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My wife Stacey and I have been married for three years. We met in college while at the campus gym. I saw her on the treadmill and got on the one next to her. She is 5’6″ with a slim, athletic body. We started talking while we were working out and had our first date a few days later. She has blonde hair, a nice set of firm tits and a great ass. Her ass is perfect, all of the guys stare at her. I am 6’2″ and have an athletic build. We have always had a great sex life, both of us always up for new and exciting things to do to keep things hot. We both like dirty talk and often talk about fantasies when we are fucking.

One night, after a great session of sucking and fucking, I asked her if she ever really wanted to go through with any of our fantasies. “It depends on which one you are thinking about”. There were so many we have talked about, but one of my favorite ones was having a threesome.

“I was thinking about a threesome. Seeing you with another woman would be such a turn on, I would cum gallons.”

She said, “I figured you would want that. Whenever you talk about it while you are fucking me, your cock seems to get even harder.”

We are very open with each other, but I wasn’t sure if she would really want to explore this kind of thing or not. So I was encouraged with her reply. “I didn’t know that you noticed. It does get me hard sometimes just thinking about it. You are such a hot, sexy woman and to think of you and another woman together would be my ultimate fantasy.”

“What do you picture us doing when you think about it?”

“You two kissing and starting to touch each other. Sucking on each others tits, playing with each others pussies and of couse going down on each other.”

“And what would you be doing while we were doing all of that?”

This is where I had to be careful. Of course I would want to join and fuck them both, but now that it seemed like it was a possibility, I had to play it cool. “I can picture you between her legs, eating her pussy. And I get behind you and fuck you from behind.” I figured I would only say that and see what she thought. I didn’t want to make her jealous and have her think I just wanted to fuck someone else.

“I have to say, that sounds pretty good. Would you want to do anything with her? Or would you just want to watch me with her and fuck me?”

I got the feeling she was testing me, so I said, “If you agree to a threesome, I would do anything that that you wanted. It would be for both of us, not just me.”

She laughed a little and said “Don’t bullshit me. I know every guy has a fantasy of fucking two women. It’s Ok to think that.”

I was relieved, but said, “That’s true, but really, anything you wanted would be fine with me. You can call the shots. Just the idea of being in a threesome with you would be so fucking hot.”

Stacey then said, “To be honest, I have had some fantasies about a threesome myself. If you would be willing to do my fantasy, I would be willing to do yours.”

“I assumed we both had the same fantasy. How is yours different from mine?”

“Well, in my fantasy, it is us two and another guy. If you want me to do your fantasy with another woman, we have to do mine first.”

That took me by sursprise. She had never mentioned anything like that before. I didn’t know how I would feel about another guy fucking her, but if that was what it would take to get her to do a threesome with another woman, I would be OK with it. “if that is what you want, we can do that. Do you have anyone in mind?”

“I have had some thoughts. I wouldn’t want it to be a stranger, it would be someone we know and feel comfortable with.”

She had given this more thought than I knew. I was curoius who she was thinking about. “Tell me who. This is getting interesting.”

“He is a few years younger than us, (we are both 27) very sexy, has a great body, short brown hair, athletic and tall. We both know him very well.”

I was thinking about newcratos all of our friends, and no one matched her description. She could tell I had no clue who she was talking about. Stacey said “We have known him for years, you a lot longer than me.”

Now I was really confused. What one of my friends was she thinking about? And then it hit me….she was thinking of my brother John. I looked at her and she just smiled. “You have the hots for John? I never would have guessed.”

“It is just that you two look so much alike, tall, strong and so athletic. It would be like a mirror image of you with me at the same time.”

John was single and quite the ladies man. He was at our house a lot and I knew he thought Stacey was very sexy. Stacey didn’t know it, but before we met, John and I actually had a threesome with a cheerleader he was dating. From what John told me, she had the same idea that Stacey did, being with two brothers together who lookd so much alike. So I knew John would be up for it if I asked.

“So just to make sure I got this right. If I get John to agree to this, and we do it, we can have a threesome with another woman after that?”

“Definately. But one thing. Since it is my fantasy, I call the shots. You guys will have to do whatever I say. And when we have another girl, you can be in charge.”

“I think I can get John to agree to that.”

The next day, I called John and had him come over when Stacey was out. I told him what we talked about and what she wanted to do. He was all for it. So we planned to all get together that weekend. When Stacey got home, I told her I talked to John and he would be coming over on the weekend and we would have some fun. “Did you tell him I will be calling the shots? You two have to do what I say.”

I told her I didn’t tell him that but “He was so excited he will do anything to you that you want him to do.”

“Well, it’s not just me that I want him to do things with. In my fantasy you two played around with each other too.”

This took me by complete surprise. I never would have guessed Stacey had those thoughts. I had never done anything with a guy before, and was pretty sure John hadn’t either. “Just what do you have in mind?”

“You will see.”

I decided not to say anything to John about this. I figured that when we got going, we would just go with the flow. Saturday night finally came and John got there. Stacey was wearing a pair of shorts and a tight t-shirt which was showing off her great tits. We had a few drinks and Stacey asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this.

“Are you kidding? Of course I am.” He was sitting next to her on the couch and put his hand on her leg.

“As long as you both agree that I am the one who says what happens. You both have to do what I say. It is my fantasy and I have been thinking abouth this for a long time. I want it to go like I have always thought.”

John looked at me and we nodded at each other. “Whatever you say Stacey.” and leaned in and started to kiss her. I was already aroused at this point and told them lets take it to the bedroom.

“OK babe….you are the boss. We are ready for you. John and I are ready for whatever you want to do.”

Stacey went to the bed, layed down in the middle and patted each side of her, inviting us to join her. I started kissing her, stroking her hair and face with my hand. When I moved my hand down to her tits, I found that John had beaten me to it. Stacey told both of us to get naked. As we both stripped, I looked over at John. He was already hard. We were both over seven inches, but his was thicker than mine. When I saw his hard cock, I wondered what Stacey was going to want us to do.

“Both of you lay down while I take off my clothes.” Stacey got off the bed, while John and I lay side by side watching her slowly undress. She stripped down to her matching bra and panties. She looked so fucking sexy. She played with her tits, giving John and newcratos giriş me a little show before taking off her bra. She had nice, firm tits and her nipples were hard. I could tell she was excited. She then took off her panties, showing us her shaved pussy. “Do you like what you see?”

John said “You are even sexier naked than I dreamed.” Stacey then came over and lay between us, and grabbed our cocks in each hand. She slowly started to stroke them. I went down and sucked on her hard nipple. I could hear John let out a little moan, obviously enjoying the feel of Stacey’s hand on his cock.

Stacey lifted my head from her tits and said “I want to suck his cock.” She moved down and took his big, thick dick in her mouth. Stacey is an excellent cocksucker and can take me all the way down to my balls. I didn’t know if she would be able to do the same for John because he was so thick. I watched her take the head of his cock in her mouth. They both moaned. Stacey slowly took his rigid dick in her mouth, but just an inch or two. She bobbed up and down a few times. Then she licked his dick head in circles. She was giving him the blow job of his life. She kept repeating that, sucking him, taking a little more each time in her mouth, and licking his head.

Then she moved over to me and took my whole cock in her mouth in one long stroke. “Oh my god” I heard John say. He reached down and started to play with her pussy which I knew would be very wet. Stacey started going up and down on my cock, alternating between taking me all the way down her throat, and just sucking and licking on my head. John moved in behind her and I could see his face disappear behind her ass. Stacey moaned on my cock and I knew John was licking her pussy. After a minute of that, she told John to lay back on the bed.

She straddled him, facing away from him and took his cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy. She slowly sank down on it and kept going until he was buried in her tight, wet pussy. She then started to just grind back and forth on his dick. “Mmmmmm. He is so fucking hard.” She told me to suck on her tits while my brother fucked her. I was sucking on her tits and she started moving up and down, riding John’s cock. She took my hand and guided it to her clit. I rubbed her clit as she bounced up and down on his big cock.

Stacey leaned back a little, giving me a great view of my brother’s big cock fucking her. She took my head and pushed me down a little. I took the hint and moved to her pussy. I got a close up view of her riding John’s cock. “Lick my pussy while he fucks me.” I started to tongue her clit and I could feel her start to quiver. I knew she was getting close to cumming. She started bucking and my tongue was licking her and John’s shaft. He stated moaning more. I don’t know if it was from the feeling of me licking his shaft while he fucked my wife, or if it was because she was squeezing her pussy on his cock. “Keep fucking me. I am gonna cum!” And she started to slam her pussy up and down harder on his cock. I was licking her pussy at the same time. Stacey started to shudder in orgasm. I could feel the juices from her pussy with my tongue and on John’s cock as she was cumming. When she was done, she stayed there with his cock still buried deep inside of her pussy.

“Did that feel as good as you thought it would?” I asked her.

“Even better. The feeling of his cock in me and you licking me was incredible.” And then she lifted off of him, his cock was still hard as a rock, as was mine.

Knowing one orgasm wasn’t ever enough for Stacey, I knew she was a long way from being finished. “So, boss lady….what is next.”

John said, “That was a great start. I like where this is going. So far it has been great. You said you want to be in charge. What can we do for you now?”

Stacey hesitated a little, but smiled and said, “I need a minute or two to recover. John has felt your tongue on his cock, but I couldn’t see it, let me see him lick yours so I can watch.”

I looked at John, and he gave me a shrug, and said “if that is what the lady wants…..” and gently pushed me on my back. He got between my legs, took my cock in his hand and licked from my balls all the way up to the tip of my cock. He took my dickhead in his mouth and sucked on it.

“That is so fucking hot. I have wanted to watch this for so long. Play with his balls while you are sucking him, he loves that.” John started stroking my balls, taking more and more of my cock in his mouth. He was very good at this and I wondered if he had done it before. Stacey took my nipple in her mouth and started sucking it. I had never had a blow job and had my nipples sucked at the same time. It felt fantastic. She then moved down and took hold of my cock while John sucked me. She was stroking my cock while he sucked me and stroked my balls. He pulled off my cock and the both started licking my shaft up and down.

The were kissing with my dick in the middle of their mouths. Every few strokes one of them would take my cock in their mouth and the other would lick my balls. I couldn’t take much more and told Stacey I wanted to fuck her.

“Get behind me and fuck me doggy style while I suck John’s cock.” Stacey got on her hands and knees with her beautiful ass in the air, just begging to be fucked, and I slid my hard cock in her warm, tight wet pussy. It felt so fucking good to push my cock inside of her. I had to control myself because they had gotten me so worked up with their mouths. I could see Stacey take John’s cock in her mouth as I entered her pussy. She started bobbing up and down on his cock while I was fucking her, still only giving her a few inches of my cock with each stroke. I finally grabbed her hips and drove my cock all the way deep into her pussy. “Mmmmmm oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

I did as she asked and started slamming my cock in and out of her pussy. I could hear my balls slapping against her as I fucked her. She now had John’s whole cock in her mouth and he was thrusting in and out, fucking her mouth at the same pace as I was fucking her pussy. We were all moaning and getting close to cumming.

“Take my cock in your mouth. You are getting me so close.” John moaned. I know Stacey likes me to cum in her mouth and figured she would just keep going until he filled her mouth with his cum. I was slamming in and out of her.

She took her mouth off John’s cock long enough to look back at me and say “Come on, give me all you’ve got.” I could feel her start to shake and knew she was ready to cum. I thrust in and out as hard and as fast as I could. John stared moaning and grunting and I knew he was shooting his load in my wife’s mouth. I felt Stacey’s pussy squeeze my cock and knew she was cumming too. I couldn’t hold back any longer either.

“Take my load. I am going to shoot in your pussy.” My dick throbbed and I buried it inside of her and started shooting my cum deep in her pussy. She was still shuddering from her cumming and I fired shot after shot of cum inside of her. It seemed like I would never stop shooting. I don’t remember when I came so hard in my life. After I finished cumming, Stacey rolled over and I could see some of John’s cum dripping out of the side of Stacey’s mouth. He must have shot a massive load because she can swallow all of mine.

We all collspsed, with Stacey in the middle and both John and I pressed up against her. “That was even better than I thought it would be. You two were so amazing and such good sports.”

“Thank you for letting me join in on the fun,” John said. “It wasn’t my first threeway, but it was my first one like this. And the best I have ever had.” I agreed it was great.

“Now remember our deal, Stacey.”

“Babe, after that, I can’t wait for our next threesome. I will let you pick the girl….if you want, maybe John would like to join us to make it a fourway.”

We all looked at each other and knew that would be exactly what would happen.

Let me know if you liked this story and if you want to hear about what happens next with me, John, Stacey and her friend Lisa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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