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All characters engaged in sexual acts are over 18.


“Sam? Can you hear me?”

“Yeah Rosie, reception’s shit but I can hear you.”

“OK. I’ll pick you up at 8, dress loose casual and good underwear, and I’ll reveal the final secret fantasy. Tonight. Up for it?”

“My darling little sister, have I ever not been ‘up’ around you?”

“Lame jokes, as usual. OK. See you then. Bye.”

My mind raced. I ironed, shone shoes, and showered. My cock, despite frequent sex with my sister, poked out at right angles. What hadn’t we done together yet? We’d done some light spanking, anal, pee games, sex in public (almost got caught then – why the hell did she choose a railway station?). She even gave me a hand job under the table in a restaurant. I bet my cum stain is still on the bottom of the table. Oh, but I got her back when I ‘dropped’ my spoon. She’d had to order dessert while I was hidden under the table licking her panties…

I followed my instructions, then it hit me. ‘Loose casual and good underwear’? What the?

Rosie arrived at my place at 8:10. I knew her well enough to know she’d want me to be kept waiting, getting hornier. As the door closed, she looked me in the eyes and said, quite seriously, “OK. Look, I’m gonna tell you wat I’ve planned, if you’re not into it say so and no harm done. OK?”


“It’s a swinger’s club. I found out about it from a girl at work. You know Nancy? She’s the one who…”

I could tell how nervous she was by the way she rambled on and avoided my eyes.



“Calm down! Look, let’s not waffle about this. Are you taking me to a place where we can have sex with other people?”

“Um, yeah. I’ve never had anybody except you and my asshole ex, and you already told me I’m only your second too, but we could, um, together we can, y’know, if you’re not too possessive or jealous or if not we could…”

“Jesus Rosie! OK. Let’s do it.”


“Yeah, really. Oh now I get the ‘loose casual and good underwear’ instruction.”

She giggled nervously. “Yeah. Look, Sam. I’m not looking for another lover, but I want us to share everything, break taboos together, smash boundaries.”

“Hope there’s a little Asian woman there. Always wanted to fuck an Asian woman.”

“Hah hah. Maybe. One more thing.”

“Which is?”

“Are you OK with me, um, girl-on-girl?”

“Oh fuck. Can you read my mind, my fantasies?”

She beamed at me and I smiled. In the car Rosie explained the rules. This was some set-up, they even had a brochure. I read from it: “OK. Consenting adults, no pressure, no means no yadda yadda. Oh, wow! There’s a rule against cumming in the swimming pool! I assume they mean blokes!”

We laughed. Looking back I can’t believe my sister and I were going to a fuck-fest together as calmly as if we were on the way to a yoga session.

“Oh! Here’s one! ‘We appreciate couples may enjoy a wide range of sensual experiences in the privacy of their own homes, but we ask our patrons to consider the sensitivities of others who may not share their particular proclivities’. Hah hah! So, no pissing on the bloke beside you, little sister!”


“We’ll have so much fun Rosie.”

“You horny?”

“Yeah. Look.”

She looked down at my bulge, and as practical as ever, she said: “You want me to blow you so’s you have some stamina later?”

Some ten minutes later, as we pulled out of the laneway we’d found, Rosie was licking her lips: “I can’t believe I let my brother cum in my mouth as if it’s a sherbet stick. I used to hate it.”

“You’ve had plenty of practice recently.”

“Mmm. Sam, before we go in, just so you know, if you’re not enjoying it for any reason, at any time, just say so and we’ll leave. I don’t want anything to ruin what we have together. OK?”

“OK Rosie. Save the last fuck for me, OK?”

She kissed my cheek and we got out of the car. I realised then how nervous I was. Rosie gripped my hand so hard I wondered if she was more nervous than me. We pulled the corny door-pull and the door opened. We stepped inside and now Rosie gripped my arm like we were in a thunderstorm. I actually don’t remember what the slinky woman at the door said, I was too intent on the sense of naughty fun we were about to begin.

Before I knew it we were in a large open loungeroom. I saw four other couples sipping cocktails, three hetero pairs and two girls together: plush cushions, doors, lots of velvet and a table in the middle. The only thing on the table was a glass bowl full of condoms. Apart from that detail it could have been a family home, albeit a weirdly-furnished one.

I was aware of eyes on us, we were the newbies. Rosie nudged me, I caught her eye and she glanced towards the couple on her left. The woman was Asian. I had to giggle nervously.

One couple stood and approached. The man, forty-ish, had an athletic gait and arms that pressured his short-sleeve shirt. I think he had some eastern European in him – strong jaw, blondish hair. He spoke, Alanya Masaj Salonu and his accent confirmed it: “I’m Tomas, welcome. Don’t worry, we all had that first-minute experience once.”

I shook his hand. The woman, taller than him, thin, blonde, boobs spilling out of a short black one-piece, kissed Rosie’s cheeks and said something similar to her, then kissed my lips lightly and introduced herself as Kattie – “Short for Katerina”.

Tomas led us to a low couch, we sat. “Over there are Andrew and Suzie…” Andrew waved, Suzie blew a kiss, “…That’s Paul and Norah…” more waving, “… And Suzette with, oh, sorry…”

The Asian woman spoke: “Lilith”

“Lilith, yes.”

“Call me Lily, if you like.”

My eyes lingered on hers, I caught a sparkle in them and hoped… tearing my gaze away I tried to look around the room casually, trying not to look like I was checking out the women. Suzie was of medium height, a little full of figure, with dark brown hair and deep, brown eyes. She wore a simple cotton dress, pale yellow I thought in the dim light. Norah and Paul were dark-skinned, Paul maybe northern African but Norah’s complexion was dark, glistening, full lips and curled black hair assaulted my senses. A phrase from a song came to mind – ‘the finest basic black lady you ever saw’ – it could have been written about Norah.

Then Kattie was saying something, I asked her to repeat it. “Oh, I was saying you look a little nervous. Don’t be. We all know the rules, nobody will pressure you into anything. You don’t even have to take part, if you don’t want to, but we are all likely to have sex and there are no, um, ‘observers’ allowed.”

Tomas laughed as he said: “That means join in or go home!”

Rosie and I smiled, Kattie slapped his arm gently as if to tell him off. I asked what was in the cocktails, Kattie told me we could have anything we wanted but advised us to only drink enough alcohol to loosen up. It seemed like good advice. Our drinks arrived, I got caught looking down the waitress’s ample cleavage. She smiled and said: “I’m not a member, sir!”

Rosie asked Kattie the question we’d both been thinking about: “Um Kattie, how do things get started?”

“Well, we sometimes have a game to get everybody more comfortable. Sometimes somebody starts and we join in, whatever.”

“And do, I mean, do you swap?”

“We do, yes, but you don’t have to. You might want to start with someone else and come back to Sam, whatever. The only rule here is respect.”

Rosie whispered in Kattie’s ear, Kattie whispered back. They had a conspiratorial look, I must have blushed because it caused them to laugh.

“Have I answered your questions, Rosie?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“The traditional way to thank someone here is with a kiss.”

Rosie smiled, bent to Kattie, and they kissed, nibbling each other’s lips, for some seconds. When they parted, Kattie smiled but Rosie giggled at me. I knew she was losing her inhibitions, knew she would enjoy this, and hoped I wouldn’t mess it up for her. Tomas spoke up: “Would you like to thank Kattie too, Sam?”

That’s how the early part started. Things got fuzed together: I was kissing Kattie, Rosie kissed her and me together, Tomas caressed Kattie’s breasts through her dress, Kattie pushed her tongue in Rosie’s mouth and then in mine, I wanted to touch Kattie, wanted her to touch me, but underneath the activities was a barrier I hadn’t crossed. I guess Rosie didn’t want to be first to get serious with these strangers, I didn’t either, so Tomas announced there would be a game.

“OK, we’re gonna play blind kissing. One person is blindfolded, he or she will be kissed by whoever I point to, and if they guess who’s kissing them the kisser loses an item of clothing. And for you, Sam and Rosie, our new friends, you can stop undressing whenever you feel uncomfortable. OK, who’s first?”

There was laughter and applause when Rosie put her hand up. She sat on a chair in the middle of the room. Tomas pointed to Kattie, who kissed Rosie like she had before, and Rosie proudly announced: “That’s easy. That’s Kattie’s perfume and I already know her lips!”

Amid the applause Kattie lost her shoes and stockings. As the loser she was next blindfolded. Norah was the chosen kisser – she had other ideas though. She pulled a breast free of her top and pressed the nipple against Kattie’s lips. Kattie bit it gently, and said, “That’s my darling Suzette!”

The others chorused “Wrong!” Kattie shrugged as, still blindfolded, she stood and shrugged off her dress. She wore a matching lace bra and panties set, and I gulped drily as I realised this was actually happening. Kattie sat for her next turn, which was Lily. Kattie guessed correctly, Lily pretended to complain but shed her blouse quickly. Her little titties peeked out over her yellow half-moon bra as she sat waiting for her next kiss. Suzette.

“Easy. I’ve kissed those lips enough times to know them! Suzette!” Tomas signalled for silence, Norah put her nipple to Lily’s mouth as before. Alanya Masöz Escort Despite the blindfold, Lily’s confusion was visible. She blushed, pulled the blindfold down to see Norah’s black tit right there. We all laughed, and Lily playfully demanded a forfeit for all those involved in the cheating so Norah, Suzette and Tomas all lost clothes. So now it was Tomas’s turn. Kattie pointed to Rosie.

I saw in her face that she was full of confidence. She sat astride Tomas’s thighs and kissed him wetly and passionately. Tomas said “I think that’s our new friend, sexy Rosie!”

Rosie stood, and my lovely minx of a sister upped the ante then and there. She reached under her dress and pulled off her panties, draping them in front of Tomas who pretended to try to bite them amidst the raucous laughter. Rosie beamed as she sat down beside me, making a big show of giving me her warm panties.

Tomas yelled “No you don’t young lady, get over here!”

Rosie went back and sat down. The blindfold was replaced, and Tomas pointed to Kattie. She looked meaningfully at me as she knelt in front of my sister, as she sat there expectantly. She flinched at the touch of hands on her thighs, letting them ease her legs apart. The others clapped encouragement as Kattie guided Rosie’s pussy to the edge of the chair and buried her head under her dress.

Rosie’s back arched and she sucked in breath, held it, and let a single word escape: “F-fuckk!”

After ten seconds or so, Tomas said “Come on Rosie, who is it?”

She answered: “I don’t care!”

I laughed aloud with the others, Rosie pulled off the blindfold to see Kattie’s face in her lap. Rosie pulled her up and kissed her lips, smiling into each other’s mouths, and Kattie said: “You don’t have to, but if you want to, you owe us one item of clothing.”

Rosie had already taken off her panties and next was her dress, she would be naked from the waist down. I wondered if she would, in front of eight strangers.

“Not yet, Kattie.”

Nobody murmured any note of disapproval. Tomas immediately declared Paul was next on the chair, and as soon as the blindfold was on he playfully kissed Paul’s cheek. Paul demanded two items of clothing, Tomas obliged, then replaced the blindfold…

The game went on for a few more minutes, always fun, mostly sexy. I hugged Rosie to let her know whatever she wanted was OK. My turn had come and gone – I lost my shirt and pants before I correctly guessed Norah’s kiss. It was winding down, it ended up with Norah and Kattie topless, Suzette was wrapping her panties around Lily’s face. Lily was in her bra, Suzette, poor thing, wore only her shoes. I tried not to look, but her smooth pussy was like a magnet.

Tomas too was naked, Paul wore his boxers and socks. Norah told him he looked ridiculous so he took off his boxers in fun.

There was a lull. Rosie took the opportunity to pay her ‘debt’ from the game – she strode over to Kattie, sat her back onto a plush futon, and reached down for the hem of her dress. Pulling it over her head, she dropped it beside Kattie, dropped to her knees and pushed Kattie’s thighs apart. I saw her reach to pull the gusset of Kattie’s camiknickers aside, then bend and kiss the first pussy of her life. Kattie stroked her head gently while Rosie lapped at her cunt. I looked lovingly at my sister’s pussy peeking between her thighs yet my own desire was in the background while my mind grappled with the scenes unfolding around me.

I was sitting on my own now. A pussy walked towards me. I tried not to stare and looked up at Suzette, who smiled at my discomfort. I glanced away. Norah was stroking Paul’s cock – it was enormously thick. Tomas was kissing Suzie while her man Andrew pulled her tits out of her bra for Tomas to suck on.

Lily appeared from behind Suzette. Lust. It was pure lust in me now, but I had enough reservation to look over at Rosie, for permission maybe, or encouragement. I saw her stand and watched as Kattie reached up between her legs and press fingers into her box. Rosie had wanted some girl-on-girl and Kattie was there to start her on the journey.

Rosie glanced my way. Seeing two girls sitting either side of me, she grabbed Kattie’s hand and led her over to us. Tomas winked at his woman while he eased Norah onto her back, pulling her panties off. I saw an impossibly pink pussy between her black thighs briefly before Tomas’s head obscured it from view. Her head was in Paul’s lap, he played with her tits. Andrew and Suzie rolled aside and began a slow, sensuous fuck.

Three of the four men in the room were pleasuring Norah and Suzie. The other, me, had no less than four women around him. I knew I’d not be able to satisfy them all, but two of them were together as a couple and my sister had already shown an interest in Kattie. In an instant of clarity, I decided to sit back and see what happened.

The girls kissed, nibbled, pinched, rubbed each other as they undressed each other. Eight tits, four pussies, and now, free in the air at last, one rigid Alanya Öğrenci Escort cock.

Despite the dreamlike erotic possibilities, I was actually quite calm. Rosie’s mouth had seen to that earlier and I silently thanked her for it.

The four nymphs writhing on the cushions around me somehow manoeuvred Rosie onto her back with pretty little Lily licking at her pussy, Suzette astride her face, Suzie and Kattie kissing each other over her torso while they played with Rosie’s tits and each other’s pussies.

At this point I had not had any sustained sexual contact since the game, but I resisted the temptation to jack off or try to poke one of the pussies near me. Rosie was in a new heaven. Four hot, naked women, all obviously well versed in the art of girl-on-girl sex, pandered to her body and the constant jerking and shuddering of her tummy and thighs told me she was near-climactic all through their ministrations.

After a few minutes, Suzie left to join her man and Tomas. I watched as without hesitation she pulled Tomas from Norah’s pussy and rolled him on top of herself, while Paul manoeuvred his cock to her face. I still had Suzette, Kattie, Lily and Rosie near me. Suzette on Rosie’s face was gently writhing and clutching at her tits, pulling her nipples almost painfully and letting them snap back. Suzie stood and beckoned Kattie over to the mini-orgy developing across the room.

I heard Suzie whisper something to Lily, all I heard clearly were the words “left out”. Lily smiled, looked at me, then shifted her position to be at right-angles to Rosie and presented her small round bum to me, her, tiny pussy glistening wetly. With one hand she pulled a bum cheek apart to show me more, and said: “Sam?”

I needed no more encouragement. I knelt behind Lily as she bent back to my sister’s pussy. I gripped my cock to aim it and was surprised it was not iron-hard. And that was a good thing, because I wasn’t going to lose a load straight away despite the tingling all over my skin.

I pressed. Lily’s cunt was tight but forgiving and I slid inside her easily. She moaned against Rosie’s pussy as I hilted, and began my slow plundering of her insides.

Much of the next few minutes are lost to my memory, so intense were the lust and desire I shared with these three women. I recall images of Rosie’s face, she was trying to smile but her constant near-orgasm made her face look strained, a little strand of hair was plastered with sweat to her forehead. Then it was lost under Suzie’s pussy again.

Another image was Suzie lifting her hips off Rosie’s face. I guessed her clit was too sensitive. Rosie pushed fingers inside her, Suzie squealed and squirted all over Rosie’s tits.

I recall spreading Lily’s tiny bum and wondering if she’d ever let a cock inside that pea-sized asshole. Then my gaze went to my cock, wet, first buried in those pink folds. Now out of them and pulling Lily’s inner lips out too.

I didn’t know what was happening to Rosie any more, Suzie had got herself under me and propped herself on some huge cushions. I doggy-fucked Lily while Suzie licked Lily’s clit, my balls, my shaft. At any other time in my life I’d have lasted seconds in this fuck-fest, but thanks to so much sex with my sister in recent days I was able to prolong my efforts.

Lily pushed back hard and my instincts told me to stay up and press firmly with little strokes. I was rewarded with Lily shuddering in orgasm, her jet-black hair flinging about, and that tight little pussy gripping hard against my cock. Just seconds after her climax, Lily collapsed off my cock and I think Rosie sort of guided her beside herself. I remember Lily cuddled against Rosie’s chest, idly pinching my sister’s nipples with one hand while gently stroking her pussy with the other, languidly, almost dreamlike, in the afterglow of the climax I’d given her.

Now Suzie took Lily’s place. Her pussy was not as tight, rather it was warm and squishy and sort of milked at me as she pressed against me with her hips. She bent to kiss Rosie, I watched them tongue-kiss then share their mouths with Lily. Still I fucked, gently, impossibly intense feelings of lust rippled through me but I didn’t want to cum.

Suzie rocked back, I gave her the same treatment as I’d given Lily, for the same result. Hers though was a tense, mewing, shudder rather than a flamboyant display, and she stayed rocking against my cock for a little while, enjoying her second orgasm after having already squirted on my sister.

I only had one desire left. I pulled back away from Suzie, and she and Lily realised what I wanted. They made way for me to get between Rosie’s legs. In a brief moment I saw a new look on her face. It was need, lust and desire and in my heart I knew that others had brought it to her, but she wanted only me to finish it. So I sank into her, my gorgeous, sexy, hot sister: She put her arms and legs around me, whispered into my ear: ‘Make me cum, Sam. Now.’

I wasn’t sure if I was going to last long enough. As with her, I’d been brought to the very brink of orgasm and kept there for a long, long time and we’d both shared our bodies with strangers, given them release, but our own climaxes were reserved for each other. Mine boiled, impossibly slow, burning at the base and the end of my cock, my ass puckered, my pulse raced, I sweated and jerked, and then it started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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