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Breakfast finished Suchada put me in my place by ordering me to do the dishes and get the house clean while she and Lizzie disappeared off to have a shower. I was also ordered to have a pot of coffee ready for when they returned.

During coffee I was told that I needed to prepare the other guest room for her brother and to also clean up their bedroom, bundle the washing together and complete that. She was going out shopping for a couple of hours but Lizzie planned to read a book on the lounger on the Terrace.

Once she disappeared I dutifully set to work, preparing and cleaning the rooms and then put the washing into the machine and set it off. I then went out to the terrace and asked Lizzie if she wanted anything to drink and were there any more tasks for me. She declined but suggested I join her for some relaxation while our mistress was out.

That seemed to be a great idea so I went to pull the other lounger into position out of the sun and looking out to sea. As I was doing this I felt a spasm of pain up my back and grasped at my back and cried out with the pain.

Lizzie was most concerned and rushed over to see how she could help. I explained where the spasm occurred and she suggested that I should lie face down so she could try and relieve the pain. I took off my tee shirt and lay down gingerly on the lounger. After applying a generous amount of oil she found the spot where obviously some muscles had knotted up and she kneaded her hands, fingers and even elbows into the affected spot as for about 5 minutes until I felt the muscle click back into place. She then said that as she had oily hands already she might as well give me a full massage. I was very happy to agree to this.

Actually Lizzie was giving a superb massage and the difficult situation of the last evening and this morning drifted from my mind as I relaxed to a near sleepy condition. I am not sure how much time had passed but my euphoric condition was suddenly disturbed when Lizzie pulled away from me and I turned in time to see a furious Suchada angrily asking Lizzie whether she had been given permission to massage such a worthless individual and stating that she would be facing punishment for such insolence and she should go to the terrace and assume the “position”!!

Suchada then turned on me asking why the washing was still sitting in the machine and shouldn’t I have transferred it to the dryer?? I was told to complete this promptly then return to the terrace to face my punishment for not finishing my chores.

I quickly went to transfer the washing and set the timer for one hour. When I returned to the terrace I was shocked to see Lizzie kneeling at the end of the lounger with her upper body draped forward with her arms secured to the lounger by strapping. Her knees were also secured to the base of the lounger.

Suchada, now looking magnificent in tight gym shorts and a crop top with obviously no bra, ordered me to kneel beside the lounger and watch…

She the produced a two paddles, one shaped like a larger table tennis bat and another like a wide ruler with a handle and covered in leather with “SLUT” carved into the leather but backwards so it would leave a clear imprint when used.

Suchada then asked Lizzie to choose which tool she should be punished with. She chose the oval paddle – I suspected that this would mean I was up for a branding as “SLUT!!”

Suchada then commenced the punishment, carefully aiming blows to both cheeks of Lizzies’ perfect bottom quickly turning them to a bright red. I made note of the fact that Lizzie was stoic in accepting her punishment with her face twisting in pain with each blow but, notably, she did out cry out or make any noise whatsoever. She was to receive 25 blows as her punishment. Ironically she looked extremely sexy lying in her bound position. I was disgusted with myself that the scene was turning me on. Her body rippled with every blow she received and a couple of times she pulled against the restraints but, apart from a little stretch, they remained firm.

Upon completion Suchada untied her and she was ordered to sit on the other end of the lounger. I realised that my Ataşehir Olgun Escort time had now come. I was also ordered remove my clothes and to assume the position and kneeling down and lying face down on the lounger so that Suchada could secured my legs just above the knees to the lounger and Lizzie was instructed to secure my arms. The restraints were a little stretchy so I had some movement but only a very little.

Suchada then advised me I would receive 25 blows for being tardy and not completing my chores and a further 25 for “tricking” Lizzie into giving me a massage. I was also advised that I was to “compensate” Lizzie for the pain she had to suffer. This compensation was obvious when Lizzie was advised to position herself at my head and I was instructed to start licking her. I was also advised that I must “take my punishment like a man”!!

The first few blows seemed to be warm-ups – well that’s what I assumed as suddenly after about 10 blows I got a real shock when one blow was so hard that I yelped out with shock and pain. For this error I was informed that I was a wimp to show the pain and I would receive 10 additional blows. It was also difficult for me to keep concentrating on Lizzies’ “compensation”. In fact the heavier blows drove my tongue and nose right into Lizzies’ pussy causing her to squeal out. It also certainly increased my concentration to stay quiet. But in fact once my behind was really hot (I had lost count of the blows by this stage) I was getting a strange feeling of pleasure pulsing through me and even more alarming was that I was fully erect, perhaps more surprising than alarming.

Meanwhile Lizzie seemed to be getting more and more excited. I would like to say that it was the quality of my attentions to her pussy and clit but she was also watching my punishment with eyes that were slightly glazed so perhaps her excitement was more watching her mistress thrashing my bottom and seeing me squirming than my ministrations. Regardless of the cause she was really starting to buck and, not happy with, driving her pussy toward me, she reached out with her hands and pressed me further in. My tongue was deep in her pussy and she was grinding her clit against my nose with a rotational motion. I was having some difficulty breathing so was keen for her to cum quickly…and cum she did with a loud moan as she released her grip on my head and lay back on the lounger releasing a strong squirt of juice over my face and hair. Her frenzy had fortunately attracted my attention away from the blows I had been receiving but I suddenly realised that these had ceased and that hands were working to release the constraints on my legs. Lizzie was instructed to stir herself and to loosen the ties on my arms.

I thought it was all over and hey, not only had I survived, but my very obvious erection was a clear giveaway that I had, in an obtuse way, enjoyed my punishment. However my relief was short-lived when all that happened was that I was flipped over and very quickly restrained again, “in order to deliver the final stage of my punishment”.

I am somewhat bewildered at what this may be but I don’t have to wait long before I notice Suchada has removed her gym shorts and is moving to stand on the lounger straddling the bottom half of my body. Similarly Lizzie has stood up on the lounger and moved to straddle the top of my body. I was advised that I was now to be punished for taking pleasure from the punishment as evidenced by my excited state.

The two ladies then spread their pussy lips wide and proceeded to let fly with a flow of pee. Suchada focused in on my erection and my lower stomach while Lizzie let loose on my chest, my hair and my face. I was ordered to open wide and take and swallow the pee that went near my mouth. I was probably lucky in this first time that it was Lizzies’ pee that I was drinking as she was letting loose with fairly clear pee which did not have a strong flavour – if anything it tasted slightly fruity. Suchada on the other hand was issuing a stream of dark yellow pee which splattered on me with great force. I was amazed at the heat of the pee from both of them and Ataşehir Sarışın Escort frankly, as an exercise, in punishing me and trying to deflate my excited state, the whole exercise was having the opposite effect and if possible, I was more excited than when my punishment started.

As a result of my obvious excitement Suchada decided I would be further punished by being left to lie on the lounger with pee pooling around me on the plastic cover. At Lizzies pleading concession was given to erecting a mosquito net over me so I would not be besieged by flies and they also set up a fan to help limit the heat which fortunately isn’t quite so intense in a Thai winter (meaning below 30 in the shade). Then I was left while they went inside for their nap, although as a parting gift Suchada wraps Lizzie up in a hug and a passionate tongue diving kiss which was enough to ensure I remained at attention for some time yet. They said they would come out and check me again after their nap.

I think I dosed off myself despite my uncomfortable conditions because the next thing I know I am being woken by a bucket of cold water being thrown over me by Suchada – certainly not a waking method I would recommend. Another couple of buckets followed until I was deemed clean enough to be released from my bonds then as soon as I stood Lizzie came over with the hose and gave me a more thorough rinsing. I was then handed the hose and a brush scrubber and told to thoroughly clean the lounger and hose off the deck before I would be allowed to come inside and shower properly.

Task completed I then had a nice fresh shower and went into my room to get dressed only to find my suitcase and all my clothes missing with a note stating that my clothes were being kept safe until my departure and I wouldn’t be needing them again until then as any clothes needed would be supplied. My “uniform” for the evening would be “black tie” and could be found in the top drawer of the dresser. On checking this drawer did find a black bow tie plus a black male thong – nothing else except another note telling me that the two items were to be my evening uniform.

Rather reluctantly I donned both items and went through to the living area of the apartment. When I arrived I was informed that there was to be dinner with Suchada’s brother and his partner and that it would be my job to wait on the party and serve the drinks and the meal.

Other duties may be required!! I was to return to my room as I would need to be well rested and I was to return at 6pm sharp freshly showered and in my uniform.

So report I did, as instructed. Lizzie, Suchada, Suchada’s brother Bah and his gorgeous partner Lek. Bah was tall for a Thai, well over 190 cms tall and looking very fit. By contrast, Lek was probably less than 150 cms but perfectly proportioned. Dressed in a blouse with a short flared skirt she was obviously not wearing a bra as her perky breasts were proudly showing with nipples sharp and alert poking into her blouse. I was introduced to the group and generally laughed at and made fun of which made me feel very ashamed. However I was issued with drink orders so was able to escape for a while and quickly went about my work.

After about four rounds of drink they all sat down at the table and I served them an extensive Thai feast, which had obviously been cooked by the girls earlier. Crayfish, prawns crabs and grilled salted fish with wonderful salads all washed down by copious amounts of cool white wine.

By the time dinner was finished the group were all very mellow. Suchada and Lizzie were cuddling on the couch and Lek was sprawled in the large chair. Bah was nowhere to be seen. As I came into the lounge after cleaning up I asked if there was anything else they wanted. Lek looked at me and signalled that I should come to her. As I approached she slowly edged her skirt up revealing a perfect looking shaved pussy. She ordered me onto my knees and pulled my head into her pussy. Her aroma was intoxicating…I was drawn in and started to lick up and down her glorious slit. She tasted as good as she looked and I was pleased to see her head go back and Ataşehir Şişman Escort she let out a contented purr as I went to work. Then I felt her legs curl up under my arms and around my back, holding me in tightly. We continued in this position for a couple of minutes and I was in ecstasy attacking this beautiful girl.

Then suddenly I sensed something behind me – no I actually realised that a pair of hands were gently running across the flesh of my arse, circling my anus but the circles were getting smaller and smaller. I moved to pull back to look at who was there but Lek’s legs tightened around me pulling me back in further and the hand on me also pushed me down to hold me there. Then I felt another hand starting to probe my anus and I realised that I was in for a repeat of the previous evening when my anal cherry had been popped.

Sure enough I felt the tell-tale feeling of lube being dripped down onto me and then being worked into my anus by determined hands. Having probed deeply with two or three fingers they were withdrawn and I now waited to feel the cold plastic of the strap on dildo start to enter me. I felt the tip touch me and I tensed but something was different – this was not a cold and hard feeling but warm and soft – I tried again to turn but was again pulled back into Lek’s pussy and I felt a strong hand on my back and a Man’s voice commanding me not to move – Bah!!

I suddenly desperately want to see the cock that is almost certainly going to rape me – I try another approach and look under my body and see, past my own erection, the thighs and balls of a man and his very erect cock. I am relieved to see it is about the same size as mine although I suddenly realise with some shock that I actually want this – I have never had any gay tendencies but suddenly I am more than curious.

However after a brief glance Lek again grabs my head and refocuses my attention on my pussy. But before I can dive in she leans forward and whispers that she just wants to watch him enter me – she wants to watch her partner fuck me – this is so hot.

He is in position and I feel him slowly working himself into me. He is hard, very hard but the feeling of his flesh is much softer than the plastic of the strap on. As she watches me I drop my head to the bed below me and raise my hips – fuck – I really want this

I feel him take hold of my hips and starts to force himself into me and I moan as I feel first the pain then the pleasure as he pushes past my sphincter and I can’t help but push back against him until I feel him flush up against my arse – his hairs tickling me. The feeling is just wonderful – toys are good but the real thing is just wonderful.

I am again pulled into Lek’s pussy as I feel Bah pulling out of me until he is almost right out before easing back into me gently but as he starts to build up a rhythm he is less gentle but I don’t care and find myself pushing back to meet his thrusts. Those thrusts in turn force my face into Lek’s pussy making her groan very time my nose gets pushed against her clit.

It is not long before I feel Lek grasping the back of my head more desperately and it is clear that she is building up pressure and I am distracted as her body starts to squirm and I her her moans reverberating and her grip on me tighten and suddenly she lurches up with a scream and my face is rewarded with a flood of her pussy juice exploding over my face.

Her legs relax around me and she slumps back on the bed with my face still mashed into her pussy. Meanwhile I suddenly realise that Bah is also building up his pace and now has a very steady rhythm and he is starting to growl and grip my hips firmly. He is also generating incredible waves of pleasure throughout my body, I feel so full and the pleasure is spreading to my own cock with pre-cum dripping onto the floor and pooling between my knees.

His thrusts now become more measured and I am sure I can feel his cock swelling – Suddenly he groans and thrusts extra hard and I feel the warmth of his cum exploding deep inside me and feel my own release spurting to the floor below me. After a brief rest I feel Bah’s softening cock easing out of me and without him holding me I slip down to the floor rolling into my own pool of cum but am too exhausted to notice anything.

There is a round of applause from the couch as Suchada and Lizzie show their appreciation of the performance but I am almost too exhausted to notice but I am hooked!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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