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I thought about canceling and maybe rescheduling for another time. Dinner with my neighbors wasn’t really exciting me enough to even want to shower and look my best. They looked way too suburban for my tastes this evening.

I forced myself and showered taking my time with my pussy so that it would feel some attention and love. My shower massager knew just how to play it and with my pearl in full view I was feeling much better.

I decided to think positive and regard the whole wholesomeness as a façade possibly. I dressed in a wrap dress with a belt and high heels. A thong triangle barely covered my shaved pussy wrapping and squirming between my ass cheeks for something to thrill about. Conservative to some, easy access to others.

I approached their house with a bottle of wine and my pussy already moist with anticipation. They were friendly enough when they invited me in. We drank the wine as they spoke about their history and their present. The wife was very cute and I wondered as the wine took hold if she had ever fucked another girl. She was a little chunky, but that always makes it more interesting. I thought about how her full thighs would feel wrapped around my head. He was robust and every time he sucked on his cigarette I imagined his dick in my mouth. Such nasty thoughts about Ozzie and Harriet, but a girl can dream sometime.

Through dinner and chit chat afterward the night dragged. We talked homes and interest rates, television and cool internet sites. They spoke about their daughter who was a freshman in college and apparently a workaholic. She was a straight A student with 2 jobs and no time for boys. What a dull life, but it all seemed to fit.

“Speaking of school, it is a school night per se and I really do need to get going” I stood up adjusting my skirt as Frank took my hand.

“Give me your email address and I will send you those links. I also get some pretty funny jokes and stuff.” I could feel an eagerness in his grip and I was unsure whether to pull away or let it linger. We exchanged emails and I shrugged off his touch. Probably just bored, I would be too if I were him.

By Friday I had forgotten entirely about the exchange and was annoyed when I started to receive emails from him. Sakarya Escort I scanned them quickly and responded with one line sentences. A link about movies and another about music. Then one about wine and those pesky wine charms.

“Aren’t these cool” he wrote, “We should have a wine party and use these. Make our own sets one to represent each neighbor.”

“There doesn’t seem to be one for me, except maybe the bra.” I wrote thinking this would keep the prude out of my scope.

“That would be hot, what would be the best thing for you?” he questioned.

I answered honestly, “A silverplated dildo would be cool, since I love toys and playing with them.” This I figured would get him to leave me alone and maybe I wouldn’t have to put up with another night of dull conversation.

“Really? A dildo or a vibrator? Maybe a strap on?” he said.

My agitation faded. “I love them all, as long as it does the trick, because you know it is the way you use it not the size.” I felt myself wiggling in my seat.

“Yes I know. Do you use them alone or with your boyfriend?”

“Both and with a girlfriend or two.” I was testing him now.

“Really. So you are bi?” I could almost imagine his shaking fingers typing away at my confession.

I moved some more in my seat feeling the wetness against my panties. I wish I had worn a thong, it felt so much sexier when I was playing around like this. “I am bi. Are you?” I love asking that, because most men won’t admit to the thought.

“In college I once sucked a couple guys off. We were drunk and I wanted to know what it was like. I don’t consider myself bi, I love women. It was fun though.”

Now he was definitely more interesting. “Did they cum?”

“Yes. I swallowed both. After that it was weird.”

I didn’t know what to say. I actually felt for the guy. It is really hard to act on your desires when they seem unconventional to most. “I think bi guys are hot” I wrote.

“Well I don’t consider myself bi, but if that makes you interested then I will take it.”


“Well I found you very beautiful the other night. I thought you knew by the way I held your hand. You have a magnetism that drew me in.”

I love when guys Sakarya Escort Bayan get all mushy, even if it is just to get laid.

“I wanted to kiss you so bad.” He wrote. “Ever since I saw you in your robe that one day. I knew you were incredibly sexy and just wanted to…”

“Go on” I encouraged.

“I could almost smell you that day and knew you had just had sex. I wanted it to be me.”

I couldn’t believe this. I was stunned. It was no big deal that he was married, I had many married lovers before, but it was the need in his voice and the fact that he lived next door and was married.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this.” I typed feeling the mixture of desire and guilt.

“We aren’t doing anything yet.”

“But you are married.” I played innocent.

“My greatest fantasy is to have a wild sexual time with a woman that isn’t my wife. It’s all the taboo.”

I could understand that. I was turned on by that too. I played along, “I wanted you to kiss me that night.”

“I know. I wanted to ravage you. I stared at your thigh and thought of how I you skin would feel as I slowly let my fingers wander up it.”

“I wasn’t wearing any panties that night” I lied.

“Then spread them for my sweetie and let me taste you. I love eating pussy.”

“I would spread them wide, draping each over the arms of the chair revealing my smooth shaved snatch.”

“Forgetting all propriety I dive into you tongue first. I want to lap at you until you scream for mercy.”

I felt under my skirt and pulled my panties tight against my pussy causing them to bunch between the lips. I was really getting into this.

“I want to lick from your ass to your clit savoring you. I want to suck your lips into my mouth and pull on them with my teeth feeling you quiver. Would you like that precious?”

“Oh yes” I felt my typing stammer. “Your rough beard against my soft and supple lips so sensitive to the touch” I could almost feel his nose against my clit.

“Then with my face covered in your love juice I would suckle those luscious tits like a hungry child.”

“Oh baby you know how I like it. I want you so bad Frank, god I need you.” I spoke only the truth now in my desire.

“I Escort Sakarya stand you up and bend you over the chair exposing your pussy with its shimmering hole. Do you want my cock baby?”

“Oh yes, I want it. So bad. I would spread my legs and pull my cheeks letting you pick the whole you want to fuck first.”

“Wow you are hot.” He responded.

“A hot slut baby.”

“You would be my slut as I pound your pussy with my hard cock.”

“I can almost feel you in me. I keep a little dildo in my desk drawer and have it in my pussy now wanting you so bad.” I was bouncing up and down on my chair unable to control myself. Good thing everyone had left early for the holiday weekend and I was alone. This angered me at first, but with this treat I was on my way to satisfaction.

“Can you call me? I want to hear you cum.” He asked.

“Are you alone?” I imagined him like me in a quiet office with is cock stretched out of his pants.

“No I share a room with 5 other programmers.”

“Are you jerking off?” I was very curious now.

“I keep rubbing it through my pants, but I can’t take it out. Please call me. I want to hear you cum.” He was almost begging.

It turned me on to know he would be having phone sex with me with all those other men around who probably didn’t have a clue. I got his cell phone number and called. His voice was very professional. On my computer screen I saw his entry.

“Ride your dildo and shower me in your cum”

I did as told and really gave him an earful. Moaning, groaning, begging and telling him how good it felt to have him fuck me. With a gasp and a whimper I came all over my seat almost squirting in relief.

I heard him moan a little and knew that his pants would be stained.

“Bye lover.” I said hanging up.

He messaged me with “I can’t get out of my seat. I came all over myself like I did when I was 12. You are so hot.” Then a smiley face and I had to smile back.

“Can we do this again sometime?” he asked.

“Sure baby, anytime.”

I cleaned up before going home, wondering if he would be there and how I can plan another get together. Not sure if I wanted to make this real or not, but I loved the naughtiness.

There was another email as I got back and figure it is his last input into our afternoon of lust. I was mistaken. It’s a note from a woman who I had cybered with once or twice wondering if I had some time.

“Sorry baby out of time right now, but would love to lick you later” I replied and turned the computer off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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