude. Mom and I had agreed that it was alright to do this if we were alone in the house.

I went back downstairs to where Mom was waiting for me.

“Well Mom, what have I done now.”

“Nothing darling, this concerns both of us,” she replied.

She went on to tell me that Steve (Gina’s husband) wanted to watch them make love with the strap-on. Then he wanted to join in fucking both of us.

“The only bursa escort thing is that other than you, the only man who has ever made love to me is your father. I had to relay this to Gina. Also the fact that you and I have made love. Other than Jane, she is the only one now who knows about us and I asked her to keep it a secret.”

“I firstly had to find out how you felt about Steve fucking me,” she queried.

“Mom, it’s your body and it is not up to me to tell you who you can fuck.”

“But, how do YOU feel about another man using my pussy and maybe cumming inside me. Would that make you feel differently or make you jealous,” she asked.

“Mom, that would only make me feel more horny, knowing that I had been in there first, and that he was second to me. I only ask that I am able to watch Gina and yourself make love, and also when Steve fucks you both. I think it would be such a turn-on watching Steve sliding his cock in and out of your hot, wet cunt.”

Mom agreed on the promise that I didn’t get to make love to her until Gina and Steve had gone home. Maybe later we could all get together for a 4sum. Then you will have the opportunity to fuck Gina.

“OK Mom, you’ve got a deal.”

“Mom, I think we have talked bursa escort enough for now. Do you want to call Gina and give her the good news, then I have something in mind.”

While Mom was on the phone, I stood beside her and took her breasts into the palms of my hand and kissed her nipples. They were standing out so hard as I rubbed them between my thumb and finger. I leant over and kissed her when she was in the middle of a sentence, and she just smiled but swatted me away. After arranging a time and day with Gina, she hung up the phone and turned around and proceeded to French kiss me.

I was feeling so hard and horny that I marched her upstairs to her bedroom and began to make long, slow love to her. I started by stripping her clothes off her, kissing each part of her body as I did so. I lay her on the bed and crawled in between her legs and just patted her mons. Then I slowly dipped my index finger into her wet slit and rubbed it gently, up and down, feeling her juices flow over my fingers and down her crack. I inserted another finger and pressed it up inside that wonderful cunt hole. I continued to suckle her nipples and breasts all the while I was playing in her Garden of Eden. Then I lowered my face and started bursa eskort to lick and suck on her labia lips. My tongue was doing a dance all around the area, just flicking every now and then onto her clit. It has come out of its hood and Mom was in heaven. She loved oral so much. I love to give it to her too. Her pussy tasted and smelt so sweet and flowed like honey from a honey pot. I felt like a bear just licking up the juices.

Mom cried out, “Darling, please fuck me, I need you inside me now.”

I rose above her and placed my prick about an inch in front of her pussy lips. She humped her hips trying to get my cock to enter her. I liked to tease her. Eventually, I entered that wonderful abyss. I am sure that it had been made for me, just me. I pushed my cock right up into the cervix and touched rock bottom.

Mom whimpered, “Yes, oh yes. That feels so good.”

We humped and pumped for quite a while that afternoon, until Mom cried out, “I’m cumming, darling ….. cumming. Fill me up. I want you so bad.”

I then let loose with a gallon of jism, just for Mom.

After we had finished, we lay back and talked about the plans for Gina and Steve visit.

I decided that I was going to set up a video, so that I could film the sexxion, and had a good look around the room seeing where I could fasten the cam. I also had to find a place so that I could watch the proceedings in secret!!!!!

In the next episode — Gina and Steve enjoy the session with Mom while I watch from the wings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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