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Carla stood under the soft rain. Left hand raised and heavy with bracelets, in the hope of attracting one of those cars flashing by. Cursed rain. Plump lips thinned in a line. One moment the sun was all she could see without the glasses, and the next rain was all she could feel.

Today is the 14th February, and this should’ve been the best day ever. But it will not. Thanks to my jerk of a boyfriend; or should I say, ex-boyfriend.

I should’ve seen the signs the night before but instead, I’m here on the road, alone and waiting for a ride to the festival my boyfriend was supposed to accompany me.

This is what I get for being spontaneous and a better girlfriend. Should’ve seen it coming. Damn it.

I mean, last night was good. at the beginning at least. But I just wish I could forget the way he grins when he wants something… The way he kisses me while caressing my long blond hair; following it down my waist and grabbing my ass with those big hands of his.

As memories of the night before surfaced I became completely oblivious to the van stationed in front of me. Till it honked.


“Sorry,” I female voice apologized.”I always forget how loud this thing is.” Mindless of the words her face seemed everything but sorry.

“Don’t worry, not my day. Are you going to California?”

“Yes, jump in. And don’t worry I’m not secretly a creepy dude. Although that’s probably what one would’ve said. Wouldn’t it?.” She said with what seemed her perpetual smile.

I got in her plain Volkswagen camper van. Everyone seemed to have one these days, not just the Hippies. An old thing of a véhicule, dirty tires as if she’d come straight out of a swap. Accompanied by a rusty blue paint. This vehicle sure had a good backstory, one she’d rather not be aware of.

“I will leave my stuff at the back.” Unlike the interior was luxuriously cozy. Separated in two; the back was mostly occupied by a large couch displaying bright colored patterns and what seemed to be a fridge in the form of a pineapple… Sponge-bob much?

“C’mon! You don’t have to bunk yourself at the back. Don’t be shy, come up front.”

As I got to the seat next to her, I saw more clearly who my driver was. Younger than I’d expected by the voice. Oh. she looks barely nineteen. Just like me.

But the resemblance ended there. The young woman was her complete opposite. Where her blonde hair and green eyes warmed her face, she had short black curly hair and pale blue penetrating eyes. She was gorgeous.

“Thank you for stopping. I was freezing out there.” I tried before the awkwardness settle in. “And by the way, I’m Carla.”

“I’m Joy, I mean not really, but everyone calls me Joy. You will see it isn’t a hard guess why.” She offered me one of those smiles only reserved Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort for best friends. I felt the heat rise in my cheeks. “So you care to tell me, I’m very curious by the way, how did a pretty girl like you, on shorts and wet t-shirt, didn’t find a ride before I arrived?”

I was definitely blushing the shit out of my skin now. And overly conscious of my outfit. Or lack of some would say.

“I slept at the hotel, with my boyfriend. We were supposed to go to California together. In his car.” My tone was steamy and resentful. Way to go girl. So much for my vain efforts.

“I’m sorry. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” In a tone that said otherwise.

“Oh don’t worry he just dumped me this morning, it’s all.”

“What an arse”

“With a note on the pillow.”

“He’ll go to hell for this.” She unsuccessfully tried to cheer me.

“After me and my best friend surprised him with a threesome last night.” Okey, this day is getting worse and worse. I thought, fighting off the tears so I didn’t look like a total loser.

“Wow.” She finally exhaled. “Hey it’s okay, don’t cry, he’s not worth it.” She grabbed my hand while keeping the other one on the wheel. “Do you know what went wrong?”

“Nothing went wrong. On the contrary. Everything was perfect…” No answer so she carried on. “We’ve discussed trying new things in bed on many occasions, and I thought this was the perfect occasion. You know, as a Valentines gift,”

I exhaled “And my best friend was okay with it. So while he was blindfolded and naked on the bed and I got my friend in, as she sucked his cock I removed his blindfold, and he was so surprised that he came right into her mouth.” It was quite funny at the moment, but the more I think about it the less I’m inclined to believe it was the surprise which made him cum.

“So you can guess why he dumped me.”

“So he left you just because of a blowjob?”

“Well no…” I hesitated to relate what came next. But had to admit I was starting to get naughty as I recalled last night. Aware that she still had my hand in hers.

“Obviously wanting my share I kissed her, swirling the cum between our tongues and swallowing it all. Even though some dripped down our mouths. The show got my boyfriend’s erection up in no time, guys being guys.” At that moment I noticed we were slowly zigzagging. She seemed clueless of this fact even though her eyes were rimmed in the road.

“You don’t look alright?” That brought her back to reality with a snap.

“Yes. Yes, you’re right. Maybe we should stop here for tonight and do the rest of the road tomorrow morning.” She slowed the van. “I’m sorry, let’s save the rest of the story for later, alright?” She said as the van came to a stop.

“I didn’t have a place to sleep so it suits me quite well. Not very hungry tough.” I added hoping she made me eat something. Since I had no food with me and no inclination to look too needy.

“Well me neither, I think I’ll just go for a quick nap. Do like you would in your hotel room.” her blinding smile returned accompanied by a wink.

As she went to the back I couldn’t help but admire her thick short legs. Every form visible thanks to her skinny ripped jeans. Rocking her hips with each step, deliberately bringing attention to the voluminous and perfectly shaped excuse of a derrière. Normally her reaction would be to be jealous, but all she felt this time was lust.

“Wake me up in thirty minutes, will you. We could maybe eat or drink something together.” She said without looking back. Or she would’ve seen my eyes fixed, not on hers but down her body. Where it shouldn’t.

Or should it? It’s not like I still was in a relationship… and right now I had to admit that what I missed most was not my boyfriend’s kisses but Joy’s warm hand holding mine.

“Yes, yes I will. Sleep well.”

She glided out of my sight but her figure was still present in my head. So this is what they call post-breakup hunger? I felt slightly ashamed. Not that Joy wouldn’t be a delicious meal, she would’ve been a hell of a good one. But I had just changed from taken to single.

Last night still haunted me in several ways. Horrified by the treason committed by those whom I trusted must. And aroused by the view of my childhood best friend enjoying my boyfriend’s cock, which I knew for fact was pure ecstasy. I couldn’t figure myself out.

After his cock regained its prior hardness my friend lost all consideration for the script and jumped on it. And I let her do so. Might as well let him enjoy himself tonight. I had thought at the moment while fingering myself, proud of being the bridge connecting these two persons I loved so much.

“Oh god Carla, oh god. Your boyfriend’s cock is so good” she emphasized it by orgasming loudly and writhing like the demented bitch she was “Mhhh Pierce…”

His face was crimson red, black eyes shining with focus as he muttered Jenny over and over while she rode him.

“I’ve always wanted to smash your little pussy. Fuck. You feel so tight, it’s driving me crazy.” This is when I knew it went too far. Tension accompanied by jealousy growing in my belly.

Wanting to stop them at once while sickness took over, time seemed to slow down to prevent me from doing so. Their voices echoed around my head, stabbing at my brain with pointed knives and blurring my senses. Till it was too late.

“…kiss me. I’ll make you mine,” he pounded harder. “You like this huh?!”

“Oh yes, cum inside me. Fill me up.” And with a groan, he came, inside my best friend. This wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

Something wet hit her leg. At first, she though the rain had gotten in the van, but it was nothing more than tears she realized as she felt her wet cheeks.

How long did I zone out? She thought to glance at her watch. “What! It’s been forty minutes already?!” She jumped from the front seat hurrying down the back of the van. Daydreaming at a time like this, hell.

She hesitated in front of the couch were Joy slept underneath the covers. How should she wake her up was the question. Which remained unanswered.

“Ohh.” A low moan escaped from the wool blanket.

“Ahem,” She blushed. God this is awkward. “Joy, I thought hmm, you’d want me to wake you up. So… here I am.” And I found myself looking at icy blue eyes as her head popped out. Growing uncomfortable I tried saying something more. “Want me to leave you?” She started mumbling something really low and quite casually.

Lowering myself to her level so that I could hear more clearly I said. “Sorry I quite catch…” And found myself deprived of speech with two tongues in my mouth, one of them alien.

Surprised I tried to stand but she grabbed me by the hair pulling me down once more but this time on the couch by her side. My protests grew weaker as she kissed me. Melting under her embrace. It never felt so good feeling powerless.

I began to unclothe myself thrilled at the thought of having her naked body against mine. Someone I just met.

“Mhm, your boyfriend does not realize what he is missing.” she moaned as I rewarded those small breasts with kisses. Slowly tracing up her leg with my fingers only to find that she was more than wet already.

“It’s my turn for Valentine’s gift,” I said, all hesitation gone from my voice. “And I will have it my way this time.” Turning around I sat on her face, feeling her tongue around my pussy as she tried unsuccessfully to speak. Stirring all my senses with waves of pleasure. I rode her face losing once again awareness of my surroundings.

And it happened to be more than I could handle. Joy was more than good at this, all my juices were going to her mouth and it seemed still not enough the way she inserted her tongue looking for more. Shivers ran through my body as I reached the climax. It was too good.

“Oh shit. Stop. I’m sorry, please.” But her only response was to grab my legs keeping me in place, while she ate, no devoured me. My body moved erratically as she drank me whole.

Losing all sense of reality it was a moment before I realized I was lying on the floor and those blues eyes were staring at me.

“I don’t suppose you still have some of them juices left?” With the cockiest grin ever. And for once I didn’t think about my ex-boyfriend as I acquiesced.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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